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February 23, 2016, 11:09:06 AM

Offline vhorani

(my first attempt of probably a bad poem)

Walking in the woods alone
my thoughts of terror that I own

fantasies of me being like a troll
to a woman who I yearn to control

with hidden on me rope and tape
tools that I will use in my fantasy rape

Behold in the distance, I seek a woman walking
my thoughts of fantasy to reality start cocking

Heart races and my breathing quickens
will again, will I walk past like a chicken?

We get closer and middle age is she that I see
It will be so private to hide her among the trees

dark hair, buttoned blouse, and jeans
all covering a darkened skin that gleans

My throat is dry as I move to her left side
her small chest and her face is what I eyed

I gave her a friendly smile, a nod, and a hello
while my conscious to saying let it go

We are passing, and yes my legs feel like jelly
up until the times I slammed my fist into her belly

air knocked out, bow on her knees
for a moment I did freeze

a crime I did, an assault on a female
and we are still alone on this wooded trail

continued with the assault, a harsh chop to her neck
collapsed on the ground her body now wrecked

unknown amount of time before she awake
I carry her off the trail so that I can proceed with the rape

her wrists tied on two small trees
duct tape on her mouth and eyes as I pleased

look around all around the woods that surround me
all the trees and brush that grant privacy

soon the woman awoke.  fighting and struggling while bound to the tree
looking through her purse.  A doctor and a mother of three

kneeling next to her my hand feeling her small breast
building fear within her as she aware of the conquest

wails she cries as her blouse is torn apart
this is how my reality of rape finally start

her bra, beige and lacy with cups of size B
ripped off so that her breasts become free

small perky nipples of dark brown, and aerola of lighter brown
welcome me to breast that gravity has pulled down

her bucking and screams fill the forest
to me it sounds like a chorus

If someone hears her before the rape is over
then I can expect a hostile takeover

her small neck feels my crushing clutch
I told her to shut up, or death is likely very much

her wails lowered as she fears me telling the truth
because she feels the strength of my youth

she cries and shakes her head as her body endures the ambush
as my free hand slips into her jean and feels her bush

I get up and rip apart the jeans
as I continue to warn her about any screams

with her panties the jeans get forced off
the reality of the rape will soon lift off

mocking her I ask if she can still crate a child
for my own semen is very stockpiled

her legs she kept closed tight
I suspect she will fight with all her might

open them I say, or your children you will never again see
as her hands continue to try to break away from the ash tree

wailing crying is what I hear
as her legs open to accept this buccaneer

thick dark hair covers her womanhood
a dark and moist cave that will feel so good

she hears my pants drop down
my teenage dick for me is my crown

kneeling on my knees, her legs are moved more for room
virginity I will lose to enter this woman's womb

my fingers feel the soft cave of moist
my crown dick begins to hoist

no one heard her scream
as I enter her pussy as violence extreme

wet and loose is her vagina
as I rape her in the State of North Carolina

I heard that this may be a sign of ovulation
the means of a way for child creation

slowly pressing in as far as deep as I can
pulling out a little to increase the rape time span

rocking slowly in and out of the woman's pussy
no longer can anyone call me a wussy

holding my self up to enjoy the bouncing of her breast
something that this woman surly detest

my thrusting comes harder and faster
her bucking and fighting becomes her own broadcaster

laying down onto her body with heavy grunts and breath
her head is shaking like she see death

wails become louder as semen explodes
my balls are no longer overload

resting on a crying body
a rape, a violation on a unknown somebody

I get off of her and take digital pictures
nakedness and clothed are different mixtures

I left her alone in the trees
my escape to my car became very ease

the woman I did not forget
her location I told her husband yet

I call her on her phone and gave her the threat
keep quite or her children I may met

seven months later I see her at a deli
wide and swollen is her belly