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May 15, 2015, 01:23:28 PM

Offline veneficus

It began on a bus ride home from work.  I was taking it since my car was in the shop getting some work done, and mostly was just minding my on buisnesses, when on steps this absolutely gorgous women. She was young early 20 something Hispanic girl.  she was wearing a form fitting red top, that just brought attention to her nice perky breasts, and tight small stomach and waists.  With nice wide hips in tight form jeans i watched as she walked passed I noticed she has the perfect, round ass streching the jeans to their limit.  I know somehow i have to have her.  The bus ride contimues, and we reach my stop, and low and behold she gets off at the same stop.  What luck i think, and as we get off the bus i try and say hello, but she just ignores what i say and goes off down the street.  What a bitch!  And i head toward home, all the awhile thinking that someone should put her in her place.  when i get home i start vetting together some supplies, and realize i am about to take a plunge, but it will be a fun one.