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New Authors / Cheerleader Reporter - Prison Break - Part 14
« Last post by Britney Stevens on Today at 12:46:57 AM »
Britney scanned the dark room, eyes wide and frightened.

Her body was sore, aching in every muscle, bruised by two days of rough groping, fondling, and non-stop intimate assault. Somehow, the shapely cheerleader reporter had ensured two full days of payback by Bruno’s thugs, but now they were silent. Over two hours had gone by. What were they up to?

“Mmmm-MMMF?” Britney grunted nervously, as she twisted in her ropes.

Victor had stripped her of everything but her thigh-high white stockings, and bound her naked and spread-eagle to the four-poster bed.  He had grinned as her arms were painfully outstretched, breasts fully exposed, wrists bound with rope, pulled to their limit.  His powerful hands had spread her smooth, toned thighs, stopping to fondle her intimate parts as he bound each of her ankles to a foot of the bed. Her legs were fully outstretched. She could barely move.

A thick wad of cloth was jammed between her teeth, filling her mouth, and now soaked with saliva, as she struggled to swallow, and keep from suffocating. A thick strip of white cloth covered her mouth in the style of an old detective serial, knotted tightly behind her neck, so she could not remove it. Victor raped her one last time to test how the gag muffled her screams – and found it to be most efficient. Her sobs were barely audible as he thrust into her one final time. No one would rescue her now.

She could do nothing but wait. It was Bruno’s turn. This was the man she had testified against in court, the ruthless leader of the gang who had tortured her mercilessly for over three days. Only days before she had thought her testimony would put him away for good. Now she was in his hands, and she wondered when that door opened: would he rape her, or kill her?
She was sore, exhausted, and the tight ropes burned her soft skin. Britney tugged desperately at the ropes on her ankles. Perhaps she could escape? If she could just loosen one of the ropes. Her pretty blue eyes looked up anxiously towards the knots around her wrists, and she tugged, looking for a weakness.

“Mmm-MMMFFF!!!” She grunted again, her upper body straining to the limit, full round breasts bouncing as her shapely torso twisted painfully to the left and right.  She pulled her long legs, full hips turning attractively as she hoped for a loose knot. It would not give.

Britney moaned to herself, defeated. It was over. For years, she had worked to tone and shape her body to attract boys and be the prettiest girl on campus. Now she was naked and exposed to whatever humiliation Bruno would inflict on her. It was his turn.

Suddenly, Britney heard it. The heavy footsteps on the cabin floor just outside her door. The hand on the doorknob, the slow creak of the door, and the muscular silhouette of two men.

“She’s in here, all prepped and ready for you.”

Britney’s heart fell as she recognized the Bruno’s deep and sinister voice. Desperately, she looked up, squirming against the ropes, trying to determine who the second man was.  As the light was flicked on, she blinked uncomfortably, then looked up, instantly recognizing him.

“MMM-MMRFF!!” Britney screamed in protest as she saw the figure of Mob Boss Mario Dino standing over her, his eyes scanning her naked form with a triumphant smile.

“You weren’t kidding, Bruno” He smiled, his cold murderous eyes locking onto hers, “She’s quite a treat for the eyes, isn’t she?  I trust your men, have enjoyed themselves?”

Bruno nodded to his boss, then stepped aside as Dino sat down on the bed, one hand slowly moving up Britney’s thigh. She flinched at his rough hand, but that didn’t stop him. “I warned you to stay away from this story, Miss Stevens. I told you what might happen. Meddling girl reporters are good for only one thing, and now you know what that is.”

Britney looked up at him defiantly, but the fight in her eyes disappeared as his hands fondled her full breasts. Her cheeks reddened, knowing she couldn’t stop him. “I don’t take kindly to nosy girls who interfere in my business, and when they do, I have to make an example of them – so it doesn’t happen again. I’m sure you understand.”

Dino stood up, and handed a video camera to Bruno. He slipped off his coat. “Of course, no one’s gonna believe I fucked the cheerleader reporter, so I gotta make a record… for my personal collection. I’m sure you don’t mind, right?” He laughed as he unbuttoned his shirt. His torso was heavy, but powerful. His dark hair greasy, his eyes cold as ice.

“NNNNHH! PLLLSSHH! MMMFF!” Britney screamed. She pleaded, tugging on the ropes, eyes pleading, trying one final time to plead with this brutal killer.  He dropped his pants, and slipped out of his boxers, a full erection already beginning. He nodded to Bruno. He didn’t need Viagra.

“Of course, this is gonna be your final fuck, because my boys are going to take care of you once I’m done. Can’t have you testify about any of this, right?”  Dino was on the bed, his hands fondling Britney’s firm, full breasts, laying with her nipples. He leaned in close, and whispered in Britney’s ear, “After I have my fun, you’re gonna disappear!”

The video camera whirred as Dino groped her between her legs, his fingers penetrating her, pushing in and out for a few minutes. Britney screamed desperately, but couldn’t keep herself from getting wet. Dino pulled himself between her long, shapely legs, put his hands behind her buttocks and pushed himself inside with a grunt.“Oh, Yeah!” he grinned, “That feels good!”

Britney howled into her mouth-covering gag, unable to scream as she felt his mammoth erection penetrate her. He grabbed her blond hair and looked angrily into her eyes, and she saw nothing but corruption and ruthlessness. His hands felt her breasts, his hips thrust upwards harder and faster. She felt each thrust, painful and deliberate in its violence.

“No one…unnnhh…. messes with the Dino family…unnnh….” He was breathing heavily now, enjoying every minute of his assault on the shapely blonde, “…especially not….unnnh… some bubble-breasted, short-skirted …unnnhh… cheerleader!” The grunts were coming faster and harder.

Through it all, Bruno filmed Britney’s ordeal, moving in close to capture her wide-eyed fear, Dino’s grunts, and the immense power of his assault. The bed creaked from his force, Britney’s breasts bounced up and down with each jerk of his massive hips.

“MMMFF…MMMFF…MMFFF!!!”  Britney screamed in her stuffed-mouth gag. His hands were everywhere, touching, groping, fondling every inch of her naked body, and she was powerless to stop him. What’s more – if she could not escape from his lustful clutches, he was going to kill her. She had to escape, but his men had done their work too well. She had been worn down, exhausted, bound and helpless to fight back.

Dino was thrusting faster and harder now. Britney could feel his engorged member filling her cervix, rubbing against her clitoris, and to her horror, she found her body responding, becoming aroused against her will. “Of course…unnnh…. With a body like yours, I could…unnnnh…. sell you to my partners overseas…unnnh… you might last a few months… .maybe…UNNNHH… a year. Ha ha!”

His hot breath was on her skin, his hands in her hair, on her body, breasts, thighs and buttocks. Each touch disgusted her, but her body responded to the increasing tempo. Dino was larger, thrusting in and out. She was getting wet, and he slid inside her deeper and deeper. 

Britney couldn’t help herself. She bit down on the cloth between her teeth – she felt him cumming at the same time as her. “nnnn-NNNNNHHH!!!” even as Dino arched his back, his member stiffening. “Oh, yeah! You fucking bitch cheerleader – you’re gonna get the whole load! Ha ha ha!”

Bruno filmed as the Mobster emptied his load inside her, continuing to thrust even as Britney closed her  eyes and looked away, ashamed of how her body had betrayed her.  Her body bounced with his powerful movements, breasts bouncing, hips unable to pull away.  Dino smiled as he felt the warmth of his cum fill the girl’s warm, tight hole. He nodded to Bruno, who handed him a white cloth.

“Party’s over for you, hot stuff. Thanks for the final ride!” Dino sneered, as he placed the cloth over Britney’s mouth and nose. She was startled, and responded slowly to its strange and sweet-smelling odor. Suddenly, she realized what he was doing! She screamed as she recognized chloroform. The world got blurry, dizzy, she struggled, but found everything going black.

“Nighty-night, Cheerleader.” She heard him laughing as she slipped into unconsciousness.

“Your reporting days are over”

Movie Discussions / Solo
« Last post by vile8r on June 18, 2018, 12:27:00 AM »
I saw the Star Wars Solo movie yesterday. In spite of its weak performance at the box office, I felt it was a pretty good movie. Not, of course, the best Star Wars spin-off movie. Rogue One was better.  But Solo had lots of good fast-paced action, and was kinda like watching Fast & Furious In Space, I thought.
New Authors / Re: Cheerleader Reporter - Prison Break
« Last post by vile8r on June 18, 2018, 12:21:04 AM »
What an epic tale this has become!  Poor little Britney should have never gotten on the wrong side of Bruno and his thugs and now they are making her pay in the most excruciating, humiliating ways, using her hot cheerleader body for their own sick and sadistic pleasures. I love all the hot imagery you create with your descriptions and vivid detail.
New Authors / Re: Cheerleader Reporter - Prison Break
« Last post by Britney Stevens on June 17, 2018, 01:41:58 PM »
Oooh.... it's not looking good for captive Britney! ::)

Her punishment concludes in just two more chapters. Can she escape from the hands of these ruthless thugs?

Will the Mob Boss let her escape alive? ... (stay tuned)

New Authors / Re: Cheerleader Reporter - Prison Break
« Last post by gscmar64 on June 17, 2018, 12:33:19 PM »
Hopefully the new instruction are for him to take Britney to a new location which she never makes!
New Authors / Cheerleader Reporter - Prison Break - Part 13
« Last post by Britney Stevens on June 17, 2018, 12:49:58 AM »

“Please…” Britney thought desperately, “Please make it stop…”

She lay on the bed, exhausted by the abuse she had suffered at the hands of the Alvarado brothers. For over six hours, Carlos and Pablo had gleefully tag-teamed her, one raping her from behind, while the other thrust into her, plunging again and again between her toned thighs.  Occasionally they would stop to rest, fondle her roughly until their erections returned, then push Britney back on the bed, and penetrate her again in a new and more brutal way.

By the time they left, her soft body was red and bruised, sore inside and out – but that was not enough for the heartless thugs. After watching her shower, they forced her to don the sexy white lingerie she had hoped to wear on her date after the trial. The panties were high cut, the bra accentuated her firm, round breasts, and the white stockings flattered her long, toned legs. 

They had bound her arms with a white leather arm-binder. Pablo fondled her breasts and held her in place as Carlos laced up the painful binding, which immobilized her elbows and wrists. It pushed her chest forward towards his exploring hands, but the thick knotted cleave gag muffled her protests. They pushed her on the bed and tied her ankles to her thighs with leather straps, her legs and hips could move, but she was unable to walk or escape.  She was helpless under their rough hands.

That’s when they pulled the battery-operated vibrator from the table and began lubricating it. At first, Britney couldn’t recognize what it was, but when they held her down and spread her legs, she screamed into her gag. She tried to kick and struggle, but Carlos pushed it deep inside her labia, and duct-taped it in place. Britney’s eyes were wide, pleading ‘no’ as he hit the button – and the rhythmic movement of the vibrator began.

Now, nearly an hour later, her body was fully aroused, her nipples erect, her exposed skin covered in perspiration. Her body responded instinctively to the non-stop stimulation of her g-spot. She squirmed and thrust with her shapely hips, but couldn’t dislodge the pulsating device between her legs. She moaned into the thick saliva-soaked cloth in her mouth, biting down as she felt her body mount towards orgasm for the fifth time. Desperately, she tried to hump herself, feeling herself starting to cum again, and avoid the humiliation of being discovered like this by one of the thugs – turned on, wet, wanting nothing more than to be fucked hard, if only to be released from her torment.

“Why had they done this?” She moaned to herself, “What were they up to?”

She didn’t have to wait long to find out, as when the door opened, her worst nightmare stood there, smiling at her with his tall, muscular assurance. It was Victor, Bruno’s right-hand man, whose mammoth 10” member she had tasted in the limousine. Now it was his turn – all of this had been preparation for him.

“Gettin’ all hot and bothered, Miss Stevens?” Victor laughed, removing his shirt. “Good. I told the boys to prepare you. Not many girls can take me to the hilt – without a little preparation. “ With that he laughed, slipped out of his jeans, and Britney’s eyes went wide from his mammoth erection.

“Gnnn-RRRPH?!?” She grunted, squirming against her ropes, trying to pull away. He was huge. Her body was tingling, for some reason his closeness was turning her on, against her will. “NNNNHHH!”

Victor was naked now, one hand stroking his stiffening member, the other running up her stocking-clad thigh.  His eyes danced over the helpless captive.  “Are you ready for the real thing? Hmm?”  With a laugh, he reached between her legs, lowered her panties, and pulled the vibrator free. It was warm, and covered in cum. Every inch of her body seemed alive. Desperately, she wanted… more…!

He grabbed her long blond hair, and pulled her face towards his. “Before I’m done, you’re going to be begging for me to stay.” He pulled himself between Britney spread, bound thighs, positioned himself on her labia, and thrust inside. She was so wet, he went in almost half-way on the first try.

“Nnnnn-Nnnnnh!” Britney protested, as she felt him fill her. She tried to struggle, but he felt… so good! He pulled back a
little, then pushed all the way in, filling her to the hilt. She screamed into her mouth-filling gag, but there was no mercy. He began sliding in and out, her hips rocking with the tremendous size of his erection. Before long, he flipped over onto his back, forcing Britney to sit, thighs spread, on top of him. She slid her body up and down his shaft enthusiastically.

“That’s it, Britney Stevens” Victor said, smiling. His hands roamed over her spread thigh, fondling her breasts, pulling down the delicate white lace brassiere. Her nipples were full, erect. Her body rose and fell on his shaft, exciting him further. “Work it like a porn star. Ha ha ha! We have all afternoon.”


Outside the Room, Bruno paced nervously.

Time was running out, and tonight it was his turn on Britney. He couldn’t wait. He had heard the results of his companion’s punishment of the unfortunate cheerleader, and licked his lips in anticipation. He heard her muffled cries, her tortured grunts and groans from behind the bedroom door. Soon it would be his turn – and he was going to take his time…!

The Driver’s cell phone rang. He took the call. After listening for a moment, he hung up, and asked to speak with Bruno in person. “That was Mr. Dino. He has given us new instructions.”

Introduce Yourself Here / New discoveries
« Last post by VoidMoon on June 16, 2018, 01:33:35 PM »
Hi everyone,

I've been writing NC stories for a few years on various sites. Just decided to check this one out.

Forced Sex Stories / Re: Torturing Tayla
« Last post by archon on June 16, 2018, 01:25:29 PM »
Every time Tayla woke, it was to a world of pain and suffering, this time, was no exception.  She found herself tied to a table.  Her arms were tied together and tied off under the table.  Her ankles, however, were spread as wide as she could go without tearing her legs off.  She could feel a  hard rubber ball between her teeth and a cushion was under her hips lifting her ass.  She could feel cool air being blown on her pussy.  She was already cold and the air was just enough to make her feel too cool.  She looked around the room she was in.  A small table stood a few feet away with two chairs sitting on opposite sides, facing each other.  There was a place setting in front of each of the chairs; two plates, two sets of cutlery, two wineglasses, and an unlit candle.  As she lay there, wondering what her captors had planned next, she heard footsteps coming up the wooden stairs.  Amy and Matt didn’t even look at their ginger slave as they entered the small room she was in.  Matt was wearing a suit and tie, clean shaven and looking like the man she’d fallen for years ago.  Amy was stunning, even their gagged, humiliated and suffering slave had to admit, that she was stunning.  A red dress that ended at her knees, her dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, and elegant red heels.  She was carrying a large bowl and Matt was carrying a bottle of wine.  They sat at the small table.  Matt pulled the seat out for Amy before circling to sit across from her.  As Amy took the top off the bowl, the small of food hit Tayla hard.  She’d only had one thing to eat in the last forty-eight or so hours and that was a rather large turd from Amy and Matt’s twisted house party where Tayla was fucked and abused for their guests entertainment, and amusement.  Tayla watched as Amy heaped a generous helping of steaming spaghetti onto her plate before handing it to her boyfriend who was pouring the wine.  He lit the candle and they smiled as they ate.  They chatted about rather mundane things, briefly before the conversation to a romantic one, as if his ex-girlfriend wasn’t bound and gagged less than 5 feet away.  When they were finally done dinner, they shared a passionate kiss.  Amy walked over to where Tayla lay.
   “What the fuck are you looking at cunt?” she asked with a sound smack across Tayla’s face.  Her red hand print against Tayla’s pale complexion made her smile, “My boyfriend and I were trying a to have a romantic anniversary dinner, and you got hot spying on us.” Another slap stung Tayla’s face.
   “You hungry babe?” Matt asked standing on the other side of Tayla.  She nodded.  Matt smiled.  He retrieved the candle from the table and turned it on its side, hot was dripped onto Tayla’s stomach.  The pain made her scream in agony.  When a small puddle of candle wax was beginning to develop, he used the candle to reheat the wax, then to Tayla’s horror, planted the candle on her stomach using the hot, melted wax to hold it in place.  The wax continued to melt and roll down the sides of the candle to burn Tayla.  She struggled and writhed but that only made more wax burn her.  So focused on the candle, Tayla hadn’t noticed that Matt and Amy had begun to strip naked.  Suddenly, Matt was at her crotch, his cock standing at attention.  Tayla begged and pleaded into her gag.  Amy, meanwhile, had begun to unbuckle Tayla’s gag behind her head.  She leaned over and captured Tayla’s mouth with her own.  Tayla moaned into Amy’s mouth.  After a moment, Amy broke the kiss.  She climbed onto the table and began to lower herself over her redhead slave’s face.  She smiled as she felt Tayla’s ringed nose settle into her crack.  As she did so, Matt shoved hard and into her pussy, making Tayla grunt.  Amy smiled and let go of an unlady like fart into Tayla’s nose.  Tayla gagged and choked as the stench of the fart filled her nose, she could even taste it in her mouth.  Amy lifted off her nose and settled on her mouth.  All the while Matt was jackhammering into her pussy.
   “Now little cunt.  I’m gonna’ feed you.  You better eat it all because you’re not getting anything else.  So open wide and eat up,” she said.  A moment later, she strained and a turd slid out into Tayla’s mouth.  She lifted off Tayla’s face.  She slapped Tayla’s ringed breasts relentlessly as she choked and gagged on Amy’s shit.  Finally Tayla swallowed Amy’s shit.  Amy wiped her ass on Tayla’s chin and forehead.  She sat down again, her ass crack enveloping Tayla’s nose.
   “Here, let’s do something about that awful taste in your pretty mouth shall we?” Amy mocked.  Tayla was almost grateful for the urine stream as it washed some of the shit residue in her mouth.  Matt, as he watched his girlfriend feed his ex-girlfriend her waste, was getting so aroused.  He loved the way that Tayla’s pussy was still tight and her pussy walls still gripped his cock.  As Amy’s piss sprayed into Tayla’s mouth, he himself spurted his seed deep into her.  Tayla felt deep humiliation.  Amy climbed off as Matt approached her head.  He hopped up on the table and without warning, pretense, stuck his cock into her mouth.  She choked and gagged  again as his cock pushed deeper into her throat.
   “Clean it cunt,” he taunted her obscenely.  She licked and sucked as he pounded her mouth.  he pulled out till only his crown was still in her mouth.  He then let a stream of urine into her mouth,  She was able to swallow it.  Matt looked over at his current girlfriend.  Amy was furiously masturbating.
   “I wanna’ cum in her mouth,” she said.  She was already close to an orgasm.  She climbed up onto the table and got her pussy lips over Tayla’s face.
   “Use your tongue cunt,” Amy said Tayla, who by now was almost a professional used her tongue to bring Amy to an amazing orgasm.  As she was coming off one of the best orgasms ever, her scream changed pitch and she leapt off Tayla grabbing her crotch and collapsing to her knees in obvious pain.
   “Baby, are you okay?” Matt asked darting forward.
   “What do you think?  She fucking bit me!” She snapped at Matt.  Tayla, for her part was a little proud of herself.  She was tired of these two sticking their private parts in her face and into her mouth.  Amy gathered her clothes and got dressed.
   “Stay here with that,” she said indicating at Tayla “I’ll be right back.” She stormed out.  She was gone maybe ten minutes.  She had a few things.  First, she had fishing wire, which she tied around the ring in Tayla’s clit.  Then standing on the table between Tayla’s splayed legs, tied the end off to a rafter, making sure the line was taut.  Then she jumped down and slowly showed Tayla and Matt the second thing she had.  It was a scalpel.
   “NO!” Tayla screamed.
   “Shut up you cow!” Amy yelled as she pulled back on the fishing line.  The tension on the line put more pressure on the ring, which in turn pulled painfully on her clit.  Matt, meanwhile took the opportunity to shove the ballgag in and buckle it in behind her head.  Amy smiled showing Tayla she grabbed the end of the wire next to Tayla’s nub.  She slowly began cutting through Tayla’s clit, the ballgag doing virtually nothing to silence her screams.  Finished she let go.  Tayla could scarcely believe that she’d just been castrated.  The fishing line swayed with a ringed clitoris dangling on the end.  She passed out before Amy even fired up the blowtorch to cauterize the cut. 
Forced Sex Stories / Tutorial
« Last post by gscmar64 on June 16, 2018, 01:08:23 PM »
What follows below is pure fantasy, the author doesn't condone any type of violence in real life against women. Many different laws were broken in this story,if you cannot comprehend what ones then please look at the laws of your land to make sure you are not breaking them!

I watch her come up the walkway from the second floor window in her bedroom.She has no idea that I’m anywhere near the stuck up little cheerleader. Oh to good to talk to a guy like me. Trust me your going to have an intimate talk with a part of me before I leave.

I hear the Masterlock deadbolt  ratchet back, a tell tale light reflecting up the stairs as the door open. “Mom i’m home!” Getting no answer I can picture her taking off her blue varsity bomber jacket, hanging it up. Then I hear her footsteps on the stairs coming up. Quickly entering the closet. Closing the door so my little hello to her will have the full effect, I wait in almost total darkness.

In she comes “Maureen don’t play your music too soft! Sure thing mom!” The stereo comes on, the bass beat rattling the closet door and the windows. The music muffles the sound of her moving, but a sudden stream of light answers my question of where she’s got to and what she doing.

Thanks to the welding goggle I’m wearing my eyes adjust very fast. Too bad she had no idea that I was here, as she moves a few hangered pieces of clothing I grab her by the arm quickly twisting it up behind her back “Well hello to you Maureen! Are you willing to talk now?” A piece of steel flashing in the light touches her left breast “Well?”

“Please my mom is downstairs!, One scream and she’ll have the police here faster than you can count toes and fingers!” A little bravado in her voice as she thinks she scaring me.

The tip of the knife pokes through the cotton nylon mix of her t-shirt “Nice try Maureen but I scouted the entire place before you got here!". Suddenly she trembling under my touch and the tip of the knife as I use it to tear her shirt.

As I force her out of the closet, back into her room “Now your going to be a good little girl aren’t you Maureen?” Going to stop her, a little movement of her right catches my peripheral vision, her foot coming back towards my leg like a mule kick . Side stepping it she miss and goes off balance. The knife rips more of her t-shirt as she struggles to get away. Reaching out, getting a hold on the collar, just as Maureen recovers her balance, swinging an elbow back towards me, giving her a chance to shake my hold on her arm.

As she bolts for the open door her t-shirt tears open but she doesn’t stop racing for the stairs, about a third of the way down before I recover my balance. Moving fast, not wasting time going down the stairs, I jump over the railing, landing just behind her, catching the heel of her right foot, sending her crashing to the floor and the first two steps . Stunned she tries to fight as I grab her pants pulling her back towards me.

Turning onto her back, kicking out with her good left leg while trying to undo her pants. Getting them open, kicking once more, me pulling hard, she escapes leaving me her pants in my hands. Clad only in a bar and thong she bypasses the front door going deeper into the hallway. I drop the pant and I’m after her quick. She tries to make the kitchen, going through the door to the island with the knife block on it, taking one about to come back out as I kick the door flying open, catching her on the left side, spinning her around then to the floor.

I’m on her in an instant after stepping on her hand holding the knife, making her drop it. “Oh Maureen that just earned you a punishment!” Grabbing the front of her thong yanking it up hard wedging the thin back into the crack of her ass , once more the knife flashes in the light, slicing the fabric like it was a laser going through a pat of butter.

“Now Maureen are you finally going to behave or should I just thrust this into you here on the floor?” Holding the blade directly over her heart, her eyes wide in fear.

“I’l-l-l-l-l behav-e--e-e!”

“Prove it, take your bra off and give me it!”

Trembling hands reach under her, doing what i imagine is unhooking the bra. As I see the side pieces loosen , holding out my hand only to have the piece of white silk thrown at me, her right foot shooting out jamming into the front of my leg just above the knee, buckling my leg under me.

She’s up like a light skirting me, trying for the door and the hallway leading to possible freedom. Her hand comes into contact with the door as I reach out slashing the back of her left leg just above the ankle “Oh godddddddddddddddddddddd!” crashing to the floor her cut leg bleeding. Getting up on her hands and knees, crawling away, leaving a trail of dark red blood behind her.

Getting back up trying to put my weight on my injured leg, almost going back to the floor before transferring most of weight to my other foot. Knowing I handicapped her severely, I get rid of my pants and begin to stalk my prey. Following the smear of blood into the hallway towards the front door, seeing Morgan trying to pull herself up by the door knob. “Going somewhere Maureen?” She turns seeing my limp towards her, slowly sinking back to the floor.

“Why are you doing this?” tears streaming down her face “What have I ever done to you?” Finally making my way to stand in front of her, her head level with the top of my thighs

“You don’t know do you Miss Maureen Denane, Senior Varsity Cheerleader who refuse to come to a tutorial with me because it interfered with a stupid game!” Moving closer pulling her up to her knees “Well now you can learn about Human biology the hard way!” Grabbing her by the hair, pulling her tight against my crotch, pressing my hard cock into her lips “Suck it Maureen!”

Twisting her head trying to break my hold, giving up when with my other hand I slap her across the face just hard enough to stun her into obedience. Pressing my cock back against her lips they part enough that I enter her warm mouth “Bite me and the next thing you’ll feel is the blade ripping it way across those find tits of your..!" That did it , she knows she can’t fight me anymore, accepting her fate, sucking on my cock  halfheartedly.

For a few minutes I let her suck me, when I begin to feel my balls churn I pull out. “Crawl into the living room Maureen.” She does as she told “Go rest you chest on the couch!” Again she does as told, lying across the seat as I move behind her. Kicking her legs open than settling into them, aligning my cock to her dry slit.

Shoving in hard and deep, Maureen lifts her head crying out in pain as my cock tears into her dry pussy passage. I don’t care if I’m hurting her in my mind this is what she deserved for her treatment of me!.  As her head returns to the  fabric I hear her cry in pain weakly say “I’m sorry!”

I’m not moved, continuing to a rapid short thrusting of her pussy then changing to slow long deep strokes. Minutes pass then I return to the short rapid thrust making her jerk across the fabric of the couch, burning her cheeks, upper chest and breasts. Seeing that makes me even more please! Then it happens, I cum into her pussy firing long ropes of cum deep into her.

When I pulled out, Maureen slowly slides off the couch to the floor lying there in a dazed, cum slowly leaking to the floor from her abused pussy!

“So will you be attending your next tutoring session or should I just come looking for you again?” Leaving her there curling up into a fetal position. Going to collect my clothes, putting then on and leaving but not before returning to Maureen. Grabbing her by the hair  pulling her up , kissing her then dropping her back down “No don’t worry I’ll see myself out!”

                                                                         That's All!
New Authors / Re: Cheerleader Reporter - Prison Break
« Last post by gscmar64 on June 16, 2018, 07:23:22 AM »
You always manage to top your previous chapters, making me want to read on every new posting!
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