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Sooo... that would be another one of my stories. Hope you enjoy it! A bit different than my usual...

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

Teaching Alphabet

A is for Anal as I've learned everything about taking thick, long cocks in my tight, hurting ass. All about clenching my muscles to bring them pleasure, all about riding them even as I want to scream in pain.

B is for Breasts, for my large, firm, perky breasts that my masters and all those perverts like to hurt so much. My breasts that they love burning with cigarettes, whipping, squeezing, kneading... My breasts with pink nipples they grab and twist and bite so hard when I'm riding their cocks making my cunt clench on their dicks milking their dicks... My breasts with pierced nipples that they like to pull, with one tug of a finger forcing me to crawl wherever they want.

C is for Cum as I know all about Cum. All about its disgusting taste and stench, all about how sticky it is when sprayed on my skin, all about the feeling of it filling me ass, pussy and mouth. I know all about washing it from me her, about eating, drinking, swallowing it and all about spilling it onto my breasts and rubbing it in as if it was the best lotion.

D is for Dildos as even now, when I am speakign to you, I am sitting impaled on two thick, studded dildos, spearing my sore pussy and ass, shifting uncomfortable and painfully inside my holes each time I move...

E is for Ecstasy but for you, not for me. Even if your cumming in me, overwhelmed by the greatest pleasure you've ever felt, you can be sure that the only things I am feeling are despair and revulsion. And pain, lots of pain.

F is for Fucking as this is my new purpose in life. I live to fuck and be fucked and I know how to fuck. I am the best fuck you'd ever had. I know how to read cocks, how to take them from behind, I know how to take cocks in all my holes how to writhe beneath you, how to wrap my legs around you or push them so that my ankles are on the sides of my head just so you can penetrate me better... I know all this and I hate it.

G is for Gang Rape, because this is how usually my masters take me, cocks being rammed into my holes one by one, and endless lines of hard dicks for me to satisfy with my hurting body. Cocks rammed in my pussy, in my ass - sometimes even two at the same time and then I wail and scream and beg and plead and writhe and... - cocks rammed into my mouth, making me scream around them while I'm trying to suck or them facefucking me until they cum, they cum inside my holes, they fill my pussy and ass with their seed landing on my tongue forcing me to taste it, to drink it to swallow it or maybe landing all over my face and tits and when the cocks are removed there are still more of them, more hard cocks ready to be plunged into my unwilling holes again and again...

H is for Holes because this is what I am to my masters, to their customers and to you. A set of holes. Mouth, cunt, ass - three tight and unwilling holes to fuck and hurt and dump your loads into as I scream and cry and sob and beg...

I is for In Pain, as this is how I spent most of my days. Pain from the rapes I endured, pain from my whipped, burned body, pain from being forced to crawl on hard stone, pain from being slapped and thrown around, pain of being tazed and shocked with cattleprods, pain, pain, pain...

J is for Jerking Off, because when I'm gang-raped, when I have a cock in my ass, a cock in my cunt, a cock - or even two - in my mouth, when they are tittyfucking me, when the force of their brutal thrusts throws me around as if I was a rag doll, immobilized only by their strong grips, even when belts are falling on my back, whipping me while I scream around the cocks in my mouth... this is still not enough and I need to wrap my fingers around two more dicks and I have to start jerking them off, making them ready either for another round or to erupt with cum, splattering it all over my back.

K is for Kidnapped because this is how it started, with me being grabbed while I was going back from a bar late in the evening. Grabbed and taken to a basement - to a dungeon - when they held and raped and hurt me until I was all broken and I came out of there being a true fuckmeat, painslut, cumdump.

L is for Lesbian, because that's who I am. I am not attracted to men in the slightest, cocks and cum disgust me... and this is probably why you all love fucking me, raping me, covering me with your cum, making me swallow and drink it so much. No more gentle woman touch for me, only hard cocks and merciless brutes using my body.

M is for Masters, for those who grabbed me, who raped and tortured me until they remade me as their whore who did everything they ordered me to, fucked whoever they ordered me to, despite how I hated - and still hate it - simply because the alternative was so much worse.

N is for Naked because this is how my masters usually want me - completely naked or dresses in revealing, degrading outfits, my holes always ready and available to be used, my body never really shielded from their sight or from harm, ready to be abused and hurt.

O is for Obedience, because I'll do everything my masters tell me to, no matter how sick, depraved or degrading. I'll crawl in filth, fuck whoever or whatever they wish - human or animal - I'll hurt myself or others, betray and set up my friends to them, drink piss and lick their asses... I'll do everything because if I don't then...

P is for Punishment, the reason I keep degrading myself, the reason I keep doing it. The various ways in which they can hurt me, by burning my body, whipping it, raping me, having me raped by dogs and donkeys, having me stung by insects, submerging me so I have to fight for air, using my deepest fears against me... all those things my masters do so well, all those things that broke me and remade me into what I am now.

R is for Rape, because regardless whether I behave like the cheapest whore, a bitch in heat, regardless whether I ride your cocks, or whisper dirty words into your ears when you're pounding my cunt, regardless whether I fuck you back or I beg you to fuck and hurt me... I am doing it only because if I don't I will be hurt even more. I hate it all. This is Rape. Which makes it probably even more enjoyable to you.

S is for Sex Slave, because that is what I am to my masters - a slave used for sex, without rights, without will, without thoughts. A living thing only fit to serve their cocks with my holes and my suffering, unworthy of them even considering easing my torment by using lubes or anything that could make the ordeal even a bit more bearable.

T is for Tied as my masters love leaving me tied in uncomfortable positions, with my muscles straining, leaving me for unbearable hours until I am almost grateful for them to come and fuck me... or I would be if beign raped tied in such a way wasn't be even more painful.

U is for Urinal because when raping, whipping and hurting me isn't enough, when they had a lot of beer and need to take more than five steps towards the toilet while I am close at hand... then they piss on me. They piss on my face, on my bruised body covered in welts after whipping... they make me wrap my lips around their cocks and they piss into my mouth and down my throat, making me taste their disgusting warm piss and when they are done they have me suck their cocks to hardness until they fill my mouth with jism.

V is for Violence because each time they fuck me, they do it violently, slapping me, tossing me around, ramming their cocks hard and brutally up my holes, raping me savagely as I try to crawl away and beg for mercy...

W is for Whore, because this is also who I am. A well-trained whore, rented by my masters for mere cents, just so many, many slobs, homeless, drunkards can afford a go at my holes. I spend hours and hours chained to a cum stained mattress with only faces of those raping me changing, their cocks pistoning in my holes... they are saying the same, disgusting, degrading things, hurting me the same ways again and again until finally I fall into short sleep only to be woken by yet another customer...

X is for XXX rated films, which they force me to do and then they sell or they send to my parents and friends. Films of me being raped, of me riding cock and behaving like a whore, of me fucked by dogs, of me screaming for mercy as they hurt me...

Y is for 'Why' Why Is It Happening To Me?! The question I keep asking myself in those nights that I can't fall asleep no matter how exhausted I am because I fear the nightmares. Why I was walking from this bar alone, why was I wearing such revealing clothes, why I reacted so slowly and didn't run away...

Z is for Zucchini, for a thick, long zucchini that I bought so I can ram it up my cunt, ram it up my ass and fuck myself with it while it was all recorded, all recorded: my fucking myself with the zucchini even as I moaned and sobbed in pain... all because I didn't have anything else for Z and I was too afraid to see what my masters would do if I left even one letter out.s

"So this is the alphabet" I say towards my students - sixteen dimwitted brutes, aged from 18 up, brutes who never learned their letters.

Still, I try to smile as seductively as I can, because I know what will happen if I don't do a good job. Though I don't think those perverts need any seduction on my part, already they are drooling looking at my heavy, perfectly shaped breasts visible over my desk.

"Which letter did you like the most?" I ask, my voice only slightly trembling.

A cacophony of sounds responds to my question.
Unsurprisingly most scream "A", "G", "F", "S", "R"... though some, more cruel start with "P".

Soon however it is impossible to continue the lesson as driven with the hunger for knowledge, hunger to know the letters all sixteen brutes run towards me.

For a second I feel relief when I am lifted from the dildos (letter 'D') spearing my nether holes (letter 'H') but the relief is short-lived as the throw me onto the desk. There is the slightest pause as they frantically remove their clothes, unzip their trousers and pull out thick, long, veiny cocks ending with disgusting, bulbous, mushroom-like heads.

Then they descend on my. Their hands claw at "B", squeezing and kneading and biting my tits. They probe "H", pushing fingers up my cunt and ass. And then "R" and "F" starts as they push their fat cocks into my holes, ripping screams of pure agony and pain (letter 'I') from my mouth. They fuck me from behind, bent over the desk with my 'B' dangling and swaying beneath me in the rhythm of their thrusts, vulnerable to their cruel fingers.

They "F" and "R" my "H", including my "A" while forcing me to "J" them before they all "C" all over my "N" body.

But they are creative, too.
"C" may be for Cocks and there are plenty of cocks assaulting all of my "H", being rammed again and again until I scream ("S" can be for Screams") in pain (letter "I" again) before they finally push their cocks into my mouth ("M" can be for mouth) and they force me to suck them ("S" can be for suck, oh it can be sooo much for suck they see it, they love it, they use it).

They discovered that "C" (cigarettes) and "B" (burning) can be combined into "T" (torture) or even "TT" (tit torture and they were having so much fun with it. "B" can also be for belts and "W" for whipping and as part of "P" they whip me, whip my "B" as I'm riding their cocks with my snatch or cunt (letters "S" or "C"). "D" and "P" may stand for Double Penetration and they push two cocks up my "A" at the same time making me scream (letter "S" again), oh scream so much even despite their cocks gagging my mouth.

They "F" and "R" me and hurt me (another use of "H") until I fall exhausted to the floor, unable to move, to protest, to resist, but driven by their need to learn the alphabet they "F" and "R" my helpless, hurting body until it all ends with "C", so much "C" soaking every inch of my body, spilling from my overflowing cunt and ass, being coughed from me mouth.

Only then they walk away, leaving me sobbing, sore, hurting and broken on the floor.

I am such a good, dedicated teacher.

"D" can be for Degradation and Despair.

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Wow, that was unique and interesting!

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Thank you, that is high praise coming from you!
Much appreciated