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Role Play Ideas / Re: Policewomen/Women in Uniform having tables turned on them
« Last post by cuntslammer1 on September 15, 2019, 05:06:08 PM »
nice def a fun girl hope you roleplayed it with her
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
« Last post by gscmar64 on September 13, 2019, 05:45:14 PM »
61                                                                                                              Why I Want To Quit Smoking

After it happened, I knew I had to quit any which way I can! That why I here about to tell my doctor what I wanted, when she came in!. As I was thinking of how to do it, the door open and she waltzed like a summer day. “So Denise what brings you in to see me today?”

“Well Doctor Camél, I want to quit smoking?”

"Oh Denise I’m so happy to hear that!” beaming a big smile at me as she took a seat across from me “Care to share what made you decide that!”

I knew this was going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever admitted to anyone “Because I was raped trying to take care of my nicotine craving last Sunday night!” The smile disappeared from her face as I began my tale

“It was around eleven PM when I ran out of cigarettes.!” Swallowing then continuing,”I wasn’t worried I knew that the gas station four streets over was open until two Am so I started out!” Inside I feel like I needed to move a bit as I remember everything clearly in my mind! “ I went out only to find the elevator in the building was out of order, so I started the walk down the stairs from the fourteenth floor to the lobby!”

“Around the seventh floor, I started to hear footsteps behind me! I knew that I was going to have to take it slower so I stopped at the landing and waited for the person to pass me before continuing down. Looking up I saw the guy coming closer to me, kind of surprised that he was wearing a ski hat that had cutouts for each eye and a mouth. I didn’t both looking out before taking off so I didn’t know if it was cold enough to need such a hat.”

“All I had on was a pair of sweatpants and a bomber jacket over my night blouse, underneath them only my birthday suit! Well the guy passes me and he stops at the sixth floor land as I started down. I was only four steps from the landing when I’m tackled down to the step and I heard “Fight and I’ll leave you here as a bloodless lump!” I feel something cold against my throat so I don’t fight, hoping that he was just trying to pull a real bad practical joke on me!?

Doctor Camél gasps as I stop to take a long breath before continuing with my tale. “That’s a good little bitch! Now open your jacket! He lifts his body up high enough so I could do what he wanted. I feel the blade leave my throat then, I hear a tearing sound as cold air descends onto my revealed flesh from the slice fabric of my blouse. “Nice tits bitch looks like a little raisin on a sea of cream!” he gets off me then and i hope this was all he was going to do.

"Now drop the pants bitch!”

I’m starting to shake, so Doctor Camél comes out from behind her desk, taking the chair across from me and takes me into a should hug “Oh Denise! I’m so sorry you don’t have to say anything else!”

“No Doctor Camél I want to tell you everything!” I don’t know why but it seemed I talked the more determined I became in my decision.

“So as I lifted my ass up I slid my sweatpants down my legs and lowered my ass back onto the cold concrete of the stairs. No sooner was I back down that he cried out “Spread em bitch!” I do and then the air in the stairwell gets a stench of unwashed flesh. He lays back down on me and with no warning he rams his cock into me! I bit down on my lower lip to prevent my screaming out in pain as he forced his turgid cock in and out of me! He must have been especially horny since it only took ten thrusts in me to make him cum in me!

“All that led me to come see you Doctor Camél, after he cummed in my he offered me a cigarette, saying it would get me ready for when he came back and found me after going for a piss outside!”

Doctor Camél was more worried about me being raped than my request for anti- smoking treatments! “Oh god tell me he had protection on, Denise!” Followed quickly by “Should I send you for a pregnancy test?”

“No Doctor Camél, I’m on the pill so no worries about that!”  Moving away from her “So what are my options to help me quit!”

                                                                                                                   The End
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Latasha anf Bri
« Last post by Hardshutter on September 12, 2019, 02:07:32 PM »
Thanks! Will put in the disclaimers and try to breakup those paragraphs! Also firgure out how to change the background
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Latasha anf Bri
« Last post by gscmar64 on September 12, 2019, 01:38:48 PM »
Overall a great beginning and i'm looking forward to reading more. Only two points of criticism. one to help prevent you being blasted by some the other a suggestion on structuring

When doing a story containing minors characters you should post a warning so those offended by such content will be aware of it!

The size of your paragraphs resemble the dreaded "WALL OF WORDS!"- an instant turn off for some readers. Try to logically break a large paragraph down, so it's gives the reader a break when reading. The grey background makes it harder to follow when your eyes are tired!

Outside of the above there is nothing wrong with the story!
Forced Sex Stories / The Dentist Will See You Now!
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                                                                                                              Part One

Consensual Sex, mostly set up for future events!

Miss Tomlinson was just wheeled out of the inner office,on a gurney, then out of the main office door on her way to the hospital then the police station. Scene all around me was one of chaos, police, Crime scene technicians, the medical examiner and some patients were waiting for the lead detective to question them. I was still trying to come to terms with what has happened to Miss Timlinson and Doctor Cartier, how that bitch Hawkins was just standing there covered in blood, whimpering like a little baby.

“So Miss Evemorey can you tell me a bit of what happened here as you know it!”

“This was something I’ve been expecting since I first started working here in April of this year!”

“Why do you say that” the detective looking up trying to read the expression on my face'

“Well Dr. Cartier was the flirty type with loose hands if you know what I mean!” The expression on the face of the detective urged her on “And Nurse Hawkins seemed to be his prefered person to grope if there were no one else handy!”

“Did he…?”

“Grope me, No I was more than willing to do what he wanted at first, then…!”

She trailed off as Nurse Hawkins is led out by two officers, in restraints. Upon seeing me “You! You caused this you little bitch!” Struggling in the officers hands “if it’s the last thing I ever do I’ll see you pay for what you did to Graeme!” the officers has her suspended between then as the take her sideways through the front office door. Even with the door closed we could make out “Just you wait and see Evelyn!”

“What tells me you should take a seat and start from the very beginning of you first coming to this office!” The detective pulls out a chair and motions me to sit, I do as my mind returns back to the day I first meet the crazy pair and all that has led up to today!

April 13 2019

“I was kind of in shock when I received the call on the 12th  asking if I could show up for an interview the next day at  nine. I was ecstatic that meant that I could drive into Caterham instead of taking the bus. I spent the rest of the day picking out what I considered an appropriate outfit to wear. At 11 sharp I set out from my home at 4 Dunedin Rd and drove the six minutes to 22 Croydon Rd and the offices of Doctor Graeme Cartier.”

“I got there early and I do a bit of shopping at the Salvation Army up the road, getting a few paperbacks and a beautiful sweater that when perfect with my outfit. 8:50 I enter the outer office of Doctor Cartier, it’s empty except for a blonde in a navy blue dental outfit with Caterham Dentistry over her left breast. I go to introduce myself when she holds up a hand and tells me that “The dentists will see you now!” ushering me into the inner office. There he sat behind an oak desk, a white coat covering a grey shirt with a pinkish red tie. As he looked up his brown green eyes caught mine and I knew right there and then  that I was going to nail this interview, if it was the last thing I did!”

That’s when the detective broke my monologue “And I take it since you’re here now that you did just that!” I just look at him and he tried to move the time frame forwards “So you said that you didn’t refuse him touching you?”

“Yes the first time was 10 days after he hired me. We were here in the office, everyone else was gone, I was getting ready the morning appointment sheet when he came up behind me. “Well Evelyn I have to say I’ve been keeping an eye on you and your performance and I must say I find you indispensable to my practice!” He lifted my hair off my neck and he kissed me on the side of my neck. I was thrilled that he felt I was so valuable to his office that I didn’t realize he was caressing the side of my left breast through my blouse and bra. “Whispering into my ear, “So valuable and so desirable at the same time!”, he turned my head with his words and soon we were kissing and his right hand was groping my left breast under my blouse and bra. That was when the call came from a Miss Rachel Tomlinson that she has a dental problem that she needed taken care of fast.  I still remember the conversation like it was yesterday “Is there anyway I could see the Dentist on Monday?"

“Oh miss you’re in luck there been a cancellation at nine thirty tomorrow morning!”she told me that she would take it and thanked me then hung up. Doctor Cartier was so pleased with my phone manner that he offered me a drive home so I wouldn’t have to wait for the bus if I missed it. I accepted and as we left the office I felt a hand on my butt as I thought he was escorting me to his car, I thought we were going home, instead I found he brought us to The Kerala. He wined and dined me before driving me home.”

I pause and the detective just looks at me as if he already knew what was going to come out of my mouth, “It was a bit late, no lights were on in my parent’s section of the house so I invited Graeme in. We went right to my bedroom where we were smiling ear to ear as we strip the other. He licked my modest breasts like that were the greatest thing he ever seen.Laying me back into the middle of the bed , he them lavished my sex with oral ministrations that I’ve never experienced before. He brought me to a climax before he came and presented his modest cock to my lips. The more I licked and rubbed his shaft with my hand like I seen in porn video I watched when know one was around.”

I looked down for a second and I just happened to notice that the detective’s pants were tented a bit, so I continue. “Oh god Evelyn that is so amazing-g-g-g-g-g!”, Which surprised me since I could count on two fingers the amount of times I’ve done this before!” At that even the detective sighed low and slow! “He pulled out before came in my mouth and got up off the bed, getting his pants and rummaging around his change to find a wrapped condom.

“Tearing it open he rolled it down his hard on while I laid there running my tongue over my lips. It’s been a while since I had a male here in my room, the last time I was fourteen and Roger was so inexperienced that he came the minute his cock touched my outer labia! Essentially this was going to be my first time with a male so I was overjoyed that he rubbered up without me asking him to!”

Once more I pause as I remember the events that came next, not sure if I wanted to reveal them to the detective or even if I had to. I remember clearly how Graeme entered me, so slow that I thought a snail was creeping into my slick passage. I could feel the tip of his condom covered cock strike my maiden head, his eyes meet mine and neither of us spoke, I just nodded my head and he pulled back then quickly surged forwards taking my maiden head as gently as he could.  As I filled out with the rubber encased cock in me, I was praying that my parents didn’t come to check in on me as Graeme got down to fucking me for the first time. Over and over he moved in and out of me until he looked up with an expression of joy on his face and issued a low “God Yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss!” He then collapsed onto me, our lips locked in a kiss as we both tried to get our breathing under control!

Oh god! I could feel the heat in my cheeks and was wondering if I was a red as I thought I was! If I was the detective didn’t say, instead he decided to go forward to the next event that led up to today!

“So Miss Evemorey what soured your relations with Doctor Cartier and Nurse Hawkins!

                                                                                                                To Be Continued
Forced Sex Stories / Latasha anf Bri
« Last post by Hardshutter on September 12, 2019, 12:41:06 PM »
*Underaged involved dont read if its not for you*
Ok so my story telling is a bit different from?what i've read so far.  This is my first time writing the fantasies that get me off so bare with me.  Some of this comes from my own experience experimenting with my siblings when i was younger. Prob why its a thing for me right now.  So i hope you enjoy, feel free to leave feedback or give advice on what to add.  *The story is Not complete*

The first time Tasha ever saw porn was when she was 12.  Her mother worked overnight so she was always left in the small 2 bedroom apartment with her younger sister.  Her sister Briann was 3 years younger than her.  Tasha would always go digging through the closets in the apartment out of curiosity.  She would find old photos, old toys, and sometimes presents for Christmas or birthdays.  It was no where close to either so boredom set in.  The only place Tasha never looked was her mother’s closet.  Tasha checked to see if Bri was still watching TV before she went into her mothers room and shut the door.  She went Straight for the largest closet first.  All the good stuff was always hidden all the way in the back.  She carefully moved things to side so she could remember where to put them back when she was done.  Old Shoes, Old Shoes, Old clothes, nothing interesting. Then she saw a small chest shoved all the way in the back of the closet.  She Pulled it out as quietly as she could and opened it.  Inside were weird underwear and long thick rubber sticks.  The tips of the sticks looked different from any toy she’d ever seen.  All the way at the bottom were DVDs with naked girls on them.  She took one out and walked over to her mothers DVD Player.  She made sure to turn the volume down low before she started the video.  She went to the menu and chose the third chapter on the DVD.  The screen came alive and what she saw would change her life forever.  There were two girls and the one girl was licking the other girls Vagina.  She was shocked, but didn’t look away.  She started to feel a tingle in her own vagina.  She squeezed her thighs together to try and get rid of the sensation.  It felt weird but good at the same time.  The girl on the video then put her tongue on the girls boobs.  Tasha felt her nipple under her shirt get hard.  She didn’t know what to do so she pinched it with her fingers.  To her surprise it felt really good.  She continued to watch the two girls on screen licking and sucking on each other.  As she continued to watch her vagina started tingling even more. This time she put her hands down her pants and rubbed her vagina. It felt good! She kept rubbing it until she felt this hard bump down there she rubbed it to hard and it hurt a little.  She looked at the girl sucking on the other girls bump and knew it was what she was feeling in her pants.  She softly rubbed it with her fingertips.  She let out a small moan, it just felt so good.  She kept rubbing it up and down then in circles.  Moving her fingers around her little clit, figuring out what felt good.  She stopped to continue watching the video as the one girl then stuck her fingers inside the other girls vagina.  The girl on the screen starting moaning loudly.  Tasha wanted to know why she was moaning so loud so she put one finger inside her vagina.  It was wet and warm. Her finger felt foreign but good.  She noticed her underwear were wet.  She pulled her finger out and looked at the liquid on it. It was wasn’t pee so it must be ok.  She watched the video and played with herself for a couple more minutes before she turned it off and put everything back.  Tasha laid awake all that night thinking about the two girls in the video.
For the next two weeks Tasha would wait for her mom to leave and for her little sister to be distracted and go watch more of the DVDs. 
After the two weeks she knew what a Clit, Dick, Pussy, dildo and asshole were.  One night while she was watching the two girls again she was rubbing away but it wasn’t enough.  She wanted to know what it felt like to have someone lick and suck on her pussy.  No one around but Bri…
”Hey Bri” 
“Come here real quick”  Bri came into the bedroom and looked at her big sis sitting on her mom's bed with the closet door open and tv on. 
“Oooo What you doin in here, mom said we not allowed in here”
“Shhh it’s a secret, if you promise not to tell ill show you something cool” Bri was young and always wanting to be in with her big sis.  Bri sat down on the bed next to tasha
 “what is it?” “Just Watch” Tasha hit play and the two girls came on the screen.  Bri watched and started to feel the same tingle Tasha did.  “What is this”
“Something good, do you feel that tickle down there”
 “yes, why it feel like that”
 “I don’t know I just know it feels good when you do this”  Tasha undid Bri's pants and put her hand in her panties.   She felt around her little pussy and found the bump, which she now knew was the clit.  She rubbed  Bri’s small clit.  Bri started breathing heavy as the sensation washed over her body.
“Does that feel good?”
 “Yeah”  Bri kept watching the video as her big sis masturbated her little clit.  Tasha then put her hands down her own pants and did the same.  Both the girls were sitting on their mom’s bed moaning.  Tasha stopped and looked at Bri. Bri had the face of, why did you stop?
 “I wonder what it feels like to lick it? Like how those two girls are doin it.”  Tasha knew bri wouldn’t do it to her unless she did it to her first.  “wanna try it and see what it feels like? Ill do you first.”  Bri looked cautious
 “I don’t know, are we supposed to do that?”  “yeah I’m sure its fine as long as we don’t tell mommy” 
“..ok”  Tasha jumped off the bed, her heart and clit pounding at the thought of having someone suck on her.  “ok take your jeans and panties off”  Bri got off the bed and took them off.  “ Wait Maybe we should wash down there first, lets go wash our vaginas off”  they both headed down the hall to the bathroom grabbed there washcloths and washed up.  “Ok now lay on the bed and open your legs, im gonna lick it”  Bri slid on the bed and laid down on her back.  With her knees propped up she opened her legs.  Tasha put her head between bris little legs, spread her little pussy lips and licked. 
Bri Giggled “that tickles”
 “want me to do it again”
“Yeah”  Tasha licked her little clit again, this time with more pressure.  Bri Gasped and let out a moan. “that feels good”  Tasha continued to Lick her younger sister’s pussy, then she sucked on her little clit flicking her tongue on it like the girls did in the video.  Bri was shivering all over.
 “keep going Tash it feels really really good.”  Tasha could feel her little sister’s pussy getting wet like her own. Tasha Started rubbing her own clit as she was sucking on her sisters.
  “ ok, now you do me”
 “Ok” Bri looked sad that Tasha had stopped, but it was her sisters turn.  The video was still playing on the TV the one girl was practically screaming while the other was finger fucking her and sucking on her pussy.  Tasha took her Panties off and laid on the bed just like her sister did.  “ok so what your going to do is look for that little bump like that girl in the video has,  then you lick it like I did yours”
  “ok”  Bri put her head between her sisters legs and pushed back her pussy lips like. She found the little bump and licked it.
  “Oh that feels good keep going”  Bri could taste her sister on her tongue. she didn’t like the taste, but she didn’t want to disappoint her sister so she kept licking.
  “Yeah like that Bri, now suck on it like a popsicle”  Bri Started sucking and could feel her sister getting harder in her mouth.
  “now flick your tongue on it, yea like that” Tasha started automatically bucking her hips, she didn’t even know she was now riding her sister’s tongue.  After a few minutes bri stopped licking and sucking her sister’s clit.  “Yeah maybe we should stop for tonight and put everything back. Wanna watch some more tomorrow and play with each other again”
  Bri felt the tingle again and felt somewhat ashamed, but didn’t know why.  She felt something was wrong even though it felt good. She also wanted her sister to want her around.  Bri was always trying to hangout with her big sis but Tasha normally would push her away saying she was annoying.
  “Yeah lets do it again tomorrow”
“Cool It will be our little secret” [/font]

The next couple of days they would watch the videos and eat each other out.  After a while they didn’t even watch the videos they just waited until Mom was at work then started doing it on the couch.  The sessions became even longer, Tasha even came for the first time.  She finally knew why the girl in the video was screaming.  She almost screamed herself, she scared Bri.
“No that just felt really really good, I think I came”
 Bri had idea what that meant seeing as she was only nine.
 “Ohhhhh Ok, Wanna keep going?”
  “No I think im good” 
Tasha was obsessed with the feeling she got from her little sister sucking on her clit.  She wanted more.
  “Bri put one finger in my hole” 
“you want me to put it in there”
“Yeah, lick it and put one finger in”
 “like this?”
“Deeper” Bri pushed her little finger in until it was to the knuckle.  Her finger was to little for Tasha to feel much.
 “Put two fingers in” Bri slid in a second finger.  Tasha’s pussy was so wet it slid right in.
 “Now Move it back and forth like in the video” Bri started moving her fingers in and out of her sister’s wet pussy.
  “Do it faster, and lick my pussy faster”
 By now the girls had started using words like pussy and clit when they played together it became a normal in their vocabulary.   Bri started moving her fingers faster in and out of her sister’s pussy while flicking her tongue all around her clit.
  “yeah yeah like that, fuck me Bri! Fuck my Pussy”  Bri liked making her sister make noises like that, it meant she was happy and she was the one making her happy.  Tasha came with shudder on Bri’s two little fingers. 
“Fuck that felt good” 
“ I did good?”
“Yeah you did very good,  wanna go get some ice cream from the corner store?”
“Heck Yeah”  Tasha had slowly stopped eating Bri’s pussy but instead started buying her snacks and stuff from the corner store, like payment.  Tasha started to become more aggresive when it came to getting pleasured.
She wanted it when she wanted it wether Bri was up for it or not.
 “Bri….Bri wake up”
“Whaaat!?”  Bri was irritated and tired it was 2 in the morning.
 “Wake up my pussy is pounding, I need you to lick it” 
“Noooo, I don’t wanna. I Just wanna go back to sleep, Im Sleepy Tasha”
 “If you lick it I’ll buy you whatever you want from the corner store tomorrow”
“Whatever I want!?”
“Yea I promise,  look you don’t even have to get up just lay on your back and stick your tongue out” 
“mmmmmm Ok”
  Tasha had on just a Tshirt and undies. She took her undies off as Bri laid on her back on her bed.  Tasha Went to the door to make sure their mom was still sleep.  She could hear the TV In her room which was way to loud.  She closed the door and walked over to Bri’s Bed.  She climbed over Bri’s head and lined her pussy with her sisters mouth. “Ok now stick your tongue out” Bri opened her mouth and stuck her little tongue out for her sister to sit her pussy on.  Tasha Pulled her lips back to expose her clit, lined it with bri’s tongue and rocked her clit up and down her sisters tongue.  Her Soft tongue cupping her clit as she moved it back and forth.  Her mouth was so warm and wet against her hard clit.  She couldn’t help but sit a little more on her sisters face she wanted more.
 “Mmmm Mmmm Yes keep your tongue out just like that” 
Bri couldn’t see anything she could only taste her sister on her tongue.  She still didn’t like the taste but she was always willing to please, plus her sister bought her stuff.  Tasha dropped to her hands still moving her hips back and forth on her sisters face.
 “ Now suck on it”
Bri started sucking on her clit flicking her tongue as she pulled it into her mouth. That made her sister lose it.  Tasha Tensed up and bit her lip as she came in Bris mouth.
  “ You done?”  “Yeah you just gotta do one more thing, clean me up” 
“Do What!?”
 “Lick up all the juice that came out”
 “Ew No!”
“Then im not buying you shit tomorrow!”
“OK”  Bri started licking at Tasha’s Opening. She could taste the tangy juice that came out that she didn’t like.
 “lick it all up, I don’t wanna get my panties dirty”
 Bri felt a little sick…it was like eating snot to her.  She licked it clean like she said.  Tasha Got off her face put her panties back on and went back to her bed.
 “ Thanks Bri I feel better now, Good Night”
Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Walk Home Initiative
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I love the ending!!!!!!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Walk Home Initiative
« Last post by gscmar64 on September 11, 2019, 05:45:53 PM »
And now the ending!

                                                                                                                  Part Eleven: Deceived

As soon as the van pulls out, I walk over to the so called dean’s car, in reality an old car that we keep to transport girls to various functions. Pity that we would have to replace the back windows but to get back into Evie’s panties it was a small sacrifice I was willing to make. Looking in “Well Dean Wolfe you end of our little drama went just like we scripted it!”

“So I’m free of the initiative now!”

“Oh hell no! I grinned at him, “This doesn’t even begin to cover what we want from you and the board of directors!”  Checking the broken windows
“Well at least it only new glass needed and not a new motor!” Turning to go “We’ll be in touch Dean Wolfe!” Stopping and turning back to him “Oh and I’ll make sure to fuck Evie in your honour!”


I’m in the back of the van surrounded by the same guys that I saw myself being fucked by the other night at that party. Looking around I can see the lecherous looks in their eyes, one hand inside their pants, probably jerking off their cocks. One speaks up “Can’t we at least take her top off”

“You want to risk Graeme’s wrath then go right ahead but I for one want to ball her not be ball less!” The guy continues “Think about it, how much is it going to replace that window in the New Yorker, yet Graeme told us to break them so he could get back into her panties instead of waiting one more day!”  The van stops for a bit, probably at a stop light or a traffic jam. “If Graeme had Dean Wolfe entrap her so he could make it seem that she broke his decree, what do you think he would do to anyone who defied his words?”

I don’t know what has me shaking more the way they are all leering at me or learning how far Graham went to set me up, just so he could rape me again! The van starts moving again and from the small window in the rear door, I can see the change in scenery from buildings to rows of trees, then everything goes black.


In my mind phantom voices tell me how I want everything to happen to me. I envision my mother telling me to go with it honey- get all the fucking you can stand! Rachel telling me that the more I give in, the more I truly want it. Professor Carham actually trading money just to get to fuck me, Dean Wolfe telling me that when allowed he was personally going to tell the board of directors how I trapped in into sex. But the worst thing I mentally envisioned myself standing there covered head to toe in cum calling out for more men!


When I come too I’m on a bed, that resembles mine in my dorm room. Looking around, I see everything in my dorm room. I’m confused so I get up to check out the closet, opening it when his voice shatters the air. “Turn around, Evelyn and take your top off!” I freeze hearing those words. Then the sound of something big and hard striking the flesh of a palm. I turn and there he is- Graeme!, dressed like he was when he first told me to do the exact same thing!

Shaking visibly, I do as I’m told, stripping myself completely naked. Apparently I did the right thing “Oh very good Evelyn, your learning!” Taking his clothes off and motioning my over to him “You know what to do!”  I’m ashamed to say that I do and I slowly walk to him, sink to my knees and take his cock up to my lips. Parting them, I flick the tip of my tongue over the tip of his cock before taking it all into my mouth.

While blowing him Graeme plays with my hair, explaining to an unseen audience how “See gentlemen this is how it can be when you successfully prove to the mark that she secretly wants this!” I want to be appalled by his words, I want to rebel but deep inside I was more than willing to do this. His next words made me really think before I spoke “When you have truly won all it will take is the right words to prove it!

He takes his cock out of my mouth, lifts my chin so i have to look at him directly eyes to eyes “Tell me, who are you?”’

“Evely….!”, I stop before completing my name “Easy Evie!”

“And what do you desire?”

My mind cries out and I start to speak “I desire to be…” then the next words out of my mouth shocked my being to the core.

Images of everything passes my mind’s eye. The last image of Dean Wolfe in the car is warped into an image of him sitting there a large smile on his face, his mouth open and the words “Oh just give them you Evelyn, you know it’s what you truly want from now on!”

I continue, “Fucked hard by everyone you want me to fuck Graeme!” A giant smile comes to his face and from outside the room a loud cheer from below!

“Prove it Evie!”

It’s like I’m watching myself from above, totally disgusted when I see myself stand, nudging Graeme a bit further on the bed, then into a sitting position. Straddling his lap, Reaching down to take his cock and stroke it with my hand until it hard as I always recall it when he fucks me. When he’s ready I lower my crotch to meet his, his cock penetrating my pussy  like a car being parked in a garage! Without any word passing us I start to slowly fuck myself while kissing him on the lips.

I’m disgusted with my actions, then without any warning my ethereal spirit begins to moan in pleasure and suddenly disappears as the moans begin to come out of my physical mouth . instantly I understand everything that Rachel, Professor Carham and Graeme told me!- I did want to be their fuck toy, to be at their beck and call instantly as long as I was going to be fucked!

As I realized that I also orgasmed over Graeme’s cock, another loud row of approval from below greeted me as Graeme came in me. He lifts me up and stands up, taking me with him. He doesn’t say anything just leads me by the hand out the door, down the stairs into the main room now filled with more guys than I’ve ever been naked in front of before. Everywhere I look there was a cock that I wanted in my orifices.

I was lead to a mattress in the middle of the floor, willingly I laid down on it spreading my legs as wide as I could. Instantly I’m surrounded by guys, being touched, cocks being wiped over my skin, lips and hair, my tits being played with by multiple hands and most importantly a cock penetrating my accepting pussy.

I don’t even care how many times I was fucked that day! I wasn’t even aware that other girls, including Rachel were in the room with me, also getting fucked by as many men who wanted them! I even saw Dean Wolfe, a large smile on his face fucking an oriental girl who’s hair was drenched in what I can only expect was male cum!


One Month Later

I was back in the main hall, a little after nine PM, outside was still light enough that it could be classified fall twilight. It was twenty minutes before the classes were due to be let out and I could already spot two girls who kept looking to the door then back to the professor.  I get out my phone and dial Graeme

“It’s me, I believe I have two possible candidates for the initiative!”   Even though I personally knew what I was about to get the two girls into, I couldn’t wait to get the reward of an all guy party for finding my members!

“Okay Evie I’ll be right over with Armie and Guy!” Then I hear what I really was waiting to hear when calling “Remember Evie!, I expect you to be in my bed tonight as soon as the girls are escorted out!”

"Oh I’ll be there with nothing but a smile on Master Graeme!"

                                                                                                                The End
With not a lot to do, I end up staring out between the bars on my windows, remembering that night. You see every guy in school wanted to date Michelle Grant- man she was the daughter of the mayor and the only girl who had her own change room in school. An 18 year old angel from heaven that every guy wanted to be the first to introduce her to the wide world of Sin!. Hell I feel under her spell when I saw her in those jeans overall  with nothing on except for that gold watch her fashion model mom gave her for her sixteenth birthday.

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A rattling of my door made me turn around in my chair. I see my new cell mate standing in the doorway, a worried look on his face. “Oh god not again Mitch!” Shaking his head, walking away from our cell “Fuck just one day god is all I’m asking!” Looking to the sky as he walked down the hallway.

Well what can I say?, Is it my fault that I remember every little thing like it happened only yesterday? My mind clouds over like in the movies, when a flashback scene was about to occur.

It was 10:30 PM on a Saturday night, we were parked down by the lake and there wasn’t another car in sight. She was in those overalls sitting in the passenger seat of my ‘78 Chevy Camaro z28. God she was so out of my league, I never in my life had a girl looking any better in my car than Michelle Grant! And deep down I knew that every guy at Cramore College was jealous of me that night!

No lights on we at first sat there listening to KYZS 104.5 playing a wide variety of music. It was like we were equally nervous to make the first move. Finally while looking out at the waves rolling in I pluck up the courage to speak, “So Michelle when do you need to be home by”

“Silly! I’m not on a curfew!” Oh man that fired my libido instantly. Slowly I moved my hand to her overall covered knee . She smiled at me “Now Mitchell Haines is that why you brought me down to the lake- to touch my knee?”

“No but I didn’t think you would let me touch anything higher!” Slowly inching my hand up higher up her leg. The higher upper it went the brighter and wider her smile was getting.

“Say Why don’t we go into the back so this stick shift doesn’t impede us!”

Oh man none of the stories I’ve heard about her on a date said she would go to the backseat! I didn’t trust myself to speak I just nodded my head and got out of the car so I could fold the seat forward so she could get into the back easier, then I joined her leaving the seat folded! Upon my ass landing on the back seat, she grabbed me into a clinch and started kissing me on the lips.

Bet you could guess how I responded to that!, my cock started to harden, my hands left the side of her to start to undo the overall bib. She didn’t fight me, no she was kind of busy running her fingers of her left hand through my hair, her right hand moving probing the front of my Levi’s finding them tented “Oh does something need to be released?, Mitch!”

“And how Michelle!” Praying to god in my head that she would do just that! No sooner was my zipper open than I had her bib unhooked and was feeling my way over the silky material of her bra. She was responding by sliding her hand over the front of my boxers. Oh man I couldn’t believe it, we were just barely past our seventeenth birthday and barely dressed on the back seat of my Camaro.

I started to slide her overalls down her body while she was sliding my Levi’s down my legs. No sooner were we both happy with how low our pants were that I lowered her to the back seat and climbed on top of her! On the radio the music changed into the play by play of the ball game, but I didn’t care!, I was hoping to play my own ball game and get a home run with Michelle Grant!

Our lips were mashed tight to the other’s, our hands were gripping the other’s ass cheeks! I break off the kiss “Oh Michelle I’ve been waiting so long for you to be here like this!”

“Mitch do you want to talk or kiss?”, her response.

I return my lips to her, my hand leaving her ass to unhook her bra. I couldn’t believe that I was going to get further than any guy in school ever got with Michelle. Her eyes were closed as I got her bra open, raising my chest enough so I could discard it to the foot well. Lowering my chest back down, her erect nipples poking indentations into the skin of my rib cage.  Moving me left hand to her panties I find a thing silk thong, Pulling it aside I’m about to rub my tip against her pussy lips when she pushes me up away from her.

“Mitch! Do you love me?”  Looking me in the eyes “Will you love me forever?” She didn’t let up with the questions “Do you need me?” following up with “Will you never leave me?” She paused then she went for the big one.

“Will you make me so happy for the rest of my life?” quickly followed by “Will you take me away and will you make me your wife?”

Wife!, right now all I wanted to do is fuck her not marry her! At that point in time I would say anything to get my cock into her! “Let me sleep on it and I'll give you an answer in the morning!”

That’s when she hit me with, “I gotta know right now!” then repeating everything once more. For the next few minutes it was a constant barrage of her repeating what she already asked me.

Finally her barrage got to me and I looked her in the eyes and gave her an evil grin. “Look Michelle does answer your questions!” Surging forward to my cock was driven through her pussy lips like a Mack truck through a guard rail! Up and in until our pubic hairs merged into one giant thick curly bush. I cover her mouth as she started to scream, pulling back out until only the tip remained, noticing streaks of blood on my shaft.

“Holy fuck you were a virgin!, No wonder no one got any from you before!” Now you would think I would have taken that into consideration, not me! I started fucking her like she was a seasoned whore! Her muffled cries were of pure pain, tears blurred the blueness of her eyes when her eyelids wasn’t closed that is! Over and over, in and out I pumped my cock into her desirable pussy!

God damn she was a true virgin, lying under me like a piece of wood. Her words between bouts of sobbing were “My daddy will fry you for this you asshole!” Like her fucking daddy could take the memories of me deflowering his little cock tease from me!

“Let this be a lesson to you you little cock teasing bitch!” Knowing I was going to be the very first to splooge my cum into her pristine pussy! I couldn’t help but swear on my mother’s grave “You know what bitch, I would have loved you until the end of time but you pissed me off with all the questions!” Then I unleashed all the cum from my balls into her! When I was once more flaccid, I rolled off her seeing small streams of my cum.

Now while this was occurring I was totally unaware that another car came and parked by the lake. I became aware of it when my driver side door opened and I was grabbed by the legs and pulled out of my Camaro, landing on my front then I felt myself being grounded into the dirt and asphalt edge! Man who ever was doing it didn’t forget to grind my cock and balls into the hard asphalt surface. Screaming in pain I was only drowned out but a guy looking into my car.


The pressure on my pelvis eases off only to be replaced by a severe pain in me crotch. The guy who was stepping on me split my legs and kicked me so hard I felt my balls were being smashed up into the inside of my skull! My head is lifted and a red face is in front of mine “I hope you like being inside because I’m going to make sure you are for a long time you bastard!”

As I come back to the present, I would have like to said that was long ago and far away,  but that would be a lie!  It’s been a month since I raped Michelle and was put through a kangaroo court in two hours!, where I didn’t even have a chance to say anything! Seems her uncle was the prosecutor, another uncle the bailiff and her grandfather was the judge!

From another cell came a DJ’s voice  after a song played “And that was meatloaf with Paradise By The Dashboard Light” and it goes out to one Mitchell Haines currently residing in Melonville prison!” Wow how appropriate because it was paradise by the dashboard light at least for me!

                                                                                                            The End
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As long as you don't make the fantasy a reality there is nothing wrong with thoughts about doing an underage person in my opinion!
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