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October 18, 2017, 08:21:13 PM

Offline chubsub

 The first time I had been "tied up", was more playfuly bound to a chair in a motel room. I was mostly clothed durring that time, and safe word in place, although it wa never used. Also at the time I had had normal male on male sex once. That was a passionant expierience.

     At a time when I was testing the waters so to speak, I knew where to look for people willing to give what I wanted. I was not young but not old either. Somewhere about 33 to be exact.  It didn't take long to find someone locally and chat with online. In the age of Yahoo groups and Yahoo instant message. He was near my age although slightly older by maybe a couple of years.

     To discribe myself, at the time, I was five foot four inches tall and 165 pounds. Not fat but not skinney either. The guy I met through yahoo, was five foot tin inches and about 250 pounds. Rather large guy.
    We chatted for a day or two before agreeing to meet. Our agreement was that he would do lite bondage and we even came up with a safe word. After coming up with a safe word and talking about bondage safety, we agreed to meet. He claimed never to have done bondage before. He also claimed he wasn't sure about doing bondage but agreed to it anyway. The agreed meeting place was near my house. The plan was to meet and take him to my house where he would tie me up. He arrived on time and we drove to my house. When we met I noticed he was considerably larger then me in both height and weight.

    Once inside I take him to the bedroom. I walked into the room first with him following. The plan was I would be tied up nude or close to it. At that point I stripped down to my underwear. Soon as I turned in his direction, he had taken a roll of duck tape and bound my wrists together in front of me. That took me by surprise.  The surprise was not only my wrists suddenly being bound, but also his large body standing there pants and underwear less. His big cock hanging there hard as a rock.

     As a natural reaction, I said "What are you doing?"
    He responded by sticking a piece of duck tape over my mouth. He sternly told me "Shut up."
     Two more pieces of duck tape went over my mouth. While he was taping my mouth shut, he told me "You can't say the safe word if your gagged." At that time I was thinking "wow he is serious." He continued to pull down my underwear and threw me onto the bed front side first.

     I now found myself face first nude on the bed. Feet dangling off the bed. It was at that point that I understood this was no longer a lite bondage fantasy. He forcefully told me to spread my legs. I did not hesitate to do as I was told.

     Once he had me on the bed face down with my legs spread, he stuck his big cock in my butt hole and pumped forcefully. As he was doing his anal on me, I laid there quiet. I didn't dare make noise. The whole time I laid there, which was about an hour. It felt more than that. Anyway, the whole time I was thinking "this is real. He is serious. I better do what he wants or he might hurt me."
     Once my legs were spread to his satisfation, he slid his cock into my ass hole. He had lubed up by that point. He slowly stuck his cock in my ass and started pumping it. His balls slapping my ass as he pumped. It was the first time I had ever had a cock up my ass. It felt hard yet soft. In and out in and out was the pattern of the act. Before he could cum, he pulled out.

     The whole hour he was pumping me, he didn't say a word. Neither did I and didn't wan't to test it. After about an hour, he got up off of me. While he was dressing, I lay still and quiet face down on the bed nude.

     While he was getting dressed, he commented as to how bad it was and how disappointed he was with the whole thing. Once dressed, he yanked me up by my arm, to be seated on the edge of the bed. He tore part of the wrist tape slightly, and told me "Get dressed." in a hard tone of voice. With that he left. By the time I had undid the tape from my wrists and mouth, he was out the door and gone.

     After he left me to untie my own bonds, I sat there nude for half an hour, reflecting on what had just happend. I just kept thinking "wow he realy raped me." "I can't believe he did it."

     An hour or so later, he IM's me with a stern warning not to tell anyone what happened. Knowing what he had done, how big he was, and the fact that he knew where I lived, made it easy to tell him that I wouldn't tell anyone.