Author Topic: Murders in Knoxville, Tennessee  (Read 1722 times)

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November 13, 2017, 11:50:55 AM

Offline vile8r

Wow! I watched a show last week on the Investigation:Discovery channel, called Sins And Secrets. They were featuring a story about the January 2007 rapes and murders of two young college students in Knoxville, Tennessee. Channon Christian and her boyfriend Christopher Newsom were carjacked by a black guy who had a long history of criminal activity. He and three gang buddies, 2 men and a woman, sodomized and shot to death the boy, then took his girlfriend to a nearby house where she underwent a horrible ordeal of gangrape over the course of a couple days before they also finally murdered her, suffocating her with a plastic bag and stuffing her body into a garbage can.

The coroner later said the sexual abuse and torture she suffered prior to her murder was some of the most horrific he'd ever seen!

I remember a couple years ago reading about this incident. I looked up some information on the web and actually found some excerpts from the official's coroner's report that were used as evidence in the court trials of the gang members. It WAS pretty gruesome, some of the shit they did to her! Even the coroner said, and I quote him, "She was raped in EVERY POSSIBLE way a person CAN be raped!"

The case was controversial in that national media was accused of downplaying the crime because of the fact it was black people who had committed the crimes against white people. It caused quite a bit of racial tensions in Knoxville, where there is a lot of racial separation as it is.

The one black guy even tried to concoct a story that the college students weren't carjacked, they had come to his neighborhood to buy crack and the girl offered sexual favours in trade for drugs. That really got the white people worked up, especially the families of the victims.

In the end, the juries didn't believe any of that and three of them received lengthy prison sentences, one guy received the death penalty.