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Forced Sex Stories / Re: Tricked And Treat
« Last post by DirtySerenity on April 21, 2019, 10:34:06 PM »
ooh i love it. I wonder what you have planned for this story. look forward to reading more.
Forced Sex Stories / Tricked And Treat
« Last post by gscmar64 on April 20, 2019, 07:08:25 PM »
The following story is about the crime of rape. Rapists are despised people both in society and in jail. Unless you want to learn first handedly, seek help before the legal profession gets it for you!

This story is a continuation of a character I introduced in "K'Plkalepw" in "Any Which Way You Can"
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As per my usual no sex in the first part just setting the scenario up!

I got in by Via Rail just over a week before today from Kamloops, thinking that I was going to be nabbed by the cops at any second. Even after a week I could still hear Ellen’s scream of ‘No’ as she plunged down K’Plkalepw! The first thing I did upon arriving at Union Station in Toronto, after getting my bearing was call my sister in Mississauga, hitting her up for a place to stay.

“Why didn’t you let me know earlier that you were coming to Ontario Jay?” Before I could get a word in edgewise “Of course my baby brother can stay with his big sister and her daughter!” Oh damn I forgot that fact while I decided where to go to get the hell out of British Columbia. “Where are you now Jay?”

“At Union Station In Toronto!”

"Oh perfect! Just go to the Go Train kiosk and buy a ticket to the Long Branch station and I’ll be there to pick you up!” I tell her alright and before I hang up she asks me to call her with the schedule. I go to the kiosk and find the next train to Long Branch comes in fifteen minutes. A quick call and twenty two minutes later I’m walking out of the Long Branch station door  right into the over anxious arms of my older sister.

On the drive to her place I can’t help but look around at both the scenery and the females I happen to spot. I hear vague word coming my way from the other side of the car but my attention was on a group of ladies coming to the light after getting off the bus. One was smoking so she immediately turned me off but her friend with the green streaked hair has a look in her eyes that I would be more than willing to try to get to know better. Man if this was what any indication of what the Women of Mississauga was like then I was going to enjoy my stay here!

“Ah is my baby brother not getting enough?” That got through my mental barrier and I turned to her and without realizing what I was saying.

"Hey I’ll have you know sis the last girl I went out with fell for me really fast and hard!” At least I managed not to blurt out to her death. The look on her face told me she quite believe me. Luckily I was spared any more conversation as the traffic thinned and wer sped to her place on Burningoak Crescent , number 3467 to be exact.

As we pulled up onto the driveway I spot someone at her front door, my sister is already rolling the window down, sticking her head out “And just what do you think you’re doing home so soon young lady?” The person turns and stares at us, a pretty little blonde no more than twelve

“Daddy got a call and dropped me off at High Point Mall, so I walked here instead of going to school mom!” Looking at me as I get out of the car “So is this the guy daddy claims you’re and I quote ‘fucking his cock raw the bitch!’”

Her reaction to my reaction was priceless “Damn I hoped my sister could do better than her baby brother!” Spitting on the driveway like the thought left a bad taste in my mouth. Her hand shot to her mouth after she looked to her mother and say her swallowing something down. After the initial shock left her.

“Oh mom I’m sorry for saying that out loud!”

“Well how do you think your uncle and I feel?”

Before anything else could be said I replied “Nauseous!” followed by “Do you have any Pepto Bismol, I think I just threw up in my mouth!”

“No!, But I have some DoubleMint gum if that will help any!”

“Robin Marie Braynor how many times do I have to tell you no gum chewing!”

And once more I blurting out without thinking “Yes you shouldn’t chew gum since your mother wasn’t coordinated enough to do so without putting it in her training bra or the lap of her jeans!” I pause as I feel Jan’s glare on my but teven that doesn’t stop me “And I’ll never forget the time she dropped it into her knee highs and mom had to talk cod liver oil and scissor to get it out!” Jan was turning red from embarrassment but I had to go in for total embarrassment “Say after that incident isn’t that when you started shaving your legs sis?”

Robin bursts out laughing as her mother turns to me “For that you can sleep in the garage tonight!” turning back to Robin “And any more laughing and you’ll be joining him young lady!” Going to the front door, unlocking it and going inside leaving Robin and me outside.

"Your mother never was a big on for proper introduction, holding out my hand to my niece “Hello I’m Jay Foster, your mother’s baby brother!”

"Hello I’m your niece Robin Braynor!” We shake hands “Sorry about what I said earlier but daddy been really pissed since mom divorced his sorry ass two years ago!”

“No skin off my nose neither me nor dad was even invited to her wedding, so I never met the guy!” Apparently it was no great lose in my sister’s and niece’s eyes!.With that Robin lead me into the house, a three floor place on a small lot, in a residential area with a strip mall not far away. Hard to believe that was a week ago and that tonight was Halloween.

As I went down to the kitchen, sis and Robin were in discussion about tonight “But if daddy isn’t coming then I won’t get out to trick or treat nor get to the school dance after that!”

“All I know honey is daddy said he needed to work well into the night so he wouldn’t be able to make it!

As I got a bowl of cereal for myself I heard their conversation and couldn’t help but to suggest out loud “Well what if I took you out and to the dance afterwards?”

Sis looked at me like I just suggested why don’t i get her daughter killed! “YOU! You got lost coming home from Shopper’s the other day!” to rub it in further “And you even had your phone with google maps showing you the way to go!"

“Hey in my defense it said turn right on Riverspray then left onto Runningbrook not me!” Puffing my chest out, “So it was the directions that were faulty not me!” After a few more insults thrown by all three of us it was settled that I would escort my niece around the neighbourhood and then to Tomken Road Middle School. And I thought that how my night was going to go until We stopped at 3328 Riverspray Crescent where I saw her!

Dressed as a sexy witch she tipped her hat to me as i stood on the end of her driveway, her golden hair curled around her head , just spilling past her ample chest. As Robin came towards me, my goddess turned to go back inside giving me a view of the round asscheeks that I evisioned parting and planting my own treat into!. Unbeknownst to her i managed to snap two pics of her and one of her address so I wouldn’t get lost when I came back later that night.

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I manage to get Robin to her school and myself back home where I found Jan and some guy going hot and heavy on the back yard patio, so I had the whole inside to myself. In my room I set myself up with some fake vampire blood and a collapsible knife. By nine thirty i was ready to return to my goddess and fake my way into her place. Getting out before Jan and her man came inside I make my way back to her place.

The  lights were off in front of her place, only one above her front door was on as i tossed my coat behind the bushes by her front window. Going into my act I stagger to her front door and ring the doorbell, inside I can hear footsteps coming. As the door opens I begin to collapse to the ground, fake blood all over the side of my face and back, the fake knife planted in the middle of my back.

As the light hits me, I shakily raise my hand in a weak voice “helpp-p-p-p me-e-e-e-e!”

“Oh my god!” A pair of hand reach down and pulls me into the hallway. When I’m fully in she goes for a phone, with her back to me I’m up and grab her around the waist and throat.

“Drop the phone and and I won’t hurt you!”

                                                                                                                                  More To come

Forced Sex Stories / Re: Angela: Adventures Of A Teenage Hooker
« Last post by gscmar64 on April 20, 2019, 07:02:03 PM »
I never worry I know sooner or later you're going to make it an experience she'll never forget!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Got Her Now
« Last post by gscmar64 on April 20, 2019, 06:59:02 PM »
Well her it is, very different for any of my stories

Part Eleven: Endgame -No sex!

My jaw feels like I been chewing on jawbreakers right out of the package and I can’t even begin to describe how my lower extremities felt! It’s been years since I was gangbanged and even then it was by inept horny teenagers. As I crawled into bed I remember that Zeus has been penned in the small room of the basement since they got here, there was no way I could leave him there all night.

Gingerly I get back out and slowly eases my way down to the basement “Momma’s coming Zeus!” No sooner do I get the door open than Zeus bolt up the stairs to the back door,there waiting to get out to do his business.he’s practically prancing as I get there opening the door to let him out, I step out into the night and I’m caught in headlights “Oh fuck what now!”

My naked form is bathed in the bright white light so all I could make is the general shape of the front of the car and a person getting out
“Damn Alannah said I would be in for a sight when I got here!” A whistle, then “Damn you were always a fantastic sight Dawn!”  Damn I was damn sure that I knew who was talking but the fucking light from the headlights were blinding me! “What no hello for your prom sex mate?”

Oh Sweet Jesus! Bobby Wilson! Who else did Alannah call I wonder. Zeus hearing a strange voice comes back to me, parking himself between Bobby and me, growling. My confidence grew with Zeus acting like the watchdog I knew him to be. “Hello Bobby how are you!”

“Great but it’s Robert now not Bobby!” He turns and returns to the car turning off the headlights at long last. Returning to “Since I made Detective I thought Robert was more professional than Bobby would be!”

I flatten against the door hearing that he’s a cop, thinking that Alannah decided to turn me in for forgery “Robert I can explain!” Then like a tide wall breaking it all comes out of me, i don’t stop until I told him everything that has gone on since meeting Alannah’s son Graeme. When I’m done I’m feel better for some reason!”

“Wow Dawn I don’t know what to say!” Moving closer to me “All Alannah said to me in her text was if I came to this address I would get laid guaranteed!” Stopping in front of me both of our eyes adjusted to the moonlight. I could tell that he was looking my naked form up and down while I expected at any second that he was going to arrest me! “Wow is all I can say by rights I should arrest you for that confession but i’ve never received anything about a forgery charge at work nor would it be right after what her kid has put you through!”

Oh my god a sympathetic soul , I swear I almost burst into tears as he took my hand “Why don’t we go inside and discuss this after you put something on!”

I don’t know why but I started flirting with Bobby “Why do you not like what you see?”

“Oh Dawn you can’t even begin to realize what fantasies I’ve had about you ever since Prom night!” Actually licking his lips as leering at me before I got the door open and ushered Zeus inside. Once we were inside I directed him to the living room while I made my way upstairs, ten minutes later I’m back in a pair of sweatpants and a sport bra. As I enter the room. Zeus is laying on his back his belly under the extended hand of Bobby. As he looks up “Jesus even clothed you are still the hottest girl I’ve ever been with Miss Amberline!” looking embarrassed  “It is still Miss hopefully?”

“It is!” a sigh of relief came from him as I giggled like a schoolgirl “What about you officer, I don’t see a ring on your fourth finger on either hand?”

“No the law turned out to be my lover!” For some reason I was glad “Now about this Graeme character, you know what he’s doing is illegal right?”

‘But he has me dead to rights for forgery!”

"And you have him and his friends for sexually assauly, forcible confinement!” Moving closer to me “At best you’ll end up with a criminal conviction where as they all will end up with Criminal Conviction and on the National Sex Offenders Registry!” Placing a hand on my knee “Who do you think will have a harder time to recover you or them!”

“But I don’t want to hurt Alannah anymore than I already have!”

“Why didn’t she degrade you along with them tonight?” Before I could answer he continues “She just as guilty in the eyes of the law as her son!” His hand moving up my thigh, even through my sweatpants I could feel the heat coming off his palm “Look I’m not saying press charges just use what I told you to get yourself out of this situation!” His palm was almost against my covered pubis mons, it felt right by they five of them used to too rough so I was sore and actually winced as he touched me!

“Robert I know why you came here but I too sore to do it again!” If i was going to try to extricate myself out of this hell I might as well begin now “I don’t suppose you would take a raincheck?”

“From you anytime Dawn!” Oh my god finally a male that didn’t want me to put out! Robert gets up and digs out a card from his inner jacket pocket,
passing me one “Tell you what when your feeling up to it I’d like to take you out on a date with no strings attached!

I’m shocked because it’s been a long time since a guy asked me on a date without expecting anything in return! “You know what I’d like that!” I get up and lean in to kiss him, he turns just enough that I’m kissing him on the lips. Oh well at least my lips weren’t hurting! As we break the kiss he turns and I walk him to the door  “Thank out Robert and I promise I’ll seriously think about what you said!”

And with that he left and I went for my phone texting a message *Alannah! We need to talk about Graeme’s future-Dawn*


Alannah texted back at eight Am *His future seems bright, how is your’s cumming?”*

*We need to discuss his legal future before Detective Robert Wilson pays a visit to him and his friends!*

*You’re bluffing bitch!*

*Well don’t say I didn’t offer an olive branch to settle this!* with that I turned my phone off and went to work. The days passes like most do, with me helping a fair number of patients and referring others to those better qualified to treat them. Five o’clock rolls around and i ready to call it a day, the clinic is open until midnight but as a shrink I’m not needed, I’m out to me car when from behind

“I don’t know what game you think your going to play but I’m the one holding all the card Dawn!” Graeme and his friends have me surrounded, Jerome moving to block me from getting the driver’s door open “Looks like we are going to have to show you your new place in life once more!” They move in tighter and over Tommy’s shoulder I see two cars pull up and four more guys get out, these ones dressed in suits

Before I can cry out “Now this wouldn’t be what I think it is would it Miss Amberline?”  It’s Robert and some of his buddies, his hand in his jacket pocket coming out with something black! Graeme and the rest turn.

“This has nothing to do with you for you can fuck off!”

Robert flicks his wrist and a badge and identification card are staring at us. “Oh I don’t know five males preventing a lone female from leaving just might be against the law here in Ohio!” His friends showing their identification and badges “Tell you what why don’t we go to the station and have a talk about it!”


Robert turns as Alannah rushes over “Hey Alannah Long time no see!” Alannah stops dead in her tracks  “Bet you didn’t know I became a cop after high school did you?”

“You’ve a fucking cop!” Then switching tact “I don’t know what she told you last night but she signed an agreement to sexually service Graeme and his friends!”

“Well as I said we can settle all this down at the station!”


At the station I confessed to friging a cheque on Alannah’s account and Graeme admitted that he blackmailed me into a sexually servicing agreement. When everything was presented I said I wouldn’t press charges if he forgot that signed paper. Alannah had it all with her, the forged cheque, the signed paper which she tore up in front of Robert.

We were free to go, since neither side wanted to press charges against the other. As We stepped through the door “I don’t ever want to hear from you again Dawn, you’re dead to me as a friend ,Come Graeme we have to get you checked out to make sure you didn’t contract an STD!”

That was the last I ever saw or heard of the Cartier’s. I did go on the date with Robert and lo and behold we went on many more until he proposed to me a year later!

                                                                                                         The End!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Angela: Adventures Of A Teenage Hooker
« Last post by vile8r on April 20, 2019, 10:38:29 AM »
Have no fear, gsc, the action is going to be ratcheting up very soon!

Angela had her eyes closed as he started to slide into her well lubricated tunnel. She opened her eyes as she felt his rigid member invade her and smiled.

“Mmmmmm……that feels awesome!” she whispered.

Wes slid all the way in, pushing slightly on her legs, until they were against her chest. He started to slide back out, then back into her. Her pussy was tight against his member as he sunk in and bottomed out.

Angela felt even fuller with Wes’ long cock inside her, than she did with Brayden. Her hips rose up off the bed and pushed against him. That gave him the added incentive to push in even deeper.

As he fucked her, he could feel that she was really excited, her juices were flowing around his cock. Wes thrust in hard, and could hear her juices being forced out by him, making a loud SCHLIKKKKK!  Angela moaned with the feeling of his cock pushing and pulling inside of her.

She raised and wrapped her arms and legs around him. Her feet wrapped around his ass as she helped push him. As they fucked Wes could feel Angela raising her ass to meet his thrusts.

“Damn, you’re a horny little fox, ain’t you?” he said.

“I want every inch of that cock, Wes!.....Every….inch!” Angela moaned.
Soon they were fucking hard, him ramming into her, Angela pushing hard against him. She couldn’t stop moaning, and he started kissing her on the neck. Wes loved that this girl was so young and had such an awesome body.

“P-please. I want more of your delicious cock in me!”  Angela whimpered.

“I’m giving you all I got, baby!” Wes grunted.

“I don’t care…..I need more!” she said, her ass bouncing up and down on the bed, trying to force more of him into her.

Wes rolled over, pulling her on top of him.

“Yesssssssss!” Angela cried out, lifting her hips up and letting herself drop onto him.

She ground her crotch  against him, rocking back and forth.
Angela began riding him hard and fast, slamming down onto him so hard, it was almost getting painful.  He raised his hips and kept ramming up into her, when he could feel the seed rising in his cock.
Spurt after spurt of his heavy cum filled his condom and he quickly pulled out of her, for fear of bursting it. Angela snuggled against him for a couple minutes, panting heavily.

“Oh God, Wes! That was fucking good! Even better than Brayden!”

Wes laughed. “Well that’s good to know.”

“Don’t tell him I said that, though,” she laughed.

Wes got up off the bed and cleaned himself off. “Wow, I wouldn’t mind seeing you again, Angela.”

“I wouldn’t mind it either,” she said, blowing him a kiss. “Guess you better send your friend Donnie in now. It’s his turn.”

Donnie, the youngest of the bunch, was already waiting at the doorway. Not only was he the youngest, he was also the shortest. Barely over 5’6”, he was only a few inches taller than Angela. But despite his slight stature, Donnie had the physique of a weightlifter.
He had thick biceps and a hard, toned upper body. Angela could tell he spent a lot of time at the gym. Both arms were also covered in body art. He stripped off his pants, showing off a thick six-inch penis with a fat purple head.

“You like the Donnie-meat?” he smirked, seeing Angela checking him out.

Angela always had to laugh when guys bragged about their dicks. It was so hokey!

“You got the talk……let’s see what else you got.” Angela said, laying back on the bed and preparing for him to mount her.

Donnie finished getting his condom on and licked his lips, seeing the curvy teen girl stretched out on the bed.

“Oh, I’ll show you, sweetie! Gonna make sure you earn that money!”

He reached down and grabbed Angela by the ankles, pulling her to the edge of the bed, Lifting her up by the hips, he angled his erect cock so it was lined up with her puffy pink slit.

“Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh!” he yelled, as he impaled her on his shaft in one hard thrust.

Angela was taken aback by his forcefulness, and let out a little cry.  Donnie began pumping in and out, her pussy making wet, juicy sounds as it wrapped around him.

Angela had to hang on tight to the bed, as Donnie rocked her body back and forth.

“Ohhh…my….God……down a ….bit…..” Angela said.

“What’s wrong, baby? You can’t handle this? Wait until I kick into high gear!” Donnie smirked.

He stopped, pulled out, and flipped Angela onto her stomach. He pulled her up so she was on her knees, her ass in the air.  She braced herself as he plowed back into her warm honeypot.

“Yeahhhhh……fuck, yeahhhhh, can get really nice and deep into you now,” Donnie said, as he dug his hands into her hips and threw his weight against her.

He really was getting deeper now and Angela was liking the feel of his cock in her. Donnie was showing he was a take-charge kind of guy and it turned her on. She really liked it when Brayden was more assertive and aggressive.
Donnie was a bit of a blow-hard, she could see that, but at least he was showing her that he could back it up too.  He was giving her a very vigorous fuck. It was all she could do to catch her breath between each punishing thrust.

He was gripping her by the shoulders and pulling her back against him, while at the same time slamming his hips forward.

“Ohhhhh……wowwwww…….ohhhhhh…….ahhhhhhh!” Angela gasped and moaned as the dark-haired man worked her pussy hard.

Angela was bathed in sweat and her hair had fallen over her face.

Out in the living room, Kerry had informed the others of Angela only being fifteen.

“Holy fuck!” Dutch exclaimed. “That little bitch is only 15? That’s awesome!”

“Best-looking little 15 year-old I’ve ever banged!” Wes said.  “Damn!”

“Yeah, she’s a good one, all right,” Brayden agreed.  “Wait until you tap her sweet ass!”


Donnie’s energetic fuck of Angela continued. He could feel the sensation rising up from his balls. He knew that the way her pussy felt, the juicy sound escaping from between them, only added extra fuel for him to spurt his seed.
At just the last moment, Donnie pulled out, yanked the condom off his dick, and jerked off, letting his hot cum spray across Angela’s back.

"Oh Angela…..ohhhhhh…..ohhhhhhh!” Donnie moaned as his hand moved up and down his shaft, his body trembling. He felt totally drained. "You are amazing!"

“Ummmm, could you wipe that off me, please?” Angela asked, as she laid face down on the bed.

She also felt totally wiped out after that fuck. The backs of her legs were still stinging from Donnie’s body slapping against her.

“Sorry,” he said, “but I just really hate cumming in a goddamn condom. It’s like taking a shower with your socks on.”

He took some Kleenex and wiped the mess off her smooth back.
Angela pushed herself up off the bed.  Her legs barely supported her. She had never taken four guys on at once like this, and she was exhausted. Yeah, they’d all paid her for a full round, but she’d had no clue how draining it was going to be. There was no way she could handle this.

“I gotta get home,” she said, wobbling on her feet.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, baby,” Donnie said. “We paid you for more than one fuck, remember?

“I know,” she muttered, “but I can’t do it. I gotta go home.”

“Well, the other guys ain’t gonna like it much,” he spat.

“I don’t really give a shit,” Angela retorted. “I’m tired and I’m not doing anymore. Now, can you let me get past you? I gotta go out to the living room and get my clothes.”

Donnie put an arm out to stop her and pushed her back towards the bed.

“Stay right there. You ain’t going anywhere just yet!” Donnie said.

He stepped out into the hallway, just outside the door to the room.

“Hey Brayden! Kerry! All you guys! Get in here, we got an issue!”
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Got Her Now
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I look forward to seeing how you conclude this story.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Bastard Next Door
« Last post by gscmar64 on April 19, 2019, 02:54:15 PM »
Well with this part The Bastard comes undone!

Part Five

3549 Golden Orchard Drive

“I tell you Salvatore the bastardo is up to something!” Lowering the binoculars to her chest, after taking them out from between the slats of the blinds. “I used to be able to see into the upper floor  room but now it’s like he’s placed mirrors to prevent me seeing in!”

“Maybe he’s finally fed up with you spying on him Davida!” her husband looking at her as the TV program goes to commercial.” I tell you your going to be the one the poliza comesa and knocks on the door over!”

“Salvatore Agostino wouldn’t say that if it was your friend he attacked and scared off!” moving away from the window “Jane and I were like mother and daughter before that bastardo did that to her!” Taking  a seat in a recliner beside Salvatore “I think he has another in there, treating her like he did Jane!”

“And so what if he does, it’s not you!” Loving turning  to his wife of forty years “or is that the real reason your upset!?”

Davida reaches over and slaps the back of Salvatore’s head “Now who’s being a bastardo!” Getting up  May be the poliza will be more interested in his behaviour than you Salvatore!”


He’s gone into the living room, a roar of a crowd coming to my ears between the sound of my tears. As I lay there on the stairs naked, his cum mixed with my tears rolling down the side of my face I turn over on the stair, looking up to where I came from a full five stairs from the landing. Slowly I stop crying as I concentrate on pulling myself up to the top. When I’m on the last stair I see the new obstacle facing me a wood dresser with it’s back to the wall and it’s end hard against the other wall.

I reach out with one hand trying to move the dresser enough that I might be able to get more of it to move. The fucking thing is heavy and nothing I do makes much difference, Sinking to the stairs again I suck in air and give up, the bastard would have to move the dresser before he could go to sleep, so it was my best option to wait until he was ready to do it!


The derby ened  a little after two hours after it started, a real scrappy affair that ended in a tie. Two players collide in the penalty zone and fell like one was going to ass fuck the other. Hmm speaking of that I had someone I could fall on and fuck anytime I wanted and she was already naked so I had even more incentive to go back to her. Getting up i turn the TV off and make for the stairs.

The damn wheelchair is blocking the gate, so I kick it out of the way. Looking up I should see her where she fell by it clear except for her toes pointing over the edge of the stair above there. So the little bitch tried to pull herself up did she, well then she must want back in the bedroom and I would make sure she got there alright!’

Opening the gate and going up “What the dresser too much for you to move?” Placing a hand on the middle of the back and one on the top so my thumb as handing down the back, a quick push and the dresser slides enough that I could stand on the landing. Switching my hand I get it to move away from the wall lengthwise into the hallway giving her more than enough room to pull herself up onto the landing. “You trying for the bedroom bitch?”

Yanking her up off the stairs I drop her on the floor, grabbing a good handful of her hair And her chin I drag her back into the bedroom, there I grip her under the arms and lift her up onto the bed so that her chest was on it but her dead legs were dangling over the edge.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not that again!” As I spread her asscheeks open, the first she even acknowledged that I was around. The air coming in the window meaning anyone passing by might have heard her screaming no!

Pressing her down into the mattress “If you scream again I’ll choke you to death and wait until tonight to roll you back into your yard and stage that you got caught in the clothesline!” I get up as she shuts her mouth and go to the window, No one seems to be out, the only thing I notice is the door closing across the street as if someone just went in to the Agostino’s. Thinking nothing of it I turn back and whistle softly at the sight of her white ass cheeks .

“Damn now that’s a sight I could get use to waking up to!” Taking my pants off i walk to her and once more spread her asscheeks “You know what i want to hear from you bitch!” Slapping her asscheek to encourage to speak up!”

Reluctantly she starts to speak  “F-f-f-uck me in the ass stud-d-d-d!” Ooh the gimpy bitch was a fast learner and I didn’t tell her what a good little gimp she was. Instead I showed  had and deep Her head shot up off the mattress a scream tearing her vocal cords apart as i rammed her bowels with my thick cock



3549 Golden Orchard Rd

Bella was barking at the front door so i got up and went look why she was. Opening the door I see a squirrel running  from the front door again. Turning to bella “Quiet bella it just a squirrel!” About to shut the door when I hear

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not that again!” As I get the door closed Salvatore looks up who’s caterwauling?”

“Someone across the street!”  I tell him as he gets up coming to the door opening it to looks out through the screen door. He’s about to close it when we hear!


“That’s it I’m calling the poliza on him!” I rush to the phone and place the call!


For a gimp her ass was very sensitive to something bigger than it being shoved into it. I didn’t give a shit I was getting more active the more I shoved in and out of her. She was rolling her head back and forth tears leaving a trail like a snail’s path as he tried to bury her head into the mattress to prevent displeasing me by screaming out in pain.


Peel Regional Police Division 12, 4600 Dixie Road

The five minute silence is shattered by the phone ringing, “Peel Regional Police division 12 Desk Sergeant Muller speaking how can i help you?”

“Officer this is Davida Agostino of 3549 Golden Orchard calling I just heard screams coming from across the street from me where a known pervert lives”  I take a breath “He’s on the register thing for them people!”

“Ma’am are you talking about the Registered Sex Offenders List?” Muller rolling his eyes thinking this was another old lady with delusions. Tapping on his keyboard as he listens as the lady continues

“Yes he been living there for the last year and I heard a scream of No and my husband and me heard a scream of pardon my language Fuck” before I called!”

So much for a quiet Sunday afternoon, on the screen the registry comes up and the name Mark Connell  highlighted in yellow, the address 3545 Golden Orchard Road. Damn she might be onto something that needs to be investigated “Alright ma’am I’m dispatching a cruiser immediately to the address. We advise you stay inside and away from any windows until the police arrive!” Hanging up to go to the internal phone

“Dispatch we have a possible disturbance at 3545 Golden Orchard Road, known sex offender in residence, require immediate investigating!”

“Roger division 12, dispatching Delta Alpha Eagle 4 and Delta Alpha 16 in response.


In and out I pounded her asshole enjoying how her bowel would tighten around the tip of my cock as I drew back making her whimper in pain as I shoved it back open. A damn good twenty minutes passed before I finally pulled out and forced her over onto her back. I shoot long ropes of cum up her torso “Damn bitch your getting better every time I shove home!” Walking out  of the room “You hungry?” Not caring if she was.

I go down stairs unaware that a police car has pulled up in my driveway and another was in front of my place on the road. I’m just off the last stair when the rap comes to the door, my mind doesn’t even registers that I, m naked or that cum could be dripping from the tip as i go over and open the door “Yeah what do you want?

“Mark Connell I’m Constable Dunston, we’ve had complaints of screams emmentating from this residence!” Oh shit goes through my mind before he asks what I knew was coming “May we come in and look around.

*Fuck they would find gimpy upstairs if they came in!* I had to try to throw them off “Let me guess the fucking noisy bitch across the street called in didn’t she!”

“Mr. Connell a simple look around is all we’re asking for!” Dunston being joined by another office and a female officer another male stands at the end of my driveway!”

“Let me get pants on and you can come in!”

Of course the fucking gimpy bitch just had to chose that time to fall onto the floor causing a loud thud upstairs that was easily heard by us. Bright boy Dunston “Mr. Connel I’m entering your premises under legal authority since i believe a criminal act is being carried out on said premise, you can stand aside of be place in custody the choice is your!” His badge and warrant card out in plain view. The other male cop hand goes to the holster on his belt holding what appears to be a black square pistol, the female already has her holster ondone and her hand on the grip of the weapon contained inside.

“I’m bleeding!

Comes from the upper floor and before i know what is going on I’m on my ass watching the female and the male cop burst inside and rush for the stairs. The kick the gate off its mount and takes the stairs three at a time. Maybe a millisecond later “Jesus christ calling  for an ambulance and Detectives!”

Dunston grabs me before I can do anything forcing me onto my stomach, twisting my arms up behind me, locking them in place with handcuffs.
“Dunston is there a wheelchair down there. With me secure on the floor he gets up and goes looks for it, finding it just inside the living room on it’s side “Yeah one in the living room!” He moves it to the bottom of the stairs as I hear footsteps coming down along with soft sob of gimpy!”

Dunston returns to me as “Mark Connell your under arrest on suspicion of sexual assault and forcible confinement, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present before talking with us.” he pauses as his fellow officer places a blanket over gimpy’s shoulders and wheelchair “Do you understand your right as I have explained them to you.

The female office appears beside the wheelchair and I barely catch a movement of a hand before I’m twitching like a fish out of water. “Christ how did she get your taser Jansen?”

When I come too in the ambulance,  “I have to issue an apology from the Peel Regional Police for Miss Bennett getting ahold of Constable Dwyers Taser like she did!”



I was charged and found guilty of Sexual Assault, Forcible confinement and Parole violations. Sentencing took into account that I was shot by my victim so instead of a guaranteed seven years for a repeat offender I was only given six years and nine months in Beaver Creek again!

Shaylyn Bennett was given a slap on the wrist for her action as the court appointed counsellor claimed she was suffering from PTSD so she was given a suspended sentence of a month, with the condition that if she didn’t break the law within a year said sentence would be rendered off her record!

As the cell door is closed behind me all I! can think is that I had a damn good time fucking me a gimp bitch!

                                                                                                              Thus he Bastard is done!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Got Her Now
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Part Ten

The look on her face was priceless and I wasn’t surprised when mom took a photo as the obese guy walk to Dawn’s face “Well it’s better late than never!” Lifting the fat folds of his stomach up so Dawn could get to what passed for his cock!  “Hope you don’t choke on this Dawn?”

Moving so I could get a better view, I couldn’t help but notice that this fat guy’s cock was smaller than my own, hell it looked about the same size and thickness of the pencils that came in the travel sudoku books from the dollar stores. Talk about a pencil dick, well since there was no chance that Dawn was going to choke on his cock I felt it was perfectly alright to fuck her once more.

Taking up position behind her I catch mom’s eyes and I motion with my head. Mom just nod and a smile comes to my face as i stroke myself hard once more.  I thought Dawn was going to crane her neck to see who was about to enter her but the fat guy decided that the top of her head was a good a place to rest the fat folds of his stomach. He effectively pinned her head down with his fatty overhang, so i had no idea of her reaction as I rammed into the hilt in her tiny asshole. Only a muffled “Oh shit that hurt!” was a clue that she felt me in her.

Jesus even after all the cocks she’s taken in the ass so far she was more than tight enough to give me the most amazing fuck of my life! “Hey mom is there any chance I could make her marry me?”

A muffled “What!” then her head popped out from under the layers of fat. I’m not marrying anyone and especially not the bastard who blackmailed me into sex!”


“Oh shut up Steven that’s not even a cock!” Glaring at him “Fuck my toothbrush is longer and thicker than that!” To prevent her from doing anything else I hooked my arm around her waist and pulled her tighter to my crotch. She squealed as I got a little deeper into her amazing ass, turning her head towards me “Fuck aren’t you deep enough?”

“Can the attitude Dawn this is all your own fault not Graeme’s!” Mom coming to me defense as I pulled back so only the tip remained then rammed it right back in, making her squeal once more’ Graeme you go easy on her ass, there’s others who haven’t had her yet!” Sneering at Dawn as the words came out of her mouth.

“Excuse me can she get back to sucking my cock or should I just leave?” The guys snicker at that then break into a full belly laugh at Dawn’s reply

“Oh fuck I'll suck it but keep your fat off my head Steven!”

“Hey I don’t need that kind of talk from a thieving skank like you!” Steven back away and pulls his pants up. “Do me a favor and lose my number bitch!” leaving without so much of a goodbye to mom or us! Well that was perfect for us since he was grossing us out with all that fat!

Dawn wanted to say something as I kept thrusting in and out of her ass but Yin had another plan. Grabbing the sides of her head he forced his cock into her mouth as she went to speak. He wasn’t gently and soon we hear Dawn gag on the cock in her mouth. This time it wasn’t Jerome who chastised him it was mom with her hand to the back of his head!

“What the fuck do you think your doing Yin, she still has to eat my pussy once more!” Yin stops and Pulls back like he was going to vacate Dawn’s mouth only to be stopped by mom once more. “You can fuck her throat but do so like a gentleman not a neanderthal!”

For some reason Johnny thought it would be perfectly alright to proposition mom “Say Mrs Cartier would you like us to use you like Dawn only with more respect?”

“Oh you boys couldn’t handle a lady like myself!” once more sneering at Dawn as she was bookended by Yin and me. “You just wait you turn with Miss Moral Less since I have to borrow Graeme I have a feeling a hole will be opening soon!”  Lucky for me I was about to release my nut cream into her ever squeezing bowel, so I didn’t mind when mom put her hand on my shoulder. Spraying my seed deep into her I pulled out and looked to the guys and motion for someone to take my place.

As mom and me started towards the door we watched as Jerome got under Dawn and lifted her up like he was bench pressing her, settling her down onto his stiff cock, holding her there until Johnny sank his cock into her ass. The three of then worked out a rhythm so Dawn was constantly stuffed with a hard cock in one of her orifices.

Out in the hallway “Graeme I’m not proud of how you chose to deal with what Dawn did!” Oh damn I was in for a lecture, but she surprised me “But that for another time, just promise me before you and your friends leave Dawn will be able to crawl at least!” Winking at me!

“But I thought you wanted her to eat you out once more?”

“No she can take it but she can’t dish it out!” smirking at me “besides I’m more someone who likes to ride a shaft not a tongue!” Eww like I needed to know that! “You boys be gone before ten remember tomorrow is a school day and Skanky will need time to recover before she has to get back to work!” I told her we would and walked her out the front door then locked it, looking to the mantle clock it was reading eight pm so we had another two hours to fuck Dawn as much as we could!

Returning downstairs I see that Tommy had replaced Yin and Ty was now pumping into her ass, Jerome still going strong into her pussy. “Hey guys I kind of promised Mom that we would be out of here by ten, so Dawn could recover to go to work tomorrow!” Johnny and Yin answer me with okay while the other three just flick a thumb’s up to me!

We spend to nine thirty fucking every orifice Dawn owned with barely any rest for Dawn. Nine thirty, we took her upstairs and ran a tub of hot water so she could both wash all our cum of her and soak her abused body. Each of us took the time to thank her for the sex and gave her one last feel up before leaving.


Five straight hours I was used like a sex slave by the five of them. I had no intention in including Steven into the mixture since he barely made me part my lips! As I soaked in the tub my phone went off, lifting it up I see a message from Alannah “Hoped you liked tonight it’s just the beginning bitch!” Oh god I don’t think I can take more of this!

                                                                                          To be concluded!
Role Play Partners / Re: Kik for rape fantasy rp
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Sent you a message on Kik.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Got Her Now
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Part Nine

Dawn’s eyes starts to water as the tip of her nose kept getting squashed against Jerome’s pelvic bone. Jerome could feel the cartilage move slightly as his pelvis struck her nose but he didn’t care, her warm mouth and tongue felt great to his hardened lance. Every forwards thrust into her throat forced Dawn to rock back onto Johnny’s dick driving it a little deeper each time.

Johnny couldn’t hold back any longer “God damn do I have to pull out of her before cumming?”

Before any of us could open our mouths Mom was talking “If you leave her cunt before cumming you better plan to leave the house immediately Johnny!” The force of her words and tone in her voice made Johnny grab Dawn around the waist, press hard into her and start spraying her pussy with his cum, only pulling out as his cock deflated.

No sooner did he get up than Ty bolted to the floor behind her. Remembering his manners “Mrs Cartier do you mind if I fuck her now!” why he thought mom had the control of Dawn all of a sudden was a mystery to me.

Mom smiling At Ty “Well  for being a gentleman about it have at it in the hole of your choice Ty!”

Ty looked at the hole as they were presented to him, her pussy slightly opened from the cocks that have invaded her so far, a whitish line of cum dripping to the floor between her spreaded legs. A little dot of cum could be seen on her perineum. With a huge grin coming to his face and his right hand stroking his cock Ty knew where his dick was going- right in her ass! Rearing back he thrusted forwards, the tip striking the muscled orifice, squishing against it before finally parting it enough that it started to disappear inside.

Dawn gasped around the girth in her mouth, getting her lips barely opened enough to let the air escape. In her head she was crying out in pain from the invasion of cock in her ass . Then she felt a weight come on her back and hands move around her waists locking her in an embrace as the cock in her ass began to move in and out. She found herself being pummeled at both end by teenage cock while at the same time feeling the hatred gaze of someone she considered her best friend ever drill into the back of her head.

Mom just couldn’t hold back as Dawn was used as a cum dumpster “Does this bring back your high school days Dawn?” Actually moving her chair to get what I thought was a better viewing position but turned out was to molest Dawn in a way i never even imagined being done. Taking her shoe off, then her knee high stocking mom reached out with her bare foot, pressing it to Dawns breast, capturing her jutting nipple between her big toe and the first toe. Pulling the nipple out as she pulled her foot back, her other foot rubbing the extended flesh up and down

“If you guys only knew what a little slut Dawn was back in high school you would rush to invent a time machine to go get her in her younger days before she started sagging a little bit!” In her mind Dawn started screaming *My tits are not beginning to sag you jealous cow!* Wanting to say more but Jerome chose that moment to inundate her throat with copious amounts of man gravy. Too busy trying to swallow as much as possible She didn’t realize that cock in her ass started to empty in her bowels. Not until the “Goddamn I hope to get back in there one more time before we call it a night with her!”

As both cock left her holes she was once again totally empty of teenager cock. A music chimes sounds, after swallowing the last of the cum in her mouth “Doooorbel” Allanah quit playing with Dawn’s tit and got up “Oh goodie, are you hoping like I’m hoping Dawn?” Turn to the guys before going up stairs “Give the whore a little break so she can collect her thoughts!” pointing her finger to me, i follow her upstairs to be the pack mule for Mom!

 Another ring followed by “Pizza!” As she opens the door I see her cross her fingers on her left hand. There in the frame an obese guy who had to push the scales at a good three hundred pounds if he was an ounce. Her fingers goes from crossed to a fist which she shakes. The guy in the door frame recognizes mom!

“Alannah Crewston!” His arm shakes as he lifts it to try to shake mom’s hand “Damn girl it’s been a long time since I last saw you in the flesh!” Now I was curious if it was a long time then how did he recognize her so fast and enough to use her maiden name!”

"Well Steven Jenkins, I haven’t seen you since the last class get together on Skype oh and for your information it’s now Cartier!” With a good grasp on what I thought was a flipper with sausage fingers attached she shook while finally remembering me standing behind her. “Oh Steven I want to introduce you to my son Graeme to you!” Christ this was the guy that Dawn went to the prom with.

As we shook hands, I couldn’t understand what mom was up to until “Say Steven you remember Dawn don’t you?” As he hands over the pizza and wings to me.

“Oh yeah I remember the girl who broke my heart and caused this! Flashing his hands down the sides of his obese body! “Why do you ask?”
“Well this is her place and she’s down stairs currently entertaining a few of Graeme’s friends!” Mom handy over the cash “Want to come in and get a tip from her?” I swear the light in his eyes under the droopy blubber that were his eyelids turned it translucent! Mom takes him by the hand and leads him down to the rom that we were abusing Dawn in.

As she enter, Here eyes didn’t betray her disappointment,Through a hoarse throat “Hello Steven, it’s been a while!” He stops dead, seeing her down on all fours surrounded by a room of teenagers!

“So nothing has really changed much for you has it Dawn?” He spits out as mom pushes him further into the room

“I think she still owes you a little something doesn’t she Steven?”

Dawn’s eyes travel from Steven to mom, a bit of revulsion in her eyes as she understand what mom is hinting at “I sure Steven has to get back to his shop!"

“Normally I would but tonight I’ll make an exception!” His hands going to the suspenders, then the belt he uses to hold up his pants. As the material falls to the floor as we could see was the rolls of fat that hung off his lower torso and down his thighs. Considering that we were all in some semblance of good shape we were grossed out by what we were seeing. As he moved towards her the sweaty flesh sounded like crickets chirping in the night. “So how about it Dawn?” lifting her head in a ham hock like hand “Willing to finally give me the blow that you said I would get after prom?

                                                                                                     To be Continued

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