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June 22, 2015, 11:10:16 PM

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First story in a bit seemed to have to many ideas floating around in my head to get things done, now to get back on track

Bambi Johnston was the new teacher around, having just finished her degree in teaching 4 months previously she had taken this job at a school where if she stayed at for 3 years her student loans would be paid off.

One little problem with the school though it was in one of those neighborhoods that were less than desirable.  6 weeks into the school year things hadn’t been too bad so far.  She was teaching the 10th grade mostly boys.

Normally she dressed in jeans and a baggy top or a long dress.  She did this because of her looks.  Standing at 5’7” in bare feet, long blonde hair, a voluptuous figure in both the breasts and hips.

Tonight was conference night with some of the parents, so Bambi had dressed more upscale than she normally did.  Dressed in a tight pin stripped pencil skirt, white blouse, white lacy bra and so as not to show any lines in her skirt, white thong panties, black pull up stockings and black 4” high heels.

She thought she looked professional, the appearance she wanted to project.  She also noticed some of the looks she was getting from the boys and some that would grab their crotch when she looked at them.  Thank god this only took place every 6 weeks.

One boy in particular was watching.  Jerome sat in the back, leering at teacher and all the things he wanted to do with her.  He already had plans to hide out in the school till everything was over that evening.  He had managed to make plans so that the teachers’ last appointment with parents would be late in arriving, so that when they were finished most if not everyone had already left.

The evening went smoothly, till almost the end.  When Bambi got a call saying the last appointment was on the way but would be a bit late.  She sat and waited; they arrived 15 minutes late and seemed to want to drag everything out.  By the time they left the hallways seemed to be empty, all was quiet.

She started to put the last of her things away into the supply closet; last thing was the laptops, which needed to be locked away in a secure cabinet.  This took a few minutes to do.

As she stepped back into the classroom, she heard a noise, suddenly a bag went over her head, she was pushed towards the students desks, a gruff voice growled “Say nothing, do nothing and you won’t get hurt.”

Suddenly coming up against one of the desks she was bent over it at the waist.  Her assailant pressed down on her back so she couldn’t move or struggle.  Bambi sobbed softly, not believing this was happening, “Please don’t hurt me,” she blurted out.  “I’ll give you all my money and anything else you want.”

“I’ll take your money anyway bitch, but I’m going to have what you’ve got between your legs slut, so be quiet and enjoy it.  Don’t want to hear anything out of you except your screams as you cumm as I fuck you.”

With those words Bambi knew her fate was sealed no matter what she said.  Then she felt the guys hands go round her body, grabbing the front of her blouse and ripping it open.  Then they searched and found the edge of her bra, pulled the cups down and freed her breasts.

As they swung in the air his hands grabbed them both and roughly squeezed both orbs.  “Nice tits, bitch.”  Fingers searching and finding her nipples, starting to pinch and pull on them, “Let’s see how big these fuckers get,” as he continued to play with them.
They started to stick out with the attention they were getting much to Bambi’s horror.

“Stay still and don’t move,” he said as he stood up.  Then he grabbed the hem of Bambi’s tight skirt and pulled it up.  Bunching it up and pushing it over her butt and around her waist.

“Damm girl that is a fine sight,” as he stood there looking at her standing there in her high heels, stocking clad legs and bare ass.
Goosebumps starting to cover the cheeks as she felt the cool air blowing on them.

SMACK, SMACK.  “Ahh,” she cried out as she felt his hand deal a resound smack over each of her cheeks.  She was sure he had left a good hand print on each of them.

“Wow, look at that ass giggle when I did that.  I bet you can shake it good girl.”

With that she felt one of his hands grab her thong panties and rip them off, leaving them a tattered mess on the floor.

She lay over the desk sobbing; know she was exposed to his eyes and ministrations.

She heard a sound, like something being squeezed out of a bottle, and then she felt him close to her.  A hand suddenly going up between her legs.  His fingers encountering her pussy lips, something cold was being pressed against her and rubbed over her pussy.

“Mmmmm, a bald cunt I see, nice bitch, you just get sexier and sexier.”

With that she felt a finger slide into her pussy, making her gasp.  Then she realized that he had used some sort of jell on his fingers, obviously to make her easier to fuck.

He worked his fingers in and out of her pussy, slicking her up ready for him.  At the same time his thumb coarsely rubbed over her clit making it throb.

Then he removed his hand and she felt something else being rubbed over her pussy, it seemed to be extra large.  He bent over and said “I hope that you are going to be as tight as I think you are, and let me know if this is the biggest you have ever had.”

With that he gave a hard thrust and she felt this thick hard what seemed to be a rod rammed into her pussy.
She let out a loud scream, “Ahhhhhhhhh Nooo.”

“Just the sort of reaction I was expecting from a white bitch like you, not had a decent sized cock in that cunt of yours till now.”
With that he proceeded to fuck her.  Grabbing her hips and ramming his cock into her sore pussy hard and fast.  With each thrust he seemed to lift her from the floor and force the air from her body.

She could feel his thick engorged cock in her pussy, stretching her to the limit, it seemed as if the head was trying to pound its way into her womb.  She sobbed and cried out with each thrust.

“God yes girl, take this cock, little slut needs something like this.  Time I’m finished with you, you won’t want another small dick, and you’ll be looking for big thick ones.”  He slid in and out easily with the lube he had used, just as well as he would probably be tearing her apart otherwise.

“UGG, please, UGG, stop, UGG,” she pleaded between each thrust.  He was relentless though, the more she tried to say the harder he rammed her.

Suddenly he stopped; she couldn’t believe he was finished.

He wasn’t, he grabbed her round the waist, lifted her up, carried her over to her desk, pushed everything out of the way, lay her down on it, grabbed her legs, spread them open, got on the desk between her legs, put her legs on his shoulders and rammed back into her again, making her scream out.

“Oh my fucking god,” she screamed.  It seemed like it was going on deeper and deeper this time.  She had never felt anything like it.  Her pussy was stretched to the limit, his engorged cock just seemed to keep going and going.

Her own juice’s had started flowing trying to make things easier.

His balls slapped on her ass, he ground into her with each thrust, rubbing his pubic hair over her clit.

He kept pumping seeming to go on and on.  Her body couldn’t take it much longer, it was responding to the relentless fuck.
She moaned, “God please stop I can’t take much more.”  What she was really trying to do was to get him to stop before anything happened, but it was too late.

As he continued to thrust in and out, she felt it growing deep inside, right where the head of his cock was hitting inside her.
It started low key but kept building, ripples of pleasure radiating out from deep inside.

A soft moan, then another.  He heard it. Letting her legs slip from his shoulders, she held them up for a few seconds then wrapped them around his waist.

“Oh god no please stop, mmmmmm,” Thrust, thrust.  “Mmmm please no more, ohhhhh.”  Then she felt it like an explosion deep inside, washing over her.

“Ahhhhhhh she screamed,” as the most intense orgasm ripped through her body.  With each thrust of his cock, it seemed to make it more intense.

“Yes that’s it bitch cumm for me, cumm on my cock.”  He pumped her a few more times then let out a groan and rammed deep inside, holding himself there as he unloaded his thick cumm .  “Oh fuck bitch take it, take my cumm,” as he flooded her pussy with his seed.

She could feel it flooding her, starting to ooze out of her pussy around his cock.

He climbed of, cleaned his cock on her skirt.  “Thanks teach, maybe next time you can teach me something.”  With that he walked out of the classroom.

Bambi lay on the desk for a minute, not sure what to do.  She climbed off the desk and  picked things up from the floor and putting them back on the desk.  She could feel his cumm running down the inside of her legs.

Picking up her ripped panties, cleaning  herself up, redoing her bra and blouse.  She made herself presentable picking up her purse and walking from the classroom to her car.

On the way she passed the janitor who was checking the doors making sure everything was locked up for the night.

Goodnight Ms Furr he called out, night Marcus she replied.

He watched as she walked away, leering after her body.  He had seen everything that hand transpired.  Her breasts bursting free from her bra, watching as her skirt was pushed over her white ass exposing her black stocking clad legs, held up by her black garter belt.  Seeing her panties being ripped from her and discarded on the floor.

Hearing her scream as the student rammed his black cock into her pussy, her pleading to make him stop falling on deaf ears.

Then being picked up laid down on her desk, legs on the boys shoulders as he slammed into her again.  Her screams and pleading turning to moans and gasping.  Eventually the scream of pleasure as she orgasm on his cock, then the grunts from him as he shot his load into her pussy filling it with his cumm.

If she didn’t scream rape tonight then he knew she would be like the other young teachers, to become a black cock whore, to suck cock, get fucked regularly.  Eventually to leave with a swollen belly with a black baby inside her.