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December 17, 2014, 11:45:42 PM

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He stood where he had stood for the last couple of months, with his cardboard sign, written on it was ‘Will work for food.’  Not that many people actually offered him a job but at least he felt better than actually asking for money.

A car pulled up and stopped, he bent down slightly looking in the window, the view he observed was amazing.  She sat there in her summer dress, dark blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, blue beckoning eyes.  Buttons at the top of her dress undone, exposing the swell of her breasts, a deep cleavage that promised a pair of large firm breasts.  He couldn’t tell if she was wearing a bra, if she was it wasn’t much of one.  Her legs with a light tan disappearing under her dress close to where her legs joined.

His cock twitched, it had been almost a year since he had last slipped his cock into a wet pussy and it definitely didn’t have the promise of what this one had.

“Sorry,” she said, “I know it’s not much but I hope you can get yourself something.”

He took the $5 that she gave him, always thankful for anything.  She had a lovely smile, with luscious pink lips and white teeth.  A picture of his cock filling her mouth flashed into his mind and he got hard.

“Umm, thank you,” he blustered, “Every little bit helps,” as he took the offered money, “Thanks again.”

She drove off, across the road and punched her code to let herself into the apartments.

Interesting eh thought to himself.  Behind those apartments was  a dense wood area where he had a hidey hole, maybe he should be keeping an eye out for her there.

Later that evening he was at his spot, hidden up in a large tree.  He had built a platform which he could keep his stuff on and also somewhere to sleep of the ground in case of rain and also not easy to see from below.  He looked over at the apartments.  There were two buildings in front of him, both holding 6 units.  One of them the top floor was empty due to remodeling.  Ground floor housed either  elderly or couples with young children, as for the middle ones, occupied but not sure who was there.

He pulled out the binoculars he had acquired from Walmart and scanned the apartments, sometimes he used them to spy on people especially if it was a girl with her own apartment.  Not much going on tonight.  He decided to go for a look around, who knows maybe he would find where that girl lived.

Dropping down from the tree, he sneaked into the apartments by a gap he had created in the chain link fence, he had cut a gap and pieced it back together, without a close inspection nobody would know it was there.

He walked slowly and carefully between the buildings, standing in a shadow he looked around.  Could that be her car, he took a closer look, possibly, he could see beads hanging from the rearview mirror which she had.  Looks like she might live in the apartments directly in front of where he was camped, now that was a nice surprise.

For the next few days he took time out of his busy schedule (lol) to keep any eye on the apartments.  He figured out which one was hers.  Then that Friday he was watching, she hurried up the steps, this time though instead of using her keys she reached above the door and pulled a key down, unlocked the door and put it back, interesting piece of information for him to have.

A couple of her friends arrived and looked like they were getting ready to go out.  Girls running around half naked, putting makup on, doing hair, trying on clothes.  For once the blinds weren’t closed so he was getting a good view.  Didn’t take long and he was stroking his cock, thinking of what it would be like to be buried in her snatch, feeling how tight she was, playing with them big titties.

Eventually the girls left, he waited for a bit then strolled over and up the stairs.  All was quiet, taking the key down he unlocked the door, put the key back and stepped into her apartment.  Bits and pieces were strewn all over the place, moving into the bedroom he noticed different clothes laying out.  On the bed were different panties that she must have been looking at wearing, damm she would look sexy in any of them he thought to himself.  In the corner was a laundry basket, he looked in, on top a pair of white lacy panties. Picking them up he sniffed at them, her scent was a heady rush, an immediate reaction from his cock standing hard and erect.  He rummaged around in the bedside cabinet, interesting.  Finding a vibrator, black dildo and some lubricating jell, all these things could come in handy.

At that point he decided he had to have her no matter what the cost.  Tonight he would watch see if she came back alone, if so well it would be his turn.  Walking out he left things as they were and went back to his spot.

He waited for ages, then at about 2;30 am a car pulled in.  It was hers, she was alone.  She got out and with a little stagger climbed the stair and went into her apartment. Bedroom light came on and after about 15 minutes went out again.  So she was along and now hopefully sinking into a deep sleep helped with the booze.

He gave it about 30 minutes and carefully sneaked back to the apartment.  All was quiet, the key was still in the same spot.  Unlocking the door, replacing the key, closing the door and putting the chain on he was in.  All was quiet.  Moving slow he entered the bedroom.  She lay on the bed, in a black nightie, it barely covered her thighs and her tits were almost falling out the top.  He couldn’t resist and moved over and lifted the hem to take a peek. A soft gasp as he saw what was there, a bald, smooth slit between her legs, he wanted to jump on here there and give it to her, but he held himself in check.

He moved back out of the bedroom, stripped off naked, no use having his clothes in the way when he went to fuck her.  Next something to make sure nobody could hear her scream.  He found a soft piece of cloth to stick in her mouth and a towel to wrap around her eyes.  Next something to cut away the nightie.  If he could do that while she was asleep it would make things a lot easier.

Creeping back into the bedroom, he slowly cut the nightie from the bottom to the top, then the straps it fell open.  She hadn’t moved.  He looked at her, she was stunning.  Her tits, large but firm topped with semi erect pink nipples.  Her flat stomach, ending at her pussy, looking ready to use.

He quickly stuffed the rag in her mouth and tied the towel around her eyes before she had time to react.  Laying the point of the scissors against her throat, no screaming or struggling or else.  She stiffened and stopped, sobs coming from her.

“Good girl,” he said.  He grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed, spreading them open he got his first look at her completely bald cunt.  Standing between them so she couldn’t close them, his dirty hands wandered over her body.  Cupping her large breasts, thumbs rubbing over her pink nipples.  The girl was sobbing as he toyed with her.  His hand continued down her body, over her stomach and down further over her bald mound.  It felt so smooth, he wondered how it was so.  A finger rubbed over her pussy lips trying to delve into her cunt.

So dry he thought to himself, just as well he knew about the lubricating jell.  He  reached into her bedside drawer and got hold of it.  Squeezing some onto a couple of his fingers.  He went back to exploring her cunt., sliding his fingers up and down her slit, slowly starting to work the jell into her pussy.  Starting to thrust a finger into her tight cunt, a little bit at a time lubricating her pussy ready for his cock.

The girl moaned and cried.  She was mortified at what was happening, how could it be happening to her.  She wasn’t a slut or anything like that, she didn’t go around flaunting it.  Maybe it was penance for earlier.  Not sure why she had done it, but had gone out of the club with this guy and gave him a  blow job in his car.  He held her head down while he erupted down her throat.  His fingers had explored her pussy but that was as far as it went.

Now this, laying on her bed, naked, blindfolded, gagged.  Legs spread open exposed to this guy.  She could smell him, unwashed and dirty.  She kept moaning and crying but knew it would not make any difference.  Her body tensed when his fingers tried to explore her pussy the first time.  Now she realized he had found the jell and was once again starting to work a finger into her.  Lubricating and stretching her pussy open.  First one finger then a second.  Crying knowing that soon she would be violated.

He was working one finger in and out, more lube on a  second one and he started to work them both in and out of her cunt.  “Damm girl how could you be so tight, I know you aren’t a virgin not with those toys and you must have all the guys wanting to fuck your sexy body.  Tonight I’m going to fuck you though.”  With that he pulled his fingers out, looking down at her cunt, seeing the lips glistening with the jell.

He worked some onto his cock getting it ready.  He was hard, rock hard, throbbing eager to start fucking her.  He took hold of his cock and guided the head placing it against her pussy, working it up and down, slowly starting to ease it between her lips.  He could feel her body tensing, expecting what was going to come.  He could feel the warmth of her pussy as the head of his cock disappeared between her folds.  He stopped for a second relishing the feel.

He grabbed both legs, lifted them high and spread them wide.  He looked at her, shaking her head no, moaning and crying.  He had gone to far to stop now.  He looked down at the placement of his cock and suddenly rammed into her.  She threw her head back a muffled scream coming from her.  His cock slammed all the way into her, burying himself in her cunt, his coarse pubic hair was rubbing against her bald mound.

He stopped when he was all the way in, relishing the feel of her tight pussy wrapped around his cock.  He knew he wouldn’t last long the first time but what the heck.  He started to fuck her, slowly at first but that didn’t last long.  He started to fuck her hard and fast.

“Yes you little slut, take my cock,” as he pounded her.  Her body rocking back and forth as he fucked her, “Take it you little bitch, feel my cock inside you, fucking you like the little cum bucket that you are.”

She cried as she felt him thrusting in and out, her lubed pussy stretched to take his cock, getting sore as he fucked her hard.  She had never been fucked like this before pounded and talked to like a dirty slut.

“Oh god what a pussy, I’m going to fill it with my cumm,”  He felt the pressure building , he leaned over her, pushing her legs further back, trying to get inside her deeper.  The he felt it, his cock started to erupt.  He rammed hard into her, holding it there as he unleashed his cumm into her pussy.  “Here it comes, you slut,” he screamed.

She felt his cock start to unload, his cock jerking inside her as his cumm blasted out and splattered against her womb. “Nooooo,” she screamed into her gag.

He felt his hot cumm rushing out, after a couple of spurts he pulled out and finished unloading on her, one blast reaching her tits but most on her stomach and cunt.  He looked down well satisfied with what he had given her.  He still held her legs apart and could see cumm on her pussy, stomach and almost on her tits, damm it looked good he thought.  He wasn’t finished with her yet.

He dropped her legs and pulled her up, “No screaming when I take the gag out,” he told her.

Removing it, he quickly pushed her head to his crotch.  Stuffing his semi hard cock into her mouth.  “Work it bitch, time for you to earn this, make it hard again,” he growled.

Oh god how degrading she thought as he stuffed his cock in her mouth, making her gag.  Smelling his crotch, stale sweat and god knows what else.

He grabbed her hair and started to work her mouth back and forth on his cock.  She tried to lick her lips to make them moist, “Oh yes that’s it slut,” as he felt her tongue on her shaft.

His cock stiffened.  Her face buried in his smelly pubic hair, balls slapping her chin each time he moved her head.

“Nice girl, you’re getting the reaction I want,” as his cock thickened and got hard again.  He worked her mouth back and forth.  “Mmmm yes you like this don’t you, dirty little whore, now for something else.”

He pulled out, she felt him get on the bed and lay down.  “Come her slut, time for you to work that pussy again.”

“No please don’t, please leave me alone,” she cried.

“Shut up bitch and get over here.”

She crawled over.  He grabbed her, “straddle me slut.”  She lifted one leg over his.  “Move up a bit.”  She crawled forward.  Then she felt his rigid cock touching her body.  She stiffened imagining what he wanted her to do.

“Time for you to go for a ride, girl, climb onboard and do it.”

She lifted up a bit and straddled his cock.  She felt him move his cock along her pussy.  “This should be easier for you this time you are well lubbed up now, I can see cumm dribbling from you.  Now get on it.”

She started to lower herself onto him.  Feeling his rigid cock as she slid down onto it.  He was right it slid in easier.

“Ride it cowgirl, ride it.”

She sobbed and started to bounce up and down.  She decided that maybe it would be better to try and get this over and done with quick.  She gritted her teeth and got down to it.  She had faked a couple of orgasms before and hope she could be convincing this time.  Could backfire if he decided that he would stay and enjoy her more.

Riding up and down on his cock she sat up straight, her tits stood out firm, bouncing up and down as she rode. “Nice,” he said, as his hands reached up and grabbed her tits.  His thumbs rubbing over her nipples.

She let a soft moan escape from her lips, “Ohhhhhh.”

“Starting to enjoy it I see, that’s it ride it babe ride my cock.”  He started to lift his hips to meet her downward thrust.

Pumping his cock with her pussy, tightening her cunt around his cock, she could feel him inside her, he was starting to pump hard himself forcing it deeper inside.

“Oh no, no this can’t be happening,” she cried.  Pretending that she was enjoying the fuck.  She threw her head back, moaning, “No please nooo.”

“Oh fuck, “ he moaned.  Seeing her like that enjoying his cock fucking her, riding him hard looking like she was about to cumm as he pounded her.   Grabbing her hips as she bounced up and down.  “Take it slut, take it.”

He threw her off, onto her back, getting between her legs he rammed his cock back into her.  She gasped when he did, still pretending, “Ahhh yessssss.”  She wrapped her legs around his waist.

He pinned her arms down as he pounded her cunt, thrusting in and out.  “Cumm you little bitch, cumm with me.”

“God yes do it harder, fuck me harder, I’m close to cumin.”

He pumped her a few more times then she screamed out “Yesssssss, oh fuck, that’s it.”  Tightening her legs around him and her pussy around his cock.

“Yes you little slut her it is,” as he thrust deep into her and unleashed another torrent of cumm into her pussy, ejaculating into her then pulling out and once again over her.

He rolled off and lay there spent, his cock laying flaccid.  “Damm you’re a hot piece of cunt, all you need is someone to fuck you right.”

She just lay there hoping it was over.

He looked at the window seeing it was starting to get light.  Standing up, “I have to go,” as he wiped his cock clean on her pillow.  “I hope you aren’t going to do something stupid like tell someone.”

“No she murmured.”

He got dressed and left.

She took the blindfold off and ran into the bathroom, vomiting into the toilet.  Then turning the shower on hot she got in and scrubbed her body, cleaning every inch sometimes doing it 2 or 3 times.  Then taking the shower head and letting it spray over her pussy.

She wrapped herself into a towel, stripped the sheets from the bed and trashed them.  Laying down in the spare bedroom, she dozed still wondering what she had done to deserve the nights humiliation.

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What a great introduction to the site, Tammy! Awesome story and great detail! Definitely looking forward to more from you!

December 18, 2014, 12:07:03 AM
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Great story Tammi . . .looking forward to reading more of your stories!

December 18, 2014, 09:11:26 AM
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I agree Plaything!! I can't wait either!!

Tony V.             

December 18, 2014, 01:02:36 PM
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Very good story.  We definitely want more.

December 19, 2014, 05:16:36 PM
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Very good story Tammy.  It's a welcome addition here.

December 19, 2014, 06:03:52 PM
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I agree great job on story

December 20, 2014, 12:08:25 AM
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Thanks all, working on part 2 kinda hit a wall at present but think need to go out and relax a bit get the creative juicys flowing once again

January 02, 2015, 11:04:32 PM
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Sorry it took me a bit but seem to get other ideas pop into my head when I start to write.  Looks like will be moving onto Part 3 now.


It had been over 6 months since that fateful day and Megan’s life hadn't been quite the same.  She had not mentioned the incident to anyone and had kept to herself, not going out pretending to be busy with school work.  Slow but surely she put it behind her, and as far as she knew the person who had perpetrated the attack was no longer around.

Her younger sister was visiting this Saturday night, had been out with some friends and as Megan was in bed dozing she arrived home.  Shh she heard her sister say.  Megan could tell she was with someone and was about to say something but decided not to.

She heard the bedroom door opening but not closing.  She got up and went to her door, peeking round the corner she could see her sisters bedroom door slightly ajar.  By the sounds she could hear things were getting pretty heavy, few giggles, soft sighs, then suddenly, OMG her sister gasped, “It’s huge.”  “Don’t worry girl I can tell you are ready for it,”.  With that being said the next thing she heard was a muffled scream and a gasp, she imagined her sister legs spread taking whatever it was.

For the next hour or so she could hear things going on, at some point Megan’s fingers drifted down between her legs, it had been a while since anything pleasurable had happened but now she felt old feelings returning as she teased and played with herself.

She woke with a start, she remembered a vivid dream of being taken and used by a thick, large cock, her panties were very wet.  More of the dream returned, it was of her being ravished and used by that guy months ago, omg why would I be dreaming of that she thought to herself.  Slipping her panties off and caressing her clit, god it felt so good.  If things had been different she would probably have enjoyed spreading her legs and being fucked by that huge cock, she thought as she brought herself to a mini orgasm.

She heard the shower going in the other bathroom, tiptoeing into the hall and up to the door.  “That’s it girl, bend over and put one foot on the side of the tub, you are about to get it one more time.”  Then a gasp and a moan as he slipped it into her sister’s pussy.  “Oh fuck” as the tell tale sounds of wet bodies slapping together as they fucked.  After a few minutes her sister started to moan “Harder do it harder please.”  Then a scream “Yesssss”, she imagined her sister cumin on the guys cock.

She went back to her bedroom and listened as the 2 of them left.  Drifting back to sleep for a while.  Getting up later and seeing it was a nice day she decided to go and lay out by the pool for a while.  She changed into a black bikini, picked up a towel, sunglasses, sun screen and her Kindle and headed to the pool.

Watching as she left was an old friend from his hiding place in the tree.  Back again after being across town for a few months, staying clear just in case.  Damm she looks so good, sexy as hell.  Wonder if she is ready for another round.  He watched her get into her car and drive towards the clubhouse, looks like she will be gone for a bit maybe this is a chance to check things out again.

He sneaked up to her apartment door and once again searched for the key, would you believe it, it was still in the same place.  Unlocking the door, replacing the key and going in.  Remembering the layout of the place he went into her bedroom.  The recollections of fucking her on the bed, her mouth on his cock, her tits bouncing as she rode his cock, her tight bald pussy, he wanted her again.  He saw her nightie laying on the bed and her panties on the floor, picking them up noticing a dampness in the crotch, sniffing them, mmmm she’s a horny little slut always seem to have wet panties, looks like I need to satisfy her again.

Looking in the bedside drawer, still contained, lubricating jell, big dildo and a vibrator, see she hasn't given up on self satisfaction he thought to himself.  Next was her closet seeing what she had in there, towards the back he found a Basque with stockings, a schoolgirl outfit (short pleated skirt, white blouse and bra), damm the skirt was short would love to see her in it, bend her over and take her from behind.

He was going to have more time this time, evening and night to use her body.  This time he would clean himself up a bit, so getting undressed he stepped into the shower and cleaned himself up.  Now all he had to do was wait.  Laying on the bed in the second bedroom, where Megan’s sister was fucking the night before, he relaxed and dozed.

A while later he woke to hear the front door opening and closing.  Keeping quiet he heard footsteps going into the other bedroom.  Shortly after the shower being switched on, shower curtain pulled back and closing.  Standing up he walked from one bedroom to the other, naked, his thick large cock swinging, slowly stiffening in expectation.  He looked in the bathroom to see her outline through the shower curtain.  Her large breasts prominently outlined and when she leaned over seeing them hanging there, the firm roundness of her ass.  He watched for a couple of minutes stroking his hardening cock, relishing the thought of her firm, sexy freshly showered body soon to be under him.

The shower stopped running, he went into the closet to wait, after a few minutes he saw her appear, wrapped in a towel, barely covering her firm ass.  Her back was towards him as he stepped into the bedroom.  He pushed her down onto the bed, she let out a scream, then she felt his body pressing down on her, “Don’t scream and you won’t get hurt,” he growled in her ear.

He grabbed the back of the towel and pulled it from her body and flung it on the floor.  Her tanned skin was glistening with wetness.  Forcing her legs open with his, one hand held her down while the other started to explore between her legs.

She could feel his coarse fingers probing between her legs, rubbing up and down her pussy lips, delving inside.  She had been playing with herself in the shower and her pussy was wet, so even though his fingers were big they easily slipped into her pussy.

“Mmm, nice,’ he moaned, as he found her pussy wet.  “Looks like you are ready for some fun.”  He eased open her pussy lips and found her clit, rubbing his thumb over it.

Her face still buried in the bed covers, she could feel her clit throbbing to his touch, she moaned a noooo but it didn't seem to convincing to her.  For the second time in a year it look like she was going to be violated.

An arm slipped under her body, picking her up around the waist, head still down in the duvet, he placed her with her ass in the air, her knees on the edge of the bed.  Then she felt him, his throbbing member sliding down between the cheeks of her ass, his hands on her hips.  “That’s it girl, relax and we will both enjoy this.”

She felt the head of his cock as it moved over her pussy lips, it rested for a second before starting to thrust against her clit.  “Mmmmmmmm nooo,” she sighed, as she felt her clit throb harder and ripples of pleasure radiate out from it.  After about 20 seconds she felt the head of his cock slide back to the opening to her pussy, as it pressed against her she got a feel of how big it was.  With a gentle thrust his cock eased into her cunt, her pussy lips opening up and folding around the bulbous head of his cock.
“Damm girl your tight,” he moaned, as he felt the warmth, silky wetness of her tight cunt.  “You not been fucked since our last meeting, must have been waiting for me to come back to you.”

Her body tensed when she realized what he had said.  It was the same guy that had ravished her before, taking her, violating her, fucking her like a whore.  Here he was back to do the same thing again.  This time though he had caught her at a weak moment, she was horny, her needs wanting to be fulfilled.

“Don’t worry this time it will be different, I have more time to spend with you so no wham bang thank you ma am, even though you seemed to like that.”  His hands gripped her thighs a bit harder, slowly he started to push his cock deeper into her pussy.

She could feel his cock going in, stretching her tight cunt, filling her slick hole.  It seemed to go on for ages before she felt his coarse pubic hair rubbing on her cunt.  Her pussy was tight around his rampant cock, she could feel him pulsating inside her, she bit her lip trying not to show any emotion.

A hand snaked under her body, down her stomach, between her legs.  Finger finding her clit and gently massaging it.  She closed her eyes as she felt waves of pleasure starting to ripple out from her clit, suppressing a moan.

He pulled back, his cock sliding back out of her cunt, till just the head was just inside.  “Ready for this little girl?”  With that he rammed back into her once again and the fucking started.  He held onto her hips as he thrust in and out, taking her hard and fast.  His rampant, bulbous cock eager to fill her tight cunt.

Megan moaned as he took her, the feel of that thick cock as it thrust into her, she knew it was wrong but after so long, her pussy was eager to be filled again.  Her cunt started lubricating his cock, coating it with sweet slickness, easing the passage of his cock as her fucked her.  A soft moan escaped from her lips.

“Please don’t do this again,” she said.

“Not being very convincing when you say that, especially when your cunt seems to be eager for my cock,” he growled.

He had been fucking her for a couple of minutes, suddenly –

“Oh god no, nooo, please stop, no more, oh god no more,” Megan had felt his bulbous head hit something inside her cunt.

He thrust a couple of more times each time hitting the same spot.

“Noooo, stop, please, oh fuck, nooooooooooo, aaahhhhhhhhh,” as she suddenly started to cumm, a powerful orgasm washing over her body so intense she had never felt anything like it before.  She couldn't believe that she was cummin on this rapists cock.  With each of his thrust it seemed to push her pleasure to higher heights.

He watched as Megan orgasmed, dam this girl was hot for it, she did enjoy being taken and fucked.  It felt as if she was starting to push back against him eager to have his cock inside her.  He was in no rush to unload inside her just yet, long way for that to go yet.  He slowly eased out of her cunt, it seemed to grip onto his cock as if now wanting to let it go.

“You bastard,” Megan moaned, when he sat down on the bed next to her.  “Did you have to come back and rape me again?”  “One time not enough for you?”

“By the looks of it, it would appear that you were enjoying it,” he replied.

“Still not right,” she said.  Her eyes wandered down suddenly taking in the sight of his large, thick, erect cock.  Looking at it, “Suppose this means you aren’t finished yet?”

“You got that right girl.”  “Why not go in that closet of yours and put on the Basque outfit with some black stocking and high heels for me.

“Anything to get you out of here quicker.”  Standing up and walking to the closet.

He watched her, her tits bouncing as she stood up, her firm ass cheeks as she walked over to the closet.

Couple of minutes later she came out carrying the items, stepping into the bathroom to get dressed.  He watched her as she put the stockings on, slowly rolling them up her smooth legs, then the basque, attaching the stocking tops, the slipping into the high heels.
She walked out of the bathroom, his eyes eagerly drank in the sight, her large tits pushed up and together, nipples peaking out just over the top, semi erect.  Long legs clad in silky black stocking, hips pushed out from the heels she was wearing.

“Damm girl you would make any man hard wearing that.  How many times you been fucked in that outfit, come on be honest with me?”

“3 times,” Megan replied.

“Well this is about to be your 4th, so lay down on the edge of the bed and spread those legs wide for me, I’m going to fuck you good and hard and make you scream.”


January 03, 2015, 02:47:25 AM
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This was great Tammi! I await more of this story. You're an awesome storyteller.

January 03, 2015, 10:03:09 PM
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Wow Tammi . . .you are quite the storyteller!  Thanks for being here with us and sharing your stories!  Looking forward to more!