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I like to tell stories from all viewpoints of the people involved.  The story below has three different perspectives.   Hopefully the transition between character's thoughts is easy to follow.  To assist in understanding I've added a line gap between characters as the viewpoint transitions between them.   
    Janet checked her watch. Dinner was going to be late.  Good thing Duncan said he was stopping off at Best Buy and Walmart on his way home.  Maybe she could get home and get dinner almost done before he got there.  Janet ran up and down the supermarket aisle grabbing just the few things she needed.  Real shopping could wait till the weekend.  For now she was in a hurry.  On the way to the checkout register she hit the money machine first and drew out some cash; just enough to cover the groceries and some for gas and lunch tomorrow.  Then she checked out and headed home. 

    On the run from authorities in New Mexico Steve was headed to Florida.  He figured Miami was a good place to lay low for a while.  However, interstate traveling took money and he needed more; for now he needed some gas money.  He had robbed convenience stores before and the clerks in those sometimes tend to get a little crazy and fight back.  He thought he would try his luck in a supermarket.  Find a young teen girl running a register on an aisle next to the exit door, covertly point a knife at her and demand only the stack of 20s in her register, grab the money from her and walk quickly out the door.  10-15 seconds at most.  Chances are he could get a few hundred that way and that’s all the money he needed for now.
    Walking around the aisles pretending to shop and checking out the registers Steve couldn’t help but notice the fine young woman in the fashion jeans and pull over top - hot body, hot ass and cute face.  She was fine to look at as she moved quickly through the aisles.  He watched her approach the front of the store, go to the cash machine and draw cash, then checkout.  Fine babe and cash on the platter.  Steve hadn’t had pussy in about two weeks, which was the time he raped a drunk lady coming out of a bar.  That drunk was gross, this babe is fine.  After seeing her draw cash it took him half a second to forget robbing a cashier and focus on the soccer mom.  She looked like easy pickings and maybe he could tap her ass as a bonus.  Being in the business as long as he has Steve had no trouble following the lady home unnoticed.  He watched her unload her grocery bags and head towards her front door.   He moved quickly to get close to her before she got the door unlocked.  It helped that he had stolen a UPS uniform a few days earlier.  No matter the neighborhood no one pays attention to UPS people unless they are waiting for a package, and most people aren’t expecting packages. 

    Arriving home Janet grabs her shopping bags and heads to the door.  She notices a UPS man approaching her with a box.  What the hell has Duncan ordered now?  She unlocks the door, sets the groceries inside on the floor, then turns to face the approaching UPS man.  He was a large man, maybe 6’2 or 6’3 and looked to be a football player type.     Saying “afternoon ma’am” he moves to hand her the box, which she takes with both hands.  Then the man grabs her by the shoulders pushes her backwards half lifting her off her feet in the process.  The unexpected shock of this new development took her breath away.  All Janet could do is let out a little yep.  In half a second they were both inside the house and the man kicked the door shut behind him.  Looking up into his eyes she dropped the box between them and opened her mouth to begin a scream.  Before she could make a sound the man covered her mouth with one hand and used the other to push her deeper into the house.  She tried to resist and kicked at him glancing a blow off one of his shins.  All that accomplished was having him shake her violently while telling her to cut it out and calm down. 

   Steve closed the distance to the lady and her front door quickly.  She noticed him and frowned, but didn’t seem concerned.  She probably assumed the box he was carrying was for her.  About the time she got the door open and set her groceries inside Steve was right behind her.  She turned to face him and he realized that up that close she is even more gorgeous, she is also petite when compared to him, more than a foot shorter in height.  He smiles his best smile down at her and hands the box towards her saying “afternoon ma’am”.  The minute she takes the box Steve grabs her shoulders and quickly pushes her back into the house.  As he kicks behind him to close the door she drops the box and begins to open her mouth.  Steve slaps a hand over her mouth and drags her further into the house.  She kicks out at him, and he shakes her hard.  The difference in their sizes makes it seem like he is shaking a rag doll.  She grows very still and looks at him with fear in her eyes.  Steve says, “Lady, all I want is your cash.  I’m going to take my hand off your mouth, if you scream I’ll break your neck.  Understand?”   The lady shakes her head yes.   Steve slowly removes his hand from her mouth.  The lady whimpers but doesn’t scream.   Steve drags her back to where her purse is at on the floor inside the front door.  She opens it, pulls out cash, and hands it to him.  He doesn’t want to let go of her arm, so he tells her to count it for him.  She counts out $41 dollars.  Not as much as he was expecting.  She must have not drawn much or she spent too much of it on groceries.   Steve frowns at her.

    Janet is shocked by the violet shaking.  The man’s tight grip on her arm hurts and she knows it will leave bruise imprints of his fingers on her skin.  She looks at him as he tells her not to scream and that he only wants money.  He drags her over to her purse and she pulls out the remainder of the cash she got from the supermarket.  He tells her to count it for him and she counts out $41 dollars.  With that news he doesn’t look happy.  He starts pulling her thru the house over to the couch.  She pleads with him to please let her go and she can get him more cash, but he doesn’t listen and pushes her down on the couch putting both hands on her neck holding her firmly but not choking her.  He squeezes his powerful hands slightly telling her to take off her jeans.  She realized then that he intends to rape her and a new fear creeps into her.  With her hands on his wrists she tries to pull them from her neck, but he just squeezes a little tighter cutting off her breath and making her lightheaded.  It won’t help anything if she passes out from lack of air.   Then she would have no chance of making any kind of an escape.  She decides to play along and look for a chance to get away from the man over her.
    Janet moves her hands down to unbutton her jeans and lifts her hips up off the couch to slide them off.  The man lessens the pressure on her neck and with one hand pulls the leggings of her jeans to slide them off her body.  Pressed against the couch she watches the man stare at her body.  Her thong doesn’t hide the fact that she shaves her pussy.  She is embarrassed for him to see that.   While still holding her neck with one hand the man roughly rips off her thong with the other hand.  The ripping motion tightly pulls the thong material into the crack of her ass and she feels it slide roughly across her anus as it is pulled away.  Her pussy is now completely exposed to the man and he stares at it.  She tries to close her legs tight but the man tells her to be still while he uses both hands to spread her legs wide.  She is pushed back against the couch with legs held spread open.  Janet looks down and sees her clit fully exposed and standing proudly with a slight, moist glean on it.  The man stares at it, bends over slightly to put his face nearer to it, and blows on it.  She feels his breath on her clit and pussy.  In any other situation it would feel good.  Now with him doing it the act is revolting.   

    $41 dollars ain’t enough for both gas and food.   Steve will have to stop again in a few hours to find someone else to rob.  The little bitch shafted him.  He should have stuck to the original plan to rob a cashier.  Steve figured she owed him for the bad spot she put him in.  The only other thing she had that he would want is some good tight pussy.  He drags her over to the couch and pushes her down on it.  She begs to be let go and said she could get him more money, but he had no time or inclination to go out with her to another money machine.  Too much could go wrong in that scenario.  She starts to fight back so he puts both hands on her neck and squeezes, not too tight, but just enough to let her know that he meant business and she would be his for the taking.  He tells her to take off her jeans and she initially resists more.  Just a little more squeeze on her neck and she got the idea and moved her hands to take off her jeans.  Steve pulls on the pant legs to help her get them off.  He wanted to see that pussy prize that was waiting for him.  She had a nice little thong on. It barely covered her pussy lips and in and of itself was pretty good to look at.  However, fucking a thong covered pussy took too much work so Steve reached down to pull and rip it off.  After an initial resistance the material ripped nicely and pulled away from her body exposing probably the prettiest little shaved cunt Steve had seen in a long time.  Smooth as a babies butt.  He decided right then that this was no “slam bam thank you ma’am” pussy.  This was a pussy that demanded time to be savored like a good cigar, slow and deliberate.  The lady tried to close her legs, but Steve tells her to be still as he uses both hands to push her knees wide.  Like parting of a velvet curtain her pussy lips parted to expose a nice little clit with a tight little vagina slit under it.  He leaned in for a closer inspection and saw a slightly damp look to her clit and pussy.  He blew on it and saw her asshole pucker some in response.   This was going to be good and time is a wasting.
    He spun her around and dropped her knees to the floor, bending her over the couch.  He tells her not to move as he quickly removes his clothes.  She lays there whimpering and saying over and over that he doesn’t have to do this.  Smiling he pushes a finger slightly against her anus holding his thumb up like a cocked pistol saying “be quiet bitch, your pussy is mine”.  Seeing her bent over that way was enough to get him hard.  So when he was completely undressed his dick was ready.  He moves forward and presses it slowly into her dry pussy.  It initially resists his pressing dick, but as he slides in deeper the cunt gets wetter making entry more easy.  The bitch whimpers and grunts, and slides her ass around.  It seems as if she is trying to open it up more so he will go in easier.  He slowly presses all the way in fully to the hilt, then pulls back slowly savoring the sensation of a tight pussy engulfing his cock.    Steve uses his hands to control her hips, and starts her on a rocking motion that lets him fuck her deeply.  Her pussy gets wetter as this goes on, and her whimpering stops. 

    After inspecting and blowing on her pussy the man flips Janet over, slides her down the couch edge so her knees are on the floor, then tells her not to move.  He stands up to undress and Janet weighs her chances of making a run to the front door, but she knows that with him right behind her she won’t get 6 inches before he grabs her and pushes her on the couch again.  She keeps telling him that he doesn’t have to do this, but he only laughs a little and she feels a finger pressing against her anus.  She took that as a gross sign to be quiet.  The man finishes undressing and she feels him kneel behind her and begin pressing his cock into her pussy.  She is too dry and it hurts. She is afraid that her vagina is going to tear and she moves to adjust her position to lessen the pain and chance of tearing.  She finds a position that lets him slide in easier and he presses his cock fully into her. At least he is going slow enough that she can adjust her position to it.  His cock feels big and thick in her.  She wants to throw up.  The man grabs her hips and begins moving her back and forth on his dick.  She feels him slide in and out of her.  Thankfully she is a little moist now reducing the chance that her vagina will be injured.  She hears the man tell her “boy that is some good pussy”.   She wants to throw up again. 
    The man starts thrusting faster.  His breathing gets more rapid.  She lays there trying to think of something else as he rapes her from behind.  At least she doesn’t have to look at him.  With that thought he flips her over, spreads her legs wide and shoves his cock into her again.    He slides her shirt up and plays with her nipples, tweaking them and making them harden.  She looks at him in horror as he thrusts his cock into her, finding a rhythm that he seems to like. She sees him look down at her with no emotion on his face. 

    Steve loves looking at the lady’s fine ass as he slides his cock in and out of her cunt.  Her pussy is getting a little wet now making his efforts much easier.  He picks up the pace of his thrusts and she grunts a little in time with his thrusts.  He soon tires of that position and wants to get a look at her tits.  Steve flips her over and shoves his cock into her.  He puts a hand under her shirt and pushes it and her bra up to expose her breasts. They are as beautiful as her ass and pussy.  This lady is one complete package.  He tweaks her nipple with a thumb and forefinger.  He rolls it around as it begins to harden.  Steve doesn’t know what he loves more, pussy, ass, or tits.  They each have their qualities and all need equal attention.  He looks down at the lady looking at him.  She still has fear in her eyes.  Her pussy is spread wide and he begins to rapidly fuck it.  She stops looking at him and looks down as his cock is sliding in and out of her pussy.  He keeps up his thrusts rocking her body as he pistons his dick into her fabulous cunt. 

    Janet watches as the man fucks her.  Janet looks down to her pussy and gets her first good look at the man’s cock.  It is thick and long as it slides in and out of her pussy.  She watches its motion with a detached, out-of-body, this isn’t happening mindset.  She becomes horribly fascinated by the big cock.  The man moves again and rolls her off the couch, standing her up and standing in front of her.   He bends over and grabs her legs, picking her up and spreading them in one motion.  Janet realizes he is going to sit her on his erect cock and fuck her standing.  As she is lowered she feels the cock head pressing against her bottom.  The man slides her around as he tries to find her vagina with his cock.  He eventually succeeds and his cock slides into her deeply.  He begins a thrusting motion.
    To keep from falling backwards she has no choice but to put her hands around the back of his neck and hang on.  This new position puts her clit in a position that it rubs against his cock as he thrusts in and out of her.  She feels tension building in her clit and she tries to suppress it.  She wishes the man would hurry and finish, but her pussy is getting wetter and she feels an excitement building.  She can’t help but to let out a moan that she tries to stifle.  The man asks her if she likes it.  Janet says stop, please stop.  My husband will be home soon. 

    Steve tires of lying on the couch and decides that it is time to finish it and get on down the road.  He stands up, grabs the lady picking her up by her legs, and slides her on his cock.  To keep from falling over she grabs him by the neck.  He starts fucking her deeply using one of his favorite positions that he knows all the ladies enjoy.  It gives him full control of their cunt and they can’t back off and get away from his dick.  It also feels good sliding their pussy across his dick as they are perched on it.  He maintains his piston motion with enough energy that the lady has a slight bounce to her on the upstroke.  The bitch’s cunt starts to get wetter and she starts to moan some.  He asks her if she likes it,   She replies asking him to stop, and that her husband would be home soon.    With those words he increases the tempo, and she moans. 

    Duncan arrives outside the house but there is no parking in front.  He wished they had rented a house with a driveway or carport.  Street parking sucks.   He found a spot half a block away, locked the car, and headed to the front door.    Best Buy was a bust and Walmart wasn’t much better; time to check Amazon to see what they offer online.  As Duncan nears the front door he sees it is slightly open.  He slows his pace and approaches more slowly.  Listening at the crack of the door he hears strange noises coming from inside.  He pushes on the door slowly, trying to be quiet because he is unsure what is going on.  As the crack at the door widens Duncan sees groceries scattered across the floor, and some kind of box lying there too.  He knows something is wrong and moves into the house ever so slowly.  Peeking around the entry way wall Duncan can now see the source of the noise.   Janet and a large man are standing by the couch and fucking. 
    The man is holding her up, she has her hands behind his neck and her legs are spread wide and hiked up by his arms.  He is slamming a big cock into her pussy.  Duncan instantly knows this is not a lover that Janet brought home, this is some kind of intruder and rapist.  His heartbeat increases at the sight and he almost rushes into the room, but in an instant catches himself and remains in place behind the wall, peering around with one eye to watch the scene.  Duncan had thought many times about what it would be like seeing Janet fucked by another man, watching another use her very excellent pussy for his pleasure.  Here his fantasy is happening now in the form of a rape.  Duncan is mesmerized by the scene.  Janet lets out a moan.  Is she enjoying it?  Being raped by a big man with a big cock?   Duncan watches his technique and stamina.  He fucks like a machine and he has her fully in his control.  With her moan the man asks her if she likes it.  She tells him to Please stop, Please stop, her husband will be home soon.  Little did Janet know that her husband was were already there and watching her get raped, his cock growing at the sight of it.  The man fucks her faster, and she moans again.   

    Steve decides he is out of time and has to hit the road now.  If the bitch’s husband is due home soon he doesn’t want to deal with that.  Not that he is afraid to face him, it would just be one more complication that Steve doesn’t need.  He spins the lady around on his cock, never loosening his grip on her and keeping her cunt tight against his cock.  He lets her upper body fall to the floor.  His favorite position – the wheel barrel.  Ladies love this one too.  It is time to chop wood and wheel barrel it home.   Steve fucks the bitch deeply and every so slowly pushes her forward, making her walk her upper body slowly on her hands has he holds her thighs and legs up with their groins pressed together.  They move slowly around the room with Steve slamming that cunt good.  Her moaning increases.  Steve loves it when the bitches moan.

    After a period of time in the standing fuck position the man tilts forward in a quick motion that jerks Janet’s hands from behind his neck.  She falls backward, but the man controls her fall and quickly spins her around so Janet can catch herself with her hands on the floor.  Throughout this motion his big dick stays in her pussy.  He starts pushing forward, prompting her to move forward, in effect, walking with her hands across the floor with his dick pushing her forward.  She is humiliated by the action.  However, her pussy is getting wetter and her clit tingles from the rubbing it is getting.  She moans and tries to suppress the feeling, but she can’t.  She feels an orgasm building. 

    Duncan sees the man spin Janet around causing her to drop her upper body to the floor while keeping his cock in her pussy.  He is obviously a pretty strong guy if he can swing her around that way and keep control of her in the process.  Smooth move on his part.  His cock never left her pussy.  He fucks her deeply in this position, and begins walking her forward like in the exercise Duncan used to do in gym class in school.  The old wheel barrel race, only the man is holding her by the thighs with his cock rammed in her.  It is a slow rape walk for Janet, her ass sticking up in an odd position with a dick pounding deeply into her pussy.  She moans as she crawls forward on her hands attempting to keep her balance as the man’s cock pushes her pussy forward.  Her moaning increases with each walk of a hand.  Soon her legs start kicking and she starts a constant moan.  Duncan knows she is cumming. 

    Steve knew it wouldn’t take long.  The bitch starts moaning and kicking her legs. Steve had to tighten his grip on her thighs to keep from dropping her.  He had made her cum good.  With that knowledge Steve stops holding back and lets his orgasm build and spew too.  His cock pumps globs of cum deep into her cunt.  He continues walking her forward, crossing the ecstasy finish line together with her pussy throbbing on his cock.  Another satisfied cunt.  Steve is pleased with himself. 

   Janet can’t help it.  The big man’s dick and the way he controls it and her is too much to suppress.  Her orgasm builds and washes over her.  She moans as it happens and is surprised at its intensity.  It has been a long time since she had an orgasm that hard.  She hears the big man grunt and then feels his cum entering her pussy.  His dick pistons more  easily into and out of her.  Looking down she sees some of his cum dropping to the floor between his feet.  More cum drops, and more.  She feels it’s stickiness inside.

    Watching, Duncan knows that Janet had an orgasm and the man’s orgasm closely followed hers.  The man continues pushing her forward like a wheel barrel.  Duncan sees his cum begin to drop to the floor as they walk forward leaving drops every few inches.  His thrusting, and Janet’s moans, continues for several seconds.  Then they stop moving forward and the man pulls out dropping Janet’s ass end to the floor.  She remains on hands and knees, cum leaking from her pussy.  The man laughs a little and asks her if her cunt felt good.  She hoarsely tells him to get out. 

   Steve asks the bitch if her cunt felt good.  She whispers for him to get out.  Hey, she don’t have to tell him twice.  He got what he came for – money and pussy.  He leaves her kneeling on the floor and gets dressed.  As he heads towards the door he goes through the grocery bags taking a few things for the road.  He approaches the front door and sees it ajar.  He thought he kicked it closed.   He opens it slowly and peeks out.  Coast looks clear.  He leaves and heads to his car.  He has a lot of miles to drive before stopping again.

    Janet continues to kneel as the big man dresses.  She can feel cum dripping from her pussy.  It hurts a little, but she doesn’t think the man damaged her.  As the man is leaving he searches the grocery bags and takes a few things.  Janet doesn’t care.  She just wants him gone.  He hesitates at the door, then leaves.  Janet remains kneeling thinking about what to do now.  She gets her cell phone and begins to dial 911, then hesitates.  Duncan will be home any minute.  She is too embarrassed to face Duncan now and doesn’t know how he will react.  She dials Duncan’s number.  As Duncan answers and says hello Janet feels cum drops from her pussy hitting her left foot.   She looks at it roll down to the floor.  In her best controlled voice Janet says, “the electricity has been out at home, stop and get some chicken takeout and bring it home”.  Duncan asks her what is wrong.  She says “its been a long day, take your time getting the chicken.  No hurry”.  Then she hangs up. 

   Duncan sees the big man start to dress.  He backs out the front door, pulling it slowly to the cracked position he found it in.  Then Duncan walks away and waits at a distance for the man to come out of the house.  Duncan watches him leave and turn down the sidewalk walking to a car, then getting in and driving away.  Duncan walks around wondering what to do.  The scene from the Living Room is playing over and over in his mind.
    Duncan realizes that his cock is hard.  He wishes he had a video of it.  Janet moaning as the big man fucks her deeply.  Them both cumming together.  The cum dripping from her pussy.  Right then Duncan wanted to go somewhere and beat his cock thinking about it.  Then the phone rings.  Duncan checks the number and it is Janet.  Her voice is strange when she tells him there was no electricity for a while so there is no dinner cooked and he should bring some chicken home.   Duncan asks her what is wrong, and she says nothing and hangs up.  Duncan stares at the cell phone.   No crying, no call the police, no theatrics, just get some chicken and bring it home.  Duncan moves slowly back to the car to go get chicken.   His mind races wondering what is going on, what will happen now, and what he will find when he gets home.  Duncan’s cock is still hard and he rubs it as he drives.   He is thinking that Chicken is the last thing he needs, what he needs is some pussy.  Pussy in a wheel barrel.  Yeah, that would be good right about now. 

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Great job Tripod!!! Very hot story!

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Great job for a first posting. You are definitely one to keep an eye on! Can't wait to read more!