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November 23, 2016, 02:22:23 PM

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It was overcast and raining. The sky was dark in the middle of the day. Stretching from one end of the sky to the other were ominous looking  clouds that had been pouring rain for hours.  Susan thought it was just fine. Suited her mood perfectly.  As she drove she even wondered that perhaps her mood was foul enough to be encouraging  the  bad weather. Her heart pounded as she anticipated the confrontation she was en route to, with him. Alex. Fucking asshole. Did he really think she was going to let him do this again? Fucking coward. Breaking up over text? Was he serious?! Again?!! Well not this time she thought, as she floored it through a yellow light, enjoying the sound  her dual exhaust made as she flew through the puddles. She wasnt going to become all sad, weepy and beg him to stay this time. This time he was going to get a piece of her mind and perhaps a flat tire or two she though mischievously as she glanced at the knife on her passenger seat.

She parked the car in an empty spot and stormed up to his apartment, not caring that she was drenched in seconds from the rain. She pounded on his door and waited, trying to catch her breath and steady her heart which was pounding in her ears and chest like thunder. She shook uncontrollably from anger and excitment. She hardly ever gets this worked up about anything but when she does.......boy look out.  Alex answered the door looking just as surprised to see her as she hoped he would. She gave him no time to say whatever his lips had parted to say before she forcefully pushed past him and stormed into his apt. " You fucking prick. What is the MATTER with you?!!!" she yelled as she turned to face him. Alex sighed and shut the door, knowing better than to let Susan see she was EVER capable of eliciting a response from him that didn't reflect calm, slightly amused boredem. It really aggravated her and she was sexy when she was aggravated .  Just like now, he thought with a hint of a smile in his eyes as he turned to look at her. She stood there dripping wet, her long hair plastered to her face. Not to mention her clothes. She wore his favorite and he wondered if it was on purpose. Her skin tight black yoga pants and the black t shirt she always wore to her martial arts training. How her instructor ever managed to focus with her in the room was always a mystery to him.
She stood there fuming. Anger like he had never seen flashed in her eyes and she shook like a leaf as though she was holding herself back and might fly at him at any moment. She could barely control her breathing and he watched as her breasts heaved with a glint in his eye. He calmly and slowly looked from her feet up to her eyes where they locked. He leaned against the wall and pointed out, "You're dripping on the rug" That did it sure enough and she snapped. Susan flew at him fully intending to rip the skin from his face clean off and scratch out an eyeball or two. All her training forgotten as she erupted with an animal like growl she hardly realized even came from her own throat.     Alex ducked and took her by the waist, letting her own momentum drive her over his shoulder. He picked her up easily and stepped into the open area of his nearly empty living room where he slammed her down and let his full weight slam down right on top her as well. Susan was stunned for a moment. The air was knocked out of her and she had hit her head on one of the weights Alex kept lying around all the  time. She shook her head trying to clear her vison and looked up to see Alex sitting on her with an amused grin on his face. He was making it impossible to catch a breath. She started to wriggle and tried to twist around. In all her fury she had completely lost her head and found with frustrating anger that she could not remember the move her instructor had taught her to get out of this very pickle. She glared up at him and snarled  . " Get off me you piece of shit" Alex made a "tsk tsk" sound as he gave a disappointed shake of his head. He leaned down untill he was sharing the same breath with her and stared into her eyes. "Did you come over because you thought once again, that you have control over me in ANY way? My dear i dont know how many times i have to warn you...i will not be controlled by anyone or anythi g and i will certainly..." this as he grabbed her tiny wrists and squeezed them tightly together with one hand,  " ..not allow disrespect like you have just shown me"  He glared at her now with the flames of fire in his eyes.

Susan couldn't breathe, and now as he tightly ground her wrists together in his firm grip and glared at her , she found she wasnt angry anymore. She was panicking and just wanted him off of her. Just as she was about to start screaming he suddenly got up. He stood back a little watching her. She lay there for what felt like an eternity gratefully gulping in air and rubbing her sore wrists.  As she calmed down she felt too humiliated and ashamed to look at him, so she stared at the ceiling. After a moment of this Alex chuckled and walked over, offering her his hand to pull herself up. She looked at him with distrust in her eyes but took it. "You and i are too different Susan. It was fun while it lasted but i just dont have time or patience to play your way anymore.  Instead of lie to you and use you i thought you would appreciate the direct, if blunt approach"  Susan looked at him with defeat in her eyes and started to cry. " I can make it work Alex. I know i can. Ill be whatever you want if you will just stay a part of my life. Im a different person with you around, you make me happy" she blubbered. Alex tried to patiently roll his eyes but found he couldnt do this song and dance with her again. He leaned in and softly kissed her, much to her surprise. Shocked and overcome with relief she eagerly kissed him back. She attempted to wrap her arms around him and hold him close but he pulled slightly away. She opened her eyes and looked at him confused only to notice he had undone his pants and was pulling out his cock. Her eyes quickly darted up to his and he smiled and her. " you want me in your life baby ?  How bad do you want it? " he put a hand on her head and pushed down. Susan shook  from head to toe as she quickly struggled to decide. She looked at him staring back at her and didnt ever want know a time when he wouldnt smile at her, or touch her or let her touch him. She slowly went down on her knees and with a final glance at him hoping to see approval she took him in her mouth.   

November 25, 2016, 05:36:48 AM
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November 28, 2016, 12:53:06 PM
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Alex groaned and wrapped his clenched fists in her hair as she slowly started sucking. "Not this time" he said to her. " we aren't dating anymore my dear and i have no intention of being gentle with you now" she looked up at him alarmed as she tried to withdraw but it was too late. He held her firmly in position as he began to thrust into her mouth. She tried to push him away as her eyes started to water and her oxygen was cut off as he filled her throat. 

Susan didn't know what to do. She tried getting her legs under her so she could stand, to no avail. She gagged repeatedly as he went all the way to the back of her throat and pushed deeper than she had ever let him before. " time for a deep throat lesson darling. Its past time you learned. Ill finally teach you to suck me off like you should have been doing all along"  she emitted a muffled scream as she started to scratch and claw at his thighs hoping he would loosen his grip for just one second.

He did loosen his grip,  but to her dismay he shoved her down and gave her a swift kick to the stomach,  preventing her from getting up as she doubled over in pain. He quickly grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down the hall kicking and screaming where he hoisted her up on the bed and slapped her quickly as hard as he could. He shut the door and hit a button on his stereo and loud music poured out of the surround sound speakers in the small room. Effectively drowning out her screams.

Susan lay stunned  on the bed. The room spun and she tasted blood where her teeth had nicked her lip.   The world was suddenly full of noise and then she yelped as she was pulled down to the edge of the bed by her ankles. She was flipped onto her stomach and one by one her flailing arms were yanked roughly behind her and quickly bound with zip ties.

November 28, 2016, 01:16:59 PM
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 Susan bucked and writhed and kicked in every direction trying to get away from him. Who WAS this crazy man?!! This was NOT the Alex she had known and dated for months.  At least she thought she had known him.....she didn't have the luxury of examining this further at the present moment.

As she realized her hands were hopelessly bound and screaming would be pointless she took a moment and went lax to catch her breath.  Alex took the opportunity to gleefully jump onto her back as to avoid her thrashing legs should they resume their kicking.

Grabbing a hand towel off the dresser he pulled her head up by her hair and shoved it in her open mouth as she squealed in pain. He then shoved her face down into the comforter and leaned in so she could hear him over the blasting stereo. 

" you are going to do as i say from this moment on. You will be quiet and lay still unless i instruct you to move. Nod if you understand" he lifted her head slightly and she gasped frantically for breath as she vigorously nodded.

November 28, 2016, 04:04:31 PM
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Alex let her head go and she gratefully turned to the side so she could breathe.  He turned the stereo down and undressed.

"Now,  where were we?" he said with a smirk as he flipped her onto her back and took the rag out of her mouth. Susan stared up at him as he pushed her against the wall in a sitting position and straddled her  with his now flaccid cock aimed  at her beautiful mouth.

Susan couldn't even look at him. She pointed her head down and said "if you put that in my mouth again ill bite it off i swear. "  Alex reacted quickly,  reaching back and yanking roughly on her hair,  forcing her head up, then he gave her another hard slap. He found the sound of his palm hitting her cheek to be satisfying and arousing so he hit her twice more.   She whimpered softly and scrunched up her face in anticipation of another. When it didnt come she slowly opened her eyes and looked up.

He was quickly becoming hard again and he guided his cock to her lips.  "Open, or ill have to convince you in a way you won't find very pleasant." Susan closed her eyes and once more took him into her warm, wet mouth.

December 03, 2016, 05:55:45 AM
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Another good job Ladybug!

Keep it up!

December 20, 2016, 05:53:44 PM
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Alex grabbed her long hair in both his fists and started thrusting hard into her mouth. She mumbled an incoherent protest and he rapped her head against the wall. She squealed as he moaned contentedly and said " Oh yeah baby, suck it"

Susan quickly decided it would be easier if she didnt fight it and did her best to please him. At least then maybe he wouldn't be so rough. He had never been rough before. She closed her lips tightly around him and began using her tongue.  As she hoped he relaxed a bit and let her work on him.

He continued pushing to the far reaches of her throat, making her push her tongue out and gag. She took a breath and tried again. He found his rhythm and steadily fucked her face untill her constant gagging got to be irritable. Alex withdrew from her mouth and pushed her down so she lay flat on her back. He shoved the towel back into her mouth and said " don't move, ill be right back. "

Alex went into the kitchen where he quickly grabbed a pair of scissors and came back. Susan squealed in fear when he brought the open scissors up to her neck then sighed in relief as all he did was cut her shirt and bra away. He tossed the scissors aside and began kissing and pinching her breasts. She struggled slightly under him but decided she could ride it out. She just wanted it to be over.

Alex tugged her pants off next.

December 20, 2016, 07:18:57 PM
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What with the people on this site? Do they not recognize a great story when they read it? Please tell me you're far from putting the end up!

December 21, 2016, 11:01:17 AM
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Awesome story so far, Ladybug. Somehow I overlooked this one, when you posted it earlier!

December 21, 2016, 12:52:49 PM
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Thank you both!! Ive been having a hard time with this so its been slow but i assure you i will try to continue working on it. :) im glad its not awful. Lol.