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October 31, 2015, 07:00:03 PM

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I wrote this last night. Not sure anyone will like it since its different from typical rape stories. Maybe its real. Maybe its not ;). So on to the warning.

This is a story of non consensual sex. Do Not Continue if stories like these offend you. It's a fantasy! Rape is a crime and every country is against it. If your offended then just exit. With that said you may continue.

Ravish Me

At times I had to wonder if my parents are humans. Take today for example. It's my nineteenth birthday and they just packed up and left. No 'happy birthday Shanel' or even a gift card. I thought they would be decent enough to bake me a cake or do what normal parents do. Boy am I in for a treat. They just walked right pass me and slammed the door. Then I heard mom shouting at dad and he ran back into the kitchen, looked right in my face and said 'sweetie don't burn the house down'. Then ran out again. Good thing I had his black card. I just took it like any other special occasions and went shopping.

For that reason I had too much clothes than necessary. I cant believe I am saying that as a girl but my wardrobe was too packed. It was a pleasure giving away some and at times just burnt them for fun. I had a passion for burning things. Its like a revenge against my parents neglect. I wasn't going to waste my day though. Like come on I am now nineteen! No more school. Freedom! I can party as long as I want without curfew and that was what I planned for my birthday night.

A group of us planned to meet at the club near South Beach. Its just three of us; me, my guy best friend Luke and my girl bestfriend Natalie. We weren't popular in high school, just a normal group who socialized with almost everyone, earned exceptional GPAs, and acted like total idiots around each other. I would be lying if I said we were popular jocks and cheerleaders...maybe in Luke's dreams but not in real life.

The club was packed! I held on to Luke's hand but eventually lost him in the crowd. Some rowdy boys just walked right between us, like are we invisible you stupid bunch of vagabonds! There was no use searching for those two so I helped myself. Somehow I managed to make it to the bar without getting walked over.

I had two Bloody Marys and was onto a Martini when I felt a cool hand on my shoulder. That made me jump involuntarily and nearly spilt my martini. Now I was pissed nobody interrupts me when I need Martini. Nobody. I was welcomed with a smirk and was immediately embarrassed as standing behind me was my former English Professor Mr. Lenover. I just stared on him. One I didn't expect him here and two  he was looking very sexy, much more than when he was teaching. I heard him chuckle making me look back up to his face. He saw that I was embarrassed and he gave my shoulder another squeeze, this time a gentle friendly one. Sitting down next to me he took the martini out of my hand and finished it with one gulp.

'Mr. Lenover, what are you doing here?'

'I should be the one asking you that Shanel. I am 31, I can go anywhere I want to.'

This man was seriously making me blush. 'WelI Sir its my birthday and I decided to celebrate it here with my friends.' He gave me a puzzled look then scanned the room briefly.

'What friends?' He asked amused.

I couldn't disagree with that part so I kept my mouth shut.

'You look gorgeous tonight Shanel.' He complimented. I was wearing the classic little black dress that stopped four inches above the knees. I looked okay in my point of view. 'No surprise there. You are always beautiful.' He murmured. He said it so softly I had to wonder if it was just my wild imagination. He excused himself for finishing my drink and ordered another one. A few minutes went by and my vision started to get blurry. Either that or Mr. Lenover had grown two heads. I stumbled trying to get up and fidgeted in my purse for my phone. That was too much a challenge and he caught me before I fell.

I kept telling him between half stutters that I need to text Natalie or Luke. He pointed out that the phone battery was dead and there was no way I could find them in this crowd. I wasn't even sure if they had left. The best thing was for him to take me home. I started to debate but I didn't know how that ended because the next thing I saw was darkness.

I didn't know how long I was passed out but the overall fatigue covering my body wasn't helping. My head was beating so hard when I tried to open my eyes. After about five minutes lying down with my eyes closed I recollected my thoughts. Thats when I remembered what happened or most of it. I must have passed out by drinking too much. Mr. Lenover must have carried me home. Mhmm I loved the feeling of my bed, so soft, so big, so puffy. What! My bed isn't big and puffy! My eyes shot open and that's when I realised I wasn't in my bed. To make matters worse both of my hands and feet were cuffed to the bedpost. As if on cue the one and only Mr. Lenover sauntered into the room. He smiled at me as if having a teenager cuffed to his bedpost was no big deal. You know just a day to day routine.

'Why am I handcuffed?!' I immediately regretted saying that as the shouting made my head pain worse.

'I don't know if your a sleepwalker. And I live in a three story apartment. I just handcuffed you for safety.' He beamed.

'Oh. You didn't have to do that. So please release me now.'

'Are you scared of me?' He questioned, coming nearer to the bed head.

Oh wow. I dont know maybe any girl in a short black dress, half drunk, handcuffed to the bed of a 31 year old man, would be scared. I didn't answer him. I just stared as he came closer and sat on the edge of the bed. I could move my hands and feet but they both couldn't touch each other.

'I have a gift for you.' And with that said he leaned over me and took up a box on the night table. 'Its your birthday so I bought you a cake. You have to eat it quickly though before the ice cream melts.'

'Mr Lenover-' I tried to protest but he interrupted. 'Please just call me Nick.'

'Nick. Thank you but how can I eat the cake if you dont pull the handcuffs...'

'Just eat it.' He answered simply and pushed a piece of the cake in my mouth.
I tried protesting but he kept poking more and more cake until it was half finished.

'Time for the ice cream.' With that said he pressed his lips hard against mine. I could feel his tongue probing its way to enter my mouth. Turning my head away was in vain, his strong hands held it firmly in place. At one point I sealed my mouth shut but he squeezed my nipple through the dress and I made a small cry. He broke the kiss from my lips and trailed small love bites along my neck to my shoulder. I couldn't control the moan when he kissed and gave my neck a small nibble. He looked up and for a while I couldn't read his expression.

'What makes you weak Shanel?'

'Excuse me?'

'Does that make you vulnerable?' He teased.

'Don't you dare!' I was dead serious with my challenge. And he just laughed at me. I swore I saw tears coming from his eyes. Then he started to kiss my neck again. I couldn't help it. He found out my weak spot and was now using it against me.

'Nooo stop....' I repeated in vain, thrashing against him and the sheets. I felt his hands slid easily up my thighs and he gently pulled my panty off and tossed it off the bed. Next was my dress and he tore it to shreads. I was left naked with his hands and mouth roaming all over my body. At first I was sobbing but the feeling of his body on mine was overwhelming. In all I was confused. My mind screamed no! But my body wasn't fighting at all. He took up the icecream this time and scooped some on my nipples and between my breasts. Then made a small trail from my chest to my navel. He then licked it all up and started over by putting more on the nipples.

At this point I was breathless. I could feel the inside of my vagina contracting. The tingles and strange feeling in my breasts made the situation worse. All I could think about was Nick on top of me. I could feel his mouth gently pulling on my nipples. His tongue played with the top as he used his hands to squeeze each breast.

'Don't you like feeding your baby?' He said before sucking the other breast. I could feel small bites as he lowered his head and travelled down on me. When his tongue hit my clit a wave of electricity went through my entire body. It was too much. His tongue drove me over the edge. Whenever he pushed inside then flicked his tongue over my clit, it made me shudder. He made a hard drag on my pussy lips with his mouth but stopped when I started to push my hips more into his face. Nick stripped so fast within a second he was fixed between my legs kissing me passionately on my lips.

'Be a good girl. Tell me what you want me to do to you.'

'Fuck me.'

'Fuck you how?' He teased.

'Fuck me hard!' I was in agony. No man should arouse a woman then pause to punish her.

'No.' He was out of breath 'I taught you better than that. That word is cliche. Tell me what you want me to do to you Shanel.'

'Ravish me!' I was too hooked now to control myself. Neither could he and with one powerful thrust he entered me for the first time of many.

I could feel him stretching inside of me to its limits, he was too big for me. His eyes never left mine and with each thrust I could see a small spark in his eyes. His lips on my lips, we moan each other's names, his hands entwined in mine, my body felt like it now belonged to him. Were we making love? He got more aggressive in his thrusts and I could feel between my legs getting really sore. The feeling of him on top of me with no escape. A man fulfilling his pleasure using my body. The moans and sweet words he uttered to me. Or maybe it was the look of need and pleasure on his face. Something drove me over the edge and we both climaxed together. He stayed in me for a minute then sat up and looked down on me.

I felt embarrassed. Humiliated. Used. This was it. I just let my former teacher used me.

'You won't get away with this.' I threatened. I was more hurt than angry. He had a look of confusion on his face. I felt bad for saying it but then the usual smile came back on his face.

'Get away with what?' He asked innocently.


He laughed so hard I felt like I was some freakshow.

'Shanel you told me to ravish you. Your exact words.' He recalled.

'Fuck you! Untie me asshole!' He was just fucking pissing me off.

'Eat it.' He replied.

'What?' I just told this man to uncuff my ass and all he can say to me is 'eat it'. Is everything a joke to this guy.

'Shanel from the beginning you asked me how to pull the handcuffs off. I said eat it. They are edible handcuffs.'

'What! No! You said I must eat the cake and you stuffed my mouth. You never told me you meant the handcuffs!!!' I was on the point of screaming for bloody murder and shooting fire.

'It was simple English sweetheart.'

'Don't sweetheart me!' And he was right. When I tasted the cuffs they were made up of hard candy. Who in this world makes edible handcuffs!!! 'Oh go fuck yourself!' Now I was officially upset. I hit the cuffs hard against the bedposts and night table and they shelled away. Nick was there smiling to himself.

'You will report me won't you. I can see it in the press. High school teacher rapes former student.' He just stays still looking at the ceiling. 'I didn't rape you Shanel. I made love to you. You know why?' He paused. I just stared back at him. 'Because I love you. Always did. And always will.' He shifted on the bed and looked straight at me. 'I always imagined us together forever.'

'Wow! Thanks for expressing your love by tying me to your bed and so called 'made love to me.' If you hadn't realized it Mr. Lenover its called rape! You better imagine living in prison forever. Crazy!' I saw when his face fell. He looked drenched in immense sadness. 'But I am even crazier for loving you too.' The shocked look on his face made me laugh. 'I guess you are not the only one with a sense of humour' I teased.

With that said I straddled his legs and kissed him deeply. When I felt his hands caressing my back I knew I made the right choice. This crazy man was the one for me.

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Nice job add to it

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Great job

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Suckmydick..  its finished Lmao...its a short story ;D. And thank you Masterslittlebitch :)