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Offline Rash

Note that this is a work of fiction. Any similarities with reality are pure coincidence. Rapists deserve to be publicly executed in nothing more than a ballerina costume.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Hi, my name is Rash. That's not my real name but I've been called Rash for such a long time I forgot the name my parents chose for me. Right now I'm standing on the edge of a rooftop in the middle of the city, but before we get to that part let's give you some insight in what has led me to this point of no return.

I grew up in a nice home in the suburbs. We were not incredibly rich, but we didn't lack anything. As their only child, my parents tend to spoil me and I received most of the stuff by just asking. As a kid I loved to play with my collection of army figures, I had everything ranging from Japanese samurai to World War 2 heroes. However, as I grew older I discovered the incredible world of online gaming. My army figures where now replaced by violent first person shooters or strategy games. That's when I first started using this name, as I'd always make strategic decisions in an impulse. I found out I was very good at it and that my impulsive reflexes came from my above average memory and analysing skills. At the age of 14 I discovered I could recall everything I’ve read or heard in an instant. After doing some tests the psychologist told me I had a very high IQ and congratulated me with the results. My parents were happy too since I always got straight A’s in class without having to work for it.

But of course life can’t be all sunshine and rainbows, school for me was actually more like a tsunami flooding emotional stability. I might have been smart, but I wasn’t popular. I was the type of kid you’d see alone during lunch. In the breaks I usually went to the library to play game. Alone. Because of my dorky looks and my anti-social behaviour I was often the target of bullies. You know the type, driving their daddy’s sports car, being important on the football field, dating the hottest girls the school has to offer,... They loved to make fun of me and it went from bad to worse. It started with just rude comments, but by the time I was 17 they were throwing my backpack in the river and stealing my clothes so I had to walk home in my underwear. All of this led to me being angry all the time, so when I came home after school I usually tried to escape in my games. At least I was someone in this virtual world.

As it happened one day during the last break, I was walking down the hall when I suddenly heard a girl’s voice shout at me: “Hey loser!”. I looked around to see Julia stand there with a bunch of her girlfriends. Now let me tell you something about Julia. Julia wasn’t just pretty, she was drop dead gorgeous and easily the cutest girl in the whole school. Her face was built out of perfection. Her lips looked so sweet, I’m pretty sure every guy in our school wanted to kiss them. She had dark eyes that could make you dream away in an instant. Her angelic face was surrounded with long, dark hair that came to her waist which gave away her Italian origin. She had a cute pair of B-cup (at least that’s what I’d guess) tits and a cute little butt that everyone kept staring at as it wiggled through the school. She looked so perfect and innocent, but in reality she was just a bitch. She was dating  a guy named Chad, one of the guys who loved picking on me. As I turned around something hit me and splashed on my face. The bitch had thrown an egg at my face and as a result my clothes were full of egg yolk. Something in me exploded. My inner beast suddenly had enough of it. I don’t know what exactly it was that triggered me this time, but somehow my mind couldn’t take it no more and all the memories of the last years decided to break free in the form of anger. Before I knew it I had pushed Julia against the lockers, pinning her hands down above her head with my left hand, cupping her left breast through her shirt with my right. “I’m sick of it bitch,” I yelled in her ear, “Now it’s your turn!”. I moved my hand from her breast to her sweat shorts and slid it in. I pushed her thong out of the way and rammed two fingers as hard as I could in her dry pussy. Julia screamed out in pain and tried to move her sexy thigh away from my hand, but I was stronger and kept smashing my fingers in and out of her pussy. That’s when everything went black.

The next thing I know I woke up in the hospital. I heard from the nurse that Chad and his gang saw me ravishing Julia. The first sucker punch had knocked me out cold but they didn’t stop there. I got beat up for two minutes straight by three guys. It took me five weeks of rest to get out of the hospital. But the worst was still to come. I got convicted of rape (does that even count as rape?) and violent crimes against Julia. Violence, you hear that? I still got a crooked nose and various scars from the beating but the judge decided Chad had been a hero saving the poor girl. Of course, the dumb ass didn’t see the years of torture I had to go through. They didn’t want to send me to a youth facility but they couldn’t send me to a grown up prison either. Instead, I got sign-up for some kind of bootcamp, A program of discipline to beat the delinquency out of young criminals. My parents agreed, they didn’t even visit me once while I was in the hospital, to them I didn’t exist anymore. Not my problem. The first day at the bootcamp was horrible. We had to go through all kinds of physical exercises. I, being not really fit at the time and still recovering from the beating, was exhausted at the end of the day. Five more years in this hell. I made some vows that evening. If the world was against me, it would be me against the world. I was out for revenge. I decided I didn’t want to be part of this society anymore, I became an outcast.

Those five years in bootcamp where definitely the longest and roughest of my whole life. I managed to see the benefits though, I noticed myself getting stronger and fitter. Fights happened on a daily basis and I soon learnt how to solve things with my fists. I also made some friends. One of them, Jermaine, a big black dude, learnt me the art of kickboxing. I didn’t get the point of the facility to be honest, all I’ve learnt there were skills to make me an even better criminal.
I was lucky to get my own cell since we didn’t have much time to spend in privacy as we had to work all day. A man has his urgencies of course. It felt so good to beat off after a hard day of labour. I noticed my cock growing faster too. It might had to do something with my new manly way of life, as I had been a little bit of a wimp before. It’s no pretty sight, this big monster covered in veins, but it would serve it’s purpose later. We didn’t have porn magazines, but I had my own images in my head. The seconds before I got knocked out by Chad, brutally fingering his girlfriend Julia’s tight cunt, were still displayed vividly in my memory. I just loved her screams and the look of terror on her face everytime my mind took me back to that experience. 
I also lost my virginity out there in the hole. A sexy Puerto Rican girl was visiting her older brother, who I didn’t like too much. I managed to rape her in the toilets, but that’s a story for another time.

I was 22 years old when I came out. I entered a cub, and came back a wolf. I got big, strong, self assured and I was still the smartest motherfucker out there. First thing I did when I came out was disappear. I burned all the papers they gave me to start a new life. “New life”, like I don’t know that no-one will hire a convict. No, I was better off alone now, I didn’t need all the luxury anymore. I managed to get my food by dumpster diving and occasionally robbing someone. I learnt how to survive outside in the city and managed to find a camping spot on the roof of a large building where no-one ever came. It wasn’t much, but it was all I need. That’s where I’m standing now, the edge of my rooftop, gazing over the city underneath me. I was looking for my first prey, my first act of revenge on the society that made me an outcast.

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A great beginning, can't wait to read future chapters!

January 03, 2017, 12:06:06 PM
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Thank you for joining our story forum, Rash, with such a great opening salvo!

January 03, 2017, 06:19:50 PM
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Offline Rash

Thanks guys. I have one question though. Do I post every chapter in a new post, or do I continue here?

January 03, 2017, 06:22:03 PM
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For continuity post the next chapter here, easier for the reader to follow they story!

January 05, 2017, 08:08:28 AM
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Offline Rash

Chapter 2: Serving the waitress

I slowly let my eyes roam over the street below me. It was funny how I could see every move of everyone down there, while they were totally unaware of me looking down on them. The street was usually pretty crowded as it made a connection between two major shopping districts. Some businessmen took advantage of this and opened restaurants all over the place. I was pretty sure that I'd find a girl or two in this place. It was only 11am in the morning and the restaurants were still closed. There was a lot of traffic in the street however, as the sun was shining down on them promising a good day. I guess the schools were on summer break, as I saw many younger girls carrying bags bigger than themselves. This was perfect. Being only 22 myself, married 30 year old women just didn't do it for me. Their dirty cunts were probably too loose anyway, especially if they gave birth before. No, I was out for revenge on the type of girls that used to bully me back in school. The type that had their young bodies being developed to that of a woman, but still had that look of innocence on their face. Today, there were plenty of those since nothing beats a day of shopping with the girlfriends of course. I was picky though, I didn't plan on taking the first nice body I saw. I was looking for those girls who were just so damn lucky in life. The exceptionally beautiful ones who probably learned how to use their looks to manipulate at an early age.

Around 12:30pm I started to think that my hideout wasn't the best spot to look for prey.  I had spotted some potential targets before but they all just went to the other shopping district. By the time I would've made it downstairs they'd be long gone. I was about to give up for the day and spend my time on a good strategy when my eyes suddenly focused on the restaurant across the street. They had just opened and outside came a young brunette, a waitress. I don't know what attracted me to her but since I couldn't see her up close from above I guess it must have been the way she moved. Quickly I grabbed my binoculars that I had bought at the local thrift store the day before and as I zoomed in on the little waitress I became speechless. Down there was one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen. From what I could see she had a nice body alright. I saw a nice pair of tits, not too big, not too small, just how I liked them. Her slim waist ended in the most perfect butt I had ever encountered, packed in tight black jeans. She was wearing a modest shirt with a cute little bowtie which added to the innocence I was looking for in a girl. When she smiled at a by passer I almost fell in love! She was just so cute! Her smile was perfect! To top it off she had her long brown hair in a tight ponytail to add to the typical waitress look. I knew she was going to be my first target as my cock grew hard seeing her cute little butt in the air as she was cleaning the tables, getting them ready for their first customers. I had to keep disciplined though, refraining from pleasure now would only add to the joy at the moment itself.

The next few weeks I kept watching the restaurant. I wanted to memorize their schedule of employees, their closing times and of course the schedule of the sexy girl who was totally unaware of the horror that was about to happen to her. On Wednesday I walked past the restaurant a few times, I even pretended waiting for someone leaning against the wall. I found out her name was Lia as it was spelled on her nameplate. I also heard her talking to one of her co-workers, complaining about how her boyfriend kept trying to get into her pants but that she wanted to wait until she would turn 18 in two months, the little cocktease. I immediately got a hard-on as I heard that, imagining her screaming as I'd take her virginity away.
The restaurant always closed at midnight. The employees left half an hour later and around 1am the owner would leave the place after closing everything. I stalked Lia one evening to find out a plan, but it turned out she drove home with another girl working there. On Thursday however, I couldn't believe my luck. I had seen the owner leave around 6pm and he didn't return. As the other employees left Lia wasn't there with them either. As I had guessed, she came out around 1am alone.

I stalked the young girl to the parking lot and it took me all the discipline in the world to not just drag her into an alley and fuck the shit out of her. That would be messy and risky however, I had to come up with a plan. She waited 40 minutes in the parking lot until a black truck turned up. Her father came to pick her up. The following Thursday exactly the same happened. Apparently she had to close the restaurant every Thursday night, then she had to wait 40 minutes until her father came to give her a ride home. I decided that next Thursday was going to be the big day. I couldn't wait. I didn't spend too much time preparing. I found out I could easily climb over the wall at the back, where the dumpsters stood. From there I could go through the backdoor which they left unlocked until the last person was out of the building. I was strong enough to overpower the girl, I liked them putting up a fight anyway. Her screams and struggles would only make me even hornier. Nobody would hear her since the place turns into a little dance club every Saturday night but you couldn't hear the noise from the outside.

Finally it was Thursday, the big day, my first step on the path to revenge against the society that made me this way. At 12:20 I was sitting just around the corner of the alley at the back of the restaurant, pretending to be a homeless guy. Well technically I was a homeless guy, I even looked like it. At 12:31 I saw the staff come out, and as I expected, Lia wasn't with them. After waiting for 5 minutes I decided to go inside. As I quietly walked towards the dining room I could already hear her cute voice humming a song. As I peeked around the corner I could see her petite body facing the wall while she was writing on a calendar. It had probably something to do with reservations, hell I couldn't care less. As I started sneaking up on her as quietly as possible, I felt my heart rate going up and my cock growing hard as steel at the sight of the young girl in her waitress outfit. As I was real close I think she sensed something was wrong, but it was too late. My right hand closed around her mouth, muffling her screams and my left arm grabbed her by the waist. As she started struggling to break free I could feel her little butt grinding into my erection and I just kept standing there enjoying the feeling of her petite teenage body struggling against me. I dragged her towards the nearest wall and turned her around while releasing my hand from her mouth. She started screaming again but we both know no-one could hear her. Her face had a look of panic and fear on it as she kept fighting against my body to get free. I waited for a while, until her screams were being replaced by sobs as she realized it was useless.

That's when I put my face closer to hers, starting to let my tongue caress her soft lips. She tried to pull her head away but I grabbed her chin with my left hand and forced it in place. I started to kiss her lips now, my tongue was trying to get between them to invade her mouth, but she kept them shut tight. Suddenly I grabbed her left asscheek with my right hand. As she let out a yelp, her lips parted and I shoved my tongue into her hot little mouth. Damn she tasted good. As she began crying harder she did her best to avoid my tongue with hers, but it was useless. I actually enjoyed the little game she was playing and loved chasing her tongue around. While I kept kissing her by force I let my hands roam further over her body. I grabbed her ass through her pants with both hands now and pushed her thighs into my crotch. Man that ass of hers didn't disappoint! I couldn't wait to see it naked. But there was no rush, as I had plenty of time left. My hands went up higher towards her back and then I cupped both her breasts through her shirt. She started to thrash around again as I started kneading her tits. As hot as she looked in her waitress outfit, I couldn't hold it anymore and started to unbutton her blouse.

After a few buttons I could make out her cleavage, going up and down fast from her quickened breathing. When her shirt was unbuttoned to the bottom, I started to work on her black bra. I just had to free those tits so I could play with them. I didn't have a lot of experience with women though, and I found myself struggling to get it open. Her continued struggling didn't help anything either so I just gave a quick, strong tug at all the straps necessary to just let it fall off and throw it away. As her gorgeous breasts came into full view I couldn't help but wondering why she wore a bra in the first place. It had made them look a little bit bigger I guess, but they were round and didn't show any sign of gravitation. Small pink nipples made the picture complete. She looked real sexy right now, with her shirt unbuttoned and her tits in full view. She let out a yelp when I put my arms around her naked body and my cold hands made contact with her warm, soft skin. I started to lick her lips again and then let my tongue go down to explore her neck and eventually her delicious tits. That's when she stopped struggling too much and started begging. “Please, let me go.”, she sobbed, “Please I haven't done anything to you, you can't do this!”. I laughed at her, “Watch me!”. I returned to exploring her teenage body with my tongue. I teased her by sucking on her nipples,  Then I suddenly bit down. She screamed loudly as she felt a stinging pain in her breast and started to struggle again. My hands went to her pants I started unbuttoning them.

It's wasn't easy to strip down those tight black pants, hugging her skinny legs as she kept kicking to prevent from succeeding in my act, but eventually I had them all the way down. That's when I remembered her shoes so I started to drag her towards a large, luxurious looking sofa in the back of the restaurant that must have been the VIP section. I was the VIP now, and this cute little waitress was about to serve me alright. It was easier to release her from her shoes and pants while pinning her body down on the sofa and soon she was left naked except for he underwear, which was black too like her bra. Damn, those legs were a pretty sight, they were long and smooth and I started running my hands over them. I teased her a bit by going closer and closer towards her crotch, now only being covered by the thin material of her underwear. Time to remove the last piece. As I started tugging at her panties her pussy came into full view. She shaved it! “Man I'm lucky with this one!”, I thought as my eyes stared at her closed, now unprotected pussy. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her up from the sofa with her back to me. Damn! Her cute butt looked so perfect. I felt a shiver going through her body as I cupped her asscheeks. As much as I enjoyed her ass, I had to let go because it was time to get started.

As I set myself down on the couch again I dragged her petite, now fully naked body, with me. The long end of the couch went up so that's where I put her down, with her back against the support. Knowing what was about to happen she started struggling harder and began screaming for help again. Due to her small frame I was still able to held her down with one hand however, and used my other hand to pull down my sweatpants and boxer shorts, letting my gigantic cock come into view. The look on her face was priceless as her eyes bulged out at the sight of it. The purple head glanced and there was even a little pre cum visible. She started pleading again as I guided the monster towards the entrance of her young pussy. “Please no, don't do this,” she sobbed “please I'm begging you.” I put the tip of my cock against her pussy lips and grabbed her hips with both hands. “Noooooo please sir! I'm a virgin!”, she screamed out! I stopped. “Your what?” I asked. “I'm still a virgin, I never had sex before,” she cried, “Please don't do it sir I'm begging you.”
“Oh no what have I done.” I sighed “I didn't know...I'm sorry.” I could see hope on her face, I could see a little bit of the fear disappear.
“Please I'm begging you sir, let me go. I won't tell anyone, I promise!
“Oh my god I'm so sorry, I didn't know. I really didn't know.” I managed to force a tear out of my eye and felt it slide across my scarred cheek.
“Please sir, you don't have to go through with this. You can still back out. I swear I won't tell anyone what happened! It's okay, we all make mistakes.” She was trying to get into my head, she thought that she could manipulate me with those beautiful dark eyes of her.
“Oh god I'm so sorry, you're right, this is so wrong. Oh I'm so so sorry!” ,I said. She started wiping the tears of her pretty face. Then she started smiling, the smile she had practiced, the smile she used in the restaurant to increase her tips, the smile that she was sure of would convince me to get off of her.
“Please sir.” she said, using a friendly voice this time, the voice of a waitress. I weakened my grip and moved the tip of my cock backwards very slowly.
“Thank you sir, oh thank you!”, she sighed in relief. Relief filled her eyes too, only adding to the beauty of her smile, as it came more natural now. Lia's beautiful smile that made me notice her in the first place, the smile that made her boyfriend stay with her, the smile that made every man's heart melt and that got her everything she wanted. The smile that would save her from being brutally raped on a Thursday night.
Or at least that's what she thought. Oh boy how was she wrong. I grinned as I looked into her beautiful dark eyes.

I forcefully grabbed her hips again as I thrusted my gigantic cock towards her virginal pussy with force. At the same time I pulled her hips to me as hard as I could. Her face was priceless. Her eyes filled with pain and horror, her smile transformed into a high, deafening scream as my shaft buried itself between her pussy lips. I could feel my cock shredding her hymen apart, brutally destroying the walls of her tight hole all the way to her cervix. Her tight little teenage pussy clamped hard around my cock. I didn't gave her time to grow accustomed to my hard, vein-covered monster. As a madman I started to forcefully slam deep into her deflowered maidenhood, tearing her insides apart along the way. Poor Lia kept screaming as a terrorizing pain flowed through her body. Her body started thrashing wildly, oblivious of the pleasure it was causing me. Her beautiful legs kicked around and her small, weak hands tried to push me off, but she was no match for me. She felt even better as I had expected. Lust and pleasure were rushing through my head as I kept destroying her little pussy and I got hornier every second at the sight of the young teenage waitress screaming loudly, her petite body convulsing underneath me.

Suddenly I stopped pumping into her tight figure. While keeping my dick inside her pleasure hole, I put one hand on her back and picked her up, carrying her to a wall nearby. She stopped screaming and started crying instead, I could feel her blood flowing from her pussy across my dick. Drops of blood started marking the path we were making. I put her small back against the wall. Lia had stopped struggling, her head hung down while she cried and tears streamed down her beautiful face. I grabbed her chin as I pushed her with my body against the wall and I forced my tongue between her sweet lips again. She let it happen as my tongue, once again, started to explore her warm mouth. Then I pulled her up and let her fall back onto my monstrous shaft, only to pick her up again as my full length was buried all the way into her damaged pussy. That's when she pulled her mouth free and started screaming and thrashing around again. I just loved it. As I pulled her petite, young body off and back on my cock her nice tits even bounced a little with the rhythm. Her hair, still pulled together in a tight ponytail jumped from left to right. This was it, I couldn't hold it off anymore. The young waitress bouncing and screaming on my shaft was just too much. I know this image would stay with me forever. I speeded up my pace as I tried to slam my dick into her as hard as possible and started grunting. I put my mouth on her soft lips again and managed to force my tongue back in her mouth again, licking hers like crazy out of pure lust. I grabbed her delicious asscheeks with both hands as I forced her little body on my huge, now pulsating, cock harder and harder. Then I blew. I shot 3 weeks worth of cum straight into her womb. I had never came so hard and so long in my life. She let out one last scream as I kept her pulled down all the way on my dick, making sure it was in as far as possible. Then she started crying and hung her head in defeat.

When my orgasm was over and I had regained my senses, I carried her to the sofa again. As I let my dick slide out of her ruined pussy, a mixture of blood and cum started oozing out. When I let go of her body, she immediately  curled up into the fetal position and kept crying. I made my way to her pants and pulled out her phone. Damn, an hour had past already, it was 1:30am now. Her dad would come to pick her up in 10 minutes. I glanced over to the sofa again, Lia was still laying in the same position, her face facing the back of the couch, her cute little bum facing my direction. My cock grew hard again in an instant. I didn't want this party to be over yet. This beautiful young waitress still had to serve me my dessert after all. I quickly went to the conversation with her dad and scrolled through it to get an idea of her texting style. I started typing:
Hey dad, my boss asked me to make some preparations for a big dinner tomorrow. Can you pick me up 40 minutes later? Xxx Lia
I pressed “Send”.
Now I was sure I had enough time as I had found a similar message in her phone earlier. I made my way back to the sobbing girl on the sofa again. She started crying harder again as I picked her up by her tender waist but didn't seem to have the power to get her voice out to protest. I dragged her to the bar and made her lean against it. As I let lose her hands quickly grabbed the bar, I don't think she could stand anymore. I put my hands on her shoulder and started to give her a massage. She didn't really react to it.
“Hey waitress,” I said, “I want some dessert too. I think I'll have the chocolate cream pie please.”

It became clear to her what I meant as soon as I moved my hands to her asscheeks and pulled them apart. “Noooooooooooooooooo”, She screamed out, but it was too late. My cock had grown rock hard again and I guided it to her asshole. I slowly started pushing it in and she started screaming loud again due to the pain I was causing her. Now, assholes aren't made to be fucked. Especially not by a dick like mine. Especially not a hole as tight and young as hers. It hurt a bit for myself too, but it definitely wasn't as painful as it was to hers. At least I wasn't screaming and spasming like my little waitress here was. She was struggling harder as ever now and I had to press her ass real tight to me to prevent me from slipping out. Slowly, inch per inch, her screams only increasing as I gained more territory, I pushed my dick inside of her anus until it was all the way in. Damn, and I thought her pussy was tight. I held it there for a minute, feeling streams of blood lubricating her anal cavity.

Then I pulled my cock out until only the tip was still in her and quickly shoved it all the way back in before it had closed too much. After repeating this process a couple of times, gaining a loud scream with every hit, I started speeding up. Before I knew it I was thrusting my cock into her virgin asshole like a madman. Lia was screaming non-stop now and her teenage body tried to wiggle away from the torture I was causing her. I moved my hands up from her waist and grabbed both her beautiful tits from behind. I was molding them roughly and used them as a grip to keep her  little body close to me. This way she had no chance of escaping the ravishment of that cute little butt of hers and I could slam into her even harder. Her young, round breasts felt so nice into my hands and in combination with the tightness of her asshole I felt my cum begging for release once more. As I had tightened my grip on her tits I pulled her body back into mine hard one more time and my cum shot straight into her belly as she let out one last scream. I was in heaven.

I pulled out my cock. Her ass was a mess and looked a whole lot like her pussy now. Blood and semen streamed out of her ravaged butt down to her legs. I laid the girl lay down on the floor. I checked the time. 15 more minutes until her dad would pick her up. I quickly left the restaurant and went back to my hideout. After 20 minutes I saw her father coming to look for her. Damn, I wish I could've seen his face as he found his sexy little princess laying on the floor naked covered in blood and cum. 10 more minutes later the cops and an ambulance arrived. Exhausted, I went to sleep as I knew they'd never find me. They didn't have my name and no-one would recognize me on the street  if the information I had gathered about myself is correct. And trust me, it is.

The next day around 12:30pm I was sitting in the back of a bar drinking a beer. The bar was located across a college campus and the place was packed with students. As I was sipping on my beer the local news came on, this was what I had came here for. The brutal rape of the young waitress was the headliner of the day.
Police are investigating the rape of a 17 year old waitress who was attacked last night between 12:30am and 2:30am after being left alone in the restaurant. The father of the victim found her and called the cops immediately, the girl is taken to the hospital in critical condition but the police say her situation is not life threatening. They are still looking for a suspect. If you have seen or heard anything please call the information line of the police department.
The message was followed by sounds of anger coming from all over the pub. “They should fucking hang the pig in public!” ,he heard a girl cry out, “Probably some fucking loser who was too ugly to get laid in school. The bastard!”. He glanced over at the pretty blonde student the words were coming from. He found his next target.

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Damn good, Rash! Damn good!

January 05, 2017, 01:00:44 PM
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Loved it, such detail shown. Outside of the rape i don't see what's wrong, she served him and he gave more more than a 'tip' in respond!

March 05, 2019, 07:54:29 AM
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Any more to come? Loved this story