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This in fact is the first story I've ever written.
Hope you'll enjoy it!

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

Darkness and Silence

I am living in darkness and in silence. I don’t know how long I have been living like this – but how can I measure the time? By the irregular spells of sleep? By the even more irregular meals, mixed with cum, that they feed me? By the endless cocks, far too many to count?

My hands are not tied – not anymore – and I can remove my blindfold and my earplugs at any time. I did that once though and they saw it and they hurt me. Bad. They hurt my pussy, my nipples, my breasts, my ass… they took me to the basement and used the whips and the cigarettes and the cattle prod and the… I don’t want to think about it.

I won’t ever remove the blindfold again. Besides, I am scared to see how I look like now. I was beautiful, I know that. Boys turned around when they saw me walking, with my long legs, large breasts, sultry lips, long, golden hair.

I wish I hadn’t been so pretty, maybe they wouldn’t have taken me.
They clean me up, they feed me but how do I look now? Am I old? How long has it been?

I can also speak – when I’m not gagged by this large ring-gag stretching my jaw wide or this thick penis gag reaching the back of my throat… but I know better than to speak. Sometime ago I forgot myself and began to plead and beg and cry and..

And they hurt me. Bad. They took me to the basement and… I don’t want to think about it.
Besides I was scared of how my voice sounded. Hoarse. As if I forgot how to speak.

I can scream and moan in pain though. They like it, especially when they’re fucking my ass, they like when I sob and scream… but I can’t use words… just wordless bubbling as my mind tries to deal with the agony.

Without my sight and my hearing, my other senses are much sharper. I curse that.
I can feel the pain of my raped ass, of my fucked pussy, of my whipped breasts, of my pierced twisted nipples so much more. I can feel the stench of their unwashed bodies, of their smelly crotches and cocks and I can feel the disgusting taste of their vile dicks in my mouth, of their sticky, salty jism so much clearer.

I hate this.

Without my hearings I don’t know what they want from me, but if I don’t perform well, I get punished. So I learned. I learned when that when they remove my gag it means that I’ll be getting a cock soon so I need to suck lovingly, enthusiastically, making wet, slurping sounds and then, when the cock starts throbbing I am supposed to swallow all the cum, lick my lips seductively and wait for more.

I learned that I am not supposed to walk – I am to crawl. They made sure that I remember it by burning the soles of my feet.

I learned when they want me to mount them, when they want me to ride their cocks with my pussy, rubbing my breasts against my rapist’s chest, kissing his lips, pushing my tongue in even as my pussy radiates with agonizing pain or yet another thick cock inside… I know when to move up and down on the dick impaling my pussy even as they hurt my breasts…

I learned when I am supposed to ride a cock with my ass, clenching my ass muscles just to make it more pleasurable for them. I can scream and wail… but I better not lose concentration I better not stop moving up and down on the cock, up and down, up and down, my sore, tight ass taking the thick meat inside yet again…

I learned when they push me to the ground, when they ram into my pussy, that I am supposed to lovingly wrap my legs around their waist, I am supposed to fuck them back like a cheap whore, like a bitch in heat, meeting their thrusts with my own as they lick my face, neck, as they bite my nipples…

I learned when I am supposed to titty-fuck them while twisting my own, sore, pierced nipples until they cum all over my breasts, neck and face.

I learned which ones want me to clean their cock after raping me, forcing me to taste my own juices or even my own filth from my ass on their meat…

Sometimes I don’t even have to do anything as they take me together, cocks rammed up my pussy, ass and mouth, my body being tossed as a ragdoll by the strength of their brutal thrusts. This would be almost a relief if not for the pain…

At first I didn’t know if I am used by one man or many, but now I know, now I recognize them. I recognize them by their stench, by their taste, by the way they fuck and hurt me.

There is the Fast One, who just comes, rapes my ass hard and fast and comes all over my breasts. There is the Hair Pulling One who rides me also from behind, pulling my hair as he fucks my pussy with short, quick thrusts.
There is the Cigarette Smoking Man, one of the worst. I feel the smell of his cigarette and I always know that soon I’ll be screaming, writhing in agony as the tip of the cigarette touches my body. He loves burning my tits, grinding the cigarette into my nipple slowly as I thrush and buck and scream and cry… Sometimes he even burns my clit and cunt, just so I hurt so much more when he finally takes me… but I know I have to wrap my legs around him and fuck him nevertheless.
There is the Creepy One who always fucks me brutally and then pets my head and kisses my cheek.
There is the Facefucker. I barely feel the horrid taste of his unwashed body as he fucks my face so brutally as if it was my pussy, before finally cumming all over my face.
There is the 24-hour One who always takes me – locked in a coffin like box – for an entire day, hurting my pussy, my clit, my breasts with electricity and then having me suck him. I do it lovingly, doing my best to keep it as long as I can before I make him cum as only when my lips are wrapped tightly around his cock he stops hurting me.

I can recognize all of them. I know which ones love to play with my tits when they fuck me, which ones want me to do all the work, which ones want me to lick their balls or disgusting asses, which ones can’t get hard without whipping every inch of my body.

And then there are the women. There is the one who washes me – but before that she makes me lick her cunt and her disgustingly large clit. Soon she begins to push her hips against my face as she comes and comes and comes…
There is the one who always starts by assraping me with a dildo before pushing a double-ended one into my mouth and riding it until she cum, her juices flowing down on my face.
There is the one who always comes with a friend who assrapes my, while twisting my nipples just so I scream against her smelly, oily cunt.

And then there is IT. I think IT is a dog, judging by the touch of ITS fur on my back as IT fucks me from behind and judging by the weird cock, sharp and with a knot that fills my pussy or ass far beyond stretching point and remains buried there even after IT came. I hate IT the most.

Sometimes they take me away, in a wooden box and then, there are many people, many unfamiliar people that fuck and hurt and rape and abuse and whip and burn me as I crawl and scream among them.

Now he comes. It is the Creepy One.
He is ramming his cock up my ass. I already have been fucked there so many times and it is still so tight, so unprepared for those rapes…
He is grabbing my nipples, twisting them hard. I am moaning, my body bucking forward, reflexively, just to escape the assault. He is fucking me, faster and faster, pounding my ass savagely, each push sending a wave of agonizing, white hot pain throughout my body.
He is pounding, fucking, raping me, raping my unwilling, hurting, abused body as I claw at the floor, desperately trying to get away.
I heard that sometimes victims are able to retreat inside themselves, that they no longer feel connected to their body… how I envy them. I feel every inch of his cock buried in me, I feel each his push, each thrust, each time his cock shifts in my ass…
His pushes become more frantic, more brutal. He is twisting my nipples even more. He is approaching climax. His thrusts become longer and slower now…
And I am feeling his hot jism flooding my bowels before he finally pulls out, pets my hair and kisses my cheek.
This is not the end, he pushes the cock to my mouth. I open it, take it in, take his limp dick in and begin cleaning it expertly with my tongue. I try not to think about the taste, about where it has been. I try to focus on the familiar if disgusting taste of cum… not on the other taste… but it is no use. I almost retch but I know that it would be a terrible mistake.
His cock is getting harder again and I keep sucking, keep sucking as it begins to ooze precum again…

Sometimes I wish I could kill myself. Vomit once I have the penis gag in and simply suffocate. But I am afraid that they would stop me and then hurt me, take me to the basement.
Besides one of the few things from my old life I remember was how my father was broken after my mother’s suicide. I was little but I recalled him telling me again and again that suicide is the worst sin. I know he became a psychologist just to understand his wife and that he never could…

The cock is already rock hard now but he pulls out. I blink, surprised unsure of what to do but he pulls my leash and I know. I climb on top of his body and feeling his cock against my pussy lips and lower myself impaling my sore pussy on his meat. I begin riding him, up and down, up and down even as his hands reach to my breasts and begin hurting my poor sore nipples again…

Richard Freeheart came inside his writhing hurting daughter and pushed her off his cock. He petted her hair again, kissed her cheek and left the cell.
He knew that Eve what come now to clean the whore – and force her to lick her cunt first of course. There was an hour until first customers would begin to arrive to use the whore.
It was so curious… his daughter-whore living in Darkness and Silence.
Fortunately there were many societies of psychologists interested in the effect on such things on human mind and they always welcomed Richard and his daughter when he took her to the conferences…

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Wow! Really good!

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Thank you so much Vile8r!