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April 12, 2016, 05:34:00 PM
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This is a great storie! I've read a couple times hoping for more.....

May 14, 2016, 09:32:26 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Britney squealed as she felt the hands of the players on her body.

One pulled her ponytail, the other cut the packing tape off her mouth with a knife. She screamed as the tape was pulled across her skin. A dark-skinned player grinned as he pulled the huge saliva-filled sock wads out of her mouth. She felt the mammoth obstruction removed, and paused for a minute to breathe. Her jaw ached from over two hours of the gag. Her body was glistening with sweat and cum. Her ponytail bounced off her naked shoulders.

"P-please..." She gasped, chest rising, then stopping from the rope around her neck. "Y-you're hurting me. I-I can barely breathe..."

"I don't care" Dwayne said coldly. "You fucked with this team, now we fuck with you" Dwayne pushed the other boys aside and pulled her head back with his ponytail. He looked her angrily in her wide blue eyes, pleading for mercy. He grabbed her cheeks, forced her to look at him. "If you want to survive tonight, you do whatever I tell you to"

Britney sobbed, helpless to fight back as Dwayne stood up and removed his jersey. She was surprised by his powerful body, his firm, rippling stomach muscles and well-developed arms. She suddenly felt weak and small beside him, her wrists bound, ankles spread, head positioned waist level to this powerful athlete, eyes fixed on the mammoth bulge in his shorts. He laughed when he saw her eyes inadvertently stop between his legs. He'd seen that look before, most girls were unwilling to believe the full ten inches he packed. He unzipped, dropped his pants and let his full erection emerge.

"N-no, p-please, Dwayne," Britney stammered, "I-I can't... p-please..."  Dwayne grabbed the back of her head and placed his erect member inches from her red parted lips. It was immense, and growing by the second as it grew and stiffened, almost as big as her face. Britney tried to pull away, but his strong hand held her there, so close she could smell the sweat of his groin.

"You want to live -- you suck my balls, bitch cheerleader!"

May 17, 2016, 12:45:35 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Britney jerked away, repulsed by the smell of perspiration on Dwayne's stiffening testicles.

She gasped as the rope tightened around her neck, and his strong hand on her ponytail pushed them up against her soft red lips. Behind her, one of the linebackers slapped her red buttocks, pushing her helpless up against his groin. Dwayne's muscular groin pressed against her face.

"Lick his balls!" The players mocked, and she felt a hard SLAP against her soft skin. A couple of the dropped their towels, revealing mammoth erections. She watched desperately as the moved closer. "Lick his balls, bitch -- or we'll fuck you from behind!"

Frantic to avoid being raped again, Britney closed her eyes, parted her lips and rolled her tongue against his rough skin. The taste was acrid, and she nearly gagged, but she licked his testicles like a dog, her tongue rolling over the curves, his large penis flapping against the side of her face.

Dwayne laughed, grinning victoriously as the cheerleader's tongue ran over his sensitive genitals. "That's it, filthy bitch, lick me like a dog," He said laughing at his teammates, holding her face against his groin, fighting each instinctive jerk of her head trying to pull away. 

Without warning, Dwayne shifted his hips, and pushed his erection between her lips. A full six inches was forced into her gasping mouth before she could cry out in protest. Britney jerked her head back, but the noose nearly choked her. "Nnnn-GGGGLLGGGGH!" she cried helplessly as the thick moistened member filled her mouth, nearly to the throat.

Her cry of surprise was choked in her throat. Her squirming intensified. Never had she had something so BIG in her mouth, but Dwayne was not finished yet. Now wet with saliva, he pulled back slowly, then pushed himself deeper and deeper inside her throat.

"C'mon, Britney Stevens!" Dwayne taunted, pushing Britney's pony-tailed head up and down his mammoth shaft.  "I know this is what you bitch cheerleaders do in training!" Desperately she bobbed up and down, barely able to breathe,

"Suck and lick, baby! Suck and lick!"

May 17, 2016, 11:32:34 AM
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That's my girl, Britney! Awesome mouthfuck action! I love it!

May 26, 2016, 11:48:28 PM
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Offline Britney Stevens

The desperate Britney gagged and sputtered, saliva dripping from her lips.

As Dwaye's thrusts became more intense, the helpless cheerleader was barely able to breathe. She jerked up, and the rope tightened around her neck, forcing her to bend into a more provocative position. Desperately she tried to maintain her balance, but her wrists bound behind her back, toned legs bound and spread, made it difficult to pull free of this now, most powerful assault.

"Gl-GGHH Mmm-naaaahh" She breathed, her lips sliding up and down the stiffening, saliva covered rod of flesh pumping deeply into her throat. Helplessly, she tried to lick and suck Dwayne's immense erection, desperately hoping she could get him to cum, and end this suffocation. Her eyes were wide, her tongue and lips danced desperately up and down, bobbing her head, trying to please him.

"That's it, you bimbo bitch cheerleader" Dwayne laughed, feeling the rising swell of pleasure between his legs. "Make me cum, and maybe we'll let you go!" He pushed her blonde ponytail up and down his ten inch staff. Britney felt his tip at the back of her throat. She licked and sucked, her head bobbing, barely able to breathe, hoping desperately he was telling the truth.

The players cheered as their quarterback took the stuck-up cheerleader by the mouth.  Her shapely body twisted and tugged against the ropes, her firm round breasts bounced with each thrust of his hips. "NNngggh.... nnnnGGGGHHH!"  Britney moaned. She could feel him growing bigger, his grunts more intense and filled with pleasure.

Just then, he pulled out, and Britney gasped as saliva mixed with pre-cum dropped from her soft red lips.  His erection - which had been ten inches when he dropped his towel - had now grown to its full length of over 12 inches. It was stiff and erect, nearly the side of her head. Her eyes were wide with terror -- what was he planning to do?

Withou asking for permission, he moved behind Britney and placed his tip between her outstretched thighs.  He motioned to his other teammates. "She's a pro, boys! Drop your towels and get your free blow jobs..." Britney pleaded with her eyes as she saw the remaining towels drop, and five players approach her, one grabbing her blonde ponytail.

Dwayned grabbed her hips, guided himself between her legs, then pushed himself deeply inside, almost to the hilt. Britney howled in agony as the full length of his erection plunged deep inside her 

"Let's take this cheerleader on a ride she'll NEVER forget!

May 27, 2016, 03:13:42 PM
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Dwayne is my hero.......he is doing ALL the things I'd like to do to you! More great story little brat!  ;)

May 28, 2016, 12:32:10 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

"P-please, no... nnnnAAHHH....NNNGGH...NNNNAAAAH!"

Britney howled as Dwayne pushed deeper inside, his member pumping like a pile-driver between her legs. Hours of assault by the football team had fully lubricated her, making her wet with cum. Britney was ashamed of her helplessness and his ease of entry.

"Nnnnoo... please...unnnh...NNNNNNHH!"  She screamed, pulling desperately against the ropes that spread her ankles wide, making his dirty work even easier. He forced himself deeper and deeper, even as she tried to pull free, pleading for mercy. Dwayne wasn't listening, his hands forced her hips towards him, forcing them in and out, preventing her from pulling away.

Britney steeled herself for the most intense assault of the night, but this time was different. The hours of sex, the handsome muscular jocks encircling her, their powerful bodies glistening with sweat, their hands fondling and carressing her exposed skin, thighs, and breasts was beginning to have an unexpected effect. She was suddenly turned on, her whole body was stimulated against her will. She was becoming aroused.

"No, please --" She begged, suddenly blushing, "S-stop, unnnghh...UNNNHH... NNNNGGH"  Dwayne laughed, slapping her shapely ass, even as he pushed himself in and out again and again, "Somebody shut her up?  Tired of her bitch snob whining!"

Gladly, the team obliged. Without hesitation, the closest running back grabbed her ponytail and forced his swollen penis between her lips and pushed it deep inside. "Gglll-LLLRRRPHH!" Britney sputtered, suddenly aware of how turned on she had become. Almost by instinct, she began sucking and licking the stiffening erection between her pouting lips.

Her body rocked between Dwayne's powerful thrusts from behind, and the huge thick penis in her mouth.  Britney found herself moaning as he pushed her head lower, and her saliva slipped to the floor. She pushed her hips up towards Dwayne. She stood on tiptoes and he suddenly found it easier to slip his mammoth penis, and enter Britney all the way inside.

"Nnnn-ggggllggggh!" Britney moaned, eyes closing. Dwayne suddenly realized what was happening. Her body was rocking to his thrusts, involuntarily humping him up and down while she sucked and licked more passionately.

"Hey, guys!" He laughed, plunging into her again with glee, "She likes it!"


June 11, 2016, 01:19:57 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Britney moaned as her body betrayed,  nipples hardening with each thrust from behind.

"Nnnnhh... nnnnhh... .glllgghhh...." She moaned, desperately sucking the stiffening flesh between her lips. The powerful running back was cumming fast, his engorged erection pulsing in and out of her captive mouth. 

Britney moved her tongue over his foreskin, sucking firmly, licking frantically to pleasure him, to satisfy him, and hopefully receive relief from her latest assault. Within a minute, his semen exploded within her mouth, hot and thick. She tried to swallow, but his thrusts forced her to cough and sputter, semen mixed with saliva dripping to the bathroom floor.

Dwayne hadn't stopped his mammoth, powerful thrusts from behind, and Britney moaned, feeling her body on fire, waves of pleasure filling her moistened inside, her hips suddenly grinding back and forth against him. "P-please, ...D-Dwayne.. .unnhh....unnnh... nnnooo... unnnh..."

A linebacker was next to thrust his thick erection into her mouth. He forced her face firmly against his groin, huge penis forced all the way to her throat. Britney could no longer fight the immense arousal building inside her helpless, bound figure. She sucked and licked, moaning with growing desperateion, trying not to show the arousal she was feeling.

"Nnn-ggghh....glllgghh" She scuked, blonde head bobbing up and down on his shaft. Behind her, Dwayne was growing stiffer and harder inside of her. He reached around her bound torso, and fondled her firm round breasts, pulling them towards his sweaty, muscular body. He groped and carressed and with each touch she felt more pleasure.

Finally, the running back ejaculated inside her mouth, and Britney's lips parted, gasping for breath. Cum dripped again from her full, pouty lips. "P-please ... Dwayne.... stop....unnnhh... unnnhh..." She moaned with each thrust of his massive pleasure machine.  She could feel it coming, she couldn't hold back anymore. Suddenly she was riding Dwayne like a slut, her chest heaving with exertion with each thrust.

Dwayne grabbed her perspiration-soaked ponytail. "So, you want to cum, fucking cheerleader? Eh?  Is that it? You've had enough?" Weakly, Britney nodded, her breath coming in short gasps. Round breasts bouncing, his hot breath coming faster and faster. "Well, bitch" he whispered in her ear, "You cum when I want you to come. Do you understand?"

He nodded to his players. It was time. "Take her off this thing." Two of the running backs grabbed a training mat and pulled it into the shower room. Two more untied Britney from the sawhorse, untying her ankles, but keeping her upper body bound. The rope was removed from her neck, and for a moment she thought they were going to let her go, but those hopes were dashed when the grinning football players bound her ankles to her upper thighs with the rope previously used for a noose, and before long, her nearly-naked body was thrown on the mat, her legs bound in a hopeless frog-tie.

Britney screamed as the ropes were pulled tight, and one of the players stuffed a hand-rag into her mouth. "Shut her up, Rafael. I'm gonna make her scream", and with that a thin cloth was pulled between her teeth and knotted behind her bag. She squirmed and tried to fight, but her screams were nothing but muffled whimpers in the cold, basement locker room.

Dwayne grabbed the helplessly-bound cheerleader, small strips of her uniform still remaining on her abused, naked body, and threw her down against the mat, her legs spread on either side of his mammoth hips. "Now you can cum. Scream as LOUD as you want, Britney Stevens. No one's gonna hear you now! Ha ha ha!"  With that the team cheered, and Dwayne plunged deep inside her for the final time.

Britney's world exploded with the most intense, powerful orgasm she had ever felt. Her body felt like it was on fire. Her body humped desperately against the rock-hard erection thrusting powerfully inside her. With each thrust, the pleasure intensified, and she felt her back arch, her firm, hardened breasts bouncing as he plunged inside her - to the hilt - over and over again.

"NNNNNGGH---NNNNNNAAAAAAHHH!"  she screamed, her body taking over, quivering and moaning like a whore. She couldn't stop herself, it had been too much, fondled and groped and manhandled for hours by each member of the team. Dwayne rolled over, forcing her on top of him in a spread, seated postion, his erection inside of her like a tent-pole, plunging up and down.  He fixed his lecherous stare on her frightened, wide blue eyes.

"That's it ... you little slut...unnh... I'm cumming...NNNHH... AND SO ARE YOU!" With that, her body exploded and every nerve was suddenly on fire. her screams were muffled in the thick cloth rage and tight cleave gag. Her body bounced and twisted on top of him, his eyes glaring victoriously into her wide-eyed, shame-filled face, covered in sweat and cum. She felt him ejaculate deep inside of her, his wet volcano of semen filling her vagina with wet, hot release and only accentuated her excitement.

The orgasm lasted for a few minutes, and when it subsided, Dwayne pulled out, slapped the moaning Britney on the hips, and threw her back on the mat. He stood up, receiving high fives from his admiring team-mates. "Nice one, Johnson!"

Through tear-filled, half-opened eyes, the bound and gagged Britney moaned and rolled over on the mat, legs tugging on the ropes around her ankles and thighs. She turned anxiously towards the remaining members of the team, alarmed to find them ominously gathering in a circle around her. They were pulling off their towels, eyes fixed on her slim, long legs, and toned slender body with high, full breasts. She squirmed in her bindings, knowing exactly what was coming next. "Mmmm-NNNRRFF!" She screamed.

"She's a perfect fuck, boys..." Dwayne said, nodding to the exhausted Britney. He ignored her pleading eyes. "...and she deserves every minute of it! Everybody takes a turn, then we'll make sure she never bothers us again!"

The team cheered. Rough hands pulled her thighs apart, and the assault began again.


June 13, 2016, 12:33:19 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens


It was after midnight when the black sedan drove up.

Coach Chambers had been waiting patiently, smoking one of his largest cigars. As the headlights hit him, he pulled the cigar from his mouth and crushed it on the ground. He didn't want to know what had happened in the locker room that night, and frankly he didn't care as long as he got what he wanted.

The Coach had made some bad decisions.  The late night gambling had run him some debts with the mob, and they would kill him if he didn't pay soon.  Brandy had caught him - on camera - watching her squad's locker room, and she blackmailed him to tell all, if he wasn't "cooperative" with her plans.  Tonight, they struck a deal, one that would get him out of debt, and clear his record with the school.

He watched with a lecherous grin as long-legged Brandy stepped out of the sedan. She was still dressed in her short, pleated skirt and cheerleader top. Her figure was toned from her thighs to her flat stomach and full, round breasts, and he couldn't help imagining all the things he could do to her.  But she caught his look, grinning victoriously, and handed him the car keys.

"Better save some of that for what's in the trunk," she smiled, letting him have on final look at her shapely figure "Thanks for cooperating tonight. I'm pretty sure you can pay off your debts now."

He watched as she walked back into the shadows. Suddenly, from the trunk of the car, he heard a muffled THUMP, and a barely audible moan. Eagerly, Coach Chambers walked to the back of the sedan, inserted the key, and pulled the trunk open. Could it be true?  Had Brandy delivered on her promise?

As the trunk opened, Chambers gasped, then smiled with satisfaction. On a dirty blanket in the back of his car, was the gagged and hog-tied figure of Britney Stevens, small tatters of her torn cheerleader outfit barely fitting over her near-naked curves. Her mouth was filled with a bright-red ball-gag, her wrists bound and pulled back to her ankles. Her halter top was tight, hanging off one shoulder, exposing one perfect, full breast. Her panties were gone. She squirmed and tugged on the ropes, her wide blue eyes looking up at him pleadingly.

"NNNNGGHHH! NNFFFF!" Her voice whimpered, but then she stopped when he caught the Coach's lustful smile. He was not here to save her. Suddenly she realized, more abuse was coming. "Oh, yes!" Coach muttered, "You're going to make me a rich man".

"But first... we're gonna have some fun you and I" 

The trunk door slammed shut and Britney screamed long and loud into her mouth-filling gag.


June 13, 2016, 11:16:03 PM
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On a dirty blanket in the back of his car, was the gagged and hog-tied figure of Britney Stevens, small tatters of her torn cheerleader outfit barely fitting over her near-naked curves. Her mouth was filled with a bright-red ball-gag, her wrists bound and pulled back to her ankles. Her halter top was tight, hanging off one shoulder, exposing one perfect, full breast. Her panties were gone. She squirmed and tugged on the ropes, her wide blue eyes looking up at him pleadingly.

Mmmmm, the perfect description of you! And the perfect end to your story! I'm excited to see what next adventure the Cheerleader Reporter will have!

June 14, 2016, 10:25:19 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Oh, Vile --  you sweet talker!

It will be hard to top this latest adventure - unless, of course I fall into your clutches! :)