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December 18, 2016, 11:02:01 AM

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This so-called author doesn't condone any violence towards females not matter the age,fantasies can hurt just as bad as the actual act- try to remember that!


Standing in the parking lot,looking at Homewood Health.dreading what i have to do. Christ why can’t i bring myself to go in,you’re still my sister even though you don’t know i there! Damn this is the anniversary of your ‘death’ and my greatest failure,i should have the guts to go and face you to apologize!

One year ago today,it happened 1:06 am when the back door was kicked in and the six assholes came in. You were in your room.sleeping, I was in the living room watching dumb infomercial for a dating service,beating off to the blonde on the screen. They grabbed me forcing a gag into my mouth while two others bound my hands and legs with zip ties. Breaking into teams of three ,one starts searching the livingroom and dining room while the other team takes the stairs up to the bedroom

The the sound that started my nightmare! “Get away from me!’ followed by “No! please leave me alone!”. Then the sound of footsteps on the stairs “Lookie what we found upstairs!” They return with you held between them, the front of your nightdress torn open,tears flowing down your lovely face!

Getting my first look i see they wearing ski masks over what looks like welder’s masks,no way to see their eyes “Okay this is how it going to go!” hard to tell who was speaking “My informants informed me the cops never found the money,thrown over the fence,you’re going to give it up or we’ll tear this place apart to find it!” Maybe the talker,who knows comes over to me and ungaged me “Well what’s it going to be?

You scream out when one of the others grope your breast with one hand and your pussy with the other.

“Leave her alone you bastards!’ Earning me a kick to the ribs.

“Well let’s see if this one wants to talk?” They all surround you starting to feel you up. “Please you got the wrong place,just go, leave us alone!

“Wrong answer sweetie!” they force you over to the couch, pushing you onto it! More hands going between your legs.

“Leave her alone or you fucking dead!” Struggling to break loose. Another kick this time to the side of my head, stunning me unconcious. Coming too,your flat on the couch, one guy fucking you another one fucking your mouth.

“Christ she liking this, I’ve never had a blowjob like this before?”

“Trust me her cunt one damn fine adventure also!”

The others are tearing the cushions of the chair, one rummaging through the dish cabinet,smashing thing onto the floor. “Drink to all down slut!”

Struggling harder, i feel a flow of warm sticky liquid on my wrists “Get off her you animals!, i swear if i get free, you’re all dead meat!” Another kick to my ribs then one to my balls,followed by a punch to the head,blacking out once more i hear.

“Shit guys,the piece of ass was right we’ve got the wrong place!”


“Yeah the street we want is Maplewin Drive, we’re on Maple Wind Drive!”

“You fucking dyslexic! What the hell have you made us do!” pulling his pants back up! “Shit i’m not going back inside because someone can’t read right!” Pushing the guy fucking you off you. “Let’s get the fuck out of here before someone calls the cops!”

“What about them?”

“Take her with us,he’s out cold, so leave him!” and that what must have happened.

All I knew coming too, was I in a hospital bed with a nurse telling me i had a concussion and fractured ribs! Mom came in,telling me about you abduction and how you were found three days later on a beach,hugging your knees, shaking,vacant eyes staring straight ahead.

To this day you haven’t spoken, or moved from the wheelchair you’re in unless helped. Finally summoning up the courage i enter, finding my way to your room. You’re staring out the window seeming like you’re daydreaming. Walking over i squat beside you turning your head, kissing your forehead “Please Carol, forgive me, i wasn’t there when you needed me the most!’ tears coming to my eyes “Please come back to us!’ the tears openly flowing down my face. Taking your hand, for a second i swear i feel you squeeze my hand! That’s how the night nurse find me, on my knees beside you softly crying!

“Sorry sir! Visiting hours are over!”

                                                                        The End

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