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Forced Sex Stories / Re: Unwelcome Guests
« Last post by DirtySerenity on February 19, 2019, 06:57:02 PM »
I'm so in love with this story
Introduce Yourself Here / Re: NEW MEMBER
« Last post by Ememenie on February 19, 2019, 05:43:24 PM »
Rape fantasy and forced sex is such an extreme rush! Im incredibly excited by  and get a really intense rush from how it feels when a guy takes total power and control from me.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Unwelcome Guests
« Last post by archon on February 19, 2019, 05:14:01 PM »
Heather’s parents, aunt and cousin heard her screaming and wept.  Poor Heather, who never had a bad thing to say about anyone.  Their quiet girl who preferred to see the good in everybody, was screaming in pain, suffering, who knows what abuses at the hands of a sadistic group.  Rebecca’s farm was quite remote and they wouldn’t be missed for some time.  For the moment, Heather was lashed to a chair, a large blue dildo was affixed to the seat, which was in the anus of the quivering girl on the seat.  Heather was already in significant pain, when Keith brought out two haemostats.  He smiled sadistically and closed one onto Heather’s left nipple, squeezing hard, before locking it.  Heather screamed, as Keith slowly applied the second one.  Heather screamed and writhed in her chair.  The group had opened the windows, so her family could hear her screams.  Khassam, meanwhile had grabbed her right hand, uncurling her index finger.  Heather screamed shrugged against the muscular Muslim.  He produced a few more pliers and even more haemostats.  Gripping her finger in one hand, he smiled and grasped her fingernail with the haemostat, and pulled.  Heather’s anguished screams reached a new pitch.  Khassam pulled and tugged.  With a particularly loud anguished scream, from Heather, Khassam held her fingernail in the haemostat.  He discarded it and pulled her middle finger out from the fist she was trying to hold.  The group laughed at the poor girl, passed out in pain. 

The victims secured in the barn heard silence.  Every couple minutes, there was silence, then more screaming.  While her parents wanted them to stop hurting their little girl, the screams meant she was still alive.  This time, the screams didn’t come.  Each feared that she was dead.  Presently they heard the sound of footsteps.  Ali and Khassam entered the barn, dragging a limp Heather between them.  Her family saw the abuse she had endured, her every finger on her right hand had it s nail completely torn off.  She was dumped unceremoniously between her parents, with a  moan of pain.  Kelley was dumped between her mother and aunt.  Dan was unchained and dragged to the main support beam.  His wrists were pulled behind the beam and handcuffed there.  The women were pulled to their knees, wrists behind them.  The chain was removed from Dena and Rebecca.  A cock ring was placed around his member.  Khassam went back to the house and came back carrying a glass of water and a pill.  He offered it to Dan, who refused it. 
   “You don’t have to take it Mr. Big Shot Lawyer,” he said.  “Ali put a bullet in his daughter’s pretty head,” Khassam said.
   “With pleasure,” Ali said, stepping up to Heather, gun pointed at her head.
   “NO, I’ll do it,” Dan said. Khassam smiled and unchained Dan’s wrists.
   “See that wasn’t so hard, was it?” He asked as Dan swallowed the Viagra.  He recuffed Dan’s wrists around the beam.  The four women, two mothers and their two daughters were seated on the ground in a circle or square.  The bottle was back. 
   “Next to fuck Mr. Big Shot Lawyer is…”Ali said and stood watching it slow down until it stopped at, “Rebecca, ever fucked your brothers-in-law?”  Rebecca couldn’t say she’d never thought about getting into Dan’s pants, but not like this.  Ali grabbed a handful of her hair and roughly walked her like a dog over to her brother-in-law. 
   “Ass or mouth?” Ali said.  Rebecca leaned over and gently took Dan’s tool in her mouth. 
   “Rather enthusiastic!” Ali said, “when he blows his load, you’re not swallowing it.”  Everyone in the barn, understood his words.  Someone would be sharing Dan’s baby batter with Rebecca.  Dan’s erection was being strangled with the ring.  Rebecca could feel her brother in law getting hard, even as he gritted his teeth in pain.  Rebecca nearly screamed at the intrusion into her back end. 
   “Oh my god this bitch is tight,” Keith said as he hammered in and out of her anus.  Rebecca was red with shame.  She was enthusiastically sucking her brother in law, betraying her sister.  Dena was also feeling the sting of betrayal.  Her sister had been chosen at random, but did she have to be so enthusiastic?   Dan was in pain but was getting aroused.  His sister in law had an expert mouth.  It took some time, but all the while, Dan was more and more aroused.  His wife had never given him a blowjob.  In fact, this was the first ever.  He’d always wanted one from various girlfriends and his wife, but his sister in law, all but jumped at it.  Despite the ring, Dan eventually came, in what felt like gallons into his sister in law’s mouth.  Rebecca choked trying to swallow as little as possible as Keith continued to ream her tight ass.  By the time Keith exploded into her anus, Rebecca was about to pass out.  Keith walked her to about halfway between the family and Dan.
   “Ali, bring her cub,” Keith said, pointing at Kelley.   Ali dragged Kelley towards her mother. 
   “Ok bitches, get kissing.  Let’s see a lot of tongue,” Keith said.  Both women were disgusted.  Ali’s gun tapped the back of her head.  She felt her mother’s lips on hers, and her uncle’s nasty seed, flood her mouth. 

Introduce Yourself Here / Re: The newest deviant to join!
« Last post by kiwi on February 18, 2019, 04:41:42 PM »
Welcome to the group!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: But He Was Such A Gentleman
« Last post by gscmar64 on February 18, 2019, 01:52:23 PM »
And now I conclude this little tale. Hopefully!

Part Four

October 15, 2018, Manchester Crown Court 11:35 HRS

“I wish I could say it was a masterstroke of police work that has me standing here in front of you, your honour!” I maintain eye contact with her as I continue. “But the reality is I chose the wrong person at the wrong time!” My memory return to yesterday, the day of the sabbath and his intervention into my extracurricular activities of recent months.


October 14, 2018  Elim Fountain Of Hope

This Sunday began like every other one, with me waking at 08:00 HRS when the alarm went off. Getting up showering then dressing in my brown two piece suit, collecting my bible and getting off to church at )10:15 HRS. As usual the five minute walk was inspired by recent events in my life and I couldn’t wait to hear the word of our lord as it was how lived by most of the day.

As I approached the front there was Pastor Achumba welcoming every member of our little family into the house of the lord, with her a member that I have never noticed before. She was easily five foot seven, wearing a low heel  that help to accentuate the gentle curve of her legs under the black skirt she was wearing. Her upper torso was covered in a standard white blouse which tented just right that I believed she was of a modest medium

I knew my thoughts were very improper of both the day and place but I wanted her more than I wanted any of the ladies I had soiled since I started! I hurried to get in line hoping I would be close enough to eavesdrop on their conversation, I was in luck there were only three couples between then and me.

“Yes pastor he’s just trying to find a place to park, never being here before we had no idea when would be a good time to come!” Something else was said but I couldn’t quite make it out, something about this being the first time in a month of Sundays that he was able to attend!. I could see the profile of her face quite vividly, a pert nose over a pair of thin lips , her hat was hiding her hair from me. I was getting hard just looking at it!

She moved along, and i was intently aware of her bottom moving away from me, the other couples move forwards and chat with Pastor Achumba until it was finally my turn. “Ah Mr. Cartier! How is our most devoted member today?” I almost blew it right there as i just caught myself before saying *Horny for the new person Pastor and you?* “I’m fine looking forward to today’s sermon Pastor!” With the pleasantries pass i enter and take a seat in a pew where I could see our new member clearly.

Before long she is joined by a tall figure in a navy blue suit, quite a powerful build individual, the kind that radiated “Don’t try anything with me for you will surely fail!” attitude. The door closes and Pastor Achumba walks to the front of the assembly, taking her place behind the raised pulpit.
She begins with mass pleasantries then  Hymn 306 “Draw Me Nearer” As the congregation sing I notice my prize get up and make her way quietly out of the hall, in my mind *must need the loo!*. Looking around I see nobody is paying any attention to me so I go out after her. The men’s room and the ladies are of modern design, one giant entrance which splits two way directing the sexes to the proper receptacles. Checking before going in, seeing nobody coming, my hand goes to my jacket pocket in search of the boxcutter or pistol.

I panic then remember where I am, you never bring a weapon into the house of our lord! I will just have to pray to god that she accepts what is about to happen and acts meekly for me. In I go and see nobody in sight, the sound of liquid tinkling into a large pool of water catches my hearing. I take a stall immediately beside the line of sinks  along the far wall. I’m just inside with the door held tightly in my hand when I hear a flush.

Peering out I see her at the second sink from the door I’m hiding behind. Mouthing *Thank you lord!” I open the door and jolt towards her, catching her off guard, my hand coming to rest on the back of her head. With a strong hold i force her face into the wall over the sink, stunning her enough the her legs goes rubber. If it wasn’t for her hands coming down to the sink she would have been on the floor.

Instantly I wrap my left hand around her waist to hold her up, my right hand going for the hem of her skirt, grasping it and hiking it up exposing her bare bottom to me. The firm round globes of her ass hid the thin piece of thong. I wanted to see her breasts but due to the chance I was taking I decide just to enter her as quickly as possible.

She wasn’t as stunned as I hoped, she started to fight back. Her right hand leaving the counter top, swatting my right hand, like a nun would a naughty child at school.Her swat succeeded in making me let go. Before I could get another handful of skirt she swatted my left arm. Catching me mid forearm, I yip in shock more than pain, as my arm moves off her she spins and tries to push me away.

My hands shoots out gripping each side of her blouse, pulling them apart. As the button fly from the pressure i’m applying she shrieks out “Ray help!”  I let go and swing the back of my left hand for her face, contacting it, making her head move to the left along with my hand.  Her momentum separates us and I see that she is braless under hr torn open blouse. The round flesh of tanned breast stuns me motionless.

From the hall “Karin what’s going on?”  That bring me back to reality just as her husband comes through the entrance, spotting his wife standing there her breasts exposed for the world to see and me. His eyes goes red and I see him rushing towards me, his shoulder lowered like a rugby player. Even with the sense to step aside he manages to clip me driving me around. He graceful for a man of his size and easily pins me to the wall

“Detective Inspector Jones, Oldham CID and you are under arrest!” The last thing I hear before everything goes black is “it’s only fair that you kiss the wall also!” A hand on the back of my head then….

When I come too, my hands are bound behind my back, a trickle of blood flows from my left nostril. Looking around I see my prize was wrapped in a the navy blue blazer of her husband. Members of Police Uk standing talking with him, each sneering at me, Pastor Achumba standing just inside the entrance shaking her head as she talk with my prize. An officer comes to me, reaching down to lift me by my restrained arm. As he leads me to the entrance.

“Mrs. Karin Jones Is it?” The officer looks back to the detective, who nods. We stop.

“What of it?”

“Just so I can accurately fill out my diary for the courts!” As we started to move again “I wish to apologize for my actions Mrs Jones!” Once more we stop as everyone is shocked by what I just said. Only her husband realizes what just occurred.

“You the Gentleman Rapists!”


October 15, 2018 Manchester Crown Court 11: 36 HRS

“Mr. Cartier are you confessing to your actions?”

“Yes your honour, I been taught not to lie to the authorities!”

“Mr. Cartier you realize that answer means I have no choice but to hold you for trial?”

“Well aware your honour and to say the court time and money!” All eyes were now on me “The police will find a notebook detailing my crimes in the second compartment of my desk!” I turn and see Detective Inspector Jones  leave the courtroom in a hurry

“Well then Mr. Graeme Cartier I hereby order you to be held in custody, until the date of your trial!” Banging the gavel, I’m led back to the cells awaiting the transfer to Strangeways



I plead no contest at my trial and was sentenced to 10 years in Strangeways, While there I wrote each of my victims a letter of apology. Most never responded back as I expected, what did confused me was Margaret Yorke! Not only did she respond, but she visited when she could. With each visit we became closer and I feel it was her influence that made me decide to become a rape advocate when I got out. A year after than we were married in Elim and  moved to 4 Hove Drive, Manchester where we lived happily until passing away!

                                                                                                               The End

Forced Sex Stories / Re: Rise of the Tokyo Dragon
« Last post by gscmar64 on February 18, 2019, 01:50:52 PM »
Well know one thing I'll be doing when i get spare time! Thanks for letting me know Vile8r!
Questions and Answers / Re: What's the rule for old posts?
« Last post by gscmar64 on February 18, 2019, 01:49:32 PM »
Feel free to comment, it's helps other newbies to discover what is offered here!
Introduce Yourself Here / Re: The newest deviant to join!
« Last post by gscmar64 on February 18, 2019, 01:48:10 PM »
Welcome to our little corner of the web. Look forwards to interacting with you.
Questions and Answers / What's the rule for old posts?
« Last post by Ememenie on February 18, 2019, 11:30:48 AM »
I've been in other forums that got super-sensitive about reviving old posts. Now granted, those forums were about ordinary shit. Lol. Was just curious if that was frowned upon here or not?

As I'm typing this I'm laughing to myself at the notion of a group of people who get off on rape, sodomy, gang bangs, and bondage but got ragged off about a new comment on an old post!
Introduce Yourself Here / The newest deviant to join!
« Last post by Ememenie on February 18, 2019, 11:15:47 AM »
Hi! Im Em! Ive been doing weird and freaky shit for a long, long time but have always kind of "walked that path alone" so to speak. Save for the guy (or guys, or girls) that did it with me. Sometimes things can get a bit out of hand and having no one to talk about it with is a heavy burden. You can't go tell normal people about this kinda shit. Lol. So it was suggested to me to seek out like-minded individuals in a non-sexual setting (meaning not able to actually do it) and talk/share experiences and feelings. I'm a bit short on fantasies tho. I've pretty much pursued and lived out every one I've ever had. I've never held back very much. Lol. But got a lot of great stories!!!! Anyway, looking forward to reading and talking with you!!!

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