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January 15, 2016, 12:09:13 AM

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Sarah was a troubled young woman. She was a young slim, almost frail brunette, and only 18. She had gone through a lot already and had lost nearly everyone in her life. It had started to take its toll on her mentally. She was at the bus stop when she had her breakdown and ended up in the back of a police car. She was known for being unstable so they took her to the hospital and stuck her in the psych ward for evaluation.
   She lay on the small bed in her tiny white room with almost nothing in it, thinking of nothing but the cold air draining her body of heat. It had been 2 days of trying social workers and doctors trying to get her to open up to them. And one overly attentive male nurse. The hospital was way understaffed and over worked so she was not high priority at the time. Suddenly she heard wailing of a new patient and the sound of alarms. Some people rushed by her window into the hall.
     The distraction gave him his opportunity. The nurse came in and said to her "Hello, I just needed to check on a problem we are having with your camera, it shouldn't be too long." He pulled a chair up and started fiddling with it. Unbeknownst to her he was making sure he would not be caught.
"Is there anything you need from me?"
She just turned her head away, not answering him.
"Come now, you must be cold and perhaps a little bit lonely?" He sat next to her on the bed and placed his hand on her leg. She flinched away from his touch. "Listen, we are going to have quite awhile to get to know each other from the looks of it, why not make the best of it?" He grinned down at her.
"Just go away" she said quietly. "It's hard to stay away from you, don't you know how gorgeous you are?" She heard the sound of tape rip and in an instant he was slapping a strip on her face, covering her lips. Her heart started racing immediately. He grabbed the restraints from his belt and wrestled them onto her arms and the bed.  "Oh yeah, just how I like it" he snickered at her thrashing body. Her muffled yelling wasn't loud enough to reach the preoccupied staff down the hall.
     "Let's see how you look out of those clothes" he tugged at her pants, removing them from her slowly, savoring each moment. She attempted to kick him away and was fighting as hard as she could. He pulled out a syringe and stuck her in the arm. She felt a wave of warmth through her body and everything started to get hazey.  He grabbed her legs and climbed onto the bed on his hands and knees and dragged his scruffy face along her thighs up to her panties, inhaling her scent. "Ahhh" he sighed. Tears slipped down her pink eyes and she began panting in fear. "Don't cry hunny, It's going to be fun, I promise." He chuckled.
  He bit her panties and pulled them down with his teeth. He pulled down his scrubs and his 9 inch hard on sprung free. Her eyes widened in fear. He positioned himself on top of her, spreading her legs with his. "Are you ready for me baby? I know it's big but we'll make it work" he grabbed his dick and teased her pissy with the tip, sliding it up and down her clit, sending a shiver through her body. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to let the drugs take her away. Then with one quick thrust he pushed his dick deep into her, forcing her eyes back open. His face was right next to her, breathing hard. He smelled like alcohol and cologne. She started to drift out of consciousness. "Oh no you don't sweet thing, not yet." He pulled out of her and stood up. He ripped the tape off her mouth and shoved his cock down her throat in one quick motion, slamming into her with intense motion. She gagged, barely able to breathe. "Uhhh God your mouth is so hot!"  Her body was so unbelievably exhausted that she had no fight left. He thrusted into her for what seemed like forever until finally she felt his hot cum trickle down her throat and he went still. "Ahhh, haha" he smiled and closed his eyes momentairly. Then pulled out of her. The last thing that she remembered was him grabbing all he brought with her and wiping her face and vagina with a cold paper cloth. And the taunting whisper as he slipped out of her room. "Goodnight baby, sweet dreams, I'll see you soon."

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