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Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Walk Home Initiative
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                                                                                                       Part Seven: The Next Day

Amber Hall, 8:04 AM

Armie walks me in and I still haven’t seen hide nor hair of Evelyn. The other girl are escorted in by the guys who claim them last night at the fraternity. My only thought went to how we were all treated by the Initiative and how they humiliated Dean Wolfe like they did! Armie walks me right to my door as I expected the others were escorted to theirs.

“I don’t suppose that I have to say it right Rachel?” Reaching under my dress and groping my bare mount. God please don’t make him horny enough to take me before he leaves! As he lets go, stepping back “I didn’t hear you Rachel!”

“No Armie you don’t have to say anything!” Knowing what was expected of me, I turn around and stare him in the eyes “Thank you for the night of my life Armie I’ll never forget it or you!” The very words burning my tongue as I spoke then to him. He must have been pleased with my response as he turned and left!

Turning back to the door I unlock it hoping that Evelyn was already inside or that there was a sign that she’s been here recently! Going in I find the room just as we left it last night! Oh Evelyn are you alright wherever you are?”

Fraternity House, 12:30 PM

An alarm clock went off and instinctively I reached out to hit the snooze bar. My left hand came down on something warm and fleshy making me roll onto my side to find out why! Opening my eyes bring the horror of last night back to me full force! Graeme! Lying there, asleep, a corner of a thin sheet covering his crotch. He begins to stir as the alarm gets louder, his left hand reaching over and slapping the top of the clock quieting it instantly.
He stretches his arms wide, hitting me just at the top of my rib cage. He rolls towards me and there is a smile on his face, his eyes reflecting lust at what he sees. His hand closes on my blanket and pulls it towards him, revealing my naked, dried cum covered body to him. The first thing out of his mouth wasn’t “morning” instead it was a taunt!

“Damn! Wasn’t last night enough for you Evelyn?” Moving closer to me, reaching out to grope my right breast “You gotta be sore after everything you let us do to you!” I just now realized that his words were true that my jaws hurt and my pussy and ass felt like they were still gaping and dripping!” His words also confused me, I remember passing out as I was being fucked in my mouth and ass and like a stupid naive girl I let him know it!

“What did you all do to me?”

“Ah I bet them all you wouldn’t remember!” A giant grin on his face as he reached over for something on the bedside table. His hand comes back with a slim remote control for a TV, pointing straight ahead, a giant flat screen LCD TV comes to life. As the screen brightens I see a title screen with “Fraternity Home”  with a menu box already set up on “Last Night Activities” He selects it and another menu box appears with what i guess is the names of the other girls they forced to have sex last night. He scrolls down until I see Rachel’s name and directly under it mine! Highlighting it I see the screen change to a wide view of the room where I was forced to suck Dean Wolfe’s cock.

“What say we fast forward to the last thing you clearly remember!” he doesn't wait for a reply grabbing another remote and doing just that, the time clock on the bottom right corner scrolling to 11:00 PM when my double penetration began. He slows the speed down and I lay there in shock as I watch my body being sexually used by anyone who wanted it. All combination from single orifice use to triple cocks abusing me as the time stamp advances.

At one section he returns the action to normal and I'm there with a guy under me fucking my pussy. A guy just pulling his cock out of me, me lifting my mouth off the cock in front of me and I clearly  hear me moaning as a guy shoots his cum over my ass then what shocks me to my core “Someone fuck my ass! I want a cock in my ass!” Returning my mouth willing to the cock it just left! In the outer view I don’t see anyone else just a group of guys jerking off until they can have a turn with me!

He starts fast forwarding once more, the time stamp advancing well into the hours of the morning, finally stopping at 4:36 AM when Graeme is seen lowering me into the very bed I find myself in. His last word coming to me as he covered me “Well it might not take a month to change you to ‘Easy Evie!” if that’s any indication of your true self!”

I feel the fire of my blush as well the fire of his fingers rubbing along my swollen pussy lips! I mortified at what i just seen and how i beginning to respond to his touch “No please not more!” Graeme either doesn’t hear me or couldn’t care for my wishes, his middle finger penetrates me like a missle going right to me clit. All over it’s surface he moves his fingertip and I quickly moisten even after all the abuse I suffered last night. Graeme knows it also and tells me so.

“Damn! Easy you know what I want to hear?”

I look away from him ashamed that indeed I did know and as much as I didn’t want to say it my body wanted it also! I try to refuse my desires but it was too late Graeme moved his finger to my g-spot and I knew I wanted something thicker than a finger to trigger my orgasm “Please fuck me Graeme!” Then the word that made me know for sure that my life had changed forever “Take me,... fuck me,.... Own ME!”

“No way!” Moving away from me. Inside I’m screaming *No I mean it own this little slut!* His next words doesn’t deflect my thoughts “I don’t fuck sex crusted sluts, go shower and I‘ll round up as many as i can and we’ll continue like last night!”

My body is screaming to my mind *Do it Evie! Shower and take all the cock you can!” With tears coming to my eyes I gently slid out of bed and let Graeme lead me slowly to the bathroom. As he runs the water I envision him taking me in the shower, fucking my ass as he presses me hard into tiled wall.  He motions me in and I obediently enter watching as the glass door is closed behind me. As the water caresses my body I lift my head and soak my face.

My eyes are closed and the glass door is virtually silent as it opens and closes. Water dripping off me chin I spun around and my eyes open and their are greeted by the site of Graeme, his cock straight out and rock hard. He motions with his eyes and I don’t fight at all, dropping to my knees in the shower and opening my mouth to take his cock in. I suck his cock like a long lost lover, my body responding, an itch in my pussy growing the longer his cock is in my mouth. *God all he said is true I am Easy Evie! And I do want cock like never before!*

Ten minutes he fucks my mouth while I diddled my clit. I came just as his cock swelled and release his cum into the back of my throat. I don’t have to be told, I swallow fast, only letting a few drops escape my lips , falling to the water on the floor before going down the drain. Without saying a word Graeme leaves me to finish my shower. When I’m done I find last night clothes, minus my bra and panties freshly laundered on the bed a note on top of them.
                              “Easy Evie!
                                         The shower earned you a two day reprieve from the Initiative But rest assured
                                                that the Rules laid down after our first coupling are still in effect Don’t do anything
                                                       stupid to cross us  and You’ll not be harmed- That includes Not talking with
                                                                 Dean Wolfe also!

Putting the note into my clutch purse, my sex cries out *No I want your cock in me!* my mind * Now’s my chance to get away!” Getting dressed and gingerly making my way down stairs I find Gene await to take me back to Amber Hall. He escorts me out, his right arm wrapped around me so he could grope my left breast. Getting to his taxi, he opens the door for me like a gentleman and we do the drive to Amber Hall in silence. Gene’s eyes continually come to me as I spread my legs and lift the hem of my skirt, giving him a view of my pussy.

I watch him in the mirror bite the side of his right fist. “Damn Graeme would kill me if he found out that I stopped and fucked you!”  As if reading my mind “Yeah he’s passed the word along you’re out of bounds for the next two days unless you fuck up then it’s open season!”

In my mind *And I have no plans to do that!* while my sex was shouting *Ask Gene to take you to the nearest bus or train station moron!, Get out your phone and call security- do anything so I get the cock I’m craving!* I look out and Amber Hall is in the windshield, I go to pay only for Gene to tell me Graeme paid. I get out and go in, a new face is at the desk today so I go straight up to my room.

Unlocking it going in I must have closed it a little too loudly, Rachel wakes and calls out “Evelyn is that you? Are you alright?”

My sex  screams *YES!* but out of my mouth comes “I’m so confused Rachel!”

                                                                                                                            More To Follow
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Step Bros Gotta Have Fun
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Clear case of Teasing entrapment that should be stopped immediately the only logical way- a demonstration of what it can cause!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Step Bros Gotta Have Fun
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“Did you see Jayni today?” Ashton asked Dennis, as they hung out downstairs in the rec room, playing their PS3.

“Damn! Yeah I did,” Dennis smirked. “I swear to God, those Lulu Lemons were painted on!”

“I was certainly getting a good look of that sweet ass of hers,” Ashton commented.
Ashton and Dennis saw no problem with talking about their young stepsister so crudely. It was how they talked about most girls.
The boys stopped talking, as Jayni suddenly came down the hallway from her room. She had just gotten home from school and had changed out of the stretchy Lulu Lemon pants she was wearing earlier. She now wore an outfit of white shorts and a blue top that was showing off lots of flat tummy.
“What are you guys up to?” she asked.

“Nothing,” Ashton snapped. “Don’t need to tell you anyway. Your mom said you’re supposed to empty the dishwasher.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” she said, with a dismissive wave, as she turned away.

“Nice shorts!” Dennis called out, as she headed up the stairs.

“Shut up, Dennis, you pig,” Jayni shot back.

“Fuck, what a mouth on the little cunt,” Dennis said, turning to his brother. “I should make her suck my dick! Wash her mouth out with cum.”

Ashton laughed and gave his younger brother a fist-bump.

“No, man, I’m serious,” Dennis said. “I really  wanna do her!”

“Dude, you can’t!” Ashton replied. “You can’t be doing that kinda shit. She’s our stepsister. Dad would hit the roof if he found out.”

“Ahhh, fuck him,” Dennis scoffed. “He’s too busy fucking Angela to worry about what we’re doing.”

“Well, just cool it, okay?” Ashton said. “I know she’s a little slut, but I just don’t wanna see you get yourself in trouble.”

Dennis just frowned and he and his brother got back to their video game.


It was a Thursday night. Ross and Angela were invited to a supper party, leaving Jayni and her stepbrothers home by themselves.
The three of them were watching a movie together in the downstairs rec room, which was Dennis’ and Ashton’s usual hang-out. The movie was just ending when Jayni got up out of the recliner chair she had been sprawled out in.

“I’m going to bed,” she announced. “Good night, losers,” she said.

“Good night, ya brat,” Ashton replied, throwing an empty pop can at her.

It bounced off the wall, as she headed down the short hallway to her bedroom. Shortly, the boys could hear music coming from Jayni’s room. Selena Gomez or one of the many other slutty little pop singers they knew Jayni liked to listened to.

Ashton and Dennis knew she wasn’t really going to bed, but most likely going online to chat with her friends. The boys were playing a video game and then decided to go outside to smoke a joint. They knew their dad and Angela would likely be home soon and so wanted to do it before they did show up.

As the boys sat on the backyard patio, passing the joint back and forth, Dennis looked over and noticed that he could see light coming from one of the basement windows. He knew it was the window of Jayni’s bedroom.

“Hey, look,” he said pointing towards the window. “Jayni must not have her curtain closed.”

Ashton nodded, seeing the light as well.
Dennis suddenly got this feeling of curiosity. He knew it was kinda sick, wanting to peek into his stepsister’s room like some kind of pervert, but yet the urge to do it was just too strong.

“Let’s spy on her,” he grinned. “See what the little whore is up to.”

“Really?” Ashton laughed. “You wanna be a peeping tom?”

“It’s our own house we’re doing it at,” Dennis said. “Not like I’m spying on the neighbor. Come on, it’ll be fun. Who knows what we’ll see?”

“Oh, all right,” Ashton concurred. “But let’s hurry before Dad and Angela show up.”

The two of them left the patio and crept softly across the grass along the side of the house. They approached the basement window, which allowed them a full view down into Jayni’s room.

Dennis’ jaw dropped at what he saw. There was his fifteen year-old stepsister, lying on her bed, totally naked except for a tiny white thong.

Her body looked so beautiful and soft. They couldn’t see much of her breasts, but the boys could see her ass was tight and beautifully formed, and her legs, long and athletic.

“Fuck, just look at that!” Dennis said, breathlessly. “I wanna kiss every part of her body.”

“Damn, yeah she looks good!” Ashton exclaimed. He felt a small twinge of embarrassment at first, staring at his young stepsister as his cock hardened in his pants.

Jayni was lying on her bed such that she had her back to the window. She was totally oblivious to her stepbrothers ogling her from outside. Her legs were spread apart slightly and they could see just a thin strip of white fabric that covered her sex.

“And look!” Dennis pointed out. “She’s chatting with some guy on her laptop!”

They could see Jayni’s laptop sitting on her bed in front of her. On the screen of the laptop, they could make out the image of a blonde, curly-haired teenage boy.

“I wonder what the hell they’re talking about,” Ashton asked, thoughtfully.

“Does little Jayni have a boyfriend?” Dennis smirked.

“Sure wouldn’t mind finding out!” Ashton chuckled. “Come on, let’s go back in the house.”

 The boys settled back in front of the TV to continue their video game. They could still hear the music playing in Jayni’s room but then it stopped.  A few minutes later, they heard her door open and Jayni padded out into the family room, wearing a pink t-shirt and panties.

They were not the same thong panties she had on before. These were bikini panties, pink with big red polka dots on them. It didn’t appear to bother her at all, that she was standing there only in her skimpy underwear.
Dennis was definitely getting an eyeful. Jayni noticed him looking intently at her.

“You stare much?” she spat at him.

“Don’t walk around the house then, looking like a little slut,” he retorted, “and I won’t stare at you.”

“Fuck you, I can dress the way I want. It’s my house too,” Jayni sneered.

They heard noise upstairs and realized their parents were home. Jayni quickly went back to her room and came back out wearing a white fuzzy bathrobe. She knew her mom didn’t like when she walked around in her underwear.
Jayni’s mom, Angela, came down the stairs into the family room.

“Hey kids, how is everything?“ she asked.

“Good,“ Ashton answered.

“Jayni, you should be in bed. You have school tomorrow.”

“Yes, mom,” Jayni said, rolling her eyes. She pointed to Dennis. “He does too, you know?”

“I am aware of that,” her mother said. She looked over at Dennis. “And he’ll be going to bed soon too, don’t worry.”

“Did you get all your homework finished?” Angela asked Jayni.

“Yes, I did,” she said, with attitude.

“Then give your mother a kiss and go to bed.”

Jayni gave her mom a little peck on the cheek, then turned and walked back to her bedroom. She looked over her shoulder and stuck her tongue out at Dennis and Ashton.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Walk Home Initiative
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                                                                                                   Part Six: Punished For my Deeds

The trip seems to be done in an instant, the whole way Rachel held my hand but I still tremble imagining what I was going to be forced to experienced. As the SUV comes to a stop in front of a two story house, all six of us a trembling as the door glides open and we’re told to get out. Each one of us are met the moment our feet hit the ground by someone. Rachel by someone who made her tremble worst, I assumed to be this Darryl Lee person. Me!, I was met by Graeme!

He looked me up and down “ Jeans and a t-shirt, how practical!” He gropes my breasts “And no bra, Am I to assume that your commando also?” Leering at me as he walks me to the stairs, I don’t answer him so he takes it upon himself to slide a hand down the inside of my jeans. Damn I never expected that nor “Damn you must really want the full initiation!” We’re at the door when he adds “Most have so many layers on that we have to use a chainsaw to get them out of them!”

Inside he leads me to the same room that earlier in the day Dean Wolfe escorted me out of. Tonight it full of a number of guys and at least six girls besides the six of us. Almost all of then were topless and staring at the floor ashamed. With in seconds of entering my t-shirt is stripped off and I join my sisters staring at my feet, deep in blush!

“Tap! Tap! Tap! Can you hear me?” I look up and there is a guy with a microphone standing on the lower step “Welcome fellow Initiates as per our routine please come to the mic and introduce our members to your guest tonight!” One by one they approach and names are announced. Mary Livingston, Jane Newbury, Alice Gossamar, Lisa Bogdanovich, Louisa Fleming, Azira Mohan, Xeng Shu, Aisling O’Malley, Keishina M’butoto, Callie Ryan, Rachel Grant, then me Evelyn Parson.

Each of us garner applause and whistles from the assembled guys as we are introduced and our heads are forced up so our faces can be seen. I look around the assembled guys and spot, Gene, Sal Johnson and Armie Quivens, all three blow me a kiss  while shaking their left hand up and down. When my head is released I turn it and gasp as I see my fellow sisters are being stripped of the pants or skirts! I feel my jeans sliding down my legs

“No please I’-m-m-m”

Graeme whispers into my right ear “Going to get the fucking of a lifetime if you don’t shut up until spoken to!” Then he’s called to the stairs and given the microphone “Gene would you act as Miss Parson’s chaperone until my duties here are done?” I watch as a smile burst across Gene’s face  and he rushes over, standing behind me close enough that I fell his palms cup the cheeks of my ass!

“Welcome to this semester's Introduction party, looking around I can see that none of you have lost your taste in ladies over vacation!” That earned him a round of applause “As some of you are aware some of the initiates in front of you failed to heed our warning so this Introduction party is also an punishment party!

The room explodes in applause and whoops of “Punish em!, Punish em!”

So If I may be so bold I think we should turn the evening over to doing just that!”

“OH REALLY MR. CARTIER?” Dean Wolfe entered the room and all goes quiet “And why wasn’t this party cleared with the security office of the university, as per the rules stated in your fraternity recognition handbook?”

All eyes are on the pair as Dean Wolfe watch to the front of the stairs to confront Graeme face to face “Because this party had a no alcohol rule Dean Wolfe!” Smiling smugly down at him “So the security office need not be made aware of what goes on here!”

“Get that smile off your face!”Turning to look around at the assembled mass “Off all your faces or I’ll have all of you up in front of the university’s discipline panel Where …”

“You have to explain the following!” Graeme with the mic to his mouth, stopping as the large screen came to life with the unmistakable sounds of flesh striking together. All our eyes are glued to the picture of Dean Wolf and an unidentified female in the throes of sex were on screen. The only thing that breaks the concentration of everyone “Like the quality of our cameras in your office Dean?” The smugness in his voice “Care to introduce us to your guest Dean Wolfe?”

Dean Wolfe sinks to his knees  “Dear lord!” his eyes riveted to the large screen image of him and the female fucking away! Tears comes to my eyes as I watch Dean Wolfe on his knees in disbelief! Oh my god I feel so bad inside for what I have unfortunately brought to life. If Graeme learns that it was me who made the Dean aware of this party then I’m sure that this would be the last night of my life.

“Now people I believe that we all gathered here to party with these willing females!” Leaving the stairs, dropping the microphone so it’s draped over the banister railing, he makes a beeline back to me “That takes care of him, now to take care of you!’ Running a finger from the back of my left ear to the tip of my breast. “Care to help me Gene?”

“Anytime my brotha!” Gene presses down on my shoulder and I’m forced to my knees “Now you show my good brother what you can do with that mouth little girl!”

“Oh no Gene I have something else planned for her!’ Winking at him “She’s going to pleasure the guess she invited to tonight’s gathering!”

*Oh god somehow he knew it was me who alerted Dean Wolfe!* looking up I see him step aside and there in front of me is Faye with a sneer on her face. My mind spirals as she reaches down and helps me back to standing upright. She leads me over to Dean Wolfe!

“Now Deany why don’t you show Miss Parson just how much you like what she did for you tonight?” Kicking my legs apart then pushing my crotch into Dean Wolfe’s face “Eat out the little bitch or she’s going to be digitized into the footage you have already seen!”

Someone behind Dean Wolf forced him forwards “Eat her out or the footage of your activities will be before the panel in a heartbeat!” His head moves into the cleft and I could feel his warm breath on my pussy lips

“Forgive me Miss Parsons!” Then his tongue makes contact tracing my vulva all over. I shudder as he gets faster, parting my outer lips and going right to the most sensitive part of me. I look anywhere but down at him as he is made to go down on me. All around the girls are naked some being fucked from behind while pressed against a wall. Some against someone else. Two are on their hands and knees a cock in their mouth and in one of their holes and some are missing, which can only mean they were taken upstairs!

Five minutes must have passed when I started to fully respond to Dean Wolfe’s administrations. Soon I’m sopping wet down there and I’m know that if he keeps it up I’m going to cum in his face, Suddenly I’m pulled away from Dean Wolfe and turned to the wall, pressed into it face first and once more someone lips are on my vagina. The new person takes me to the point of cumming then back off a few times!

Then whoever it is lets me cum and I go weak in the knees and I hear the person speaks and I deeply ashamed of what just happened “Graeme bet your pussy would be to my liking Evie and I have to say it is!” I’m turned around and Faye is in my face licking her lips and chin. “Now it only seems fair that you recipericate to Dean Wolfe!”

Then I pushed to the floor “Crawl over there and get his cock out and into that mouth!” I knew not to defy what I was told to do. As I get between his legs, get his cock out I’m spinning down a vortex in my mind. My head if forced into his crotch and I take only the second cock of my life into my mouth. Without thinking I look up at Dean Wolfe who has a stunned look on his face. A few minutes pass then something i would never have suspected ever. Dean Wolfe hands clamped onto the side of my head and he took over, moving me up and down his cock like a piston- basically face fucking me. A matter of minutes he pulls out and sprays my face and chest with copious amounts of his cum.

“Damn got that blowjob completely on the cameras Graeme!” A large black man on our right side holding a remote on the television screen our faces
“Should I replay it?”

“No Josh I think she should show you how much she appreciated being made a star in one of your videos!”

“You shittin me Graeme?”

“Would I do that to you Josh my friend?”  Reachout to take the camera from this Josh person “Oh talking about shittin’, trust me she loves having a cock in her shitter!”

In a flash the Josh is out of his pants and down on his knees pulling my stunned body to him, positioning me on my hand and knees. Then with any warning ot lubricant he shoves in and I scream at the intrusion until another cock is shoved down my mouth. After that it was a blur of to and fro motions between the two cocks. I never even heard Graeme when he called out she’s got a hole free who wants it. Then all went black!

                                                                                                           More To Follow
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Step Bros Gotta Have Fun
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Love it. Looking forward to learning what you have planned
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Step Bros Gotta Have Fun
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Dennis and Ashton had not been impressed when their father announced he was starting to date. After what their mother had done to him, they didn’t want to see their dad get hurt again. It had been pretty hard on him when he’d found out his wife of fifteen years was having an affair with her yoga instructor, who was ten years younger.

The boys had been fifteen and thirteen at the time. They had never really had much of a close relationship with their mother. She had gotten pregnant with Ashton when she was only twenty-one and her parents made her get married, She seemed to resent him for that. Instead of being able to live a fun, care-free life like so many of her friends were doing, she was stuck at home changing diapers.

Then Dennis came along, and she didn’t really treat him much better. The boys grew up being made to feel like they were an inconvenience to their mother. When they heard she was screwing around on their dad, they weren’t that surprised. They had always had a feeling she really didn’t like being married.

After all that happened, the two boys had developed poor attitudes towards women. Women were sluts, plain and simple. Sluts and bitches that just wanted to ruin mens’ lives, and who were only happy if they were getting fucked.

It was a very misogynistic view, but one the boys completely believed was true.
The two boys had become quite spoiled since the divorce. Their dad would buy them practically anything they wanted, and was very poor at disciplining them. They could get away with all kinds of stuff, and pretty well did.

They would skip school, stay out at all hours of the night on weekends, go to parties where they’d drink and smoke pot and make out with girls. Both had their drivers’ licences and their dad had bought them cars.

Dennis and Ashton really figured they had the world by the tail. Then they met Angela, the woman their dad was dating. And her daughter, Jayni!

When their dad told them he was getting married, the boys did not relish the idea of having a stepsister. But one thing they did take notice of, was that their stepsister was a hottie.
Jayni was indeed a very pretty girl, with a tight, slender, teen body.  She stood about 5’ 5”, with long brown hair, brown eyes, and a very cute smile.

Her long legs, cute ass, and firm, perky tits caught Dennis and Ashton’s attention right off the bat. She might have only been fourteen when they first met her, but they were both quite impressed with her hot body.

By the time of the wedding, Jayni had turned fifteen. The boys certainly had fun that day, checking her out in a sexy shimmery blue dress that showed off her teenage body very nicely. It didn’t leave a lot to the imagination!
After Jayni and her mom moved in to their house, it was quite an adjustment for Dennis and Ashton. It had been a while since they’d had a woman around the house, and not only that, but now also a teenage girl! 
The boys didn’t mind too much though. They were treated daily to the precocious little fox strutting around the house in her tight jeans and cute skirts. Jayni especially liked wearing tight shorts and skimpy tops, often with knee socks.
Sometimes, in the evenings when she’d be watching TV in the living room, she’d be wearing little night gowns that barely even covered her butt.
The brothers would also catch Jayni running around the house in just a t-shirt and pair of panties. She was used to living with just her mother, and every once in a while, her mom would have to remind her that there was boys in the house and that she should show a little more modesty.

Jayni knew the boys checked her out. She could see the movement of their eyes and how, when she was around them, they’d purposely shift their gaze in a different direction. They tried to pretend they weren’t paying attention to her, but Jayni knew better.
Jayni was used to the looks the boys at her school would give her. Dennis and Ashton were just two more teenage boys as far as Jayni was concerned. She had no idea, however, the thoughts that were going through their minds and the turn things were going to take.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Step Bros Gotta Have Fun
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Like the start, the scenario in general and her attitude! Can't wait for more!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Walk Home Initiative
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                                                                                                        Part Five: Roommates Talk!

“FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!” Thrusting up into her pussy has me immediately wanting to claim her as mine! “You’re the best I’ve been in so far today!” Leave it to Graeme to pick the best pussy on campus to walk home! And the tits on her were proof that God exist to me! “Damn go to see Graeme about holding a Recognition Party for all of our newbs!”

Even with the shower water running down the top of my head I could feel the tears in my eyes as he fucks me from behind. As if they didn’t prove to me at that house, this drove the nail into my coffin about my future here at Ravishem University! God how many were going to take me like it was my only purpose in life.

“Oh yeah you’re going to be the most popular girl with the guys that for sure!” He pulls me tighter to him and thrust up deep and holds then the coldest warm sensation I’ve ever learnt to dread happens as he imparts his seed deep into me. When he pulls out and releases his hold on me I sink to the floor in a heap, water striking my all over as I lay there dazed and crying!

“God damn girl Graeme told me to deliver his message and i did it for him!” He moves the moves me so the shower head is striking my pussy directly. “I’ll give you a half hour to clean me out of you.Moving towards the door “But if I was you I do it quicker and get back to your dorm since there’s two more members who would just love to introduce themselves to someone already apart of our initiative!.”

“NOOOOOO!” I move  from under the water, reachout groping for my towel and robe. In a little less than fifteen hours i been raped by four members of this initiative. I didn’t want anyone raping me before I can figure out how to get away from them all! Wiping the soles of my feet I get up and stagger my way back to my dorm room, opening it finding Rachel standing by her desk a dripping cloth pressed to her right cheek!

“Oh god what happened Rachel?” Praying that she wasn’t the latest one to be initiated into the initiative!

She turns towards me and notices my robe standing open  “God Evelyn never let anyone find you like that!”  I burst into tears and she realizes why “Oh no not you too?” with that she also burst into tears “Evelyn please tell me that the Initiative hasn’t found you?”

I can't speak, just nodding my head as she takes me into her trembling arms and walks me to the closest bed. With my head on her should I breakdown and tell here everything that has happened to me since last class last night! When I’m finished, she starts!

“It was a little over two week ago now, before you came to be my roommate!, I was hungry and went out for a slice over on Flostath Rd. I was on the way back when a dog appeared out from under the bushes, flashing teeth and growling at me. I was sure It was going to bite me when Darryl Lee came up from behind me and scared it off."

“What a pretty girl like you doing out at this hour of night unescorted?” He goes on to ask me if I seen the warning posters that were going up all over campus. Stupidly I told him that I seen them but thought it would never happen to me! “He then suggested that he should drive me back to the dorm, even going so far as to walk me back to his car just outside of the security office.

We just got in and started driving off when he said he had to make a pitstop to get gas and like an idiot I told him no problem. He drove us away from campus claiming the gas was cheaper off campus and that was when he told me about the initiative. He pulled off the road in an unlit tree lined street and that’s when he produces a knife and raped me. He drove me here and gave me lots of warning which I took to heart when I saw him and Armie talking a sly smile on their faces.

“Since that day I’ve been used almost daily by them!”

For the next half hour we hold each other trying to think of how we can escape our fate!. My cell phone rings and we both jump, looking to the screen we see his name and a message  “You and your roomie better be ready to be picked up at nine thirty for an important reception at our Fraternity- Graeme!"

“Oh god there has to be someway that we can get out of this Rachel?”

“No they have all the ways to leave under watch!”

Like I didn’t have first hand experience about that. Then I remember the car the dean gave me and my vow to call. “Is there some way we could get a message to Dean Wolfe?” Going to my pants and getting out his card “He told me to call anytime night or day!”

“Oh Evelyn have you no idea who is ultimately behind this initiative?” I shake my head not believe what Rachel is implying!

“But he took me out of their fraternity himself and brought me here this morning!” I didn’t want to believe it. Even telling Rachel about the Dean’s reaction of learning his wife endorsed the initiative with a letter that they framed.

“Framed was it must be nice since the Dean’s wife died three years ago from toxic shock syndrome contracted while she was in Central America!”

“No! Then what was in the frame?” Like a moron I asked her

“Knowing the assholes involved probably a list of their conquests!”

I didn’t believe her, couldn’t believe her was more like it. Rachel had to be wrong and I just knew that if I got a message  to Dean Wolfe that we would both be saved from what they had planned for us tonight!.

A half hour later I got my chance to send a message to Dean Wolfe when Rachel left to go to the biology lab. I was on my way to my science class when I was stopped by Faye who lives directly across from us in the dorm. “Evelyn I don’t suppose I could try my sim card in your phone could I?” Sure I said knowing I could send a message to Dean Wolf from my phone but it would appear to come from her.

Going back into our room I bent a paperclip and opened the card slot, switching them out and telling her “Why don’t I test it for you. My fingers flying over the screen, messaging the dean’s phone after I got his number from the card.

Seconds later a return message “Fraternity, tonight after ten. Thank you!  Will take care of everything... Dean Wolfe”

The rest of the day I’m feeling safer and proud of myself For taking steps to possible stop the downward spiral my life has become! When Rachel Gets back I don’t let on to her that I did anything.  When Nine thirty rolled around Rachel and I along with four other girls were in the lobby when a black SUV pulled up and picked us all up to take us to the fraternity!

                                                                                                                  Off To The Fraternity!

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Forced Sex Stories / Step Bros Gotta Have Fun
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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. This story involves the rape of an underage girl. If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and any resemblance to real persons, places or events is purely coincidental.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

An original story by Vile8r :  A young girl finds out it isn't a good thing to tease her stepbrothers.

 gangrape;ua;noncon;oral;anal;mild violence

Step Brothers Gotta Have Fun

Jayni didn’t like her new home. Nope….not at all! She still couldn’t understand why she’d had to move. Yeah, it wasn’t far from her old neighborhood, and she was still able to see most of her friends, but she’d liked her old house. It was where she’d grown up!

 The pretty fifteen year-old girl’s life had been in a lot of turmoil the last three years. It all started when she found out her parents were splitting up and getting a divorce.

 Her dad’s job required him to work away from home a lot. He would always phone home, and tell Jayni and her mom how much he missed them. Apparently, he wasn’t missing them that much. Jayni’s mom, Angela, soon found out he was screwing around with other women while he was away.

Jayni was only twelve at the time, and it was hard on her, listening to her parents fight. She hated her dad for what he had done and couldn’t understand how he could be so mean to her mom. Not only that, but Jayni was an only child and had always thought she was the apple of her daddy’s eye. Why would he do something like this to people he supposedly loved?

Her dad moved out of state and ended up living with one of the women he had fucked around with. Jayni didn’t even really miss him. She had decided that if he didn’t care about his family, well, she wouldn’t care about him either.

For awhile, things weren’t too bad. Jayni’s mom had gotten the house in the divorce settlement, so they at least still had a place to live. Angela had a decent job as a hospital nurse and was able to provide all right for herself and Jayni.

Then Angela began dating another man. His name was Ross Nystrom. He worked at the same hospital she did, and she’d actually known him for several years. He was also divorced.
Jayni didn’t mind Ross. He seemed like a pretty decent guy, and he treated her and her mom good. It was not hard for Jayni to see that her mom was falling in love.

Sure enough, not much more than a year after they began dating, Ross proposed to Angela and she accepted. They got married in May, only a couple weeks after Jayni’s fifteenth birthday.

Jayni didn’t mind her mother getting re-married. Angela seemed happier now than she had in years. And Jayni was getting a new dad, which she also didn’t mind. But then, her mother dumped the news on her! They were going to be selling their house, and moving in with Ross and his two sons, from his first marriage.

Now Ross was one thing. But his sons, Dennis and Ashton, well, they were something completely different.

When Jayni first met them, she was fourteen, Dennis was sixteen, and Ashton was eighteen. Her very first impression of them, was that they were mouthy, rude and arrogant. There was really only one way to describe them, they were spoiled little fuckers used to getting their own way!
They were actually both fairly good-looking boys, but had a terrible attitude toward girls. Jayni always heard them talking bad about girls, calling them names like ‘cunts’ or ‘sluts’ or ‘bitches’. She would hear them talking about doing stuff with girls, making out and that kind of thing, then just dumping them. They seemed to have no morals and treated girls like crap.

She did not at all like the idea of having to move into the same house with her new stepbrothers. Jayni had protested to her mother, but it didn’t do much good.

“Why do we have to move, Mom?”

“Because, dear, I’m married to Ross now. We can’t hardly live in separate homes, silly! And anyway, his house is much bigger than ours. There’ll be way more room!”

“You should be excited for your new family. You’ll have some big brothers now,” Angela had said.

“I hate them! They’re jerks!” Jayni had spat. “I won’t like it there at all.”

Her mom had hugged her and said, in that patronizing tone only mothers have, ”Oh, you will so! You’ll get used to it.”

 That was two months ago. Since then, Angela had sold their house, and she and Jayni had packed up their belongings and moved into their new home.
Jayni remembered that first day at the Nystrom home. She was given a bedroom in the basement. It was a nice room, actually even much bigger than her old bedroom. As she was unpacking clothes, Dennis, who was now 17, entered her bedroom and plopped down on her bed.

“Hey, do you mind?” Jayni said.

“Do I mind what?” he sneered.

“I’m kinda busy here,” she said. “And you don’t just barge into people’s bedrooms.”

“I was just popping by to say hi. I mean, hey, you’re my sister now. We should learn to be friendly, you know?”

“Yes, you are right,” Jayni replied. “But the way to do that, is to not come in my room without being invited. I’ll stay out of your room…you stay out of mine, okay?”

“Geez, what a little bitch,” Dennis said, as he got up off the bed.

“Hey, I didn’t ask to move here,” Jayni said. 

“All right, all right, I’ll get out,” he said, giving her the finger as he walked out the door. “Have a nice life!”

Yes, Jayni could see it was going to be quite a challenge living with Dennis and Ashton.

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