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November 08, 2014, 02:19:53 PM

Offline jpleaser

when i see you your in a sexy short purple dress with nude stockings and nice black heels we hug and u whisper in my ear how hungry u are for my cock U bend over quickly and unleash your meal U one hand on my ass and the other placing my hand behind ur head to make u deapthroat and gag I pull ur hair to aid in facefucking u having u look in my eyes as i shove evey inch in ur wet mouth i soon explode and u swallow evey drop I ask u to stand up and strip for me so i can get hard again u do and when i see ur sexy hot body i bend u over and shove my now rockhard dick into ur sweet pussy pounding u as hard and fast as i can u love it and and ask for it in ur ass i shove it hard in ur ass and use 3 fingers to keep that hot pussy wet this time i choose to cum in ur tight as what a great feeling