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January 23, 2019, 11:46:58 AM

Offline MillieDynamite

What follows is the first new thing I have written since joining here so in essence this my first submitting. I'm posting it here before any other site. It isn't a story it's a poem. I wrote this last night and gave it to my wife, Jo. We are a married lesbian couple. Those that know me know about Jo, those that don't ... well, don't.

My Love My Life
(for Jo)

Once I lived in despair
I was laden with sadness and fears
My life needed repair
I remember the bitter tears

Then there was your face
Your powerful arms
The oh so, tender embrace
I knew there would be no more harms

I need you
I want you
I am with you
I love you

You are my love
You are my life
Like it came from above
An end of strife

Our love grew
One on one
Where there were two
Now there is but one