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Forced Sex Stories / Re: Miss Marketing (A Completed Five part story)
« Last post by DirtySerenity on December 10, 2018, 09:50:47 PM »
Depends are you on the east coast or the west???
Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Night Before Christmas
« Last post by DirtySerenity on December 10, 2018, 09:40:13 PM »
I love your stories!!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Miss Marketing (A Completed Five part story)
« Last post by gscmar64 on December 10, 2018, 07:57:15 AM »
Glad you liked it DS. Can you do me a favor- take a knife and deflate my ego to save the planet, I have to be blocking most of the sun to Canada by now!
Forced Sex Stories / The Night Before Christmas
« Last post by gscmar64 on December 10, 2018, 07:45:11 AM »
This is dedicated to a certain member here!

                                 The Night Before Christmas

                Twas the night before Christmas and all in her place,
                    nothing was stirring except for the cock by her face,                 
                      DirtySerenity was bound between the fireplace and the tree,
                         Totally aware that she was not going to be set free!
                            Eyes making a plea as she was pulled to her knees,
                               Tied in such a way that I could use her holes three!


Chat Room One 6:45 PM

 <gscmar64> You doing anything special tonight DS?
 <DirtySerenity> No! Since I moved I don’t know anyone around here!
 <gscmar64> Well if you want I can drop by?, After all no one should be lonely on
                      Christmas eve!
 <DirtySerenity>Oh don’t go out of your way on Christmas eve, for me!
 <gscmar64> It’s not out of my way hell you only two blocks over from me! Tell
                     you what I’ll grab a homemade fruit cake and some eggnog and I’ll be
                     right over”
 <DirtySerenity> Well if you want to! It would be nice to have some company until
                          my sister  comes tomorrow afternoon!

Getting out the specially prepared fruitcake and the specially prepared eggnog that I had hope would see some use this year. Getting my parka on I set off to with a plan in my mind to make sure this was going to be a real merry Christmas for me at least. Fifteen minutes later I’m walking up the front walkway my mind ablazed with what I hope to be seeing soon.

She must have been waiting for me, looking out the side window by her door. No sooner did my feet touch the top step than the door opened and there she was, DirtySerenity or as I came to know her Diane Spencer. The light from the door giving her five foot six frame a heavenly aura. “Graeme, I didn’t think you were coming!”

*Oh damn not coming yet but before the night turns into Christmas day I hope to have came at least once!* “What and leave my favorite reader lonely tonight!”  She holding her arms out  wide as I step into them with mine equally apart. We close our arms hugging each other then going inside. She takes my parka, hanging it up in her coat closet, turning her eyes widen when she sees the fruitcake and eggnog “Oh you didn’t have to bring anything!”

Passing them over “Well I been taught differently! Leaving it at that. Diane takes it and goes into what I think must be her kitchen, me I go into the living room, looking around when I hear “Make yourself comfortable while I get us some snacks and something to drink!”  Well she did say comfortable, taking a seat on the couch and untying my runners, taking them off, taking them back to the front door. As I got back Diane was placing a tray with two mugs of eggnog and some slices of fruitcake down on her coffee table.

“I’m not going to lie Graeme, I snuck a small bite of fruitcake while cutting it and I normally don’t like fruitcake but this one is fabulous!” Taking a seat on the opposite side of the couch from me, curling her feet up underneath her. God she was sexy looking like that. “Thank you for coming over tonight!”

*Why how else would I get in your pants if I didn’t* “No problem, it’s not like I was having company over!”

“But I thought you posted your sisters came for Christmas?”

“I did and all they are talking about is how good their sex life is!” Eyeing her intently

“It was either get out for a bit or learn details I never wanted to know!” That made her giggle putting a gleam in her eyes that started stirring a certain part down below “So tell me why are you alone tonight?”

“My sister got bumped from her flight by a medical emergency ad the best they could do is get her on tomorrow morning!” Sighing then taking a sip of eggnog. “ And I have to say I really haven’t tried to make contact with the one’s around here. Hell I haven’t even talked to the couple on the right yet!”

"Well have any of them tried talking with you?

“Not really, one the one on my left said ‘oh god not another one!’ and went back in before I could say anything back to her!” Hell I could picture what lives to her left, overweight, hair in curlers and a facial mask on!, out to get the morning paper or the mail dressed in a terry cloth bathrobe. No wonder she wouldn’t make friends with Diane!

“Well you don’t have to worry about that tonight, I’ll give you plenty to talk about!” She must have caught something in the thing I said for suddenly she uncurled, draping her legs over the edge of the couch

I moved a little closer to her “Something wrong?”

“My feet were getting a little hot, that’s all!” I take her at her word moving one more half cushion closer! “Oh where are my manners? Would you like a sausage roll or a pizza bite?” Looking at her, my brows scrunching together “Well I was expecting my sister so I had to have something we could nibble on!”

“You have something I wouldn’t mind nibbling on!” The look on her face telling me that I spoke that out loud instead of keeping it to myself! She’s up and off the couch without making a reply  making for the kitchen as fast as possible without seeming to be rude. Well since my big mouth let her know I might as well follow through!

Getting up I go into the kitchen, finding her bent over in the fridge getting out a tray of something, Fuck the way her jeans were hugging her ass and hips made my cock spring hard in microseconds!. Moving up to her, pressing against her as hard as I could, I reach around her waist “Oh now I can’t tell you what I want to do right now!”

She lets go of the tray, sausage rolls falling all over the floor as I pulled her back out of the fridge. My free hand groping her left breast through her top and bra. “I have a Christmas eve tradition, I love to unwrap a present and see what i got!” Lifting her off the floor, turning her back towards the living room “And since there’s only one present here I guess I shouldn’t wait any longer!” Walking both of us back into the living room. Tossing her onto the couch then pouncing on her grabbing her top, pulling it up!

“Why are you doing this Graeme!” Trying to fight my hands off her, trying to knee me! As her top is around her neck I twist it tight cutting off her oxygen supply, when she’s limp I let go and finish stripping her naked. Going to the coat closet I retrieve a little something to make tonight go easier! Using my belt I bind her hands behind her in such a way so I had full access to her orifices.

Placing the cushions from the couch on the floor between the fireplace and Christmas tree, then her I move a chair to be comfortable while waiting for her to regain consciousness. As I watch her I couldn’t help but think now would be a great time to eat that perfect pussy between her legs but vetoed doing that since I wanted her to feel everything, for that was my present to her.

Seven thirty, give or take a few minutes either side, Diane finally stirs. Her eyes flutter open, looking around confused until her eyes focuses in on me in the chair “Ah good you awake!” as I stand up and start to undress. “I absolutely love what you got me!” My pants falling to the floor as I lifted my t-shirt over my head, as soon as it is off, falling on top of my pants that I stepped out of. Can’t wait to use it thoroughly!”
Walking over to her “Now I have a little something for you if I need it but your going to be a good girl aren’t you?” Smiling down at her, watching as she worked her throat, then “Thuuk!” a large wet gob of spit lands on my chest

“I hope you go to hell you bastard!” Tears coming to her eyes

“From where I looking hell isn’t the way I would describe where I going to be inside of!” Walking around her, sinking down onto my knees on the cushions with her. Reaching around, grasping both of her breast, pulling her back to my chest, leaning in kissing the curve of her neck and shoulders. Little butterfly kisses up the side of her neck, stopping to whisper into her ear “ If your as good as you taste, it’ll be pure heaven!” My right hand tracing a path down her flesh to the cleft between her legs,coming to the top portion of her outer pussy lips “heavenly indeed!”

“Please don’t do this to me!” Almost breaking my heart when she added “Not on Christmas Eve!”

Removing my hands, getting up moving in front of her “Why would you prefer I take you on Christmas Day?” She doesn’t say anything as I sink back to my knees , taking her by the shoulders and lowering her onto her back on the cushions. As soon as she flat, well as flat as laying on her hands could be I lower my mouth to her delectable looking breasts and start flicking my tongue to the pink nipples, erecting them even though she didn’t want that. As she squirms trying to dislodge her nipples from my lips release them, using the tip of my tongue to trace a trail from her nipples down to her pubic mound and the treasure contained there.

More squirming as I part her legs enough to fit my head between them. Just like with her nipples I flick the tip over the outer pussy‘s surface causing her to squirm even harder.My hands take her hips in them pulling her tight to my mouth as my tongue penetrates to the inner pussy lips. More flicking followed by long licks up and down both sides. A sudden stabbing of my tongue into her passage, about where most girls Clitoris earns me the first hint that Diane’s body was about to take control of the situation, A low ‘uhhh” followed by a small sigh!

Inside smiling I continue my oral assault on her quickly moistening passage. Letting go with my left hand so I could add fingers to my assault. Tonguing her clit, fingering in and out until i felt her first release flow over the flesh of my fingers. Only then did I stop to taunt her “Diane is getting into this isn’t she?” Diverting her face to her right side I couldn’t see directly as she whispered “leave me alone!”

“Give in Diane, your body has already told me that you want me!” Shutting her eyes, arching her back as my fingers started widening inside her, rubbing the walls of her pussy. Slickening her even more! “You know deep inside you’re loving it!, Admit it Diane and It’s be the most pleasurable experience you ever had!”

A low “Fuck you!”

“Oh yes I do plan on fucking you and very soon at that!” my left palm rubbing her pussy, getting wet which I used to lubricate my hard cock. “Last chance to say the words Diane!” As I rub the tip of my cock all over her outer pussy lips, again her only response is to roll her head to the left this time and close her eyes. Well i knew how to get them open!

Pulling back aligning myself I thrust forwards completely foring my entire length into her. Her eyes shot open and she cried out in pain from the invasion of her most private part. Undeterred I pulled out until only the tip remain then thrusted back in again, repeatedly. Tears of shame and pain flowing down the side of her face, soaking the cushion under her head.

I never let up brutally fucking her for a good fifteen minutes. All that time she only cried in shame and pain, her head rolling side to side, her chest rising and lowering in times to the sound of her crying. I don’t bother warning her, she knew instantly when a hot liquid sensation flooded her passage. I couldn’t care if she came or not, her beginning musk was all over my cock as was a fair amount of my own cum and I was determined that she was going to taste it!

Pulling out moving to her head, sitting down cross legged, lifting her up turning so she head was cradled in my lap “Clean me off Diane!” My right hand pressing her head to my crotch, giving her very little options. Realizing that she slowly opens her mouth, taking my cock into her. “Do I even have to say anything!” Her eyes move up to mine giving me the hint that she understood my meaning!

When she finally spits me cock out I turn her over and release her from her bonds. Getting up I dress watching Diane curl up into a fetal position “You know what’s going to happen if anyone finds out about this right?”

Looking in the direction of my voice, barely at me a very weak low “yes!”

“Good girl!” Dropping her clothes on her prone form “Can hardly wait until next week when I ring in the New year’s fucking your ass!” Getting my coat” Don’t worry Diane I let myself out!” Walking back to her  bending down to lift her up so I could kiss her on the lips then “Oh and Merry Christmas Diane!”

Forced Sex Stories / Re: Miss Marketing (A Completed Five part story)
« Last post by DirtySerenity on December 09, 2018, 10:51:50 PM »
That was the perfect ending. Another amazing story gscmar64
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Miss Marketing (A Completed Five part story)
« Last post by gscmar64 on December 09, 2018, 05:19:12 PM »
Part Five-The Conclusion!

Vic and Simon leave Jamie, Donnie and me with Reanna, telling us they would see us in the morning.  Reanna laying flat out on the futon doesn’t even register our movements as the three of us pull the old mattress and her off the frame onto the floor. Then we put the new mattress in place and move the futon far away from her. Donnie drives the Raymond reach close so we could chain Reanna to the forks, after leaving a supply of chips and bottled water we call it a night as well.

After dropping Janie and Donnie back at Volution I drive home, showering then straight to bed. I was so out of it that I slept through my alarm at 7 AM, it was close to eleven when I finally rolled over and got up.  I call Simon to see if he heard from his cousin as to when he was going to be here to collect Reanna

“Yeah I’ve heard from him!” Simon talking low so not to be overhears “He’s already in town and he would like us to take her out to a yacht that he rented around eight tonight if that’s okay with you?”

“Perfectly fine, gives us time to take her and get her cleaned up before delivering her to him!”


“Well he’s your cousin, not mine!”

“Okay I get your meaning, shall we meet here or at the warehouse?”

“Why don’t we meet at the warehouse around six and we can take her out in my boat from the marina!” Agreeing we both hang up and i get ready to go to the office. A little after eleven forty-five I pull in and make my way to my office where a message from Ravishument Marketing asking me if I seen one Reanna Mitchell!

Fuck had someone managed to track her to us here? Picking up the phone I call the number back talking with someone who’s name I didn’t catch. Feigning innocence I asked what this is about, being told how she seemed to have disappeared. Then the question if was fully expecting “I dont suppose that she contacted you? It’s just that we found a note in her day planner reminding her to contact you about the current promotion!”

“No she didn’t contact me or to my knowledge anyone else here but if you can hold on I’ll check with my people!” Saying he could I put him on hold, releasing a laugh, getting it out of my system before returning to the call “Hello? No just like I thought no one here has heard from her!” The guy thanks me then hangs up. Good thing we already have a way to get rid of her before she is traced to us here!

Settling in working on some reports, the phone rings twice signifying an internal call. “Cartier!” it’s Vic about a way to reverse out of our financial bleeding. As he explains it I can see how it would stop the losses and tell him to implement it immediately. The rest of the pass uneventful so at a sharp five I’m out the door, waving to Vic, Simon, Jamie and Donnie as we all called it a day.

Unlike then I go to the nearest Walmart and but a long coat a t-shirt and a pair of track pants then I go to the warehouse to collect Reanna. After entering, releasing her from the Raymond reach and the chains on her ankles and wrists i present her the clothes and coat to her telling her to get dressed. She does like a zombie the only time her eyes are off me is when she slides the t-shirt over her head. “You scream or draw any attention to us  and you won’t live to regret it!”  She’s like a mute as i escort her out to my waiting car, a fifteen minute drive  to my place, finds me opening the door and escorting her inside.

“You’re going on a little trip tonight but you need a shower before you leave, so strip bitch!” Without even a hint of disobedience she does just that, leading her to my shower I run the water watching it as it running in streams down her abused body.She just stands there, so I strip and get in taking a bar of soap and lathering her body for her.

As I soaped up her breast I felt my cock hardening once more. If she felt it she didn’t let on any, nor did she voice and resistance when I turned her towards the back wall and spread her legs. Thrusting completely into her pussy I fuck her for the last time every. Ten minutes i fuck her before blasting her pussy with my final dose of cum for her. “Clean yourself up bitch we have to get going soon if we are to meet your new owner on time!”

I climb out as she takes the soap and washes herself.  As I watch she scrubs herself raw, forcing me to pull her out of the shower. Ordering her to dry off and to make it fast, then to dress in the clothes I got her I keep a check on the time. By ten to six I’m ready to drive to Volution to collect Simon then down to the marina.We go out and due to the volume of traffic leaving the core Our drive take a little over twenty-five minutes to make

As I pull in there’s Simon, pulling up he gets in nodding his head to me and blowing a kiss to Reanna in the backseat! “Damn she cleans up real well doesn’t she” My turn to nod a head “Say do we have time for her to blow me?”

Maybe on the boat!” As I started the drive to the marina. Again traffic is heavy but constant so we make it by six thirty two, according to Simon we had plenty of time to rendezvous with his cousin’s yacht. The transferred from car to speedboat goes without a hitch, Reanna acting like the perfect girlfriend just like I instructed her in the car.

Ten minutes later we are adrift from the pier and I’m kicking the engine in. Below the deck Simon is standing in front of Reanna his pants down by his ankles, his cock sawing in and out of her mouth. I follow the direction that Simon wrote down earlier that day, setting a course for the international water border and his cousin’s yacht!.

“Damn I’m going to miss that mouth!” Simon coming up zipping his fly close.

“Is she able to join us up here on deck?”

“Don’t know why not!” Walking back and hollering for her to get her ass up here!. No sooner does she appear than in the distance I spot the yacht we were to rendezvous with. A few minutes later we were alongside it ropes holding us together.

A tall black man waves to us, Simon waving back as a board with poles and rope is passed between the boats . Simon Secures it and shows me how it turns into a walkway between the boats, He goes first, then Reanna and me bringing up the rear. As my feet touches the deck of the yacht my hand is grasped by a huge black man

“Lucious Demondson, Simon’s cousin!” He had to stand at least six six and weigh close to three hundred pounds of he was an ounce.. Escorting us below deck we are presented with a flute of champagne and some carivar on a piece of toast. Not willing to insult our host I ate it, even though I couldn’t stand the stuff.

Lucious is walking around Reanna, intently inspecting her, taking the coat off her, lifting the t-shirt. His eyes widening at what he sees then he looks to us “And your sure you don’t want her anymore?”  not waiting for a reply, using gently force to make Reanna go to her knees, digging his cocok out of his pants, presenting his cock to her lips which open without being told to. “Damn she knows her place!”

Ten minutes he showers her throat with the first of many loads she would eventually take from him “Oh yes I must say she exquisite and already broke so I can make money off her immediately!” Snapping his fingers and suddenly a man appears with a briefcase which is passed to me “I hope you don’t mind but I didn’t realize how ready she would be so I only had ten thousand dollars ready to buy her with

Hell I never even considered getting money for the bitch but considering what she cost Volution is seem like karma in someway! We take the money and an half hour conversation  later we’re back aboard the speedboat,all ropes back aboard the yacht, which is heading out to sea.
Returning to the marina, “So what are you going to do with the money Graeme?”

“Help to offset the lose that bitch caused us!” 

And that was the last Volution ever outsourced it marketing, The four of us often get together and reminisce about Reanna. Thanks to simon’s cousin once a year the four of us are invited down to the islands to see just good a whore Reanna has became!

                                                                                                               The End

Sex Talk / Re: Got any great Christmas sex stories?
« Last post by vile8r on December 09, 2018, 01:49:55 PM »
I got a nice blowjob one time on Christmas Eve.  This was quite a few years ago. I was with this girl I was dating, and we were spending Christmas Eve at her parents' place. They and some of her other relatives were going out to look at Christmas lights, so when we arrived there, no one was home yet. We were on the couch and just enjoying the nice Christmas tree, and having some rum and eggnog. She wanted to make out and so we got going at it, and next thing, my pants are down to my knees and she's giving me a sweet bj! I'm watching a Christmas movie on tv and getting my dick sucked on all at the same time! Merry Christmas to me! LOL! It was also kind of exciting as I was keeping an eye out through the living room window for her family to come home. She finished and I cleaned up just minutes before they did pull into the driveway! It was a rather memorable experience. Later that night, we fucked like rabbits in her old bedroom, lol!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: A Good Samaritan? Yeah, Right!
« Last post by gscmar64 on December 08, 2018, 10:17:42 PM »
Love it, maybe he should call a couple for friends over to share the spoils with!
Sex Talk / Got any great Christmas sex stories?
« Last post by bulldog1975 on December 08, 2018, 04:40:32 PM »
This just happened to me last week.  Since I'm all by myself, I've had to learn to be a pretty good cook.  Its traditional for me to make cookie and candy platters for neighborhood.  I made them up last week and was delivering the final one.  Claire was overjoyed to see the treats and offered to brew up some coffee so we could try some.  We were sitting at her breakfast nook enjoying the cookies and conversation.

I don't know if this has ever happened to you.

Almost instantly a wave of desire seemed to wash over us.  With no thought, we kissed and began to explore one another.  We were like horny teenagers.  Leaving a trail of clothes through the house, we made our way to her bedroom.  We honestly didn't come downstairs until noon the next day.

I made my way home to change and catch up with the day.

Now I gotta ask myself, "What the hell did I put in those cookies and how do I market it"

You have a holiday story to tell?  I have a couple of others but let's hear yours.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: A Good Samaritan? Yeah, Right!
« Last post by DirtySerenity on December 08, 2018, 04:09:07 PM »
Loving the story. In need of more
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