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chapter 1
Raj arrived at the cabin. The salt deposits in the sea water soaked her dress  isolated. He took a towel and went to patrumirkul.
'Siva, I'll freshen up. Take a little rest, you do not want it. '
T-shirt off and I had to bend over the bed. Go inside and open the tube and heard Sudha. Up from my mind. She meets up with beauty in mind, I thought I erect organ.
I transferred it to Kylie tataviyapati. Lying in bed, stroked my tent. Sudha's on the phone "in the evening to talk with someone in mind," the song ring tone rang.
"Sudha .. the phone. '
'There's that avankatan. LEAVE. Pecikkiren I come. ' (From the inside of her voice rang loud.)
"Yes. Avankana? '
'haspant Pa.'
'Whoa .. OK. "
In a short time the phone died. A short time back, "someone in the evening, 'rang. At the same ringtone.

'Sudha .. go again. Pannava attent? ' (I heard the skit.)
"No, no, no. I pecikkiren later. Leave me. "
In a short time the noise subsided phone rang again two minutes later.
"Sudha .. etaccum is going to be important mettara. Here is the talk. "
I knocked at the door of the bathroom to take the call. We got up and stretched out her hand to open up gradually. Bought up in the back door.
Inside she heard speaking. My mind began mitakkat tarumaray imagination. How would Sudha now? Will nude naked? I had thought that Sunni stretches.
ucupperriyatu me in the morning and watched her body. Timiriya jattikkul kailikkul left hand and stroked the staff directly.
"Yes. I'll talk to you later. '
Sudha made ​​the cut finished talking.
'Siva ..'
'What Sudha ..' (Kylie adjusting get out of hand.)
"to call up itamilla. For iramar everything. " (Same size as the door opened again and just go out with a pointing hand.)
I got up and out of the bathroom and saw her wet hand. It is a core term of her wet athletic sparked my passion. She did not want to hold the phone in his hand.
'Siva .. vankunka gone. What are you doing? ' (She tried to alienate me from all kinds of hand with a tense voice.)
soaked with wet hands the phone to put on the mattress on the other hand, take a close. Then holding her hand twitched. From the excitement in her voice.
".. Such leave Siva. What game is this? "
I pushed the door open with one hand and tried to hold his other hand. She stopped.
Sudha nervousness went away, I stood in the back.
The whole building is lit up, light green-colored skirt, chest soaked with Sudha looked thrilled. On the back is a red skirt with pearl droplets wet kisses adhering appeared on its lower irappavatai lush pinpurankalum cuntiyiluttana me.
She corrugated. Tatumariyapati seeing the words spoken to me.
'Siva .. What is this? Velila go. When you're in the shower, why? "
I drew near to her unsaid. I am realizing more patarinal approach.
'Siva .. go. Listen to say. "
I put a hand on her shoulder and gently bent down closer to the shoulder and kissed in the lower back. She corrugated knowing what to do.
"Siva said listen .. .. .. pliss do not want all this. I take a shower. Velila go. "
She seized tolkalaip inclined her body on me. She timirinal slightly. I kissed her neck to retract the tongue and tasted the drops of water. Sudha corrugated.
"chee .. pliss leave. ' (Sigh struggled with.)
picaintavare of soft shoulders and pushed me forward at the waist. Bottom, Kylie lasted beyond my protrusion on the back of her uraciyatu. She bent at the waist munnakartti uracalai avoided that.
I pressed my hand to hold down the waist. She did not know what to do nelittu body and tried to get away from me.
"No, no please. I am going. "
I tried to leave a slight ditch. I pulled her into the wall and tilt stopped. She has turned a blind eye. I looked at her. Breasts kontatirunta pitunkik skirt over the division of the drops of water that flow into the valley disappeared.
The nipples protruded veriyerrina me with wet skirt. I went with her ​​utattaruk my lip. She turned her face. Uracinen lip and tongue kiss on the cheek gently.
".. No Siva. This is all wrong. Listen to say. "
I pushed her body and her breasts on my chest and stood aluntumpati. She tried to put a hand on my shoulder. I kavvinen her lip. Pinch with her ​​and tried to prevent.
"Siva mmvvv .. .. I'm going to leave. ' (Strongly pulled me aside.)
boy who said to me, slammed the door and glared at her. She grabbed his hand and pulled me to the side. She renounced her hand stopped me.
'Oh, please Shiva. No, no. '
timirikkontu Sudha went to the door and slapped the wet slap on the buttocks. "Avvv .. he looked me in the back backdrop. The eyes stare upset.
"chee .. please. I am going. "
(I had another kidney angrily hit back.) .. go to yahoo. I take a look at yourself acaiyota pakkanumnu. Tell me .. "
She looked at me while rubbing the injured kidney.
'atilla Siva .. for it when bathing varuvankala like?' (Bunk stood out.)
"I came to you What is so angry? I Vibe with anybody. " I was staring at her without saying anything. She stood facing the door. I was invited to a slow voice. "Sudha .. ' 'Yes.' (Turning to me with one hand and wiped the water drops in the eye.) "tirumputi .. ' 'Yes.' (Back up and looked at me.) I saw through her ​​eyes. "I love you." Her eyes were also shaken. Turned. ".. I am Shiva. Pliss. ' 'pitikkalanu telling me to go away.' 'No, no. I am going. " (pulled by hand.) "iruti. Pitikkalanu go tell. " She stood looking down without saying anything. I drew near to her. Took his hand and kissed. Her body shook, stood with shame."Colluti .." (I drew near, as well.)
"What should I say? ' (Kunintavare asked.)
"Tell me pitikkalanu. '
looked up. Shook his head to deny.
"colluti. '
'I will not tell you.' (Bowing still munakinal lips.)
"Are you going to say now is not it? ' (She grasped tolkalaip.)
(She bowed her head and said in a faint voice.) "I Love You. Okay.? '
'What? Kekkala. " (I'll stay with her.)
She looked straight into my eyes.
'I Love ..'
a little embarrassed to say out loud Shocked face buried in my chest. Cilirttatu my body. I switch off.Sudha nelintapati my arms comprised of shame. Both body and tightened with each other.
Sudha's irappavatai caught her holding her waist tightening. She avoided seeing me upright.
"Sudha .. '
the head just would not move.
"paruti .. '(she hit the left in the back of my right hand.)
'sss .. aa .. "(mild alaralum munakalum Her voice came out mixed.)
I kissed her neck attached to a level of irappavatai paruttirunta butt liked twitched. She is corrugated. Reluctantly kissed my chest.
I just withdrew her damp forehead with vermilion vakit kissed disheveled. She nimiraveyillai. She caught per the reading rebuilt face. He closed his eyes and saw me. I kissed her lips.
Her lips applying my tongue. She gave it to split lips. The couple entered no delay in applying my tongue.
home to welcome the guests as Sudha's tongue applying my tongue. In a few seconds the two nakkukalum caracamatum uravatina like snakes.
eye-opening Sudha chewing my lip lip lick her father. From the waist down, she's back in my hands again, small steps have been viewed as discriminatory.

Tremble for my emotions. The strength of a blow to the back of her right mencataik fell over the cliff. Slowly she yelled.
"sss .. aa .. atikkirinka Why? ' (Munakalana voice asked.)
"I am very piticcirunta appatittanti base." (The next blow fell on another hill.)
"avv ss .. .. .. ayyu atippanka way for it. Valikkkutunka. Venamm. " (Corrugated.)
"Hmm .. do .. atap pattale ennati beat my hand. Arts ketacca be so easy now? ' (Tightening of the buttocks twitched.)
'ss .. Hmm .. eta?' (The answer, knowing me, it would expect to demonstrate tone asked.)
"Hmm .. Your kuntiyattanti .. '(wet skirt with a kuntip split the middle finger and insert stroked.)
"eyy .. ccciyy .. ppponka .. '(a hand covering her face with corrugated thrilled with my arms.)
"Yes." (I eased off slightly in the small gaps between Sudha made ​​me slip my Kylie knocked to the ground.)
She nimiramal open bathroom door and saw her head with shame. I moved two feet and stood embracing her savarait open.
Thin waters falling puttulikalay kotikkat begun to cool our bodies, seeking to soak. As the opening ceremony of a new relationship in the sky greeting puttuvi droplets flowing in our body, and went to embrace.

Sudha's arms were stretched so long Toli my chest and attached to a wet T-shirt on my back, I came out right. She was holding me tight.
I stroked her skirt a little lift valavalappana totaikalait. I gripped it and pushed them to the body.I opted out of her little wet snow remove me. She turned her head sideways Close your eyes in shame.
snow laid down on her back and switch off. She varutinal my chest. Excludes heads watching me. Waist, kissed her on the forehead (Kunintavare said.) "paruti me. ' 'Why?' 'pakkave Nippankala like this? ' (Munakalana nimiramale voice asked.) "But I mattenkura pakkave. Paruti. " erect. Her head fell on the face of waters that flow into the crevices of breast oluki olintana pulse. Open your eyes and see.

Chapter continue.