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December 23, 2016, 02:54:55 PM

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God said "Let there be light!" The was and everything was alright.
Next god created Adam,again all was good but Adam was lonely
Waiting for Adam to fall asleep, god removed a rib to make Eve.
(That's right ladies made from a used part! that Adam didn't need to make something that he will come to need!)
God introduced her to Adam and all was right in the world
All god asked was for neither of them to eat off the fruit of knowledge.
Adam grew to love Eve and a special feature especially

But Eve was tempted by something long and slippery and ate the fruit.
For punishment, god tossed Eve out of paradise.
Adam went with her,telling god it' wouldn't be paradise without Eve
And that is why to this very day the answer in men's minds to the question what is paradise is
Pussy equals paradise!