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August 21, 2017, 05:15:11 AM

Offline Nolongerinnocent

I haven't posted a new story since... forever. I hope you'll enjoy it.
Special thanks for Jed and Drake for their critiques and Andy for his corrections.

The obligatory disclaimer:
WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. This story is all fiction. Any resemblance to real people, place, or events, is purely coincidental. If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

Have you ever?

I need you to answer this questionnaire. The questions might seem a bit intimate, but really, there's no avoiding them, so let's get on with them. I know the huge ball gag is making it hard for your to answer, and your jaw must feel numb from the strain already. But don't worry, I'll do the talking for you. You just nod or shake your head, okay?


We both know the answer to that one. You let your boyfriend invade your tight young pussy and you moaned as you came like a little slut... didn't you?

First one out of the way. Here's the next:


Have you ever been taken against your will? Been thrown on the bed and fucked by a guy who cares nothing about your pleasure, comfort or pain? Who doesn't see you as a person, but as a set of holes and a soft body to hurt? A guy who just wants to dump his load inside you and leave? Have you been raped as you begged him to stop, as you screamed, cried and pleaded?

I have.

After THEY took me I don't remember how many times I was raped but I do remember the first time. I was still in the van. I had regained consciousness on the highway, so they allowed me to scream. The first man didn't bother undressing me, he just pulled up my skirt and tore off my panties. Then he ripped my shirt open and removed my bra.

I was pushed against the cold metal floor of the van and he took me like that, from behind. He didn't say a word, just started pumping and pounding at my pussy. Oh, God how it hurt! I wasn't ready, I was dry and he pushed right in. He was long and thick and it hurt so much. He kept fucking me hard and fast, moving my body, scraping my tits bloody against the floor... But right then I only felt the agony of my raped pussy and the the hot wetness as he dumped his load inside me.

You haven't been raped yet. But you will be, very soon!


Have you ever had a gun put against your head and then been told to suck? Has your face ever been pushed against a disgusting, dirty, smelly, hairy crotch? Have you been forced to take an unwashed dick into your sweet mouth and to suck it clean?

I have.

With a gun against my head I had to suck my rapist's cock as lovingly and as skillfully as I could. I had to slurp and lick it like a whore, pleasure his balls with my tongue to build up another load for him. I had to tease the head of his cock, scooping up week old dirt and disgusting pre-cum. And then... when he finally came... I had to swallow it all. Taking every bit of his salty, disgusting load into my stomach, working my throat furiously to capture every drop.

You haven't been forced to suck a cock before, have you? You will be, very soon!


Have you ever had a thick cock being rammed up your tiny asshole? Have you ever felt the agony of your ass being split and torn apart? Have you ever had a brute pushing his cock hard against your sphincter, to see how deep he could go in one thrust?

I have.

I screamed and begged them to stop, but they didn't listen. They raped my ass hard and fast, even more brutally than my pussy was raped. I thought I would faint from the pain and I would have welcomed the blackness, but God wasn't so merciful. I felt myself tearing, fully convinced I was ruined beyond repair. I have never felt such pain... and they kept pumping, they kept pumping, laughing as I screamed and begged for mercy.

You haven't been taken anally yet? You will be, very soon!
I know you're scared. And you should be.


Have you ever offered to fulfill a rapist's most depraved fantasies, if he only spared your asshole? Begged your captor to let you ride his cock instead? Or pleaded with him to allow you to suck him?

I have.

I cried and pleaded with my rapists to use my other holes. I told them how wonderfully tight my pussy would feel and begged them to test how much my oral skills had improved. I assured them that I would deep throat them and that I'd swallow every drop. I offered to ride their cocks like a whore in heat. I begged them to be allowed to worship their cocks.

You've never had to beg a guy to rape your cunt. But you will do that, very soon!
Stop crying! That never works with them.


Have you ever had three men have a go at your holes at the same time? Have you been forced to ride one cock with your cunt while another is pushed up your sore and swollen ass? Have you had your screams silenced by a third cock pushed past your lips?

I have.

I have been ass-raped, while vaginally impaled on a guy's cock. He was lying beneath me, me forcing me to fuck him as my body was rocked by the furious thrusts of the guy working on my ass. His hands and teeth were on my tits, hurting my sensitive nipples. I cried and I screamed but only muffled sounds escaped my mouth, now gagged by a third dick. I screamed around the guy's meat, making him moan in pleasure. And then... then they all began cumming on me, in me... everywhere.

You were never triple-teamed without mercy, but you will be, very soon!
I know you only want to cry now, but please focus on what I'm saying!
They will question you, to see you paid attention.


Have you ever been face fucked? Have you ever been forced to deep-throat big, fat cocks?

I have.

I have been face fucked by guys who were pounding at my mouth as if it was my cunt. They were fucking me so hard and fast that I couldn't even focus on sucking them. I was forced to deep-throat them until I thought I would suffocate... but they always let me breathe eventually, just enough to keep me alive.

You probably never had to suffocate on cock before. But you will be, very soon!


Have your ever served so many cocks at once that you felt dead inside? Forced to satisfy man after man who tossed your body around like a ragdoll, until they had you in their desired position?

I have.

I have been forced to serve dozens of cocks during a night. Chained to a bed in some rundown warehouse. Savagely raped by unknown men of every race and size imaginable. All of them disgusting, working their dicks into me, fucking me so hard. Spitting at me, in me, insulting me, hitting me... Cocks up my cunt, ass and mouth. Again and again until they finally came. And then others would replace them.

You will do that too. Soon!


Have you ever been turned into a whore? A streetwalker? Forced to approach men, offering them your holes for money? Of course not.

I have.

I have begged countless disgusting men to fuck me for mere pennies. Offering to deep-throat their cocks, ride them with my ass, serve them as an ashtray for petty change. Desperately hoping they would find my holes satisfactory, so that they would tip me enough to please my captors. Too afraid to try to run away, or ask any of them to help me.

You've never been prostituted. But you will be, very soon!


Have your ever had your cunt and tits whipped, caned or flogged? Or been subjected to electro torture?

I have.

I've been savagely whipped with heavy leather belts and then had my bleeding cunt raped. I have had my tits nailed down and burned with cigarettes until I agreed to lick countless of dirty assholes. I've had electrodes pushed up my cunt and ass and clipped to my nipples and clit and then been shocked with currents of electricity to rattle my bones every two minutes for an hours at a time. I was sometimes subjected to so much pain that I became a drooling wreck who'd forgotten my name.


Have you ever been broken so thoroughly, that you would betray even your own sweet sister? So much that you would lure her to the den of your captors, so that they could start hurting her and for a minute not hurt you?

I have.

This is why I got you here! They asked for you, if I were to be allowed a moment's respite. For the longest time I fought them. I withstood all their torture for days and weeks. But in the end my spirit was broken, my body worn down, all my willpower gone. My humiliation is now complete. I know I'm a despicable cunt! A weak and worthless whore. Please, please forgive me, but I just can't take their pain any longer.

Are you ready to take them all on, dear, sweet sister?
No, how could anyone ever be.
No matter, here they come!

August 21, 2017, 04:57:49 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Such a vivid story made me believe you were tell me this in person!

August 22, 2017, 08:36:47 AM
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Offline Jed

It's very good, and an interesting approach to a story.

So when exactly are you going to set your sister up for repeated gang rape?

August 25, 2017, 01:05:56 PM
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Offline Nolongerinnocent

Thank you both :)
Thank you so much!

@ Jed, the next time the little bitch pisses me off, I swear I will :)

August 25, 2017, 01:21:08 PM
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Offline Jed

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@ Jed, the next time the little bitch pisses me off, I swear I will :)

Make sure they get ample rest before you offer your sister up, because I know you wouldn't gather a gang of rapists together without offering yourself to them first.