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All is well in the universe, when we get new chapters from Brokenwing!  ;D
Forced Sex Stories / Re: A Few Too Many
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Loved this! The detail was awesome!
Sex Talk / Re: Traveling fantasies
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I also love the latinas. Got my first taste when i was in Costa Rica. Now i travel to Colombia a lot. I also live in Miami which is predominantly Hispanic. 
Two fantastic parts Brokenwing!. The first made me want to go protect Sammi while the second one brought joy to me when she contacted Joseph. Love how he told her about Viktor but covered up what they did to him and old Jack

This just keeps getting better with each addition!
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Saw Hereditary last night...yeah freaky and total slow burn.  I enjoyed
Chapter 25 Continued

Sammi woke before her alarm went off because she was nervous about starting her new job.  She got up, took a shower, got dressed but packed a bag to change into before going to Sal's and headed to the salon to help Kat for a bit before she was supposed to report to the pizza place. 

It felt good to stock the products and do work that she had already done several days and helped calm her down.  She wasn't sure why but she was very apprehensive that Sal might not like her work and fire her after only a short time and since she needed that job to continue to pay her bills it was a terrifying thought. 

She changed clothes and borrowed Kat's bicycle and made sure to arrive at the pizza place ten minutes early. 

When she got there Sal had a folder waiting for her with paperwork with a note that said fill out everything you can.  She took the folder and did exactly that using her new name, Sammi Shepherd and her address at her new apartment.  She didn't have a phone number she could put down yet so she listed the salon number and hoped she would get one soon. 

After completing the paperwork and returning it Sal came out, told her hello and told her to work with Mary one of their long time servers.  He said that Mary would be training her. 

Mary seemed very nice and friendly and more important was a good teacher.  At first she just had Sammi watch for a few hours while she explained how things were done.  She then had Sammi start to help her carrying drinks and learning to use a tray and they worked together the rest of the shit.

Towards the end of the shift, Mary got Sammi an older menu that had several of the prices crossed out and written over with new pricing.  She explained that was one of the old menus and it had the old pricing and most of the menu items.  She told Sammi she should take it home and learn the name of every pizza and menu item and learn what came on those items.  The old menu had all the new prices written on it and while it didn't look nice, more important it had the correct pricing.  Sammi told her "Thank you."  They finished for the day and she put the menu in her bag and headed back to the salon and then home after a short visit with Kat telling her all about her first day. 

The second day Mary gave Sammi her own tables very close to her section and Sammi started waiting on her own customers using a lot of the same verbiage that Mary used.  When they weren't busy Mary quizzed Sammi on the menu items and was very happy she got most of the menu items and prices correct. 

When the lunch rush finished Sammi saw Sal take Mary in the back and shortly thereafter he came out and took his new employer into his office and told her he was very pleased with what Mary had told him about how she was doing.  He told her he would pay her once a week in cash based on hours and sales.  She of course could keep any cash tips and he would include her credit card tips in the weekly cash he paid her.  He then told Sammi the dishwasher wasn't feeling well and had gone home sick and he asked her would she wash dishes?

Sammi agreed without reservation and that pleased Sal.  He took her over to the dish wash station, handed her a clean apron and taught her how to load the racks, add the chemical and how to operate the machine as we'll as how to properly rinse and scrape the pizza platters prior to sending them through the machine. 

After sending a few racks through the machine he showed her where the clean items went to be used again and then left her to the station.  He left her there two hours before returning and then showed her how to ring up an employee meal, telling her that she could order anything on the menu with the exception of veal.  He had her ring up what she wanted to eat and closed the check to employee meal and showed her how to enter her name on the ticket. 

He asked her could she work till eight that evening and after she agreed he told her she could take a thirty minute lunch.

After lunch she was surprised to find out he had given her five tables of her own and that made her nervous.  Mary only worked from open till five so he introduced her to another senior server Beth for any questions. 

Before long Sammi was too busy to worry about if anyone was watching her but Sal was keeping an eye on how his new employee was doing.  He felt very satisfied as she seemed to be good with kids and had them smiling and happy which made the parents happy and he was relieved that Kat's recommendation seemed spot on. 

Beth also taught her how to do some of the grunt work like rolling silverware into paper napkins as well as refilling the salt, pepper and pizza pepper shakers. 

At one point Sammi noticed several men dressed in suits or at least business attire come into the restaurant and walk up set of stairs.  She asked Beth where the stairs led and Beth told her there was private dining and meeting area up there.  But she told Sammi that they were not supposed to go upstairs unless Sal specifically instructed them to do so. 

Sammi was pretty warn out when she finally looked at the time and she saw it was 8:28 PM.  She found Sal and let him know about the time and he showed her a folder hanging on his office door and instructed her to sign in and out of a sheet in a yellow folder with her name on it. 

He told her thank you for her hard work and then told her tomorrow when she came in he needed her to work the dish wash station during lunch.  She agreed without hesitation and that pleased him.  He told her good work and she headed back to the salon but Kat was already gone for the day so she placed the bicycle where it belonged and walked home. 

The minute she got home she took a hot shower to clean up from the hard day of work.  She had worked a bit over ten hours. 

The next morning Kat was excited and a bit surprised to see Sammi at her Salon just before 8:00 AM but quickly let her in.  Sammi started doing her stocking right away but her boss followed her around asking about how things went for her yesterday at her new job.  Sammi told her about the day and then out of nowhere Kat asked her if she ever thought of coloring her hair blond.  She told her she thought she would be very cute as a blond but Sammi was hesitant having never colored her hair before.  Kat eventually told her to think about it. 

Sammi arrived at Sal's Flyers & Suds on time and went to the kitchen, put on her apron and starting washing some pots and pans at the dish station.  Sal was delighted when he saw his new employee doing what he had asked her to do. 

He surprised her when after she had all the pots, pans and anything else dirty at the dishwash station cleaned up he took her behind the line and introduced her to the chef on duty, a tall black man named Dion. 

At first Dion was quiet and seemed annoyed she was there.  He did his work but said little.  But after he made a few pizzas, after he hand tossed the next pizza dough he handed her the sauce and the spoon he had been applying the sauce with.  When she began to spoon and spread the sauce he said the first word to her, "Good."

When she had the sauce on he asked, "Which cheese" making her select the container with cheese.  When she lifted the right container he said, "Good."

She was shocked that as he was having her place the ingredients on the pizzas he was tossing them faster and soon she was placing the ingredients on faster.  They worked as a team through most of lunch.  When the rush slowed he handed her a dough ball and said, "Now you throw the crust."

Sammi's eyes opened wide and she had a look of shock on her face but she tried using her hands like Dion had done to start to spread the dough.  For the first few minutes she was doing a good job.  She didn't notice that many of the kitchen staff had stopped what they were doing to watch her.  She actually spun the pizza dough around pretty well a couple times and Dion took another dough ball and started working the dough. 

She was trying to watch how he did it and as her dough started to spread she started losing control and she saw him toss his dough so she tried the same but as her dough came down her hand tore through the dough making a hole and it went straight down her arm until it got to her shoulder, hit her hair and her head by her ear.

"AHAHAHA" Dion roared in a loud full throated laugh and Sammi suddenly heard several other people laughing, "Damn good for your first time little girl."

He for a moment set his dough down lifted hers off her arm and tossed it into the trash.  He then picked up the dough he had been working and started spinning it, "Use three, no four fingers with your little hands" he instructed and with his free hand he took her wrist lifted her hand near his and passed her the dough as it spun. 

Sammi actually spun it three times before ounce again her hand tore through the dough.  Once again Dion laughed and then helped her take the dough off her wrist.  He grabbed another dough ball and quickly had it spinning and then placed it down, "You do the sauce, cheese, meat and vegetables well.  Make the pizza like the screen shows."   She looked up at the order on the monitor where he pointed and put the ingredients on.  "We practice spinning more later" he said with another big laugh. 

"Very good for first day making pizza" Dion said and had two more pizza crusts spread out ready for sauce and ingredients. She did pretty well putting the ingredients on the pizzas but quickly learned to carefully read each ticket.  Dion would quickly get upset if wrong ingredients were put onto a pizza.

After the dinner rush Sal had Sammi help with the dish wash station.  When her shift was over Sal asked her to step to his office, "Kat was right about you, you are a hard worker, keep it up and I won't regret my decision to hire you."  He handed her an envelope with cash for the days she had worked so far, "Can you wait tables again tomorrow?   I know that's where you would prefer to work because you can earn the more there but I wanted to make sure you were willing to work hard.  Dion typically does not usually work well with others but he only seemed to get mad at you once or twice" he said laughing.  "He actually seemed to like you and that's rare."

Sammi let out an exhale of relief.  When he asked her to his office she was worried he was upset with her about something.  She held up the envelope with the cash, "Thank you."

"You are welcome.  See you tomorrow" he said.

She turned, left his office and went out the back door, got the bicycle and headed back to the salon.  She parked the bike and then started walking home. 

She stopped at the market and bought some groceries and then headed home.  It felt good to know she had found a job, worked hard and earned some money and she could now buy groceries.  She for the first time in a long time felt good about herself. 

She went into the apartment put away the groceries and made herself something to eat.  The positive energy of the day carried into the night and she managed to get a pretty good night's sleep.

The next day she worked for just under two hours helping Kat with getting the shop ready and washing the hair of two customers.  Before the first customer arrived Kat looked at Sammi's hair and said, "You know I love your cut and style but I think something is missing.  You should let me color your hair blond.  I bet you'd love it."

Sammi quickly shook her head no and was relived when the first customer came in before Kat tried any more to convince her.  She finished doing the stocking and washed both customers' hair then headed to her other job.

She was excited to see that once again she would be working with Mary again.  The closer it got to lunch the busier it got.  Late in the lunch period once again she saw several men including a man in a police uniform head up the stairs to the private dining area but she didn't have enough time for much more then a quick glance as two more tables were seated in her section. 

Towards the end of lunch Sal asked Sammi if she could take a tray of drinks upstairs to the men in the private dining room.  He told her she only needed to deliver the drinks.  He let her know what each drink was and sent her upstairs. 

The men were in the middle of a conversation so she quietly lifted each drink off the tray and simply held it up until the person who ordered the drink reached up or made eye contact.  Once she had given out each drink she quietly backed away feeling all but invisible anyway. 

Sammi returned to downstairs and had two more tables before the end of her shift.  She couldn't help but be curious about the men wearing the business attire and the man in uniform but Mary just didn't say much about it other then it was the power politicians of the city. 

On her way home she stopped by the salon and visited and helped Kat clean up.  "Thank you.  You know you don't have to help me.  I know you worked all day" Kat said with a smile.

"I know.  But I wouldn't have either job without you" Sammi said knowing it was true.

"Well I'm very proud of you and you should be proud of yourself too.  You've worked very hard" Kat said and gave Sammi a hug.

They chit chatted about both of their day.  Once again Kat brought up the idea of coloring Sammi's hair blond.  With little thought Sammi turned Kat down.  And after more chit chat she headed home.

She was very proud of herself for everything that she had accomplished but was sad that no one important to her knew.  She went to the duffle bag and found the two phones Joseph had bought and given to her.  She remembered he had told her they were for emergencies but she missed her mom, Joseph and Ol' Jack.  She carefully opened the package and took out one of the phones.  She took a deep breath wondering if she was doing the right thing.  She keyed in her mother's cell number.  She knew if she called home Roger had answered the home phone anytime it rang. 

She stared at the phone and took a deep breath and hit send.  The phone rang three times and Holly was sure it was going to go to voicemail.  But after the third ring she heard a familiar voice but an annoyed tone, she hadn't thought about the number she was calling from being a strange number, "Yes" her mom's voice said.

"Hi mom.  I miss you soooo much!"

"Holly?  Are you okay?  Where are you?  I miss you too" her mother's questions came so fast she couldn't say anything until there was a pause.

Holly couldn't hold it together and immediately started to cry but it was great to hear her mom's voice, "Yeah mom, it's me I'm doing good.  I got a job and everything..."

She hadn't intended to stop but she heard a familiar voice that changed her tears to terror, "Is that Holly, give me that fucking phone."  His voice grew louder and she knew he took the phone from her mom, "Where the fuck are you?  We've been looking for you everywhere..."

Holly hit the end button and sobbed lying face down on her makeshift bed with her face buried in the pillow.  The phone rang several times, but she didn't answer.  She hoped if she did it would be her mom, but she knew who it would be, Roger.

She cried hard for several minutes.  Finally she had to turn off the phone to get it to stop ringing.

When she pulled herself together she debated making one more call.

She got out a piece of paper and pen and thought about the number he told her to memorize and wrote it down.  She wrote it several times to make sure she remembered it.  Then the fear of what if she didn't remember it correctly hit her and she felt so scared that she would never get to talk to him again.

It took her a bit more time to build up her nerve and she sat there holding the phone.  Finally she turned it back on hoping it didn't ring because she knew it would be Roger.

She looked at the paper where she had written the same number several times.

She entered each digit carefully on the phone and then used the fear of Roger calling to press 'Send.'

The phone rang twice before a deep familiar voice answered the phone.

"Joseph" she asked, "It's uhh..."

"Sammi?  Holy shit!  Sammi is that you?  I've...uh...I've been hoping you'd...I'd hear from you.  How are you?  I mean are you doing okay?  I mean are you safe" Joseph stuttered unsure what to say despite the fact he had been hoping she'd call.

"I'm doing okay.  I'm renting a room.  And I got...two jobs.  One helping a hairdresser and she's like...kind of a best friend and another job at a pizza place and that should pay the rent" she said then asked, "Are you and Ol'Jack doing okay?  I miss you both so much."

No matter how much she tried she couldn't keep herself from crying.

"Are you crying sweetheart is everything okay" he asked?

She sniffled and pulled herself together as much as she could, "Yeah, I'm really proud of myself for finding a place to live and getting a job to pay for it.  I just really miss you...both."

"We miss you too Sammi.  A whole bunch."  He took a deep breath and then sounded serious, "Sammi, I know it's none of my business but what kind of trouble are you in?  There was a Russian man and a couple goons who were looking for you and they had...weapons...and seemed pretty determined to find you."  He paused for a minute thinking, "How are you calling me?  I mean on what phone?"

Holly...Sammi thought for a moment, "I'm not sure.  But I'm so sorry.  They...asked you about me?  I mean um did they find you?  They didn't hurt you or Ol'Jack did they.  I used one of the phones you gave me."

He thought carefully about his answer not wanting to make her worry, "We're okay Sammi.  We can take care of ourselves.  We're old but we're pretty tough.  But these men seemed pretty determined Sammi.  Why don't you tell me where you are and I'll come and get you?"

She took a deep breath thinking about Viktor, how he acted, how Roger seemed nervous around him, "Joseph I...I can't um...put you...I mean I think I already put y'all in danger.  I didn't think they'd want to find me...I mean that much.  I'm sorry."  Once again she started crying.

"Shhh sweetheart it's not your fault.  You didn't do this.  You're not responsible for another's actions.  How long have you been using the phone?"

"I just turned it on today...for the first time" she answered.

"Are you sure you don't want us to come get you" he asked again a bit of disappointment in his voice?

"I...I think I'm safe here and I already feel bad my past found you."

"Okay" he agreed his voice dropping from disappointment, "Get rid of that phone Sammi not that you made a call.  Turn it off and drown it in a body of water like a lake, river or pond.  We miss you Sammi.  Have you used the other phone?"

"No" she quickly replied.

"Good save it for an emergency.  But if you change your mind, just call us we'll come get you.  Try to get yourself another throw away phone but not from where you live.  If you travel anywhere get one then.  I could send you a couple more too if you want me to."

"Okay" she said hearing the disappointment in his voice and feeling sad herself, "I miss you so much.  I'll try to get another phone when I can."

"I miss you too Sammi.  Don't forget to power off and drown that phone where it won't be found.  I don't want to scare you but that Russian seemed dangerous."

"I won't.  I promise" and she gathered her nerve and said the words she felt deep in her heart but didn't think she should say, "Love you."

But she didn't wait to hear his reaction and pressed 'End.'

Immediately she lowered her face into her hands and started sobbing.

Within just a few minutes of hanging up the phone once again rang.  She knew it wasn't Joseph calling her back he wouldn't take that type of risk.

It was Roger.
Chapter 25 "Proud of You"

Even though she had masturbated it took Sammi a while to drift off to sleep as she was unable to push the thoughts out of her mind of all the things Roger had her do.

It was getting harder and harder for Holly to sleep at all.  Even when she would drift off to sleep, any noise in the house would wake her up from fear that Roger was either going to rape her or arrange some other evil action.  She couldn't help wonder if he noticed as she felt like her eyes were always red and she felt exhausted and there were strange sounds in the house all hours of the day and night even on the days he did nothing to her sexually.

She didn't even bother to complain to her mother about him at all as her mother always seemed to be on his side.  It was strange because it seemed like he knew he was in the young teen's head and he was enjoying it.

What was most surprising was that as each moment awake passed, the anticipation that something was going to happen to her grew.

But what made that even worse was the more time that passed and the more the fear and anticipation built the more she found herself wishing he would just do something to get it over with.  Despite her fear and lack of sleep when she allowed her mind to experience the anticipation she realized she was aroused and wet between her legs and her nipples hardened and ached. 

Before she met Roger she might experience arousal once or twice a month but now, even when he was doing nothing it happened multiple times a day.

Those thoughts filled her with tremendous guilt.  While he kept himself busy with other things, she couldn't help wonder and worry what he would do next.  She wondered how much longer she could continue to function like this, terrified and exhausted.  It was no way to live. 

She loved her mom.  She believed they were close.  But her mom had brought Roger into their lives.  More and more Holly thought about running away.  Getting the hell away from Roger.  He had already changed everything about who she was.  But if she ran away what might he do to her mom.  She didn't believe he loved her mom.

She hardly slept for four days until one day after waking from a nap there were clothes sitting on the end of her bed and very high heel ankle boots at the foot of the bed.

It seemed strange to her because there wasn't a note nor did he give her any direction but on her own she took a shower, cleaned herself up, brushed her teeth and styled her hair, applied her makeup and put on the clothes he had set out and headed downstairs to the den.

He was sitting in his chair as if he had been waiting and didn't even look up at her and just started speaking, "Your mom had to go out of town for a day or two.  She asked me to tell you she loved you and to be good.  I told her you have been behaving well lately and doing what you've been asked to do.  She looked very relieved and even smiled and she told me that made her feel at ease about needing to go out of town."

He finally looked up at her and gave her a smile that sent chills down her spine.  He stood up and then pushed her hair from her face, loving that when he reached out to do so it made her flinch and tense.  He slowly and carefully stepped towards her and pulled her into a hug.

His cock hardened just from feeling how stiff and tense her entire body felt and how small she was compared to his larger and heavier frame, "You are going to do what you are told like your mother wanted aren't you Holly?"

He tightened his hug on her enjoying how much more it made her tense and when he pulled back and released the hug he looked into her eyes and smiled as she nodded.

"You look beautiful Holly.  We're going to have a good time tonight" once again he pushed the hair from her face and smiled with what she thought looked like an evil smile.

Roger was delighted that he didn't have to tell her anything that day, not to clean up, not to put on the clothes he had laid out for her, not to wear the boots he had chosen or even to put on makeup.  She did it all on her own.  He was proud how well he seemed to have her conditioned.

"Put your hair up too.  It'll look nice with that top" he said.

He walked her to a blank wall and took a picture of her with his phone then showed her the photo, "Sexy."

He took hold of her elbow and walked her out to the car opening the passenger door for her.  She got in letting out a long exhale knowing he likely wasn't taking her somewhere she'd want to go. 

They headed to the far edge of town, an area she had never been to before.  She was surprised when he pulled into a gravel parking area at what appeared to be a bar with many motorcycles parked there.  He parked and then walked around and opened her door for her.  He reached in, took her hand and had to use a bit of force to get her out of the car, "It's okay Holly like I told you we are going to have a good time."

Even without going inside Holly knew what she was wearing was not the right outfit for this bar.  A bare shoulder and arm top that showed quite a bit of cleavage and exposed a bit of bare midriff, as well as, a tight short skirt that was well above mid thigh allowed plenty of bare flesh to be seen by everyone in the bar.

As they walked through the door her eyes scanned the room and besides the fact that there were few women there not a one was in a skirt let alone a top showing bare shoulders and arms.  She immediately saw eyes looking back at her.  She was by far the youngest person there and she doubted there was even one person in their twenties.

Many of the men had facial hair, leather vests and other biker gear and the women were in either jeans or black leather pants and either t-shirts or western style shirts.

Roger guided her to a chair at a small table and then walked over to the bar and came back with two beers.  The music that was playing varied from country to rock.  On occasion one or two couples would dance.

Holly sipped slowly on the beer.  She knew she shouldn't even have been drinking and definitely not with Roger but she knew if she said no it would cause a problem so it was easier to just sip her beer slowly and avoid a confrontation.

An upbeat song started playing and Holly was caught off guard when one of the women who had been dancing earlier came over to her and Roger's table reached down and took soft hold of Holly's wrist and said, "Come on let's dance."

Holly looked at Roger suspecting he had something to do with this but the woman said, "He won't care, it'll be fun and we'll be right there" and pointed where the couples had danced.

Roger in what sounded like an order said, "Go."

The woman gently continued to pull on Holly's wrist and led her to the area of the bar where the couples danced earlier.  "Ginger" she said introducing herself and offering a hand to shake. 

"I'm Holly" the young woman replied shaking hands with what appeared to be someone in their forties or maybe thirties.

Within seconds of getting there the other woman who had been dancing also joined them, "That's Claire" Ginger said introducing the slightly younger middle aged woman.

For the first half minute Holly moved very restrained knowing her skirt was short and every other woman in the bar had on either jeans or pants and western shirts.  But the other two women were dancing enthusiastically so it was hard for Holly not to do so as well especially when they would grab hold of her hand, lift it in the air and spin her around.

After dancing to three songs Ginger led Holly to an empty table and Claire disappeared for a few minutes then returned with three tall red frozen drinks with fruit and three shot glasses.  Claire handed the other two women their frozen red drink and toasted, "To great music!"

The two older women quickly tapped their drink glasses together and after a moment of hesitation Holly followed suit and they all took a sip of their drinks.  Ginger talked about her favorite bands and songs and while Holly wanted to be careful how much she drank, she was hot and thirsty from dancing and the frozen drink tasted similar to a slushy so she sucked several sips through the straw. 

After talking music for two songs when the next song came on Claire got excited, picked her shot glass to toast, "To dancing with great music" and lifted her shot glass over the table towards the other two women.

Ginger without delay did the same but Holly was a bit hesitant but finally followed suit.  They touched the glasses together and then Holly watched as first Claire then Ginger downed their shot in one big sip and slammed the shot glass on the table upside down.

Holly had never drank a shot before but didn't want to seem rude so she drank the shot.  It didn't taste great but it wasn't terrible either.  The moment she put her glass upside down on the table Ginger grabbed her hand pulling her towards where they were dancing earlier and Claire followed.

The three woman danced together for the next three songs.  Holly did not realize it but Roger and every other man in the bar looking at the women dancing could tell that Holly was dancing much more energetically.  The effects of the frozen drink and the shot were loosening her up more as each minute passed.  After the three songs the women returned to the same table where their frozen drinks were still sitting the empty shot glasses had also been removed and replaced with three fresh shots.

With no hesitation Holly grabbed her frozen drink the minute she got to the table she was feeling hot and thirsty.  The bartender brought three fresh frozen drinks to the table and cleared away the empty or almost empty glasses.  Holly was so thirsty she quickly drank one third of the frozen drink down through the straw.  She didn't rally noticed the taste of the drink did not seem quite as sweet and had more of an alcohol taste. 

Ginger shared about her favorite bands and concerts she had been to and then made a toast with a shot, "To great bands."  With less hesitation Holly drank her shot down.  After only two songs Ginger once again led Holly to dancing.  This time Claire did not follow so it was just the two women dancing.  With it just being the two of them Ginger who was a very good dancer kept hold of her young dance partner turning and spinning her around. 

After two more upbeat songs a slower song started to play and Holly started to head to the table but Ginger pulled her back and pulled her close and began to dance slow and close.  The effects of the alcohol were really impacting Holly more and she was a little tired so it helped to be held close by Ginger.  Holly was caught a bit by surprise when Ginger gave her a quick kiss on the lips.  The alcohol and dancing took her mind off Roger and everything she had been going through and she was having fun for the first time in a long time.

After two slower songs once again the music returned to an uptempo song.  Holly and Ginger were bouncing around having fun when the man who had been dancing with Ginger came out to dance.  Holly started to head back to where Roger was sitting but Ginger grabbed hold of her and yelled because of the music volume, "No, it's okay.  Dance with us."

At first Holly was hesitant but she was still having fun so she continued to dance.  Ginger's partner danced with both woman and held onto Holly as much as he did Ginger.  When the next song started Claire came and joined them along with two men. 

When the next song started two more men joined the dance group and another upbeat song played. 

At the start of the next song Ginger slipped away.  Holly started to follow but Claire grabbed onto her hand and so did the man who was dancing with Holly and Ginger.  Holly didn't notice at first as two more men joined in. 

There were now seven men dancing with the two women and hands and arms were grabbing, holding, turning and spinning them both around so much half of the time Holly had no idea who's arm was about her waist or holding her arm or hand.

Towards the end of that song, Holly started walking towards the table but two of the men held onto her and wouldn't let her walk away.  Ginger came back with a bottle of water and Claire once again slipped away.  Holly was so thirsty she quickly accepted the water bottle from Ginger and didn't realize two more men were around the two women.  After Holly drank almost the whole bottle Ginger and her dance partner got Holly dancing again.  Once again Ginger gave Holly a kiss and then even more to her shock Ginger's partner kissed Holly.

The ten people were crowded very close around Holly and so many hands seemed to be touching and grabbing on multiple places on her body.  To her complete shock once again Ginger kissed Holly, this time a longer deeper kiss and she wasn't sure she felt what she thought as two hands grabbed at her waist and then she felt a hard pull just above her knees.

Only if you were watching carefully would a person have realized the the grab at her waist was hands tugging her panties down and the quick hard pull was the fabric of her panties tearing and quickly they were thrown against a wall and under a table.

But if Holly noticed at all her mind was quickly distracted when she was pushed one way and then pulled another and she couldn't think about what she felt and had to focus on keeping her balance in the high heel ankle boots as she was pushed around.

Suddenly to her horror she was lifted off her feet and she felt something firm under the top of her bottom and lower back as multiple hands laid her back and other hands took hold of her legs and feet spreading them. 

Hands gripped both of her arms and legs and she immediately felt her legs at the knee lifted up and pulled towards her head.  She could feel the air between her legs.  It all seemed to happen so quickly and it seemed like the lights overhead were shining right on her face and body and it made it hard for her to distinguish one person from another.

Despite using all her strength she couldn't pull either arm or leg free and just as she felt a presence between her legs she felt a cock push inside her.

The music continued to thunder and the cock seemed to thrust deeper with the beat of the music. When she tried to lift her head to look at who was fucking her, she felt a tug in her hair keeping her head back. 

Within her field of vision she couldn't see either Ginger or Claire anywhere but with the light in her face she couldn't really make out any facing features.  As the cock was fully penetrating inside her sex she felt hands work her breasts free from her top and they were suddenly being pulled, squeezed and pinched.  It sickened her that her breasts still responded to the unwanted attention and her breasts swelled, her areolas puffed and her nipples hardened.

She was pretty sure there was still a hard object under her lower back at the top of her bottom but the rest of her weight was supported by hands and they controlled her arms and legs.  It didn't seem very long before the cock inside her pulled out and at first she wasn't sure if he came but she felt fluids escape from inside her before she felt another warm presence against her inner thighs and once again she felt a cock push inside her.

It felt humiliating how easily this one pushed fully inside her and begin stroking and the volume of the music seemed to be louder.  That was strange as every other time she had been raped she heard the grunts and groans of the man taking her but with her head pulled back by her hair and all the multiple hands holding on her body her only physical senses of the fact she was having sex was the movement of the cock inside her and the thrusting of the pelvis against her.

It was surreal to have no concept of who was inside her body and made it an almost exclusive physical sensation.  With her head pulled back like it was she had no idea who's hands were gripping, squeezing, pulling and pinching her breasts and nipples and that too made that purely physical sensation. 

She hated that even though they were so roughly handling her breasts nipples and areolas were darker red and had puffed and hardened even more.  It didn't seem like long before they seemed to know how to get them to respond. 

She also didn't realize that the hands gripping her legs were learning to feel her physical response to the thrusting of the cock inside her and had changed their grip from completely restraining her legs to just supporting their weight and keeping her from closing her legs. 

They also could see her leg muscles tightening and toes curling showing them her physical response to what was happening to her.

Holly also did not realize or understand that her level of intoxication was slowing her thoughts and lowering her inhibitions where she wasn't focusing on the fact that she was being fucked by men old enough to be her father.

She thought very little when the second cock withdrew from her and the short amount of time before another cock pushed inside her.

Roger was excited watching his latest girlfriend's daughter being raped again as he had arranged but he was overwhelmed when he realized Holly had her eyes closed and seemed to hardly be resisting, if she was resisting at all, the men restraining and raping her. 

When the third man finished and withdrew from her a stream of cum following his cock out of her body Roger saw activity by the men between her legs so he looked to see what was going on.  He realized quickly why they were acting odd the man moving between her legs had a huge cock like that of a porn star.

Almost everyone around watched as he slowly moved his thick and long cock against her sex.  From the moment he began to push his monster cock inside her she felt a much more intense stretch then the previous cocks.  No sooner then he worked the head inside her her physical reactions changed as she felt the girth of his cock stretch her.  She immediately arched her back, pushed her own head back a bit more, bit her lower lip and curled her toes and feet hard.

Roger was delighted when someone brought several metal tongs used for serving food from the bar area.  The tongs were passed to the men playing with her breasts.  The quickly began to pinch and pull on her nipples with the tongs.  Her body quickly responded and she turned her face to one side and grimaced in pain.  But her nipples seemed to harden just a bit more and reddened much more. 

It took the man inside her a couple minutes to work into her until he thought he might be bottoming out.  He took firm hold of her waist as her body moved away from his thrusts.

The men standing by her head struggled to keep her from moving up too much until they repositioned placing their thighs against her shoulders. 

Once they had worked that out well everyone noticed the difference as her entire body tensed and shook on ever thrust of his cock.  Her face contorted and she squirmed around more then ever.

Holly was struggling with the intense physical feelings so much she didn't even notice that when the song that was playing finished another song didn't immediately follow.  Instead the bar was filled with the sounds of her heavy breathing, grunts and groans as well as the man who was fucking her grunts and other sounds of sex. 

Shortly after another song started playing she felt the cock pull out of her sex and then the hands holding her lifted her up and turned her over onto her stomach.  She was again lowered onto the small hard surface that only made contact with her lower belly with most of her body supported by the hands holding her. 

Once they had her balanced now facing the floor the man with the huge cock once again began pushing inside her again.  Holly groaned as she felt him penetrate her again.  With her intoxicated state and feeling so disoriented by so many people holding onto her once again she had little ability to identify the person between her legs other then as a cock.  He forced his way back inside her until the head of his cock was pushing against her cervical well.  It felt like each thrust was a punch or kick in her stomach.  She also felt so incredibly stretched full. 

Her breasts were now hanging down underneath her so it was harder for those using the tongs to see or reach her breasts as easily but they still managed to pinch and grab at her breasts and nipples. 

It was much harder for them to hold her legs but with the huge cock thrusting in and out of her she couldn't really focus on kicking or fighting and they still held her upper body and they had her on a wooden stool so her feet couldn't reach the ground.  With him thrusting inside her she needed to draw her knees up to reduce the pain of the penetration so her legs were of little concern to them. 

With her on her belly he was able to take longer harder strokes and he pounded her unmercilessly.  Some of the people in the bar couldn't help wonder if this wasn't what she wanted but that couldn't be farther from the truth but the man's wide girth and incredible length forced her body to react to her body being punched and pummeled by what felt like a club or baseball bat thrust into her over and over. 

The man inside her had rarely found a woman who wouldn't complain or cry if he exerted much energy fucking them so he was very much enjoying pounding this young woman and the loud volume of music keeping him or anyone from hearing her cries of pain. 

Other the one time, when he was pretty intoxicated, did he get to just fuck a woman without holding back and he enjoyed Holly to the fullest. 

The only positive was it didn't take him much longer before he shot his load and pulled his cock out from inside her. 

With the intoxication from the alcohol and the too normal use of her body for sex Holly let her mind almost go numb. 

But suddenly her foggy state was interrupted by a hard slap first on one ass cheek and then the second.  Each cheek was struck three times. 

Then to her horror she felt a man move between her legs and once he was there he pushed his cock into her sex.  The cock was not as large as the previous cock so he slid inside her with little effort.  Her mind almost slipped back into being numb but after five strokes she felt the cock withdraw from her sex.  But the next thing she felt was the head of the cock against her anus and it began to force into her. 

She screamed, "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!  PLEASE NO!"

But her cries could hardly be heard over the loud music once again thundering through the bar and slowly the cock began to work deeper into her forbidden hole.  For a few minutes her mind cold only focus on the pain in her ass from the deepening penetration.  But without warning she felt her head lowered down and a cock push into her mouth.

She was ashamed she felt little to no desire to resist and instead almost instinctually closed her lips around the cock in her mouth.  It was frightening how "normal" it felt to her to feel the cock moving in her mouth.  She was horrified how little she felt concerned who was attached to the cock.  The stretch and discomfort of the cock moving in her ass once again drew her attention other then an occasional thrust too deep into her throat making her gag or cough but most of her focus and attention was on the disgusting violation of her ass. 

She had no idea how tight her ass felt to him or how many times he had anal sex before.  He knew to keep his thrusts steady but short.  Despite her disgust and hatred towards how filthy and taboo it felt her desire to minimize the ache and stretch led her to avoid tightening or squeezing and simply to accept the penetration and use of her anus.

Holly wasn't sure if it was her intoxication or her lack of resistance to the violation of her taboo back door but after not too many minutes the discomfort and stretch seemed to change into an odd sexual sensation of surrender, possession and acceptance but also dirty and taboo. 

Only moments after those sensations she felt her body need to move with the rhythm of the men using her.  While it wasn't a pleasurable experience she thought she would never desire it felt more and more like a sexual act and she needed to breath and moan with the steady strokes.

Once again what seemed like a long pause between songs allowed her and everyone to hear her groans even with the cock filling her mouth.  She felt even more ashamed when she felt the cock in her mouth erupt filling her mouth and throat with cum.  It drew her attention away from the steady strange sensations in her dirty hole for several seconds but when another man did not quickly fill her mouth it allowed her body to focus on the one cock inside her.

She hated that she hoped he would not cum too quickly.  Once again she closed her eyes and pushed the thoughts of where she was and that she was being violated by men she'd never met out of her mind and tried to just push away any thought.

He lasted several strokes longer before he finally lost his load inside her anus and after a few more strokes pulled free of her.

The next man pushed into her sex and she felt humiliated that it actually felt good to have a cock in her sex once again.  She did her best to keep thoughts out of her mind and did her best not to resist or tighten and just accepted the cock raping her.  This one finished quickly and she wondered if her mind was numb as it seemed to feel unimportant as another cock pushed into her pussy.

It didn't seem like it took him that long before he shot inside her.  She was surprised how emotional she felt when the next cock pushed into her anus.  Her mind wanted to be angry and hate it but it felt strange to her that it seemed like it filled an emptiness.  She realized how gross, disgusting, filthy and most important taboo it felt.  Her mind could not conceive of the fact that people wanted to do something considered so forbidden and dirty.

There was definitely a difference between the skill of the man inside her ass earlier and the man now.  He thrust faster and in deeper strokes causing her pain off and on.  But after several minutes of him working his cock deeper she suddenly realized his cock was pushing and touching deeper.  It was definitely uncomfortable and often painful but as he pushed deeper she experienced sensation deeper in her anus then she ever would have thought another person could touch inside her.

She felt so ashamed and started to cry as she couldn't help wonder what it'd feel like if he touched her deeper.  She didn't have to wonder long as he managed to push deeper inside her.  It was definitely painful but once he stroked out and then back in several more times she couldn't help feeling like her body had adjusted to his cock there and she couldn't help wonder if he could penetrate her even deeper.  He managed to do so and it was even more painful but more of a sensation of touching sensitive or raw flesh.  She hated that even when she felt him grip her tight and push his pelvis hard against her ass that once again she felt new pain deeper inside and she felt disappointed she didn't think he could touch even deeper. 

She felt relieved when he held her tight there and seemed to keep his cock touching deeper inside here in what felt like the most dirty, disgusting way anyone could.  But as the cock began to stroke in and out, its movements so deep felt like it quickly rubbed her raw so far inside her body.  Each stroke made her flesh ache more so far inside and it bothered her more that she knew nothing of the person touching her deeper inside her being in the most taboo, dirty and violating way. 

The tender flesh, having never had such steady continuous friction began to make his cock wet with warm blood.  Each stroke made the intensity of the pain grow yet she couldn't help yearn for him to last just a bit longer.  When he finally came and pulled out she had to pull her knees to her chest as she hurt in her tummy like never below.

After that there were several more cocks that used her but they blurred together and nothing else stayed in her memory.

That was until there was a very loud BANG which she realized later was a gunshot.  Viktor came over and scooped her up and shouted she assumed at Roger, "You are an idiot.  I should take her from you before you ruin her.  Or maybe I should purchase her from you?" 

With that last statement he carried her out of the bar. She wasn't even sure where he took her before he took her home.  It was somewhere with a woman who did not seem to speak English but she helped him give Holly a bath.  Holly was a bit frightened but they didn't seem to be doing anything other then cleaning her up. 

Only after they bathed her, washed her thoroughly, rinsed her off and then dried her with towels did he take a moment and kiss her then say, "You did very well Holly.  I'm proud of you!  You milked the cum from lots of cocks like you were born to do.  It's what you are best at.  What you were meant to do.  Nothing you can learn in school matters.  Your unique talent is using your body to please others."

He hugged her tight and stroked her hair with his hand.  Then gently but firmly pushed on her shoulders until she knelt down in front of him.  He took out his cock and touched it to her face but intentionally avoided her mouth.  He was delighted to see she opened her mouth anyway.  So he rewarded her by pushing his cock into her warm soft lips. 

"Such a good girl Holly" he said stroking her hair and thrusting his cock steady but not hard, "This is your talent.  Your reason for being.  What you do better then almost anyone.  I'm so very proud of you.  That's it, just like that.  That feels so good."

Once he came he helped her to her feet and then drove her home and walked her to the door and left once she was inside.

To be continued 
Sex Talk / Traveling fantasies
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Took some time off for a road trip.  Been driving through Texas and New Mexico.  Pardon me if I sound like a perv. 

Okay, I'm a perv.

But I've gotten eyeful after eyeful of these sweet Hispanic teenage girls in their tight shorts and I'm running out of adjectives to describe them.

Right now I'm stuck on the word "delicious."

Everywhere I turn there are tight delicious asses calling to me.

Okay...that being said, what's been on all your minds lately?

Contemplating a story about my trip.
Forced Sex Stories / A Good Deed Punished
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This is a one off story. Rape is a crime punishable by jail time. The author of this story does not condone nor suggest that this scenario ever happened in real life!

In the store, my white cane tapping in front of me as I try to make my way to the express desk when the first incident occurred. A wide open space, my cane swinging and tapping in a half moon in front of me. I hit someone earning  “Hey watch it asshole!” With my head looking straight ahead, what I can only guess is a look of pity as I hear “Oh shit I’m sorry sir!”

A female’s voice ,very melodic, a scent of flowery perfume  “Here let me help you get your items to the checkout!”

“Thank you Miss that would be very helpful!” The voice sounded young to me, the flesh of her hand warn as she takes me by the bare elbow. I sense the cold metal of the counter as we stand before it. The basket in my right hand getting lighter by the second as she empties the contents onto the belt.

“Did you get what you were after sir?”

“I hope so but then it wouldn’t be the first time I ate something I didn’t mean to buy!”

“Well let me tell you what I putting up!” Pausing  then “Chocolate ice cream, a 4 liter bag of milk , a carton of eggs and a tub of Imperial margarine!” I feel the basket handle leaving the palm of my hand then “Did you get everything you wanted?”

Shaking my head “No as per usual I forgot to get half and half for my coffee!”

"No problem I’ll get it while the cashier cashes you out!” She moves me to where the cashier is “I’ll only be a moment!” Then she off, I feel the slight change in breeze as she passes me. Hearing the beeps as each item is scanned.

“Do you need any bags sir?

“No I have my own!” digging into my back pants pocket for the reusable bags I carry. Taking them out flicking them open I pass the to where I think the voice came from. A “thank you!” tells me i handed them over correctly for once.

“I’m back with a liter carton of half and half, is that okay sir?”

“Oh god yes!” My right hand reaching out hoping to find my helper. Touching bare flesh, praying to god that it was her arm “How can I thank you for all your help miss?”

"Forget it after what i call you it was only right to help!"

"I can't forget it for once I’m going home with everything I actually meant to buy!” The cashier says “$21.11 sir!” I dig out my interac card, the cashier direct my hand to the machine. A beep  later, I was ready to start the trip home. Turning my head to the girl who helped me “Thank you for your help Miss, I really appreciated it!”

I hear concern in her voice “Is someone waiting to help you get home?”

“No I’m pretty confident that I can get back to 165 Mapleview Crescent on my own”

“Oh I just live a block over from there!”  A beep then I hear the crinkling of paper  as it’s passed from one hand to another “Just let me pay and I’ll help you get back to your place with no problem!”

Well with the construction going on around the neighbourhood how could I say no “Well if it’s not out of your way- okay!” transferring my cane to hy right hand, extending my left hand out “I’m Graeme Cartier!” Microseconds pass then i feel the soft, warm flesh of her delicate hand clasp me in a hand shake.

“I’m Lisa Cooper, please to meet you Mr. Cartier!” The rustle of a paper bag as the product inside settles as it’s lifted off a counter tells me that she is ready to leave also.  My bags don’t block her from taking me by the elbow, leading me in the direction of the exit door. As they part I feel the refreshing breeze of the mid September day on my face, a warmth from the sun only matched by the warmth of her palm on my elbow as we make our way to the intersection of Mapleview and Throton.

Along the ten minute walk we chit chat about the weather, how long we both lived in the neighbourhood and of course about the annoyance of the neverending construction.  As we are about to come to my walkway “Well here we are, my place?”

“I know this is going to sound condescending but how do you know?” Quickly adding “If you don’t mind me asking?”

“Well I counted it’s 175 steps from my walkway to the corner!” turning onto the concrete path leading to my front door “And i just finished my internal count!” going on to tell her how it was twenty steps to my front door. I couldn’t believe that she was actually walking my right to the door. “Well here I am, now all I have to do is get everything into the fridge without spilling or breaking anything.

“If you wouldn’t mind I could take some more time and put everything away for you!” As I rummage for my keys, finding the large headed one, sliding it into the lock at heat level on the door “If you don’t think I’m interfering too much that is!”

“Oh god no that would be another first for me!” Turning the key and the door knob, opening the door onto the entrance hallway. Stepping aside, motioning to Lisa to enter first. “The kitchen is the room at the end of the hall!” I feel the weight of the bags leave my hand, pressing a button on my cane that separates the hidden taser from the rest of the cane I follow her into the kitchen.

I can feel the difference in temperature between the kitchen and the immediate area in front of the open fridge. “Would you like me to place the eggs on the door or just put the carton on top of the crisper?”

“Oh the top of the crisper would be okay for now!” Anxious to get her way from the fridge door. Again I can feel the temperature rising as the door swing close,trapping the cold back inside once more. Taking a step towards the door I bump into Lisa, my hand comes up touching her arm with the taser, pressing the switch, sending just enough voltage into her to knock her out for a few minutes.

I hear her sink to the floor in a heap, moving my boot out I come into contact with her. Bending at the knee I pick her twitching form off the floor and move her to the room on the other side of the kitchen. At one time it was a pantry but since my blindness set in I use it as a bedroom, inside a old fashioned king size bed made from a metal frame and head rest.

Carrying her to it I gently lay her on the mattress, spreading her arms up over head and to the corresponding post. Taking my shoes off, taking my socks off and using them to tie her wrist to the bedposts.  Little moans of pain escaping her lips after I run my fingertips over her facial features getting a sense of what she would look like if i could see.

A high forehead if the distance between her eyebrows and her hairline was any indication. A pointy nose above moderately sized lips when were over a pointy chin. Getting up Taking her shoes off then undoing  her pants button and zipper then sliding then down her legs. With her pants off I feel for any underwear, surprised at not finding any. With my left hand on the side of the mattress I move around to the right side of the bed to the chair I keep there with towels draped over it. Taking two I secure her legs to the bedposts like I did her arms.

Now it was only her top and possible bra blocking me from preparing to take care of another problem being blind had- getting laid! Going back into the kitchen, making my way to the counter with the knife block in the upper right corner I get a butcher’s knife and return. I hear creaking from the bed springs, telling me that Lisa was coming to! “Oh good I wondered if I held the taser on you to long!”

On the mattress Lisa tries to move her arms and legs. In my mind’s eye she glaring right at me “What is going on?” Going immediately to the guilt factor “All I done is help you and this is how you repay that!”

Putting the sound of hurt in my voice “No I just though since you been so helpful so far that I thought you wouldn’t mind helping me with a long standing problem I’ve been having!” Moving closer to the bed, my hand out to make contact with the mattress, finding the outside of one of her legs, caressing the flesh, using it as a guide to get me to the top of the bed.

“You bastard, if I was free!” Trying to break free from the cloth I’ve tied her with. Shutting up as I run the thin edge of the cold knife along the top of her leg. What i could only imagine as the look of fear and revulsion in her eyes as the knife traverses her leg along with my hand on the outside. She tires once more “Please if you let me go now I won’t say anything I promise!”

My hand continues to move along her side soon coming to the hem of her top, the knife’s edge following. Turning it flat, sliding it under the hem then turning it so the edge was running along the fabric, parting it like a fish’s fin through water. Up i ran it, my hand gathering the material, taking it off her side, the top of fingers coming in contact with the next layer of material that had to go- her bra.

“What to modest to go braless but not modest enough to care who sees your bare ass in those pants!” she doesn’t answer me, no all I hear is sniffing that oftens accompanies tears! Letting go of her top i move my hand to her face and sure enough there the tell tale swet track of water down the side of her face. “Oh please don’t spoil what I think is a very pretty face with tears!”

“Go to hell!”

“Oh I probably will but not before getting laid one last time!”  moving my hand back down to her bra, lifting it up, sliding the knife under and slicing up, dissecting it in two parts. Finding the straps Slicing them apart, then finishing cutting the top open, in my mind’s eyes she laying there totally exposed a wanton smile on her face.

“Well what are you waiting for lover, I’m all yours!” A sensation in my crotch that I haven’t felt in a long time begins.  It’s not stopped even when I hear a puthew and a gob of wet phlegm lands on my cheek. Stepping away, taking the knife with me, I let it drop to the floor, where it’s soon is joined by my pants and top.

In my mind’s eye she is so impressed with how endowed I am that she once more purrs sexily “Come on lover boy, don’t keep me waiting any longer!” Instead the reality was a laugh followed by “You call that a cock?” Now i was enraged, moving back to the bed i reach out, contacting with her upper thigh, pulling my hand back behind me back then letting it come down on the flesh of her thigh resulting in a loud slapping sound. “Owwwwwww!!!!!” them more tears

“Say that again and it will be the last thing to come out of that mouth!” crawling up on the mattress, placing myself between her splayed legs. “I was going to be nice but you just shot that all to hell!” Holding my cock, lining it up then surging forwards into her dry pussy. Her screams reverberated in my ears for a good five minutes or more as i forced my cock into her. “Where’s you insults now bitch!”

Her screams dies down to whimpers as I continue to thrust in and out of her. Retreating to the vision in my mind’s eye once more, she screaming ‘harder stud!” and ‘fuck my so i’ll want no other man again!’. Forgetting reality I do as the vision Lisa says and start fucking her harder and faster. Between her thrashing trying to get an arm fre and me pushing her up and down on the mattress one sock starts to tear.

At the pace I was going I couldn’t last much longer and I didn’t crying out that I was cumming as I felt it stream out of me into her. When i’m spent i roll over her leg and onto the floor, where unbeknownst to me the sock that tore was not only a few strands from parting. Getting to my feet i go back into the kitchen to get something to drink, leaving Lisa on the mattress.

She ties to close her legs to no avail then tries each arm, surprised and shocked when one comes to her side, a piece of sock falling away. Hurrying she loosens the other wrist, then moves onto her legs. When she free she gets up. Spotting a glint of something on the floor, bending down, picking it up.

As I come back inside “Well what you say want to help me get laid once more?” The answer was something I’ll never forget, a cold slicing sensation in my lower abdomen, something deep, drawing something warm and wet from my body. The rest of me going cold as i sink to the floor. I think I hear through sobs “Maybe I’ll be nice and call an ambulance!” The sound of her footsteps getting farther away from me.

I call out “But I’m cut!” The door opening and closing is my reply.

                                                                                             The End

Forced Sex Stories / Re: Down in Mexico
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Thank you for those who've read and reviewed this depraved tale.  I'm glad you enjoy it.  Still taking suggestion on Brynn's ordeal.

Brynn had lost count of how many orgasms she’d had.  All she knew, was she had to keep going to make sure she reached her ten.  Eventually, however, she made a misstep and her body crumpled to the floor, in a puddle of her own love juices, exhausted.
   “Thirteen, not bad little bitch,” the fat man chuckled.  She was stripped of the metal bra and soaked panties.  She lay in the puddle moaning.  The man waved dismissively at her, and walked away.  The two men looked at each other, smiling.  One grabbed her by the ankle and dragged her away from the puddle.  The woman was caught by surprise.  She was dropped a few feet away.  He dropped his pants and lay on the ground, the other man picked her up under her arms and between the two of them, Brynn slid onto his cock, her knees outside his legs.
   “Fuck yourself dumb cunt, and you better do a good job,” he growled.  Brynn was tired,  her legs hurt, and her pussy was sore.  She tried to satisfy him, but he wasn’t impressed.
   “You’re worthless, cunt,” he griped.  He gave her a hard shove.  She collapsed backwards, her legs bent backwards.  He was on top of her in no time.  He speared her pussy, causing her to cry out in pain.  The other man, grabbed her hand and wrapped it around his own cock.  His hand eclipsed hers.  He forced her to masturbate him.  The endurance of both men was enormous, and Brynn suffered the whole time.  Finally the man inside her, came shot after shot of baby batter poured into her.  She was pulled up onto her knees.  His cock, tapped Brynn’s lips.  She licked and sucked him clean.  He pulled out of her mouth, wiping his cock, on her face.  A minute later, the other man, the one who was using her hand to masturbate with, exploded, pouring his own on her pretty face.  Brynn closed her eyes in shame and humiliation, but the tears didn’t start until she felt a stream of water hit her face.  Before it stopped, a second stream hit her.  Before both streams ended, her face, chest and hair was soaked in foul smelling urine.  A bucket of cold water was poured over her.  She was pulled to her feet and shoved to a small door she’d not seen.  Inside was a shower stall, toilet and sink.  She was told to shower, brush her teeth and get dressed.  Sure enough, when she stepped out of the shower, there was a bag, sitting on the counter.  She wasn’t really happy with what came out of the bag.  It was a French maid outfit.  The back had a wide ‘V’ that ended at the middle of the small of her back.  It didn’t have any underwear or bra with it.  Different owners, same head games.  She realized she’d thought of them as ‘owners’ without thinking.  She sighed as she got dressed.  It was tight fitting and a little small.  She brushed her teeth and exited.  The two men had returned.  Her wrists were shackled behind her, and a ball gag completed the ensemble.  She was taken to the limousine from earlier.  The short fat man smiled.  She was forced in and the two men were in the front, one drove.  Brynn wanted to ask where they were taking her.  The gag made it difficult, plus she wasn’t really sure, she wanted to know.  The limousine drove out of the fenced in compound.  They drove for quite a while, Brynn was becoming more frightened as they continued. It was around 4:30 when they got in the car, and it was now just past 6:00.  As they continued to drive, Brynn noticed the neighbourhood was becoming more rundown and decrepit.  The limousine being more and more out of place.  The limousine finally stopping in front of a cantina.  The man practically dragged Brynn out of the limousine, the moment it stopped.  The leash attached to the collar held with pride.  The barkeep saw them when they entered and picked up a microphone, cutting off the music.  Brynn’s Spanish wasn’t that great, but she could figure out what was said, and the crowds reaction seemed to confirm what she suspected.
   “Ladies and gentlemen, the entertainment for the evening, has arrived.” The crowd cheered and more than a few leered at Brynn.  She felt sick.
   “You all have your numbers, and the rules.  No permanent damage, no mutilation, no killing.  Who’s the first to pound this hot pussy?” Her new owner said, looking around the room.  A fat, inebriated, man stepped up.
   “I got dibs first,” he said.  Brynn was grabbed by two pairs of hands and slammed down on a table.

Brynn was never surprised at the depths of depravity that these men were capable of.  She was currently on her knees, wrists still bound behind her back, being spit roasted by two men.  Bouncing back and forth on both cocks.   Her anus and mouth both felt like they were stretched beyond repair.  Both men came at roughly the same time.  The man plugging her mouth, gave the same order, and threat, that she’d heard a dozen times already, with little variation.
   “Swallow it all, or you’ll wish your mother kept her legs closed.”  Brynn was dropped like a piece of trash, used and discarded.  She was forced to stand, her body covered in cum, piss and spit.  She was dressed in her cum stained, torn, dirty maid uniform, ball gagged, and a bondage hood, before being tossed into the limousine.  The driver pulled out of the cantina parking lot and headed back to the compound.
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