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December 20, 2014, 12:13:30 AM

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He had first seen her when he had taken his son to the new school.  His teacher was young, fresh from college, and tall, with dark blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs, large firm breasts and a tight ass.  It was at this point he decided he had to have her.
Over the next few weeks he followed her, but not constantly, so as not to make her aware.  He found out she had her own house out in the country, not too remote, but enough that it would be private.  It was easy to get to the back of her house through a stand of trees.  A few times, he had gone there late and managed to watch her in her bedroom; and once, he saw her naked.  Her large firm breasts were perky  and topped with large pink nipples, her long legs ended at a sweet-looking smooth pussy.  His  nine-inch, thick cock throbbed for her, but the time was not quite right. 
That night he had gone home and fucked his wife hard, making her come four times.
He had to wait for his wife to go on her trip with their son to Virginia, where he would join them in a couple of  weeks.  This gave him the opportunity to put his plan into effect.
Little did he know, just a couple days earlier his target had been laying on her bed after a shower, her hands wandering over her body, her nipples hardening as she teased them.  Reaching into her bedside drawer, she pulled out her vibrator, switching it on and teasing it over her tingling clit.  She thought  of how long it had been since she had been fucked good.  The last time was about 3 months before, and it hadn’t been that good. Her mind wandered to her fantasy: being ravished in her own home by a stranger, taking her, ripping her clothes off, spreading her legs wide and thrusting a big hard cock deep into her tight pussy.  She felt the pleasure building in her as she closed her eyes and pictured the event.  Suddenly, a scream came from her as she thrust the vibrator into her pussy and let the rabbit ears tickle her clit.  An orgasm washed over her body, making her tremble.  After a couple of minutes, she removed the vibrator from her pussy, seeing it glistening with her juices.  She felt sated for now, but her thoughts were still of what she needed.
A few days later, the time had arrived; it was 8pm. He was already at her place waiting for her to come home, knowing that she was at a training seminar.  The headlights of her car appeared as she pulled into the yard, and he watched her get out.   She was dressed in a light summer dress which was buttoned down the front and tight across her breasts. 
She walked to the front door, and he ran to the side of the house.  Her keys jingled as she opened the door, and he moved closer.  She walked in and switched off the alarm.  Just as the door was about to close, he pushed in, taking her by surprise.  She screamed.
 His hand covered her mouth.  “Shut up, you little slut.”  He whispered in her ear.   He could feel her warm body trembling slightly as he pulled her close.
 She could feel his body pressing into her what seemed to be a thick bat between the cheeks of her ass.
“If you don’t scream or do anything stupid, and do as you are told we won’t have any trouble,” he whispered.
 She nodded her head in agreement.
Letting her go, he said: “Turn around.” 
She did as she was told, shaking slightly. 
He looked her up and down.  “Dam, you’re sexy as hell.”
 She dropped her eyes as if not wanting to look at him, but she had seen something she couldn’t believe. What had been pressing between her ass cheeks wasn’t a bat, but it had been him. Oh my god, she thought, he can’t fuck me with that, its huge!
 “Step closer,” he ordered.
She did as told. 
His hands grabbed between the buttons of her dress and pulled it apart, sending buttons everywhere.  The  dress fell open to expose her standing there in a white lacy half cup bra that left her nipples semi exposed, and a pair of white lacy see thru thong panties.  He gasped as he looked at her.  She looked even more beautiful in person, he thought.  His already hard cock seemed to grow bigger and thicker.
 “Kneel,” he commanded.
She obeyed.
He unzipped his pants and pulled out a nine-inch, thick throbbing cock with a bulbous head.  She gasped when she saw it.
“Take hold of it, I want to feel your tongue licking the head,” he ordered.
She reached out and barely got her hand around the shaft.  She leaned forward and started to lick the bulbous head.  He let out a soft moan as he felt her warm, silky tongue caress his cock, his hand going to the back of her head to hold her there.  She swirled her tongue around his cock, her lips touching the head, her hand stroking the shaft.
 He looked down at her.  “Good girl, now undo your  bra,  I want to see those beautiful tits in all their glory.”
 She let go of his cock and unhooked the clasp between her tits.  He pushed forward a little to let the head of his cock rest on her lips. The clasp came undone and her tits spilled free.
 “Damn,” he said, “look at those beauties.  Mmmm, bet they bounce when you are riding a cock.”
God, he was going to have to fuck her soon; his cock was throbbing, dying for release.
 “Stand up and sit in the chair,” he told her, pointing to an oversized chair in the sitting room.
She did as she was told. 
He walked over and grabbed her legs, pulling her forward till her ass was barely on the seat.  He lifted her legs up and spread them wide.  He looked down between her legs at the semi-transparent material barely covering her pussy.  Reaching down, he grabbed it and with a quick tug, ripped it from her, lifting the panties to his face to smell her sweetness.  Now she was fully exposed to him, her tight bald cunt bare for him to look at, which he did with a gleam in his eye.
He moved closer, one hand holding one leg up, the other taking hold of his cock and directing it towards her pussy.  He rubbed it up and down over her slit with slight pressure, letting it spread her lips apart. 
She felt it pressing against her.  She wondered how it was going to fit, but also thinking of how it seemed that her fantasy was becoming a reality.
 His hand left his cock, leaving the head barely inside her pussy lips.  He grabbed hold of her legs again and spread them even wider. 
Her eyes couldn’t leave his cock as he suddenly rammed forward, burying himself deep inside her pussy.  She let out a scream as she felt his cock thrust into her, stretching and filling her tight mound. 
He gasped as he sunk deep into her, feeling her tightness but also the silky inside and the wetness there.
She looked down just as he grabbed her leg again and saw his cock just starting to invade her pussy.  With a sudden thrust, he forced his thick, throbbing cock into her cunt.  Her eyes went wide as she felt the head forcing her open, plowing its way in.
 She gasped: “Oh god!” as she felt it go in.  Her pussy stretching to accept his huge cock.  She bit her lip as he forced it all the way in, feeling his thickness and length in her mound.
 He started to fuck her, thrusting in and out, giving her the full length.  Her pussy became wetter with each thrust, lubricating her tight hole.
She knew this was going to be hard and fast fuck.  With each pump, he forced the air from her body.  As she gasped and moaned with each of his thrusts, she could feel her pussy getting wetter and her clit tingling. 
His balls slapped against her ass as he  pounded her, his cock filling her tight pussy.  He let go of her legs as he braced his hands against the back of the chair, continuing to thrust in and out.
He felt her legs wrap around him.  “Oh god,” she whimpered. She could see his cock glistening with her juice’s as he fucked her.  She could feel the pleasure building in her body.  “God, harder,” she moaned. “Fuck me harder.”
He looked at her as he fucked her hard and fast, watching her skin get flushed, her tits bounced, nipples erect.  He could feel his balls getting coated with her juices and hear the squelching sound as he rammed in and out. 
She kept looking down between their bodies, watching as his cock slid in her.  Her eyes grew wide as his long, thick cock disappeared into her tight pussy.
 He loved her cunt. It was tight, and it felt like it was milking his cock. It was silky smooth, warm and now very juicy.
 “Oh god,” he heard her moan.  “I’m going to come.”  Her body stiffened as she let out a long scream. “Aaaaaaaaarggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
 He kept pounding in and out, hammering her mound, keeping her on an orgasm high.  He fucked her as his balls tightened, ready to unleash his load of cum into her welcoming pussy.
He lunged suddenly, burying himself deep inside her.  His balls tightened, and with a gasp, he unloaded his thick cum inside her. 
She trembled as she felt him unload. 
He pulled back, breaking free from her legs.  He stood over her and looked down.  She looked disheveled, summer dress wide open, bra open, legs spread, pussy wet and cum oozing from it.
“Damn,” he said, “you are a horny little slut.  Would never had  guessed that you would like it so much.”
His cock twitched.
 She looked at him, panting, eyes slightly glazed.  “Oh my god, I never knew it could be like that.”
From then on for the next week, he fucked her daily, a quick fuck when she got home, and later more slowly.  But the times he liked the best were when he took her hard and fast, usually bent over the couch with her dress or skirt pushed over her hips and panties ripped off.
Now when he goes to the school he looks at her in a different light.

December 20, 2014, 10:19:14 PM
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Great job Tammij . . .thanks for sharing, hope you will share lots more with us!

December 21, 2014, 10:03:12 PM
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Love this Tammi!

December 22, 2014, 07:02:56 PM
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Wow Tammij great job!!!