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February 26, 2019, 12:53:16 AM

Offline darkstranger2019

[Obligatory disclaimer:  THIS IS FANTASY.  FICTION. In real life, the author in no way condones, endorses, or in any way approves of the actions depicted

She’d left the new trendy bar with her girlfriends just around midnight. They’d managed to sneak in with fake IDs. It was pretty easy, with the bouncers leering at them openly. A little tipsy, but not too bad, she’d thought. A couple of her friends had offered to walk with her to her car, but it wasn’t far, and she’d assured them she’d be okay. But she must have been tipsier than she’d thought, because she’d gotten completely disoriented & wandered into an unfamiliar – and, at this hour, unpopulated – part of the warehouse district than the bar.

Stupid, she’s thinking, stupid stupid stupid…. She knows she must present a tempting target. “A pretty little slip of a girl,” as her father liked to say. Just turned 18, 5’2”, petite build, with firm high breasts of moderate size (not that her dad had ever noticed those!). hazel eyes, and gorgeous long brown hair cascading down to her butt in a long ponytail. Wearing a flimsy white tube top, short, tight black leather skirt, sexy, ankle-strap stiletto heels. “Fuck me” pumps, she’d heard they were called, though they certainly hadn’t seen any action lately…

Starting to get a little worried. She hasn’t seen anyone else for a couple of blocks, now. Thinking about getting out her phone and texting one of her friends for help, after all.
And then she hears a voice behind her. Deep, male, gruff. “You lost, little girl? Long way from anywhere, around here…” The tone, somehow, is not friendly or helpful, but mocking.

Oh shit, she’s thinking.  She’s just starting to lift her phone when, without any warning, she’s grabbed from behind.  One strong arm encircles her waist, snatching the cell phone out of her hand & tossing it into the darkness. The man’s arm presses her torso to him, holding her tightly. She can feel his beard against her head – he’s much taller than she is. She can feel his erection pressing into the small of her back, just above her ass. And that erases any possible doubt about what will happen next…
“P-please, I – “ She starts to stammer out a protest, but suddenly there’s a very large and very sharp-looking hunting knife pressing against her throat.

“Shut up, bitch!” the stranger orders into her ear. “Don’t much care if you scream – that might be fun – we’re all alone here, ain’t nobody gonna come runnin’ to help you. I just don’t give a shit about anything that could possibly come out of your mouth.” The man snickers softly. “Lot more interested in what’ll go into it, y’know?”

With the one hand still holding the knife to her neck, the other slides up to fondle her breasts. “Oh, nice titmeat ya got here, baby. Daddy’s gonna have fun with these!” He’s squeezing her boobs harder, pinching the nipples. He murmurs appreciatively as she winces in pain from his touch. “Yeah, lot of fun…”

As he still holds one of her breasts, he slides the knife-blade down, flicking the sharp tip through the thin material of her white tube top. With both hands, the unseen tormentor behind her rips her tube top apart, exposing her breasts to the cool night air. Glancing over her shoulder at her free-hanging breasts, he mutters, “Nice….see your nipples are hard, little girl. Maybe you’re liking this…” He laughs softly, feeling her tense in his arms.

She tenses even more as, alarmed, she watches him hold one of her tits in one hand and raise the knife to it with the other. Oh god – he’s going to cut me! she thinks as he presses the very tip of the knife into the soft tissue of her breast, just next to the nipple. “Make a nice souvenir, don’t ya think, bitch, nice hard little nip like this?” With that, he nicks her with the knife, just enough to draw blood.

“Nooooo…oh please, no!” Her terrified moan soft in the night, as she watches a thin trickle of blood run down over soft breastflesh and firm male fingers. She feels hope drain out of her as she hears her tormentor laugh softly.

“Pretty,” is all he says. And then there’s a bright flash, and she realizes he’s used his cellphone to take a pic of her blood-smeared tit. “This’ll look fine on your Facebook page, bitch.” In her fear she hasn’t even thought about her purse at all. Suddenly she realizes it’s fallen at her feet, realizes that he’d pick it up, go through it. He’ll know exactly who I am, where to find me! Oh god!

But he’s let go of her, shoved her ahead of him, at the same time spinning her around to face him. For a single futile instant she thinks about trying to run. But then she sees him. He’s big, over six feet tall, and at least a couple hundred pounds. Older, but still obviously fit, in spite of the salt-and-pepper beard. And she knows her small size, her absurdly high heels (she now realizes), combined with his bigger size – make it unlikely she’ll escape him.

And so she wilts. She can feel herself giving up inside, hates that it’s happening. She’s staring straight into his cold, cruel eyes, not finding any mercy there. It’s all she can do to stay on her feet when she hears him snarl, “You got exactly two choices, whore. You can do everything fucking thing I tell you, make Daddy happy, and we’ll get along just fine.  I will, anyway. Or you can fight me, try to get away, and really really piss Daddy off. And then I’ll fucking gut you like a pretty little pig, slice you open and leave you right here to die where you drop.” And he holds up the knife. Even of the dim light of this isolated alley she can see the blade glinting. She knows in her heart he's completely serious.

“So, what’s it gonna be, little girl?"

February 26, 2019, 01:10:52 PM
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Great start, like the setting it's perfect. Will definitely look for more in the future!

February 26, 2019, 07:41:08 PM
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Love the opening. So excited to read more

February 28, 2019, 06:54:03 PM
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Welcome to the story forum, darkstranger! A great debut! The descriptions and the pics are perfect!