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December 29, 2015, 10:10:29 PM

Offline Delaware_Dary

WARNING! The following is a work of fiction and features physical and sexual violence. You must be 18 years of age or older to proceed. Reader discretion is advised. All characters portrayed are fictional and any resemblance to any person is a coincidence. If you are unable to distinguish fantasy and reality, do not read this thread

I come from a broken mom died in Afghanistan in 2002 which took a toll on my father who was also military. After that my father joined his buddies in the PMC and eventually becoming Chief of Operations (COO) due to his service as a Black Ops Operator in the Middle East.

Growing up in such a family environment meant that my education was a bit more hands on and practical compared to other people my age. My father trained me in various forms of Martial Arts and he was complaining: "kid, you better buck the fuck up or you won't survive in the real world"....  Being in a defence contracting industry we met alot of operators serving different nations making my education multicultural to say the least.

Nonetheless, I made friends with most of my dads friends and they taught me everything. I never had any bodybuilding muscle packs but I could hold my own in a fight. Before I started high school in Livermore, my father assigned a security team and bought a house in 2 clicks from the school itself. 4 men were assigned to my protection if needed while I attended school. I remained invisible and keeping more to myself without stirring any trouble which meant I was able to conceal my fetishes for rape and foot and leg fetish.

It was till my final year in high school when some schmuck in the pro football team started picking on me. James was the quarterback on the school football team known for his way around girls and picking at the quiter people in school. The verbal abuse eventually came to a breaking point so I decide to teach him a lesson. One day at lunch break, again James was picking one me and that was when I walked up to him....and said:

"James, there's something on your face..."
"Yeah, David?"

I grabbed his face and smashed onto the lockers in front of everyboy, he tried to throw me a punch which I repelled and jabbed his throat and he collasped onto the floor like a total whimp. The crowd was stunned staring at me as I effectively K.Oed James in 5 seconds. All of a sudden I felt an intense shock on my back and collasped onto the floor and before I went unconscious I saw someone attending to James.

Next thing I knew I was in the principal's office with my father along with James and both parties agreed to keep a hush over the issue and my father compensated James's medical bills. Upon exiting my dad said: "Congratulations, kid your all grown up welcome to the world"

What he said next was something caught me off guard completely

"Kid, veangence comes best when it is commited on the person your target loves most"

Then he handed me a photograph and left...... "kid, remember what I said"

I took a look a the photograph and I instantly knew what he meant. Being in defence contracting meant that my father had assigned intel assets to monitor me and he pretty much knew everything about my classmates which in this case James's beloved girlfriend the sweet Lindsay Becker.

Lindsay was the brain of the school and being part of the gymanstics and debate meant that she was both brains and beauty. Her skin was white with a slight tan and a stunning figure coupled with a sweet looking face and long shapely legs standing at 5 foot 8 made her the dream of every guy in school. I never dealt with her before but ever since dating James she was always annoyed when seeing me in the same class as her.

Thus it was decided I was gonna rape her and what better way to do it then on the upcoming school prom to be held at the end of school term........... TBC

December 29, 2015, 10:38:31 PM
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Offline vile8r

This is good! Some good buildup.

December 30, 2015, 01:59:53 AM
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Offline roped_wrists

Great start on this story, Delaware_Dary! Keep writing!

If I could make a request.

Elaborate on these:

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my fetishes for rape and foot and leg fetish.

...and any other fetishes you might 'discover'.

Put it all out there! :)

December 30, 2015, 03:55:58 AM
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Offline Delaware_Dary


rape fetish: bedding someone against their will..there is no fun and excitement in consensual sex the thrill of seeing them struggle under my grasp is intoxicating

leg fetish: I like to stare at their long slender legs seeing how smooth and tender as they wear their skirts

December 30, 2015, 04:58:55 AM
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Offline Delaware_Dary


As prom approached, the event was to be held at the Grand Regency Hotel in town and I thought: AWESOME...doing it in style. With the event being on Saturday evening I checked in a day earlier under the company account on the Presidential Penthouse right at the top. Preparing for the evening I "borrowed" a whole bunch of HD cams and audio microphones and installed it in the room spesifically facing the queen size bed and toilet.

All was set in the bedroom as I chuckled thinking the pleasure I was gonna have with Lindsay. FInally prom had begun, I was dressed in a black tuxedo complementing my six foot height blending the music and enjoying drinks as I waited patiently for my prey to arrive. Sure enough around 8pm Lindsay arrived and boy she looked stunning. She was dressed in a black glistering dress which reached 3 inches above her knees exposing her long sexy legs in 3 inch heels. The dress was tight enough that it revealed her curves and my cock was jumping in my pants. Incredibly next to her was James in a 2 piece suit with a scar on his face which I gave him.

I let the two of them enjoyed their last dance together which was the first of the evening and that was when I put my plan into action. I tipped the hotel concierge to inform her there was a phonecall for her in the secluded area of the hotel lobby right beside the lift. I hid behind the plant slowly waiting as she approached and anticipating the phone call. I walked up behind her and injected her with a minor sedative making her head heavy and almost unconscious as I pretended to be the "concerned boyfriend" bringing her into my room for the evening. I placed my hands over her hips and boy that felt wonderful and placing her hand over my shoulder as I slowly escorted to the elevator and her perfume and body scent was intoxicating.

As the 2 of us were alone in the lift I decided to get a feel what she had to offer and placed both hands over her hips and planted a sweet romantic kiss into her mouth despite her struggling to get my mouth away. I moved my hands down and gave her ass a tight squeeze jolting her slightly before mentioning into her ear: ..."Baby I'm gonna ruin you tonight"

As we entered the bedroom I left her on the bed to let the sedatives wear off as I wanted to hear her scream when I enter her later making the experience all the more satisfactory.  I got out of my clothes and put on a pair of boxers and set up the video equipment to record my eventful evening. With her regaining consciousness slightly I knew she was ready and I proceeded onto the bed and I knew I was gonna enjoy and savour every last bit of this experience tonight. I started by planting a long kiss into her mouth and her wailing hands was struggling to stop this invasion of her mouth trying to push me away. I moved on to lick her face, cheeks before moving down to her neck and biting it gently and kissing as well. She was trying to move her legs as well in a vain effort to kick me off as I was laying beside her instead of ontop of her which revealed her flawless legs and thighs and eventually her lacy black panties.

Then I decided to satisfy my legman fetish and moved to her legs and slowly carassing them from toes to her thighs after removing her heels. I took off my boxers and let my 9 incher feel up the whole length of her legs and I had to take special care not to lose my load that instant. That was when I decided enough foreplay I moved back to her face licking her before whispering into her ears: "time to get you naked"

Even in her semi-conscious state she heard me clearly and was beginning to put up more of a fight but the effects of the drugs were stilll evident as I effortlessly turned her over revealing her bareback dress. I kissed the back of the neck before nibbling down along her back all the way to the zipper of her dress near her ass. I unzipped it and pulled the dress of her completely with her panties the last remaining line of defence. I used both hands and grabbed her panties and slipped it off her body and there she was completely naked and mine for the taking. I caress her baby ass before kissing it and moving up to her thighs and turning her over again to face me. I stared her medium built tits and started sucking and kissing them till they were completely erect and moved down to her belly button. Finally I got between her heavenly thighs and kissed it before exposing her womanhood for the first time. I licked it to stimulate and get her wet as I prepared for the most important event of the evening.

Spreading her legs apart, I pinned myself onto her with me covering her petite frame before whispering into her for the last time: "Lindsay, are you ready to be fucked?" ..... "No...please don't" with that I penetrated her for the first time and boy she was tight as hell with me only entering the first 3 inches before reaching her barrier and that was when it struck me sweet little Lindsay was still a virgin and I was pop her cherry. I pulled out and I hand slapped her till she became fully aware of her predicament with me fully ontop of her in which I mentioned: "time to bust your cherry"

Before she could say anything I lunged into her the second time and she let off a scream for being taken in such a brutal manner. All the foreplaying and planning and her seductive clothes had me all hot and bothered to care.I reared back and jammed in again this time tearing through her barrier. I got the confirmation as I saw the bed sheets were covered in streaks of blood and she was sobbing hysterically begging me to stop. I reared back and continued plowing into virgin territory as her teared hymen blood and cunt juices were making it easier and slowly but surely I burried my full length inside her before taunting sarcastically:

"Lindsay, thanks for this incredible body and your cherry so I'll reward you with my sperm"
"David, please don't I beg you"
"too late for that love"

I began rapid assault in her cunt with all the pent up lust stored in my testis and her tender body with me forcing a kiss into her mouth bought me to a point of no return and I burried my dick completely and exploded inside her. I pulled out my dick and allowed it to recuperate as she crawled into a foetal position and started crying. She knew she was beaten with streaks of blood and cum flowing out of her slit as I continued carassing her body and kissing and biting gently her legs and thighs. Soon, I was ready to go again this time to put up less of a fight as I grabber both her legs on my shoulder and began my second assault into her cunt. This time her vagina was accustomed to my dick as I entered and began humping her as she was still sobbing on the bed with me taunting: "baby, your legs are so smooth an sexy, just the way I like it" as I held them while fucking her.

We both froze when her cell phone rang. I got off the bed and saw it was James who had no idea she had been missing for the past hour. She was looking at me pleading: "David, please don't pick up the phone"

I tosed her the phone and she began answering as I gotten in position behind her and placed her on all fours before entering her again fucking her doggie style.

"Darling, where are you? are you ok?"
"Yes James, urmmm....(me fucking her made her struggled to speak properly) I had a bit of a cold and I got home early to take a rest"
"Alright Lindsay, you take care of yourself alright?"
"Yes James"
"I love you darling"
"I love you too James"

Just as she said I love you too I exploded into her for the second time and layed atop of her completely exhausted for the night with Lindsay crying on the bed. The next morning, I felt Lindsay pushed me over as she slowly limped to the bathroom to freshen up after 2 fuck sessions last night. As she walked towards the toilet back facing me I had a good view of her ass and that was when I had an idea. She was cleaning at the basin when she felt my hands caressing her hips and breasts with her begging:

"Please David you have what you wanted last night please let me go"

I made her understood what I wanted to do when my dick started probing the entrance of her ass and that was when she started to panick and was struggling to escape my clutches. I grabbed her and pushed her into the shower stall with her facing the wall I let the water flow and buggered for the first time.

"Thats my point darling as I jackhammered her heavenly ass before flooding it with sperm. After I cum  forced her to shower with me and later we both got dressed. When I looked at her one last time I forgotten how sexy she look in her dress and forced back onto the bed and removed her panties only leaving her heels and dress before fucking her one last time and warned her before she left that if she told anybody about this, the video I recorded last night will be sent to her beloved James and family, to which she nodded.

She called a cab home and I never heard from her since and the video I recorded will serve as both an incentive for her to keep her mouth shut and a private souvenir for me to savor upon as my private collection. After that eventful night off I went to college to begin a new chapter in life

December 31, 2015, 12:03:40 AM
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Offline vile8r

December 31, 2015, 02:38:01 AM
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Offline Delaware_Dary

Thanks Vile8r...any feedback?

December 31, 2015, 02:52:39 AM
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Thanks Vile8r...any feedback?

I realize you were speaking to Vile8r so if I'm intruding, please pardon the intrusion.

That being said, were you looking for feedback on anything in particular?

December 31, 2015, 09:43:00 PM
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Offline Delaware_Dary


I am actually open to all feedback on my first story hahaa

January 02, 2016, 03:29:07 AM
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Offline roped_wrists

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I am actually open to all feedback on my first story hahaa

Sure Delaware!

Here's what I picked up.

When I asked you about your fetishes, you wrote this:

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rape fetish: bedding someone against their will..there is no fun and excitement in consensual sex the thrill of seeing them struggle under my grasp is intoxicating

leg fetish: I like to stare at their long slender legs seeing how smooth and tender as they wear their skirts

And then in the story, your leg fetish appeared like this:

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Then I decided to satisfy my legman fetish and moved to her legs and slowly carassing them from toes to her thighs after removing her heels. I took off my boxers and let my 9 incher feel up the whole length of her legs and I had to take special care not to lose my load that instant.

You've admitted to a leg fetish.

And yet Lindsay's legs play a small role in your story.

My suggestion is this:

Focus on Lindsay's legs. Dedicate at least a paragraph to them. How do they look? How do they smell? How do they taste? How do the blobs of precum look on her silky calves after your character rubs his dick against them?

Identify your passions (rape and legs).

Then focus on these two passions, writing only to satisfy your desire for these passions.

What happens next is nothing short of magical. The more you focus on the things you LOVE, the better your story gets (as a whole!). It's like throwing a pebble into a lake. The pebble might be small, but the wake stretches from shore to shore. Zoom in on the small details and all of a sudden, your entire body of work will benefit. :)

January 02, 2016, 11:57:48 AM
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Offline Delaware_Dary


Thanks for the generous feedback haha  :) :) ;)

I will try to incorporate the elements in my next stories.... In the mean time why not try taking a look at my new one in the forced sex stories section titled: justice served...sweet pay back

December 04, 2016, 09:10:02 PM
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Offline brokenwing

Delaware_Dary I very much enjoyed your story.  I enjoyed it so much I would like to write the story from the perspective of your character Lindsay. 

It's not often that I find a story where I find that I could very much put my mind in the place of the victim character but this is one.

I hope you are still an active member here, because I would prefer for you to like the idea. 

If you are not, considering that it would be my interpretation I do not see it being any type of violation as it will be my own words, just the same character names and set up scenario.

Hope you find this post and approve.