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Offline Sparx

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read this tale of rape and non-consensual sex.  If you find this subject matter offensive, please stop reading. This story is fiction and no characters portrayed are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, stop reading now. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. No one is being hurt here, and this is pure fantasy.
For those who wish to continue, please enjoy.


By Sparx

Lisa stretched her neck, she put a hand on the counter and scrunched up her pretty face as the tension released slightly. She wiggled her hips a little and looked at the clock. Eight Fifty-Five, her shift was over in five minutes. She picked up the intercom phone and dialed the store wide PA.

“Good evening shoppers, the store will be closing in five minutes. Please bring your final purchases to the front, where one of our helpful staff would love to assist you.” She took a breath. “We will be open again tomorrow morning at Eight A.M. Thank you, and have a pleasant evening.”

She made the exact same call every night, at the same time. Three times a night actually, starting at the last fifteen minutes before closing. She smiled at a young boy who had been watching her. She tried to ignore the fact that he seemed to be staring at her breasts. She looked away, stretching up on her tip toes before dropping to her heels, giving her tits a good bounce. She tried to hide her giggle when the little boy’s jaw almost hit the floor and she turned, pulling her vest over the button up blouse she wore, just enough buttons undone to show the top of her cleavage. She adjusted her glasses and went to the rear counter. She turned and shuffled some papers around. The girls would have to count the cash registers, but Lisa could leave as soon as the clock struck nine.

When it did, she opened a cupboard behind the counter and pulled out her bag and jacket, quickly moving for the door. She smiled and waved at the two young cashier girls, and strode quickly through the sliding glass door towards the parking lot. She stepped out into the brisk autumn air and shivered, pulling her coat tighter. She worked at a huge department store on the edge of town, and lived even further out. She crossed the parking lot in the light rain that was falling, heading towards her jeep.

“Lisa!” Came a call behind her and she turned. She spun on a heel, her eyebrows up and eyes wide at having been detained.

“Hi Jessica.” She said, it was one of the young cashiers. She was very pretty, twenty-two if Lisa remembered correctly. She had wavy hair the color of caramel that fell in thick locks around her face.

“Do you want to carpool tomorrow morning?” The girl asked, eyes expectant. Lisa let out a sigh of relief.

“Of course.” She smiled. “I just couldn’t today because I had to drop my fiancé off at the airport this morning.”

“Okay, cool!” Jessica nearly skipped with joy. “I’ll be at your place at seven in the morning.” Lisa wished she had that kind of energy still. She wasn’t that old she frowned to herself as she turned to continue walking to the car. She was only five years older than Jessica, but hanging around all these nineteen and twenty-year olds sure made her feel old.

Once in the vehicle she started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot, making a quick right turn at the lights at the end of the road, soon she was barreling up the long hill that led towards the mountains. Lisa thought to herself, it sure was getting dark earlier as fall set on. A month ago it would still be light out, but now the sun was long since set and the darkness enveloped her. Her headlights lanced through the dark. Rain and ghostly trees flitted passed as she drove out of town, towards home. It was quiet and there were still a few tiny patches of snow from the first falling flakes of the year this morning. It didn’t look like it was there to stay.

Thirty minutes later she was nearly home, a quarter klick to her turnoff and then another fifteen minute drive down a road that was only paved half way. Ahead through the dark and stillness, Lisa saw flashing lights. She craned her neck to see as she drew closer. A cop car, pulled hastily to the side of the road, a single police officer rushing around the side. As she drew closer, she saw another vehicle. A sheriff’s SUV had slid down the bank and rolled into the ditch. There were tire marks all over the road. Lisa kept driving, she didn’t even turn to see, car accidents made her sick.

Twenty minutes later she climbing out of her jeep, safely home, as the garage door slid closed behind her. She opened the door into the kitchen and went into the house. Upstairs she went, stripping off her clothes as she went through the master bedroom, discarding her glasses on the nightstand. She stepped into the bathroom and went right to the tub, turning on the water for a shower and testing it with her hand. She stepped over to the mirror and let her bra fall to the ground.

Wearing only her panties, she definitely didn’t look old. Soft supple skin, and no wrinkles to speak of. She was a beautiful girl. She pulled the hair elastic from her pony tail, shaking out her shoulder length hair. She ran her hands through her hair, always enjoying the feeling of release after her hair had been pulled so tight all day. She cupped her breasts in her small hands, barely able to contain them. Lisa always felt blessed when she looked at her tits. She had definitely gotten good genes. She squeezed her tits up and let them fall, watching the firm bounce and admiring her pink nipples. She nodded approval and stepped into the shower. The steam rose and the soap ran down silky soft skin to swirl around the drain before disappearing forever.

After her shower, the mirror was fogged and Lisa walked passed it wrapped in a towel and out into the bedroom. Even home alone, Lisa didn’t like to be nude more than she had to, gripping the towel tight. She entered the walk in closet and when she emerged she was wearing a pair of grey booty shorts and a blue tank top that clung to her breasts like a second skin. It showed a little bit of tummy where the hem didn’t reach the tops of her shorts. Shuffling her feet into her cozy slippers and retrieving her glasses from where she had laid them, she headed downstairs to the kitchen. She put some water on to boil for tea and flicked on the television, going straight for Netflix. She settled in to watch her current favorite show as the water boiled.

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Offline Sparx

Lisa’s eyes fluttered open. She took a breath as if she had been holding it and looked around, disoriented. An immense white noise could be heard behind her and the show was still playing, well into the next episode.

She had fallen asleep. She got up and went to the kitchen, where the very last drops of her water was being boiled away, the heat and steam coming from the electric kettle was the sound she had heard upon waking. She put the kettle in the sink, burning her hand. She yelped and held her thumb to her lips, leaning against the counter and closing her eyes. As the burn began to feel better, she heard the distinct creak of the door to the garage opening. She looked to her left, and sure enough the door was gently drifting open. Lisa held her breath for a moment, watching as the door opened several inches and then came to a rest. Gathering her courage she walked across the kitchen, passed the pictures of her and her fiancé David on the fridge. She opened the door and hesitated a moment before reaching a slender arm inside and flicking on the light. She fidgeted with her glasses as she peered into the garage. It was cold, and there was a breeze. The small window on the wall opposite her was broken.

“Shit.” She cursed out loud and went back into the kitchen. She grabbed a roll of tape from the utility drawer and from the hall closet she grabbed a couple towels. She turned and headed back for the garage.

There was a man standing in the kitchen. He was soaking wet, wearing plain clothes and no shoes. His hair was shaggy and he had the scruff of a recently started beard. A handcuff dangled from one wrist and a pistol was clenched in his fist. His hands and arms were covered in blood. They stood there for a moment, the man breathing heavily and Lisa too scared to breathe. He put the gun on the counter and put his hand to his mouth. He spit a small key into his hand and clicked the handcuff off of his wrist. He laid the handcuffs on the counter beside the gun and looked at Lisa again. She hadn’t moved, but when he took a step towards her she screamed and threw the towels at him. Dashing into the living room, she looked over her shoulder as she saw him bursting towards her. She ran upstairs, stumbling but not falling, the jaws of a wolf snapping behind her in her mind’s eye. Two thoughts entered her mind, and a plan formed.
The first thought was that the master bathroom had two doors, and looking over her shoulder to see the man mounting the stairs behind her, she bolted for the bathroom and slammed the door, locking it. She closed her eyes and prayed. Sure enough, heavy footfalls approached and the door was shook with a tremendous impact, the flimsy wood splintering. Lisa backed out of the bathroom and into the master bedroom. Her jeep keys where on the kitchen counter. She edged slowly towards the bedroom door that led back into the hallway, dreading any moment he would be behind her. It was all or nothing when the intruder smashed through the bathroom door and came crashing into the bedroom. Lisa shrieked and ran back for the stairs. Roaring in frustration, her attacker gave chase. Down the stairs she went, three at a time. She came to the island in the center of her kitchen, her keys tossed carelessly there. She snatched them up and looked at the gun and handcuffs just out of arms reach across the island. She started to reach across the granite counter top when the intruder hit the bottom of the steps with a grunt and came at her. She forgot the gun and just ran, flying through the door into the garage. She slammed the door shut behind her and hit the garage door button. She launched off the short flight of steps at the foot of the door, pressing the jeep door lock button on her keyring in mid-air, the blinker lights flashing. She tore the jeep door open, key in the ignition and the vehicle roared to life. She slammed it into reverse and hit the gas.

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Offline Sparx

She didn’t pick up enough speed to break the garage door as it descended back towards the ground. Her back window shattered, and Lisa was shook by the impact. The engine strained to push the vehicle through, crunching metal and deforming the sliding door. Lisa looked up. The man was at the door controls. She screamed in frustration, slamming her little hands on the steering wheel and pounded the gas pedal with her foot, forcing more fuel into the engine. He was beside the door now and she hit the lock, just as he tried the handle. She backed away, onto the passenger side and then screamed as the attacker shattered her window, long powerful arms reaching for her through broken glass. He caught her wrist and pulled her towards him, her hair flying crazy as he pulled her through the window, letting her fall in a heap on the floor. Grabbing an ankle he dragged her across the concrete and even up the three steps back into the house, each step painfully jabbing and jostling her. He let her rest for a moment then, Lisa lay defeated on the cold tile floor. He undressed. When his pants fell away his thick, half erect cock dangled heavily between his legs.

He stooped and grabbed Lisa by the hair, hoisting her to a sitting position. She looked up at him until he pressed his genitals against her face, the big cock lolling against her mouth. Lisa squeezed her eyes shut and squealed between clenched lips. The man scooped the gun off the counter and pressed it into her shoulder. He took his cock in hand and looked at her expectantly.

"Look at me.” He commanded when she sat there, frozen. One of the straps of her tank top had fallen away, exposing more of her breast. The man watched as her tits heaved with each breath the girl took. She looked up at him shyly. He stepped away, snatching a photo off the fridge and crouched before her.
“Where is he?” The man asked, pointing at Lisa’s fiancé with the gun before aiming it at her.

“On his way home any minute,” Lisa stammered, nodding her head, her eyes pleading with him through her glasses lenses. He looked at her for a moment before he put the picture on the counter, jabbed the gun back into her shoulder and began to stroke himself.

"I don’t believe you.” He said with no emotion. “I’m going to put my cock in your mouth and you are going to suck me, do you understand?” He waited for her to respond. After several seconds she nodded slowly, closing her eyes she opened her mouth.

Consumed by the darkness of her shut lids, she could only feel as the smooth, round head of his cock passed between her lips. The sluggish, flaccid worm of the cock filled her small wet mouth and she gagged. She felt the knuckles of his hand where he held himself touch her lips before he let his dick slide back briefly before pressing it back in.

“Suck.” He said and she complied, her cheeks going hollow as she put suction on his member. She felt him growing in her mouth, the slick shaft pressing against her tongue until the long, hard rod pressed into the back of her throat. He pushed her head against the counter and began forcefully thrusting his cock into her mouth. She whined and shrieked, trying to turn away, to get it out of her mouth. He clutched her under the jawline and she couldn’t turn away as he fucked her mouth. He pressed it in hard, the slick bulbous head filling her throat, cutting off her air. Her glasses fogged. She knew she was drooling and as her face started to turn red, he released her. She gasped, nearly collapsing. He was on her in an instant, hoisting her to her feet and pushing her back against the counter. She tried to regain her breath and resist as he tore the fabric of her tank top, her tits popping free. His clutched at the soft pale flesh painfully, his sloppy lips enclosing one nipple and as much flesh as he could get in his mouth, and sucked.

She slapped at him and he grabbed her by the throat, forcing her away from him, bending her over the counter top of the island. It was too high and she was forced onto her tip toes. He snatched the tiny shorts off her ass and clamped his hand over her pussy. It was warm and she was wet. He put a hand into the middle of her back and pushed her down. Holding her hip in one hand and guiding his cock with the other he pressed the head of his dick against her pussy lips. He found her spot and let the tip of his cock slip inside. Carefully and slowly, not to disturb his tenuous penetration, he reached forward and gripped Lisa under the jaw in an iron vice of a hand. Holding his cock steady in the other hand he pulled her up off the counter. Her back arched and he leaned forward until his was looking in her eyes upside down. He spared a glance at her full tits swaying inches above the counter before he made stern eye contact with her and forced his erection inside her body. He watched her expression as she moaned from the penetration, tears welling in her eyes. He forced his cock inside until his pelvis was pressed against her squishy ass and he pressed harder still. Lisa’s eyes began to roll as he pulled on her harder, hurting her back and then he snatched at her hair, holding her head in both hands and began pumping his dick in and out of her. Her tits bounced and she shrieked each time that dick slammed into her. He choked her, squeezing her throat until she couldn’t breathe as he forced his cock inside her body over and over. He snatched at her tits while he fucked her, then grabbed at one arm and twisted it behind her back. Her pussy ached.

And then he was pulling her down onto the kitchen floor. He pressed her down, face first onto the cold tile and mounted her. He held her down firmly by the shoulder while he took his now rigidly hard cock in hand and pressed it against the tight ring of her asshole. It was awkward, and he shifted position, never letting her up.
Lisa’s eyes went wide as the tip of his cock painfully forced through her anus. She wailed and moaned as, millimeter by millimeter, that swollen cock sunk into her ass. He began thrusting, slowly at first. As the tempo increased and Lisa felt her legs going numb, he scooped her hair all to the back of her head and pulled firmly, lifting her face and chest off the floor. He was grunting now as he fucked her in the ass, driving his dick with a purpose. He pulled her hair, painfully arching her back. Her tits were squished to the floor. Her body was on fire.

“Ah fuck!” He groaned and climbed off of her, his dick drawing out of her ass with a pop. Disoriented, Lisa was pulled to her knees by her hair, she was panting and trying to catch a breath. He was standing before her, stroking himself furiously. And then the rigid cock was in her mouth, pushed to the back of her throat. She could taste herself on the dick as she felt the first spasms of orgasm through his cock.

She looked up to the pictures on the fridge, looked at the image of her fiancé’s face as thick gobs of cum spilled in the back of her throat. Lisa choked as it filled her mouth, spilling from her lips to splatter on her heaving tits. The man pulled his spasming cock from her mouth, her tongue following the member out and spilling cum with it. The intruder finished his load on her face. Two, three thick spurts splattered on the lenses of her glasses, across her lips and dripped from her chin to stain her soft thighs, legs curled under her. She was breathing hard and the man put his cock back into her mouth after his orgasm had subsided. He fucked her mouth gently a couple times, his hand going slack in her hair. He grabbed her by the wrist and put her hand on his balls, getting her to gentle massage him while she sucked the last drops of cum from his cock. When he was satisfied he stepped away, his dick falling from her mouth. Lisa was crying and she refused to look at him. She tried to cover her breasts and inched back away from him, coming up against the oven door. After several moments, he spoke.

“Let’s go upstairs.”

To be continued...

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Offline Sparx

Shortly after seven the next morning Jessica was driving up the long road towards Lisa’s house, intent on picking her up for the drive to work. Her windshield wiper blades arcing across her view, the rain coming out of the sky in fat, wet drops. Dense trees flitted passed on either side of the road and the sun tried in vain to burst through the thick grey clouds. She checked her makeup in the mirror to ensure it was perfect, her hair falling in a wavy cascade that framed her face. She wore a pair of black slacks and a white t-shirt underneath a button up jacket with a fur fringed hood. She stretched, arching her back and turning her head to the side, a satisfying pop coming from her neck. She tried to blink the last of sleep from her eyes. She reached for her travel mug in the center console, bringing it to her lips and taking a small sip of steaming hot coffee. Letting her thoughts wander, she took another thoughtful sip as she turned the corner and then pulled off the road onto Lisa’s steep driveway.

As she pulled up in front of the house, slowly lowering her cup, she saw the garage. The door was all buckled and dented. As she drove slowly closer, Jessica saw that it wasn’t fully closed and she could see the tires of Lisa’s jeep through the partly open rolling door. She could see that the jeep was pressed up against the damaged door.

“Oh shit.” Jessica said under her breath.

Parking her car, she took the keys and stepped out. She clicked the lock button on her key fob, locking the doors on instinct, even though she intended to be back in the car in a matter of minutes. She stood for a moment, examining the damaged garage door from a distance before turning and walking for the front door. Fallen leaves rustled across the ground. She spared one last look at the damaged door as she mounted the steps to the big wooden door. She knocked twice and rang the doorbell but there was no answer. She tried the door handle, finding it locked. She waited for several moments before going back down the steps and strutting over to the garage door. Biting her lip, hesitating, Jessica ducked low and went under the rolling door.

Inside the garage, she saw that the window in the side of the garage was smashed, as well as the driver side window, broken glass littering the seat, floor mats and spilling onto the concrete floor of the garage. The door leading into the house was open.

“Hello?” Jessica called as she went for the door. “Lisa?” She called her friend’s name as she went through the door. On the floor of the kitchen was a picture fallen from the fridge and a rumpled pair of grey shorts. Stepping into the kitchen, Jessica saw there was a pile of laundry on the floor, it looked like mostly towels. A roll of duct tape lay on the kitchen counter.

“Help me!” A scream from upstairs and Jessica’s heart leapt into her throat. She waited a moment and there was a second cry.

“Help!” Lisa’s voice came echoing from upstairs.

Jessica made for the second floor, going slowly. Her gentle hand trailed up the banister as she mounted the steps.

“Lisa?” She called back, softly. Jessica reached the top and locked down the hallway. There was a door halfway down the hall that was broken off the hinges and Jessica could hear the shower running now, steam spilling into the hall.

“Please help.” A softer call from the master bedroom now and Jessica summoned her courage, stepping into the bedroom.
Her friend lay on the bed, naked with only a sheet draped lazily across her body. Her arms where held above her head, shackled to the headboard with a pair of handcuffs. Her eyes were wide, fear stricken. Her hair was splayed crazily around her beautiful face. She looked Jessica in the eyes and screamed.

“Run!” The scream hit her like a slap in the face. As if in slow motion, Jessica caught movement from the inner door, connecting master bedroom with bathroom. The shower was off now. Jessica could feel her heartbeat as a large naked man stepped through the bathroom door. Her eyes went to his swinging penis as he turned towards her. Lisa was straining up off the bed now.

Her instincts propelled her and she spun, dashing back through the bedroom door, the man charging forward. Lisa’s scream followed her as she leapt down the stairs and came crashing to the ground in the kitchen, time catching up with her. Suddenly the world was noise and movement as she bolted for the front door. Looking back over her shoulder, she saw the man at the foot of the stairs as she flipped the lock on the deadbolt, flinging the door open.  The rain hit her again as she ran down the front steps, fishing in her pocket for her car keys. Her hand closed around the keyring, and her thumb hammered at the unlock button. Her car didn’t respond, Jessica screaming in fear and frustration. She looked back at the house as she reached her car, saw the empty open door. He wasn’t behind her now.

She snatched at the car key on the ring, fumbling it towards the lock. She dropped her keys in the mud, crouching to retrieve them. As she pulled her keys out of the muck, the man burst through the door.

“Stop!” He shouted at her. She turned towards him, her hair whipping through the falling rain. He was there in the doorway, naked, holding a big knife from the kitchen in his clenched fist. He carried something in the other hand but Jessica couldn’t see what it was. As he came towards her, she dropped the keys again. Frustrated, she looked at the approaching man again before she just ran.

Leaving her keys on the ground, Jessica turned and made for the woods that surrounded Lisa’s house. She burst through the tree line and slid down a steep, muddy bank. At the bottom she sprinted towards where she knew the road snaked its way back down the mountain. Branches, roots and rocks seemingly all rose up to tangle her feet but she kept her balance. She looked left and right, looking for something that would help her, her heartbeat picking up pace to match the patter of the falling rain.

Something hard hit her in the back of the head. Her vision exploded in stars and static as she pitched forward, landing with a lung-emptying thud in the wet autumn leaves. Jessica groaned, squeezing her eyes shut as she squirmed on the wet ground, dazed from her fall.

When she opened her eyes, her vision focused on a roll of duct tape beside her, the roll that had hit her in the back of the head. She felt the slush of wet leaves as the naked man came to stand before her. She rolled on her back, trying to shake the ringing from her ears. Her head hurt. He knelt, putting a strong hand on her hip and forcing her to stop moving.

“Imagine my luck.” The man said, clenched fist with the knife resting on his own hip as he knelt beside her. He got on top of her, straddling her legs and leaned towards her. His cock lay on her belly, her jacket and t-shirt riding up. She could feel him hardening. He grabbed her face, under the chin, and kissed her. She squealed, turning her head to the side. He licked her ear, biting he lobe and sucking on her cheek. He forced her to face him. He licked her lips, kissing her clenched mouth.

“Open your mouth.” He said, the kitchen knife he carried now pressed to her throat. Several seconds passed, their eyes locked. Jessica complied and the man leaned towards her, slipping his tongue into her mouth. He sucked on her lips and explored her mouth with his slimy worm of a tongue, still holding the knife to her throat, his free hand slid down her neck and fished inside her jacket.

He released the kiss and sat back. He tugged her jacket open, groping at her tits over her tight t-shirt. He watched as rain drops slowly turned the white fabric see through. And then the knife was under her shirt, the blade up, slicing through the flimsy fabric. Jessica wasn’t wearing a bra, and her small breasts bounced free as the knife tore through her shirt to the neck. His hands were on her tits now, the knife laid carelessly in the leaves.

“I’m going to take you back to the house now.” He said in a low, gravelly tone. “We are going to go see your friend and I’m going to fuck you.” Jessica whimpered at the threat, the man’s dick throbbing erect against her. “If you cooperate, I will show you mercy. Maybe I’ll shoot my load in your mouth like I did that bitch at the house. But if you try to mess around or don’t do as I say, I’m going to fuck your pretty little brains out and get you pregnant, do you understand?” He glared at her. “Do not scream. In fact,” He trailed off, leaning away to retrieve the duct tape. Tearing off a strip, he pressed it over her mouth.

“Are we clear?” He said, the girl too terrified to move or respond. “Or I’ll just fuck you right here like an animal. Are we clear?” Finally Jessica nodded and he got off her, picking up the knife.

“Get up.” He ordered, and she complied. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled cruelly. “If you try to run, I will chase you down and stick this knife in your neck, do you understand?” Jessica nodded and the man slapped her ass. Jessica walked forwards through the rain, back towards Lisa’s house. She scrambled up the steep bank, the man pushing her when she faltered. She was breathing hard through the tape over her mouth when she reached Lisa’s driveway. Looking back, she looked at the man as he urged her forward, through the front door and back into the house.

Upstairs he put a hand in the middle of her back and pushed her into the master bedroom.

“No.” Lisa said, her eyes tearing up. The man shoved Jessica down on her knees beside the bed. Jessica knelt, facing the bed, her eyes locked with Lisa’s. The man stood behind her, the knife laid on top of the dresser next to a pistol and a small key for the handcuffs. He caressed her neck. He pulled her rumpled jacket off and pushed the lacerated fabric of her t-shirt down off her shoulders. Jessica was breathing hard, blowing the tape in and out over her mouth. The man pulled her face up, looking into her eyes. He was stroking his cock now.

“Please don’t hurt her.” Lisa pleaded from the bed. “Use me, I’ll do what you want. I’ll suck your cock again. I’ll swallow your cum. Please don’t hurt her.” She was crying now.

“Do you hear that you little slut?” He pulled Jessica’s hair as he addressed her. “Do you want your friend to suck my cock?” Jessica shook her head, panic in her eyes.

“Too bad.” He said, laughing as he grabbed her by the hair and led her closer to the bed. He stood there, his cock pointing towards Lisa. She strained in her bounds, her mouth open and her tongue out, nearly touching the tip of his dick. She looked up at him. He held Jessica in place at the side of the bed, making sure she was watching. He put a knee up on the bed and grabbed Lisa by the back of the head, pulling her face towards him. Her mouth fished at his cock, the head slipping into her mouth. She groaned, straining to get more of his shaft in her mouth. He climbed further onto the bed, Pulling Jessica with him, as he pushed Lisa’s head down on his dick. He groaned, the wet tongue against his shaft. Lisa was still looking up at him, as her mouth drove down on his cock again and again. She slurped and choked as the thick member went deeper.

He released her, Lisa falling back with a gasp. Her arms hurt terribly as she lay back. When she looked again, the man was slowly peeling the tape from Jessica’s mouth. He had her back at the side of the bed, and she screamed as the tape tore free.

“No.” Lisa sobbed, slowly shaking her head. He had Jessica’s hair all bunched up in one hand and guided his cock into the soft, wet confines of her little mouth. She was sucking him, eyes closed as he took her wrist and guided her hand to his cock.

“Stroke me.” He grunted, and she did. He looked at Lisa on the bed, she was watching her coworker suck his cock. He reached over and squeezed her tit painfully. His cock was tingling, the wet slippery member thrusting into Jessica’s young mouth. He groaned.

“Oh my god I’m going to fuck you.” He pulled her away from himself and threw her at the bed. He grabbed her hips and pulled her ass towards him. He squeezed her round ass, pressed his genitals against her. He slapped at the back of her head, pressing his hand into her shoulder and pulling her hair as he ground himself into her from behind. His hands went to the button and zipper of her pants and tore them open.

“No!” Jessica screamed as he yanked her pants down off her ass. Tugging her blue thong aside, he reached over and stuck his fingers in Lisa’s mouth.

“Suck.” He ordered her and she did. He pulled his fingers from her mouth, glistening with her saliva and put them between Jessica’s thighs. He slipped a digit inside of her and began probing her insides. Jessica was moaning, her hips writhing and he pressed his thumb between her firm buttocks. He stepped away from her, drawing his fingers out and sticking them into his mouth.

“Don’t move.” He said. “Stay just like that.” He stepped back to the dresser and retrieved the handcuff key. Going back to the bed, he undid one of the cuffs on Lisa’s wrist. He snapped the metal bracelet around his own left wrist, she on his left side. He pulled her closer by the back of the neck, her wrist painfully chained to his, and then focused his attention back on Jessica.

He mounted her, pressing his weight against her ass as he took hold of his cock and pressed it into her pussy. It slipped and slid against her, searching for her special place. She could feel Lisa’s hand against her thigh, handcuffed to the man as she was.

“You,” The man addressed Lisa. “Play with my balls.” Lisa reached between his legs and stroked at his bulging scrotum.

Jessica’s eyes went wide and she squealed as the fat cock slipped inside of her. Forcing inside her tight pussy, stretching the walls, the man plunged his cock deep. He was pumping her now, slowly, allowing her wetness to envelope his cock, making things easier and easier. He clamped a hand on her hip as his handcuffed hand grabbed Lisa by the hair and pulled her towards them. He pushed her head down in the small of Jessica’s back, Lisa’s cheek resting above Jessica’s ass. He made Lisa look up at him as he fucked her friend, stuffing his cock into that wet little pussy. He stuck his thumb in Lisa’s mouth, before leaning and reaching to squeeze Lisa’s ass. He was caressing her back, neck and face as he rhythmically thrust into the younger girl.

His breathing was changing, he was pumping harder, Jessica’s titties bouncing with each thrust. With a grunt, he pulled his cock free, stopping himself before orgasm. His dick was arrow straight and rock hard, twitching and slick with Jessica’s juices.

He rolled her over onto her back, pushing her legs up. He pulled Lisa close, lay her right beside the twenty-two year old Jessica, as he pressed himself between Jessica’s thighs. He clutched at her tit, Lisa’s arm helplessly following him wherever he touched. He brushed his cock roughly against her pussy, up and down, several times before he pressed into her, his dick easily slipping back inside. He grabbed her waist as he climbed on top of her, her legs wide around him, dangling lazily as he started fucking her again.

“I’m so sorry.” Lisa sobbed, next to Jessica. The younger girl fished for her free hand and their fingers entwined, arms locked between them. Jessica’s body bounced as the man pounded his dick into her, stirring her insides. Lisa rocked gently beside her in time to the thrusts, her tits heaving, her neck loose.

The man smacked his body into Jessica, her legs and thighs aching as he drove his cock in without mercy.

“Ah fuck!” The man groaned, slamming into her. His dick was impossibly hard. He faltered, losing his rhythm as he wrapped a huge hand around Jessica’s throat, squeezing. His tempo increased as he choked her. He forced her face over, still squeezing her throat, forced her to look at Lisa. Jessica’s whole body shook, her tits bouncing wildly.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum inside you!” The man groaned, and then at Lisa. “Look at her! Look into her eyes while I fuck her brains out! Ah Fuck!” He clutched at the side of Lisa’s face, forcing the two girls eye to eye, their faces four inches apart. Jessica was being thrashed, her eyes squeezing shut as she tried to breathe, her tongue out of her mouth. She opened her eyes again, Lisa was crying for her.
“Oh baby I’m so sorry.” Lisa sobbed for her friend.

“I’m going to cum! Fuck yes!” The man was losing it, his body shaking, he squeezed Jessica’s throat harder as he pushed his hips into her. His load exploded inside her pussy, the thick warm cum pumping up inside her body. She was getting dizzy, her legs shaking as the erupting cock twitched inside her.

With a pair of aftershocks, the man’s orgasm subsided. He breathed hard, sweat glistening on his forehead and muscular chest. He released the girl’s throat, she gasping for air, and squeezed Jessica’s breasts instead, running his hands down her soft, smooth body before groping her tits again. He reached over and squeezed Jessica’s much larger tit. He stepped away from the young girl, his dick popping free. He pulled Lisa off the bed onto her knees and forced her to take his cock in her mouth.

“Suck me.” He said. “Suck the last of my cum out of my fucking cock.” He held her head and pushed his sensitive cock into her mouth. He had her lick the shaft of his dick until he was satisfied. He looked down at his conquest and let out a huge breath. He snapped the handcuff off of his wrist, and cuffed the two naked girls together. He stood them up and led them into the bathroom, turning on the shower and grinning as he forced both girls into the tub.

“You didn’t think I was done with you?” He smiled as he stepped into the hot water with the two frightened and abused girls. Steam filled the air, the image of the three writhing figures, their soap slick bodies entwined, slowly vanished in the mirror as fog coated its cold surface.

December 01, 2015, 12:54:53 PM
Reply #4

Offline vile8r

Damn Sparx, this is GOOD!

December 02, 2015, 08:32:00 AM
Reply #5

Offline Sparx

Thanks man, I really appreciate it. If you'll allow me to be a bit self indulgent for a moment, ahem.

I started subhuman before I found this site. In fact, it was writing the beginning of that story that prompted me to google "rape fantasy fiction" to see if anyone else was doing that sort of thing, that led to me finding this site and started me thinking it would be fucking cool to share these pieces with some like minded strangers.

When I saw the boards format you guys have here, I decided for some reason or another that I didn't want subhuman to be my first submission, and so I started writing Unwind just for you guys.

Anyway, I have written a bit more than what is posted here for after the shower ending, to kind of wrap Unwind up but it turned out looking like way more of a continuation than an ending. So this could go further, I haven't given it much thought though.

December 02, 2015, 10:47:57 AM
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Offline vile8r

Well a continuation would be much appreciated if you ever decide to go ahead with it!

December 30, 2015, 09:24:11 PM
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Offline roped_wrists

I love it Sparx! Sooo good :)

I particularly like the beginning -- a young girl home alone showering. The epitome of vulnerability as far as I'm concerned. Plus you drew attention to the softness of her attire -- I feel like that "frames" the girl. You get the impression that SHE is soft because of what she's wearing.

And the chase scene through the house! It reminds me of movies like House of 1000 Corpses where you're desperately hoping the heroine will get away, only to have the psycho come crashing through the window and drag her out. That form of (for lack of a better word) "nonsexual violation" works really well -- Lisa is in a place that should be safe (her car) and yet the convict drags her out of it. Just like he violated her "safe place" by breaking into her home from the get-go.

Great story!