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April 01, 2017, 07:24:43 AM

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Time for posting my first story here. Hope you enjoy. Usual disclaimer applies - rape is bad. Don't do it. Really. Don't.


The Instructions came accompanied by a photo. The image took my breath away. It made my knees shake, my hands tremble and I felt sure I was going to faint as I heard myself whimper "n-nooo".

My daughter, my darling daughter, was photographed completely naked. Her hair was tangled and dirty, her lips raw, swollen and... and... leaking thick, white semen that was dripping from her chin down onto her soft, large breasts.

Only after I managed to stumble over to my couch and slump down did I cast an eye at the instructions. The message was simple enough: "Don't call the police and visit a certain website at a certain time."

There was a possibility the police would be able to trace the people behind the web address, but I couldn't take that risk. My daughter's life was obviously at stake.

The wait was sheer torture. My mind couldn't focus on anything but the terrors my sweet, darling Lisa must be going through. The photo was enough to make me imagine the worst possible scenarios... Rapes? Torture? And when I wasn't thinking about this, I was punishing myself with guilt.

It had all been my fault. My daughter ran away because of me. If she hadn't done that, she wouldn't be in that hellish position now.

After hours of mental torture, the time finally arrived.

My hands couldn't stop shaking as I typed in the web address as instructed. The first thing I saw was the beginning of a streaming video. A thin man stood in the frame, his face pixellated so his features could not be discerned.

"Good morning, Tina", I'm Johnny" he said in a low, artificially distorted voice, "that is if you want to call the morning your daughter gets her brains fucked out a good one."

I shuddered at his words.

"We haven't fucked your precious little Lisa yet. But she got us so hot we had her empty our balls with her mouth a couple of times each, but we haven't shredded her hymen just yet... ."

"But now... it's time to try out her other holes and I want you to be watching! After each fuck-session we will send you questions about what you saw. If you can't answer them all correctly, your daughter will suffer badly. Understood? Now let's get on with the show!"

The man went out through a door, the camera following him. He entered a big, mostly empty basement room with a large, plain bed in the middle. Tied to that bed was my daughter.

Lisa, my sweet Lisa. Oh, Lisa I am so sorry!

Lisa was such a beauty. Even with her auburn hair still tangled, her full, red lips inflamed, her large blue eyes swollen and tearful, looking up at the man with terror. Her hands were tied above her head, making her perky, perfect breasts stand high on her chest. I uttered a small sob when I saw multiple red welts covering them, with even some blood flowing from the ugliest wounds. My daughter's lovely, long legs were also tied, spread so far apart that they made a complete split. I could almost feel the muscles in her thighs straining and tearing.

Next to the bed stood another man, with a similar pixellated face.

Johnny approached my daughter. Cruelly, he slapped her red, bleeding breasts, making her yelp in pain as drops of blood flew across the room. Then he grabbed her nipples and twisted them hard, making her body arch, straining against the bonds.

"Aieee!" she screamed.
"See" he said, turning towards the camera again "At first little Lisa didn't volunteer to suck our cocks. So we had to convince her. We hurt her a bit. Now she is a first class cocksucker. Aren't you, Lisa?"

It was heartbreaking to see how quickly my daughter nodded her head, her lips trembling.

"Lisa, we are streaming this directly to your mother. Real time. Do you want to tell her something?"

"Mum!" my daughter screamed "Please mum! Save me! Please! I can't stay here! Pleaseeee! Save me!"

"Ok, shut up now!" the man said quietly and immediately my daughter fell silent. My headstrong, stubborn daughter. What had they done to her to make her so terrified and compliant?

"Lisa, we will now rape you" he said calmly. Lisa only sobbed in response "We will take away your virginity while your mother is watching."

"No... please... no..." my daughter began, begging.
"Shut up!" he yelled, slapping her mouth hard "You don't say no to Johnny!"

Quickly, he undressed. His body was really thin and he wasn't tall. There was nothing dangerous looking about him... except the huge erection he was sporting between his legs. It must have been at least ten inches long, and thick as an arm. He climbed onto the bed, placing his enormous dick at the entrance of my daughter's vulnerable pussy.

"Noo... please... don't... Mummy help... Mummy help..." Lisa kept pleading, each word shattering my heart a little more.

"Here goes! Say goodbye to your hymen!" he said as he pushed in.

"Aieeee!" Lisa yelled, her body bucking in pain, straining against her bonds.

For a moment the man stopped moving, his member half way inside my daughter... Suddenly he slapped her face hard, again and again.

"You slut! You fucking slut!" he yelled and then turned towards the camera "Your fucking daughter wasn't a virgin! She's just another slut! A piece of fuckmeat! So that is how I'll treat her."

Slut. That word. It is all my fault. Lisa, I am so sorry.

He grabbed Lisa's sore, whipped breasts and squeezed them hard, making the soft flesh bulge between his fingers, clawing into them, bringing another scream of pain from her. His hips began to move, pistoning his fat member inside her, raping her.

"Nooo! Pleaseee! Noooo!" she yelled,"Mum! Pleaseee! Save meeee! Muuuum!"

"You fucking slut! Take it! You slut!" he kept yelling as he was raping her.

Raping her. My daughter. Hurting her. Calling her slut. That word. It is all my fault. Lisa, I am so sorry.

Each thrust ripped another tormented scream from  Lisa's cracked and bleeding lips. The man's hands were busy punishing her breasts, adding to the agony. I couldn't imagine the terror was feeling. I couldn't even see anything anymore as tears blinded me... but I wiped them away. I had to watch them hurting her... they were going to ask questions. And if I couldn't answer them they would hurt her even more.

The terrible scene seemed endless, with the man raping my daughter, pounding into her pussy while mauling her breasts, hurting her horribly. Finally, after god knows how long he began to breathe heavily.

I knew what was coming.
"Oh yes!" he yelled. "You are making me cum, slut!"

Slut. That word. It is all my fault. Lisa, I am so sorry.

"No... please... not inside me!" Lisa cried.
"Shut up, slut!" I'm sure you're used to men cumming up your snatch! Take it!" he yelled and he moaned in pleasure. His moves became slower, his thrusts longer, deeper. His cock probably banging against her uterus with each forceful stroke.

"Ohhh... yes!" he moaned as he finally withdrew his cock. His cum and her blood was dripping from the long shaft as it came into view.

The camera immediately zoomed in to Lisa's raw, gaping pussy. Then it moved towards her face. She was crying freely, tears flowing down her cheeks, her lips trembling as she was sobbing. She looked away from the camera in shame but one of the men whispered something to her, and she immediately looked back again.

"I am sorry mum" she whispered "but I am such a slut that I wanted... I wanted... for you to see me get fucked." after she said, she broke down into more sobs.

Slut. That word. It is all my fault. Lisa, I am so sorry.

"Your daughter was a good fuck, but I guess its natural for such an experienced slut. Don't go anywhere mummy. We haven't finished yet."

He grabbed the camera from the man holding it and soon the other guy I had glimpsed before and the cameraman came into view, both already naked and hard.

"No... please no! Noooo!" my daughter screamed as the cameraman climbed onto the bed.

The second rape looked similar to the first one. The cock just as huge. The act just as brutal and degrading. During the third rape Lisa stopped screaming and fighting. She was just lying there, taking the man's thick cock inside her pussy, her body rocking back and forth and from the force of his thrusts.

"Damn, she is one hot slut" the man called Johnny said into the camera. "I think I am ready for another go. Or rather your daughter will get me ready." He knelt on the bed next to my daughter's head "Open up, slut!" he ordered.

Slut. That word. It is all my fault. Lisa, I am so sorry.

Lisa didn't obey immediately, so the man grabbed her breast in his claw like fist and asked her if she wanted the whip again. Then Lisa obediently parted her lips.

The camera zoomed in at her mouth as she took the impossibly long cock in, still covered in slime from the previous rape.

"Suck it, slut! Take it down your throat, like last time!"

Slut. That word. It is all my fault. Lisa, I am so sorry.

She did her best. She was slurping and sucking on the huge cock, as thick as her own forearm. She used her tongue to tease the head and cleaned the shaft, licking it with enthusiasm created by fear. When the camera zoomed out again I saw her pussy still being brutally fucked, her body rocking with the rhythm of the punches... but not once did she let out the cock raping her mouth.

"Nnnngh... nnngh..." pitiful sobs and gags caused by the fat meat in her mouth and her throat escaped her lips, but apart from that she just kept sucking.

It broke my heart to see how good she was at it. What had they done to... train her like that?

Finally the man fucking her pussy came. Yet another load of cum erupted in Lisa's pussy and left thick white strands on her belly and breasts as he withdrew from her. The one face fucking her withdrew his rock hard dick too. The camera zoomed in at Lisa's pussy again, and I saw more white cum leaking out onto the mattress.

To my surprise, they began to unbind her. Were they going to finally let her go? But the slim man hadn't come in her mouth, and he said he wanted another round...

Quickly it became evident what they were doing as they pushed her down to the floor on all fours.

"I would have fucked your cunt again" he said "but since you are such a slut I will ass-rape you instead!"

Slut. That word. It is all my fault. Lisa, I am so sorry.

"No! Pleaseee! Not there!" Lisa yelled, her will to fight returning.

But no matter how she fought, they held her firmly. The slim man got behind her, grabbed her hips and pushed hard, tearing her anal opening to shreds with one brutal shove.

"Aieeee!" Lisa screamed, her body bucking forward, desperately trying to escape the assault on her torn, virgin sphincter, blood now running down the insides of her thighs.

"Oh yes... she's tight back here!" her rapist yelled as he began forcing more of his thick member through the torn ring of my daughters ass.

I watched him ass-rape my poor baby, fucking her with brutal, short thrusts, making her entire body rock back and forth. Her large, brutalized breasts were dangling beneath her body as she was sodomized.

All the while her cries and sobs filled the room. Soon, the men grew tired to listen to her, and one of them got in front of her and silenced her by gagging her with his cock. Now she was double-teamed by them, fucked in both her mouth and ass, sandwitched between the two rough men.

They commented on her tightness, on her skills with her mouth, on her large, swinging tits and big ass. They called her a whore, a bitch and a slut.

Slut. That word. It is all my fault. Lisa, I am so sorry.

Finally they came. The one fucking her ass filled it with his jism, the other one pulled out and ejaculated all over Lisa's beautiful face.

And still they weren't done. The third man told her he wanted her to ride his cock with her ass. She begged with him to let her use her cunt instead. Said her asshole was sore and bleeding and in need of medical care. So when threats didn't work they brought the whip. A vicious black leather cat of nine tails. I watched them whip her ass for ten minutes, then her tits, then they turned to her cunt...

"Yes! Please let me ride your cock with my ass! Please!" she finally yelled.

But they didn't stop the whipping. The leather strands tore into her delicate pussy flesh again and again, spraying blood into the air as they tore the skin from her labia and clit. Only when she begged them to let them ride all their cocks with her anus, when she promised she would make it the best fuck they ever had, did they finally stop.

And she rode all their cocks. She rode them as they played with her sore breasts, as she cried and screamed in pain. And she made them cum. In her, on her. Her body was covered in jism when they were done.

Then Johnny spoke again.
"Damn, Tina, your cunt gave birth to one hot ass slut! If you breathe one word about what you saw to ANYONE, you might as well forget you ever had a daughter."

Slut. That word. It is all my fault. Lisa, I am so sorry.

"That's it for today. Next time we'll be asking you some questions, and tell you where to leave the ransom...

I held on to the word "ransom". Were they going to release her?

"Until then, of course, we'll be fucking her. Hope you don't mind. We will probably send you another invitation to join in and watch. Goodbye Tina."

As the streaming stopped I fell on my knees and finally allowed myself to cry.


Lisa rose from the bed.
"You are fucking useless!" she yelled at the men.
"What?" Johnny asked, surprised.
"You couldn't even fuck me properly! I wanted it done hard! And this whipping and the fake blood? My two year old nephew could do it better. I hope my acting classes allowed me to sell it to the dumb whore, but you certainly didn't help!"

"But..." Bart began.
"Oh, shut up and go grab me some booze" Lisa snorted "I need to start planning stage two."

"Are you... sure? Isn't it too much?" Johnny asked quietly.
"Hell no. The whore called me a slut! Just because she surprised me fucking two guys... That's why she had to see me with you three. I wanted to hurt the bitch... and get her money."

"Which you will share with us, of course" Tony said.
"Yeah, the money and the chance to fuck me is for you" she said "And face it, you couldn't get someone like me any other way. And you won't again, after we split."

"And what's in for you Johnny?"
Money too but mostly... the satisfaction of hurting her."

Lisa was still daydreaming about hurting her mother when Tony approached Bart.
"When we get the money I see no reason to share it with the bitch and this weakling, Johnny." he said. "And I sure don't want to part with that piece of ass."
"What are you suggesting?" Bart asked.
"Oh, I think we should keep her, whether she wants to or not. Let's see if she is so confident after she's no longer in control. I'll gladly look for ways to REALLY hurt that stuck up little bitch..."