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October 18, 2015, 04:34:59 PM
A Wedding party had ended one day. After that party was a baby boy and his father grabbing a large, loudly creaking, pink, round, shiny and clear balloon they got at the party by their car in a quiet village that afternoon. The baby and the man with hard and hot penises grabbed the creaking balloon by the car in the quiet village in over an hour.  After that was the father driving the car as the drowsy and horny baby boy sat with his squekaing balloon between his legs and examined the visible boner in his pants in long time.

October 28, 2015, 04:49:14 PM
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A mother drove her baby boy home one afternoon after a trade fair. The baby got a large, yellow and printed balloon at the trade fair. Loud creaks came from the balloon that the relaxed baby was petting, kissing and hugging in long time in the car. Despite that the babyh and his mother was scared of balloons were the baby getting a boner by petting the creaking balloon. Suddenly were the baby making a big wet spot in his pants after rubbing the balloon and his dick bulge in his pants in over two hours. Later that evening was the mother stopping the car by a small quiet town where the baby and his mother grabbed the creaking balloon in long time. After that was the mother letting her kid examine her between the legs in long time.