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2 part story, still not sure which way it will go whether forced or not but I hope that you will enjoy the start.

Megan was 17yrs old, in her last year at school and her she was on a week’s vacation with her parents at Daytona Beach.  Not that she had anything against her parents, but being a teenager she would much rather be with her friends.  Ah well just have to make the best of it.
She was down at the hotel pool, her parents being a bit strict wouldn't let her go too far by herself.  She was on one of the loungers, laying back relaxing, watching all the other people.  What she was really doing was seeing who else was there.
Megan hadn't been out with many boys up till this point and nothing really had happened, making out and groping but that was about it.  According to her friends though most of them seem to be making out and doing all sorts of things.
Megan thought she was missing out and had decided if the opportunity arose that she would lose her virginity that week.  She preferred it that way, knowing her usually hangout crowd, the first one that had her would brag about it.
So she lay there just watching.  What she didn't realize was that she was being watched as well from the other side of the pool.  This wasn't a young guy though, this was Veronica, 36yrs old married woman.  She and her husband had a secret though, he liked to deflower young girls and Veronica enjoyed watching him do it, filming him and after he was finished enjoying the pleasure of tasting his cumm as it oozed out of the recently deflowered girl.
She had seen Megan when she had walked out to the pool, tall, with long blonde hair, nice figure, but what had caught her eyes were her breasts.  She thought them to be either 34c or d’s either of which her husband would like.  The mark was made now to find out if she was a virgin or not.
Megan had been looking around, the pool was a bit quiet at the moment so not a lot going on, she decided to take a quick dip in the pool to cool of.  Standing up she walked to the edge of the pool and dived in, her lithe body hardly making a splash as it entered the water.
Veronica watched and decided to move on over to where Megan was lounging.  Walking round the pool and taking the lounger next to Megan’s, she spread out her towel, lay down and waited. 
She watched as Megan exited the pool.  Behind her dark sunglasses she could see her firm young breasts bouncing slightly as she walked to her lounger.  Getting closer Veronica could see the perk young nipples pushing against the bikini top, eyes wandering down to the white bikini bottoms stretched tight over her hips and stomach.  She could clearly see a camel toe in the fabric and not a hint of a wisp of pubic hair, which made things even more exciting.
“Hi,” Veronica said, “Looks like it’s going to be a warm day,” smiling as Megan reached her lounger.
Megan bent over to adjust her towel, looking over, “Yes it does,” she replied.
Veronica watched as Megan bent over watching her breasts and the deep cleavage, thinking they will hang well if her husband took her doggy style.
They chatted for a bit, Veronica gleaming bits of information like age, dislikes, any bf’s, who she was with, seemingly petty stuff.  As this was going on she watched Megan mostly out of the corner of her eye, suddenly asking “Are we people watching while down here?”
Megan blushed, “You caught me,” she replied.
“Nothing to be ashamed off,” Veronica said, “I do it a lot to, it can be interesting.  As a matter of fact it can be especially interesting when the person you are watching is probably not even aware of it.”
“How so?” Megan asked.
“I would have to show you rather than explain it.  My husband is out playing golf today if you want you can come up to my room and I’ll show you.”  Veronica hoped that Megan would say yes.  Even though her husband wasn't there today, taking her up would make her feel comfortable that nothing was going on.
Megan looked at her, wondering if she should or shouldn't.
Veronica could see the hesitation.  “Hey you can come look at the room, if you don’t like how it feels you can always leave without coming in.”
That seemed to seal it. 
“Okay,” Megan said.
They both got up and walked to the elevators.  Stepping in one Veronica pushed the button for the 14th floor..  They stepped out, turned left and walked down to the end.  It was a corner room, looking out over the ocean.  Veronica opened the door, pushing it wide open and propping it open, she walked in and went directly over to the door leading out onto the balcony.
Megan stood outside having a look in.
“Have a look around, make sure you feel comfortable before coming in,” Veronica said.  All this to make Megan feel more at ease.  “You can leave the door open if you want we don’t get many people down at this end seeing we are the last ones on the floor.”
Megan stepped into the room, looking around seeing nothing unto wards, easing into the room, nothing seemed to be amiss, just like any other hotel room, bits of clothing laying around, couple of drink glasses, camera and movie cam laying on the dresser, the other 2 rooms with their doors open beds made but empty.
She seemed happy, kicked the door stop away and let the door close.
Step 1 completed Veronica thought to herself.  Get her up here a couple of more times with no one else around and she will be at ease coming up.
They both stood by the balcony door.
“As you can see we have 2 balcony’s, one that looks over the pool, beach and ocean, the other at another hotel, which makes for the interesting people watching.
Veronica walked over to the dresser, pulling open one of the top drawers and taking out 2 leather cases.  “Here take this,” handing one to Megan.
They both opened them, each taking out a powerful pair of binoculars.
Showing Megan how to adjust them to her eyes, when she got it focused it seemed like the other hotel was just inches away.
“Now,” Veronica said, “We have to sit where we aren't to conspicuous,” pulling up 2 chairs next to each other.
“Now we just look and see what we can see,” as Veronica started to scan the other hotel’s windows.  She wasn't really looking but glancing at Megan seeing if she was.
Megan started to look, not knowing what to expect.  It was mid afternoon so she didn't really think that a lot would be going on.  She was wrong about that, most of it was mundane stuff, kids playing, people sleeping or eating/drinking.  Then suddenly her eyes caught something.  A guy laying on a bed and omg he was naked and he was doing something to himself.
Megan leaned forward a bit.  Veronica caught this.
“See anything interesting yet,” she asked.
“No, nothing yet,” Megan replied.
Veronica knew different.  She quickly scanned the windows and found what Megan was watching, nice she thought to herself, I’ll let her enjoy that for a few minutes.  She had seen something else that could be interesting but could wait a minute.
Megan watched curiously having never seen a guy naked or anything like what was on display.  The guy seemed to be watching something, maybe a dirty movie on the tv, but it what he was doing that had Megan transfixed.  He was stroking his cock and it looked big and thick to Megan, for a minute or two he leisurely  stroked it, then starting to get faster and faster.  The she watched a look of ecstasy came over his face and this stuff came shooting out of his cock and over his stomach.  Megan couldn't believe it.
“Oh here’s something interesting,” Veronica said.  She knew that Megan had just witnessed the guy cummin but wanted her to think that she didn't know what she had been watching.  2 floors down about 9th window in she said.
Megan dragged her eyes from what she had seen, what could be more interesting she thought to herself.  She found the window.  There were 2 mid 20’s girls there standing talking and taking their clothes off, that didn't seem interesting.
Veronica knew different, she knew what was going to happen having seen them before.
The girls got naked and instead of changing into something else lay down on the bed together and started to kiss and fondle each other.  Megan watched transfixed, the guy was something but this was completely different.  They started to play with each other tits, teasing and kissing the nipples, hands delving down between legs to caress each other there.
Megan blushed, the room started to feel warm.  She watched as one lay back spread her legs and the other girl going down there with her mouth.  The one laying down seemed to be pushing against the other girls face rubbing her pussy over it, arching her back.  The suddenly another figure appeared, it was a black guy and he was naked.
And what was sticking out in front of him took Megan’s breath away, it was huge, like a baseball.
“OMG,” Veronica gasped, “Do you see that?”
Megan blurted out “Yes.”
She watch eyes glued to the scene.  The guy gripped the girls hips and eased himself between her legs.  She lifted her head up and mouthed something.  He pushed her head back down between the other girls legs and eased himself deeper inside her.  The he started to fuck her hard and fast, pushing her down into the other girl, who was holding her head and grinding her pussy against her face.
Veronica could see Megan transfixed, looking down her body her nipples were hard and erect, glancing at her bikini bottoms she could see a damp patch between her legs.
Megan was flushed, she had never imagined anything like this, the guy was fucking the girl hard and she seemed to be enjoying every inch of what he had.  Megan never imagined any girl been able to take what he had.  Even though she had never been with a guy she had played with herself a few times and now she realized her clit was tingling just watching the scene, she felt a dampness between her legs.
Suddenly she felt and hand on her arm, gently caressing it.  “You ever seen anything like that?”  Veronica asked.
“No,” Megan replied blushing.
“Don’t let me stop you watching especially if you are enjoying it.”
Megan went back to watching the scene.  The girls had changed position and were now doing 69 on each other while the black guy continued to fuck one of them, it was almost as if she was in the room the closeness. She was transfixed watching the scene, the black cock sliding in and out of the girls pussy, the 2 girls writing on the bed in pleasure.
The Megan felt hands on her legs gently opening them, fingers caressing the inside of her thighs, slowly moving up brushing over the wetness that was there, teasing her.  Still she watched the show not wanting to miss anything but also to not see what was going on in the room.
She felt her bikini bottoms being pulled to one side, exposing her wet pussy.
Veronica gasped when she saw between Megan’s legs, a tight pink glistening pussy, bald and completely smooth, this was one pussy she had to taste before her husband had his chance.  She moved closer, tongue reaching out to caress over the pink lips.  A gasp escaping from Megan’s lips when she did.
The legs opened wider, the binoculars fell onto the floor as Megan leaned back in the chair.  She knew this was wrong but it felt so good, the ripples of pleasure the washed over her body.  Her breathing was ragged, gasping with each flick of Veronica’s tongue against her pussy and clit.  Then she felt a finger pressing against her pussy, gently easing into her tight virgin hole.
Veronica would soon find out if she was a virgin, even if she wasn't she was sure her husband would still want to fuck this tight pussy.  She pushed her finger in till it touched Megan’s hymen.  Yes she was a virgin.
Veronica started to finger fuck her, taking care not to go in to far, her finger was coming out glistening with Megan’s juices, her tongue flicked over her clit and tasted Megan’s sweetness.
She removed her finger and her mouth covered Megan’s pussy, tongue delving in and out of her cunt.  Megan moaned and writhed in the chair, this was a new experience to her, it felt bad, naughty and good all at the same time.  She didn't know what was happening but it felt good.
Veronica’s teeth found Megan’s clit and gently nibbled on it before holding it between her teeth.  Megan's gasped and her body tensed, just as Veronica flicked her tongue back and forth over the tip of her throbbing clit.
A scream came from Megan’s mouth, her body tensed and then shivered as her first orgasm rippled through her body.  She felt the juices flow from her cunt into Veronica’s mouth, she rubbed her pussy over her face. 
Veronica eagerly drank the flowing juices, tasting Megan;s first orgasm.  She pulled back and looked at Megan’s sweet, sexy, glistening virgin cunt.  This was going to be a good couple of days she thought to herself.


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Really liking it so far, Tammy! You are a master storyteller!