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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.  In addition, although persons of distinct nationalities, ethnicities, cultures or religions may be portrayed, no offense is meant to anyone.

Robbie woke up and felt his cock throbbing. He had been at his girlfriend’s house the previous night. Her parents had been out but had returned home much earlier then expected because of the snow that was falling. Robbie and his girl friend had been sexually active for a couple of months and whenever they could be alone they fucked as much as they could. Last night had been one of those times and Robbie had just pulled her panties off of her slim waist so he could sink his hard shaft into her tight, wet cunt when they heard her parents car pull into the driveway. It had been close but they had both gotten their clothes on in time. Of course Sally had pulled her skirt on without her panties and Robbie’s still hard, still throbbing cock had been pushing out the front of his jeans like a tent when they walked in but at least they hadn't gotten caught fucking away on the couch.

The schools had already announced they would be closed the next day because of the expected snow fall so Robbie had stayed at Sally’s house later then he normally would have. It was after midnight when Robbie walked the eight blocks home in the still falling snow, with the front of his jeans still being held out by his cock. The walk home was a little tough due to the foot of snow that had already fallen and as he walked Robbie thought of how good it felt when his cock was inside Sally. How good it felt to feel her using her vaginal muscles to squeeze him and how he usually grunted and almost screamed with pleasure as he came in the rubber he was wearing. He rubbed his cock through the jeans as he walked realizing he would have to jerk himself off before he would be able to sleep that night.

And now his Mom was calling him to answer the phone and his cock was throbbing hard again at the thought of fucking Sally. He quickly pulled on his jeans to hide his raging cock and went to the phone. “Hello,” he said, expecting to hear Sally’s voice. “Hello Robbie,” he heard, “This is Mrs. Russell, I just wanted to make sure you still wanted to come and shovel today, there has already been a young man here asking if I wanted him to shovel but I told him no because I had someone who would shovel for me.” “Sure Mrs. Russell, I’ll be there in a little while.” “OK Robbie, I’ll watch for you, thank you.”

Robbie hung up the phone. He said to his Mom, “that was Old Lady Russell wanting me to come shovel her out.” “Robbie,” his mother said, “that’s not nice to call her “Old Lady Russell.” Robbie shrugged his shoulders as he headed back to his bedroom to dress and get ready to go shovel Mrs. Russell’s sidewalks. He had been shoveling her out for the past two winters and she always waited for him to do it because as she told him, he did it better then anyone else. She also paid much more then anyone else did and he could use the money so he could take Sally out. As he finished dressing he thought of Sally again and he had the same reaction he always did when he thought of his sexy girl friend. His cock sprang up and he rubbed it through his jeans again feeling the hardness and also feeling some pride in how big and thick he was. He smirked to himself as he thought of what Mrs. Russell had said, was he coming to shovel her out. He wanted to cum all right. He wanted to cum in Sally’s pussy.

As he headed out to walk to Mrs. Russell’s house, the sky was clearing. It must have stopped snowing soon after he had gotten home the previous night from Sally’s. There was about a foot of snow on the ground and the sun was starting to come out. He grabbed the snow shovel and turned as his Mom told him to be careful. He said he would and that he would shovel their sidewalks when he got back.

It took about twenty minutes to walk the three blocks to Mrs. Russell’s house. Robbie looked at the house and saw how much snow there was to shovel. He shoveled the walk leading to the front door and rang the bell to let her know he was there and getting started.

Mrs.Janet Russell, was in her mid 50’s and was still, in anyone’s estimation, an attractive woman. She had brunette, shoulder length hair and a trim, although somewhat full figure. Robbie had noticed her full breasts on the other times he had been there to shovel snow for her, but he had never had any sexual thoughts about her. After all she could have been his grandmother and in fact she did have a grandchild of her own. Her husband traveled a lot for his work and her children were either married or away at college.
Robbie rang the doorbell and Mrs. Russell answered almost immediately. She opened the door and smiled when she saw Robbie. She always dressed nicely and this morning was no different. She had a knee length skirt on and a sweater. “Good morning Robbie, she said. “What a snow storm.” “Yeah,” Robbie said, “There’s at least a foot out here.” I’m going to get started Mrs. Russell.” “That will be fine dear, come around to the kitchen door when you’re finished so I can pay you,” she said. Robbie smiled because Mrs. Russell always paid him well for shoveling her house. The house was a corner property with two long sidewalks and he always cleared her short driveway and the sidewalks that lead to the back and kitchen doors for her. On top of the money she always made hot chocolate for him when he was finished. She was a nice old lady he thought.

For the next hour and a half Robbie shoveled and shoveled snow. Finally he shoveled his way to the kitchen door and knocked on it. Mrs. Russell opened the door. “Oh Robbie, come in right away, you must be frozen,” she said. Robbie entered the warm kitchen and took his coat and boots off by the door. He could smell the hot chocolate.

“Come and sit at the table dear,” she said. “ I have some hot chocolate all ready for you.” Robbie walked to the table and Mrs. Russell turned to the stove and for the first time Robbie watched her walk and noticed that she had a very nice ass. The thought startled him, but as he looked at her he realized that she really did look pretty sexy in her skirt and sweater. He shook his head as if to clear it but the thought had already started to work on him. He could feel his cock moving in his jeans. “Oh my god,” he thought, “I’m getting turned on looking at Mrs. Russell’s ass.” He smiled and sat down at the table. For just a second he thought about what it might be like to fuck her and in that thought, he knew what he wanted to do. He did want to fuck this old lady and knew the only way he could do it was to rape her. Of course, thinking about raping a woman was one thing, actually doing it was something else again.

But his now throbbing cock was telling him that he needed to do it. Mrs. Russell poured two cups of hot chocolate and came back to the table. Fortunately Robbie had sat down and she couldn't see how the front of his jeans were being pushed out by his cock. “Here you go dear, this should warm you up.” In Robbie’s mind he was thinking about something else that would warm him up even more and Mrs. Russell too. She sat down and they drank the hot chocolate and talked about a number of things. She wanted to know how his “cute” little girl friend was and how happy she was that he had such a good girl as his girl friend. Robbie thought about how he had been about to fuck that “good girl” last night. As they talked and sipped the hot chocolate, Robbie had started to think how he could rape her. He wondered if he really could do it. His cock seemed to be telling him that it needed to be in the old ladies cunt. He wondered, do you just grab her, what do you do to get her naked? Did he have the nerve to do it? He suddenly realized that before he left that day, he was going to rape Mrs. Russell. He almost felt like he was going to cum in his jeans just thinking about it. As they chatted and finished the hot chocolate, Mrs. Russell gave Robbie a quizzical look and laid her hand on top of his and said, “You look nervous Robbie or don’t you feel well?” Robbie felt the touch of her hand jolt through him like lightning settling in his groin. His cock pulsed against his jeans and he almost felt like throwing up he was so nervous about what he knew he was going to do. He took his hand out from under hers and put it over her hand. She smiled at him and he tried to smile back but he was sure it was a sickly looking smile. He started to say something but he felt his hands shake and start sweating. He had a hollow feeling in his stomach and swallowed a couple of times before he said, “Mrs. Russell, can I ask you a question?” Robbie was squeezing her hand tightly so she smiled and shifted her arm and hand a bit to relieve the pressure of his grip. “Of course you may dear,” Robbie heard as if he was in a tank of water miles away. He swallowed and finally in a small sounding voice he asked Mrs. Russell, “What do you do if there is something you know is bad but you really want to do it anyway, like you feel like you just have to do it?” Mrs. Russell quickly pulled her hand away and said, “I don’t know Robbie, you would have to tell me what it is. How do you know it is bad?” She stood up and took the hot chocolate cups to the sink and Robbie watched her ass move as she walked and inside he knew what he was about to do. He stammered that he didn't know if he should tell her as he stood up and took a step toward where Mrs. Russell stood rinsing the cups in the sink with her back toward him.

Robbie felt like his face was burning up, his hands were sweaty and shaking but his rock hard cock was leading him to Mrs. Russell’s back. He was forcing himself to walk up behind her and as he got within a couple of steps, he reached out and put one arm around her waist and one arm around her chest and took a breast in his hand and squeezed it. As he grabbed Mrs. Russell from behind he leaned close to her ear and said as clearly as he could, I’m gonna fuck you Mrs. Russell, that’s what I want to do.” He pulled her backwards against himself and pulled her away from the sink. All he could hear was a thudding in his ears and his hand instinctively squeezed the woman’s breast through her sweater. His senses were so alive, he could hear the fabric of her sweater crinkle as he squeezed her, he could feel her body begin to tense as she realized what was happening.

“Oh My god, Robbie what are you doing? Let me go this instant,” he heard her voice say. But he was too far gone in the pleasure of having this woman in his arms as he pulled and pulled her toward the living room. She began to struggle and he held her tighter. “Robbie, stop this immediately, are you crazy? Let me go.” She struggled in his arms but he was a very strong young man and she couldn't get loose. Robbie was unable to use his voice at all and he felt like he was on fire. As he dragged Mrs. Russell into the living room, he finally began to get control of himself. He put his mouth near her ear and kissed it and used his tongue on her ear and finally said, “Stop fighting bitch, I said I’m gonna fuck you.” Mrs. Russell started to fight against him even harder and was almost screaming at him to stop. For Robbie it was as if time was standing still. He had fucked his girlfriend several times but nothing they had ever done had made him feel as sexually alive as he felt at this moment with this attractive grandmother struggling in his arms as he pulled her toward the couch.

She was really struggling now and Robbie began to work almost completely on instinct now. He held her back against his front tightly and hissed in her ear, “stop fighting bitch or you’re going to get hurt. I’m gonna fuck you whether you like it or not. You've been wiggling your ass in front of me the whole time and now I’m gonna do it to you.” Mrs. Russell increased her struggling and finally Robbie threw her violently on the floor. The impact stunned her for a moment but she quickly tried to roll away from him. Robbie was on top of her in a flash and forced her onto her back. She was crying and sobbing and for the first of what would become many, many times in the future, Robbie knew the raw pleasure of looking in a woman’s eyes and seeing fear. Fear of him, fear of what he was doing and was about to do. She sobbed at him to stop and get off her and she wouldn't tell anyone, but by this point Robbie could only think of one thing and that was to ram his ever hardening cock into Mrs. Russell’s cunt. But the woman’s crying and sobs and pleas had had an effect on Robbie. He realized that the more she struggled, the more she cried and sobbed the more turned on he became until he would have sworn he couldn't get any harder. Mrs. Russell looked into the face of a mad man at this point and in a sobbing voice said, “Robbie please stop, I know you don’t mean this, what would your mother think? What would sweet little Sally think if she knew you were doing this to me?” Robbie was straddling Mrs, Russell’s stomach and hips and leaned down over her face. He put one hand on each of her breasts and squeezed hard and yelled in her face, “fuck my mother you old bitch and fuck Sally’s mother too. It’s her mother’s fault we didn't get to fuck last night. I think when I’m done fucking you, I’ll fuck Mrs. Evans.”

By this time Robbie felt like he was going to explode and he started squeezing her breasts as hard as he could through her sweeter and finally took the sweater at the neck and started to tear it apart. Mrs. Russel knew he was completely out of control and started to struggle again when suddenly an explosion went off in her head. Robbie was still tearing her sweater off and now he was leaning over her face kissing her and licking her face and he screamed in her face, I said shut the fuck up you old bitch, I’m gonna fuck you so just lay here and take it or I'm gonna hit you again.”

Her sweater was in tatters around her body and Robbie was now yanking and pulling at her brassiere to get her nice breasts in the open so he could suck on them. one after the other her two breasts spilled from the torn brassiere and Robbie reached his mouth down and sucked on first one then the other. You like that don’t you bitch he said and continued to suck her breasts. Mrs. Russell was still struggling though and now Robbie slapped her across the face several times, screaming at her to just take the fucking she deserved.

Robbie kept sucking and biting Mrs. Russell’s breasts but he felt the throbbing in his cock becoming more and more demanding. Mrs. Russell was sobbing under Robbie as he squeezed and sucked her nipples. Robbie had reached a point where he no longer heard her sobs. All he could hear was the throbbing of his cock. He had to get it into her fast but he didn't know how to get her skirt off or pulled up and her panties pulled off her. All he could feel or think was that this old woman had a cunt and he needed to fuck it hard. Robbie got up from straddling Mrs. Russell and reached down to her skirt and tried to rip it off her but the skirt was tougher then the sweater and he couldn't tear it. Mrs. Russell started to try to get away and again Robbie felt like someone else was inside him as he spun around and slapped her face back and forth. “I told you to lay still you bitch”, Robbie hissed at her.

He turned back to her skirt and grabbed the hem and yanked it toward her head as hard as he could. That did the trick he saw because now he was seeing Mrs. Russell’s thighs and her panties. As he reached for the waist band of the panties, Mrs. Russell started to scream and Robbie was forced to hit her in the face to silence her. She lay on the floor stunned as Robbie yanked her panties down her legs. He felt his hands shaking and he was sweating all over as he reached out and touched her pussy. She had nice bushy hair and Robbie felt like he could hardly take a breath. What was he doing to this old lady? He almost couldn't believe what he had done so far and what he was about to do as he started to pull his jeans and underpants off. Mrs. Russell could see the swollen cock Robbie intended to shove in her and she started to sob and cry again. “Oh Robbie, please don’t do this to me. I don’t deserve this. I've always been nice to you.” Robbie, by this time was no longer the nice young man who had shoveled her sidewalks and done other odd jobs for her. He had almost completed the change into a rapist. Only one thing remained and Robbie couldn't wait any longer. He kneeled down and grabbed her legs and forced them apart. As Mrs. Russell sobbed and cried, Robbie took his cock in his hand and guided it toward her cunt.
She tried to close her legs but another few slaps on her face made her hesitate and in that hesitation Robbie became a completed rapist as he pushed the head of his cock against her cunt lips and felt himself going in to her. He leaned over her and pushed into her as hard as he could. Her vagina was fairly dry and he had to push himself into her with a lot of force and he felt her shaking and sobbing.

God he thought, “this is so good.” He felt like he was the ruler of the world or something. He started to pump himself in and out of Mrs. Russell’s vagina and he felt like he could explode any second. Faster and faster he pumped in and out of her, sinking himself as far as he could push his cock into her. He leaned over her and pulled her face around so he could see her eyes. He hissed at her, “you like me fucking you don’t you bitch? Don’t you?” The look of fear and hatred in her eyes caused him to feel even more powerful and he thrust into her even harder and faster. Through gritted teeth Mrs. Russell sobbed, “Please Robbie, please stop, you’re hurting me.” The sound of her voice penetrated Robbie’s head and he felt himself thrust even harder. He could feel his pelvis jarring her as he jammed himself in and out of her. He felt himself begin to stiffen as he shoved his cock as far inside Mrs. Russell as he could and released spurt after spurt of cum. He was shaking with the release and Mrs. Russell laid still under him as he finished cumming inside her. She sobbed and cried. Robbie collapsed on top of her and lay there feeling completely drained but more exhilarated by the experience then he had ever felt after cumming with Sally.

He knew what he had done was completely wrong but he had never felt so alive and so good as he had raped her. She was still sobbing and tried to push him off her. “Please let me up Robbie, you’re hurting me and I want to go try to wash myself.” Robbie felt her start to struggle to try to get out from under him, and he pushed his now semi-rigid cock into her and hissed in her face, "Not till we're done fucking  Mrs. Russell or can I call you Janet now?"...

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Nice!   ;)

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Mmmmm Very Hot! I liked it a lot!

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This is Part 2 of "His First Rape"  I hope who ever reads this piece of fiction understands that it is just that - FICTION and enjoys the story. 8)

Robbie let his full weight drop down on Mrs. Russell’s chest. He was breathing heavy and he could feel the woman struggling underneath him. He heard her crying as she struggled, “Please Robbie, please get off me. How could you do this to me? I don’t deserve this. You are a filthy young man. Please let me go and wash myself. I feel filthy myself.” Robbie’s breathing was slowing rapidly and as he laid on top of her, he knew everything she said was true. Yet he had never felt so powerful, so completely in charge of a situation and he had certainly never cum as hard or as much as he had cum in Mrs. Russell's cunt. He had to think what to do now but the woman squirming around under him made her vagina squeeze down on his semi-hard cock and he felt it all the way through his body. He knew he wanted to fuck her again but with his girlfriend, Sally it always took him a little while to get hard again. But with his cock still inside this woman and with her squirming and squeezing, he felt his cock growing hard again.

He pushed himself up off of her and took a breast in each hand and squeezed. God it felt so good to have her mature, full, breasts in his hands. Better still he wanted to suck and bite them. He leaned over her and took a breast in his mouth. His tongue played with her nipple and his teeth bit down on it. He heard her suck in a breath and try to push his face away from her breast. “What are you doing, you beast,” he heard her groan. He looked into her eyes and saw utter loathing there. “What do think I’m doing, Janet? I’m sucking your tits.” And he bent his head back down and sucked on the other and bit on her nipple.

All the while the woman had been trying to get out from under him as he started to pump himself in and out of her again.

Mrs. Russell laid there in fear and pain, hardly believing that this nice young man had actually just raped her. She thought to herself and tried to figure out how she would ever get away from him. Mrs. Russell had convinced herself that Robbie was going to kill her after he had finished with her. After all, how could he not. He must know that she would call the police and have him arrested for doing this. She felt him begin to pump in and out of her faster and knew that he was going to cum deep inside her again. But she noticed something else as well. This time it didn’t hurt as much as the first time and she hated herself for even thinking it, for even feeling it the way she was beginning to feel it.

Robbie was lost in the sensation of pumping his now hard cock in and out of Mrs. Russell’s hot and now wet pussy. He had never felt anything like the way he felt now. He was in complete control of the situation and he increased the pace of his pumping. Now he pushed himself up off her and started ramming in and out of her as hard and fast as he could. He was grunting and was lost in the overwhelming feeling of using this woman for his own pleasure. He was not aware that Mrs. Russell had begun to moan as he fucked her. Robbie pounded hard against her as he drove his cock harder and deeper into her. He was out of control and he felt like nothing could hurt him. He felt his cum beginning to rise and he vaguely heard the woman pleading with him not to do it inside her, but Robbie was in charge and he was going to blow his load as deep in her as he could push his cock. With a grunt he laid down on top of her and reached his hands under her and grabbed her ass and shoved himself as far into her as he could. As he did another grunt came from his mouth and her felt his cock jump inside her as he shoot his cum deep in her pussy. “OH God yeah, oh shit it feels so good. I’m cumin in you Mrs. Russell, Uhnnnnnnnn.” With a last hard push against her Robbie felt himself finish cumming and he collapsed on top of her with his hands still under her squeezing her ass cheeks.

Mrs. Russell felt his weight collapse on her and knew that he had cum inside her again and she immediately began struggling to get out from under him. She was beginning to form an idea about how she could keep Robbie from killing her because she had convinced herself that he was going to do that.

Robbie felt her struggling and heard her crying and he laid there feeling his cock getting soft inside the woman. His thoughts were centered on the intense feelings he had had as he raped her. But he also knew that there was going to be trouble ahead if he didn’t think of some way to keep her from calling the police. He reached and held her head still so he could look at her face with the tears streaming down it. He knew that what he had done was wrong, that he had hurt her but he didn’t care about that. He cared about how powerful he felt and how good it felt to cum in her when she was fighting like she had.

But now he had to decide what to do next. Even through the exhilaration of the rape, Robbie felt fear creeping into his mind. After all it wasn’t like he had felt up her ass or something. He could apologize for that and maybe talk her out of calling his Mother but this was way out of that league. He didn’t know what to do now, but somewhere deep in his mind he knew that he wanted to do this again with Mrs. Russell if he could or even Mrs. Evans, his girl friend’s mother. She was still a good looking woman and now that he had tasted what it was like to rape and to rape an older woman he wanted more.

His breathing had come back to normal and he noticed that Mrs. Russell had stopped struggling under him. He looked down at her face and saw where the tears had made her makeup run. His first thought was to apologize, but he knew that wouldn’t do any good and besides he knew that he was a confirmed and dedicated rapist now and a dedicated rapist didn’t apologize. He leaned over and attempted to kiss her mouth but she turned her face away and said quietly and calmly, “Please Robbie, if you are finished now I need to go to the bathroom and clean up. Please let me do that.” He took her face in his hands and turned it so he could kiss her. He felt her lips against his and he tried to push his tongue into her mouth and after a moments resistance, he felt her mouth open slightly and felt her velvety tongue against his.

In his mind Robbie began to believe that Mrs. Russell had liked what he did, after all she wouldn't kiss him like that if she didn’t. He held the kiss for a little while and then looking into her face he said, “OK Mrs. Russell, you can go to the bathroom if you want.” And with that she felt him pull his now softened cock out of her and push himself to a kneeling position over her. She saw him staring at her legs and her pussy and she knew he was watching his cum flow out of her and onto her ass and the rug. She could feel it running out of her and she shivered at the thought she might get pregnant from this young man.
Robbie stood up over her and offered his hand to her to help her to stand. She looked at him for a second and then took his hand as he pulled her to a standing position. She felt more of his cum run down her thigh and she hated herself for the warm feeling it gave her.

She started to walk towards the stairs to go up to the bathroom and Robbie stayed with her, holding her arm. She said, “I can make it by myself Robbie, you’ve done enough.” But Robbie’s mind had started thinking about what he would have to do and he knew he couldn’t allow the woman to go anywhere in the house by herself because she could call the police in just a couple of minutes. No, it was better if he stayed with her even if he had to watch her while she was on the toilet. “That’s Ok Mrs. Russell, I’ll help you up the stairs, it’s the least I can do for you after what you did for me just now.” Robbie said this with a smile and he put his hand on her hip and walked up the stairs right behind her. He hadn’t bothered to put his pants on and Mrs. Russell’s skirt had fallen down from where he had yanked up to her waist and her full breasts bounced as she walked up the steps.

They got to the master bedroom and Mrs. Russell went into the bathroom followed closely by Robbie. He watched as she pulled her skirt up and sat on the toilet. She didn’t look at him but she was aware that he was standing there naked from the waist down with the remnants of his cum and her wetness on his cock. She felt more of his cum run out of her as she squeezed. After she had sat for a few minutes she said, “ Robbie, I need to shower, May I please shower, you understand don’t you?”

Robbie heard her voice and she didn’t sound mad or anything, in fact she sounded like she always did. He was confused by this and said, “Sure Mrs. Russell, I understand. I’ll just stay right here while you shower.” She looked at him and a small smile formed on her mouth. She knew now that she would be able to control Robbie, but she had to do it slowly and carefully. He might still try to kill her if she wasn’t careful.

“Of course Robbie”, she said, as she held her hand out to him, “Now be a dear and help me to stand, I feel quite stiff and my back hurts a bit.” Robbie took her hand and helped her to stand. He watched as she reached behind and unzipped her skirt and slid it down and let it drop on the floor. She removed the remnants of her sweater and bra and Robbie saw her completely nude for the first time. Mrs. Russell really was an attractive woman. As she turned toward the shower to start the water, he reached out and patted her ass and said, “You really are sexy Mrs. Russell.” She turned back and smiled at him and said, “Thank you Robbie.” A more experienced man would have noticed how forced her smile was. Robbie could only think of how good it had felt to force his cock into her and he wondered if he could get it hard again so he could do it to her again when she got out of the shower.
Mrs. Russell turned to him as she stepped into the shower and said, “Robbie, we have to talk about what just happened when I finish my shower. You understand don’t you dear?” Robbie just shook his head because he was busy staring at her breasts and ass. “Sure Mrs. Russell, we’ll talk about it.”

I hope you are enjoying this story.  I have a few ideas about where I want to take this but if anyone has any ideas about what is going to happen to 'Robbie' please let me know.  I am open to incorporating your ideas into the story.  8)

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I'm enjoying this story . . .can't wait to see what happens next!

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I hope Robbie gets a threesome with his girlfriend and Mrs. Russell!

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This is a good story I dont think you need any sugestions you are doing great on your own

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i agree with fancy!