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November 20, 2015, 11:29:06 PM

Offline Britney Stevens

It was the night of the big game... and Britney was committed to looking her best!

There was nothing she wanted more than to show up the skanky cheerleaders of the Central City Tigers, her school's most bitter rivals. For weeks, they had been working on their routines, making them as tight and disciplined as their toned and shapely bodies. To stand out on the field, Britney had shortened her skirt just a little in order to catch the eye of the fans -- and distract the Tigers from their game.

Britney smiled as she checked her makeup in the mirror. Her nationally-ranked squad had performed in dozens of regional competitions, had the best outfits, and in Britney's mind had the hottest girls, with (of course) her shapely curves at the top of the list.  For weeks, Britney had trash-talked the Tiger cheerleaders on Facebook and Twitter, laughing at an undercover video of their rehearsals.  She had laughed with her girlfriends as she posted mean comments on the girl's photos. "No way their squad can compete with us" she giggled confidently as she clicked the post.

While their cheerleading squad had nothing that could match her team's hot routines, there was one thing that Britney acknowledged: they had an aggressive football team. She had seen them on the field last season and was shocked at their size. Massive, muscular, and brutal, the Central City Tigers had on their team several players who had done time in juvenile prison. They were rough, massive, with scars and tattoos earned on the streets and on the field.  Being around them made her nervous. Especially Dwayne Jackson, their 200 pound running back. She felt his eyes following her from the sidelines, her cheeks blushing, she could almost guess the vulgar things he was thinking about her.

"We just have to beat them" Britney told herself in the mirror, tying her hair into a cute little ponytail. "That'll teach them a lesson: those rough players AND their amateur cheerl squad!" She twirled a little in her too-short pleated cheerleader skirt, and headed to the game. 



November 21, 2015, 02:54:07 AM
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YAY! The Cheerleader Reporter is back! And looks like she's gonna get it good! Can't wait to read more!

November 25, 2015, 11:54:37 PM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Brandy cursed as she read Britney’s latest Facebook post.

“That fucking bitch!” she yelled as she slammed down her cell phone “She’s gonna pay!”.

The taunting Twitter posts and videos had gone on for weeks. Brandy was fed up. The tall, dark-haired cheerleader tossed her head angrily as she knotted her hair and adjusted her short pleated skirt. She plotted what she could do to the snobby little rich girl coming to the stadium that afternoon. She knew she had to act. She was Central City’s head cheerleader, and her girls would expect payback against the blonde cheer queen that was making them look bad.  They might not have the money of a rich girl college, but they were just as hot and just as talented.

She’d seen how the football team looked at Britney as she practiced her routines on the field a few weeks back. They couldn’t keep their eyes off the tall, shapely girl’s toned thighs, narrow waist, and smooth high breasts that nearly burst from her halter top with each dance move. Brandy knew what they were thinking, and it wouldn’t take much to push them over the edge. Unfortunately, Britney was protected as long as she was on the football field – but what would happen if they found her alone?

Brandy thought about Britney’s exploits as an investigative reporter. She’d read about the recent jewelry theft, and the drug ring the plucky girl had exposed. All by herself. Perhaps a mystery off the football stadium might get her attention, and give her and the girls time to act. The more she thought about it, the more she liked her plan. Now confident, she picked up her phone and dialed.

“Coach Chambers?” She smiled, talking sweetly. “Remember that favor you owe me?”


December 26, 2015, 11:58:58 PM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Britney got the strange note just before the half-time show.

The game had gone badly for the Tigers, and with each cheer, Britney and her squad became more and more confident. They were convinced that it was their school spirit that had contributed to their team’s strong performance. Britney felt the eyes of every male in the audience on her toned curves as she bounced through her routines, so it was no surprise when a dark-haired man in a hoodie approached her on the sidelines, and slipped her a note. She refused at first, then read:

‘Coach Chambers is taking bribes to lose the game. Proof in his office’

Britney gasped as she read it, and looked up in surprise to ask more questions – but the mysterious messenger was gone. Quickly, she looked for him in the crowd, but he had disappeared.  Her mind was suddenly racing. Could it be they were winning on purpose?  Could the game be fixed?

“Britney! Come on!” Her teammates called to her. Quickly, she grabbed her pom-poms, but and ran onto the field. As they began their well-practiced routine, Britney’s eyes scanned the crowd for Coach Chambers. He was nowhere to be seen!  The crowd cheered each time her short skirt flew up above her shapely hips, but her eyes were scanning the crowd. Where had he gone?  Was it true? 

The only face she recognized was the angry scowl of the heavy-set, muscular Dwayne Jackson, his fists clenched, eyes tracing her every curve as she bent low to expose her full cleavage,  She was frightened by how powerful he appeared this close, just a few yards away as she danced. His teammates leered at her, pointing in her direction, and suddenly their angry, vengeful gestures made her nervous. They were not happy to be losing. Who knows what they might do if they ever got her alone?

As the dance number ended, Britney decided she had to find out the truth. This was her chance to get a great story, and show everyone what a group of cheaters the Tigers really were!  As the rest of her cheer squad ran to the locker room for a short break, Britney snuck beneath the bleachers towards the Coach’s office. She darted behind the stadium offices, quickly slipping through a back door. She would have to move quickly. She was in the opposing team’s home turf and time was of the essence.

As she entered, she heard the angry voices of two Tiger players in the locker room just beyond the thin wall. “Just wait for the second half! I’m gonna kill that team – and fuck every one of their snobby, stuck up cheerleaders!”.  Another deep voice grunted “How ‘bout that top heavy blonde Britney Stevens? It’d feel fine to have that chick dance up and down on my pole, if you know what I mean!”

Britney gasped at their comments, but hugged the shadows as the two rough-looking players filed past. They were awful, she cried to herself, but she was there to get the truth. She would make sure they paid for their illegal activities! Quietly she turned the knob on Coach Chambers door, and stepped inside, making sure not to make a sound.

Suddenly a firm hand grabbed her from behind! Before she could scream, another covered her mouth. Britney looked around, surprised, squirming and twisting desperately, her long legs kicking high to pull free, but her arms were pulled painfully tight behind her.

She was off-balance, and couldn’t get leverage to pull free.  She felt the presence of several others in the darkness, and glanced around wide-eyed, struggling, until one sinister voice whispered.

“So glad you could join us, Britney”


December 27, 2015, 12:25:40 AM
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Ohhhhhhh they've got Britney now......the meddling cheerleader reporter! I can't wait now to see what's going to happen! Keep up the great work Brit!  ;D

December 27, 2015, 12:55:19 AM
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The best is yet to come. Keep up the good work! :)

January 02, 2016, 01:47:32 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Britney blinked in surprise as the office light flickered on.

She grunted as her blue eyes adjusted to the light. “Mmm-MMFFF!” She said, struggling against the strong hands holding her arms behind her back, firmly covering her mouth. 

What she saw made her heart sank. She was alone in the room with five members of the Tiger’s curvy cheerleader squad, the very same squad she had dissed on-line that very morning. In the center, approaching her with a vengeful smile, was their dark-haired leader, Brandy.

“You like to fuck with the Central City Tigers?” Brandy scowled, standing just inches from Britney’s wide, questioning eyes.  For a moment, the hand over her lips relented. Seizing the moment, Britney opened her mouth to respond, but it was too late. With a gleeful smile, Brandy forced a pair of balled-up white gym socks between her teeth and forced it deep into her mouth.

“MMM-RRFFFF!!!” Britney squealed, her head pushed back by the force of Brandy’s movement. She shook her head desperately, trying to force the thick mound cloth out of her mouth.  But Brandy was prepared. She grabbed a large role of clear packing tape from the table, and began wrapping it around Britney’s screaming head. 

One of the other girls grabbed her ponytail, lifting it while the tape made several rotations around her head, pulled tighter with each pass.  Brandy stopped to inspect their work. The tape was tight against Britney’s cheeks, puffing them up, while the tape allowed a clear view of her wide-open jaw and the thick lump of gym socks underneath.

“….mmm-ffff!...” Britney’s cries became muffled, almost inaudible except to the laughing girls in the room.  Brandy nodded to two of the girls, who approached with white nylon rope. Bending Britney over the desk, they bound her wrists and arms tightly in a square, pulling the rope tight so her back was arched, wrists unable to move.  Britney kicked and squirmed as they wrapped another tight coil of rope around her waist, cinching her arms tightly against it.

“This time we’re going to let them fuck with you!” 

Brandy pointed to the larger girls holding Britney against the desk. Britney squirmed and tugged on the ropes, but they’d been pulled painfully tight. Brandy smiled as she admired Britney’s long, toned legs, fully visible beneath the short pleated skirt. “Bring her into the showers!”

Britney squirmed and tug against her captors as she was dragged through the locker room towards the showers. Desperately she looked at the girls. What were they planning to do with her?  Was this some kind of college prank?  Where was the Coach?  Would he save her?

As they entered the showers, Britney’s eyes grew wide when she saw a large metal sawhorse in the middle of the tiled room. It was made of thick steel with large metal weights holding it firmly to the floor. Britney’s eyes darted nervously from her captors to the sawhorse – puzzled about why this device had been pulled into the showers.  “Mmm-RRRPH?!?” she mumbled.

“Curious about what this is for, Britney?” Brandy grinned. Again, she nodded to the girls and all four of them dragged the more-desperately struggling Britney towards the sawhorse. Two of them pulled her legs wide, and began tying her ankles to each leg of the heavy metal bars, while the other two bent her over, so her perfect, firm buttocks were pushed high in the air.

Brandy kneeled down in front of Britney, and began tying two other ropes to the metal legs in front of Britney. With a smile, she looped the two strands in a noose around Britney’s neck, pulling them tight, forcing her to remain in a bent-over position. On reflex, Britney tried to stand up, but the noose nearly choking her. She gasped into her cloth-filled mouth. “GGGGG-FFFFF!”

“You see, our team’s been reading your snide little comments.” Brandy said, standing up and inspecting her girls’ work.  Britney’s spread-eagle legs quivered and trembled against her bindings. Her legs were spread wide, her body bent uncomfortably forward, breasts nearly bursting out of her tight halter top.  “if they lose the game today, they’re going to be plenty pissed – and they’re going to be looking for something – or someone - to take it out on!”

Britney groaned as she slowly realized what they intended to do. They were going to leave her here until the football team arrived to shower. If they found her – there was not telling what they might do. Britney’s eyes pleaded helplessly as she tugged on the ropes. She pulled desperately on the knots, but it was clear the angry cheerleaders surrounding her were not going to help.

Brandy pulled a pair of scissors from her gymbag. She smiled as she circled her captive slowly, grinning. “Of course, we want to make it as easy as possible for them to – work out their aggression.”  She flipped up Britney’s short skirt and pulled her panties tight on one side. With a quick snip of the scissors, Brandy cut her panties through on each side. Britney screamed into her gag.

Brandy playfully slapped Britney’s ass. “You better hope they win!”


January 02, 2016, 10:34:25 AM
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Ohhhhhh Britney! Tied up and bent over a sawhorse! This will not go well. Great job! I love this story!

January 02, 2016, 01:58:02 PM
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All ways leavein us hangin but i like the story

January 09, 2016, 11:36:45 PM
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Offline Britney Stevens

The game was not going well.

With two minutes left in the second half, the Tigers were down by ten. Dwayne Jackson threw his helmet to the ground angrily as he grabbed a cup of water then crushed it in his fist.  His teammates moved out of the way of his massive muscular frame. They’d seen him like this before – the night they lost the big championship. The night he was arrested for attempted rape.

Dwayne glared angrily at the lily-white cheerleaders for the opposing team. They’re so smug, he thought, pretty rich bitches from the better side of the tracks. For a moment, he watched their toned, smooth thighs, swiveling their hips in front of him. With pleasure, he followed their bouncing breasts, and imagined what he’d do to each of them in revenge for losing this game.

“Gonna lose this one, Dwayne?” he heard the familiar taunting voice of Brandy behind him. Angrily, he turned to the attractive head cheerleader, and snarled, “We’re gonna kill those guys”.

Brandy struck a pose and returned his scowl with a coy smile. “Well, here’s hoping you do.”

She walked closer to him, playfully put a hand on his powerful chest. She knew his moods, and what he could do to a girl when he got angry.  For a moment she almost felt remorse for her victim. “Of course, if you don’t get them on the field – you might have a little surprise waiting for you in the showers!”

Dwayne looked at Brandy - puzzled - as she twirled away towards her squad.



Britney’s muffled voice echoed against the hard tile of the shower walls. 

It had been over forty-five minutes, and her neck was beginning to ache from her uncomfortable position she was forced into. Each time she tried to jerk her head up to struggle, the rope pulled tight so she could barely breathe.

Desperately, she tugged at the tight ropes around her wrists, but the knots wouldn’t budge. They were tightly bound to her narrow waist, keeping her from getting any leverage to pull them loose. Her fingers danced and twisted desperately, but it was no use.

She could hear the roar of the crowd, and knew the game would be over soon. Each time she remembered Brandy’s words, she tugged more frantically at the ropes around her ankles. She was on her tip-toes, ankles wide, short skirt hiked above her waist, naked from the waist down. She felt the cold air between her thighs, and realized how incredibly vulnerable she was. 

Perhaps it was some prank, Britney tried to convince herself, her wide blue eyes dancing desperately around the white tiled shower room. She grunted, her wet fearful eyes filled with tears. Her jaw ached from the thick wide cloth inside her mouth. Maybe they’re just trying to scare her, she prayed, her head trying to shake loose the tight clear packaging tape wrapped around her head.

Then she heard it – the game whistle.

Within a few minutes the Tigers would re-enter the locker room. Britney’s struggles became more desperate and fearful, her wrists and ankles rubbing sore against tight ropes. One strap of her halter top dropped off her shoulder, nearly exposing her breasts. She jerked upward to avoid any further nakedness, but was rewarded only with a tightening of the noose.

“MMMM-MMMRRFFF!” She screamed. Perhaps a janitor would hear her? She squealed desperately into her gag, her toned, shapely body covered in perspiration.  She had only seconds – seconds before --

At that moment, the locker room door opened.


January 10, 2016, 12:17:55 AM
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Offline shannyfries

January 10, 2016, 07:36:41 PM
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Britney!!!!! You're killing me with the suspense!!! :-\\

January 28, 2016, 08:10:44 PM
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Come on girl need more story write girl write

February 01, 2016, 11:58:00 PM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Britney froze at the sound of the first low voices of the football team.

Desperately, she held her exposed body tightly against the sawhorse, not daring to move or make a sound. Her wrists and ankles ached, her thighs trembled. Her body was cold with sweat, but she didn’t dare squirm or make a sound. She prayed that they wouldn’t find her – not like this! Perhaps they wouldn’t shower tonight, perhaps the coaches would arrive in time to save her?

“Fuckin’ Wildcats!,” she heard one of the deep voices growling. She recognized the voice of the player she had seen from the shadows earlier. “They stole the game from us! Stole it!”

Locker doors opened and slammed loudly, and she heard the voices grow in number. There must be twenty of them, she feared, her wide eyes darting desperately around the shower stall, wrists tugging one last time against the painfully-tight white nylon rope. There was no way she could escape---
Then it happened. The first muscular player, his torso wrapped in a white towel, entered the shower. He stopped, stunned when he saw Britney bound and gagged, her blue eyes pleading for help.

“What the hell?” He grunted. At first he was surprised, then with a smile as his eyes traced the naked curves of Britney’s exposed thighs. Britney shook her head, desperately, trying to twist away, but he yelled towards the locker room. “Hey, guys! Get in here! Someone left us a little surprise!”

Britney moaned into her gang, and tugged on her ropes as another half-dozen players filed into the shower stall. She blushed as she felt their eyes dancing over every curve.  “Holy shit!” One of the players said, as they gathered in small circle around the captive cheerleader. “What the hell is she doing here?  That’s one of the Wildcat cheerleaders…!”

A tall, rough-looking player with tattoos on his naked torso pushed through the crowd of half-naked men, smiling with satisfaction. When he spoked, Britney recognized him immediately as the threatening voice she had heard earlier, the one who had laughed about raping her only an hour before.

“Don’t you recognize who this is?” He laughed, moving close to her and pulling her head back by her ponytail. Britney grunted into her gag, “The is fuckin’ Britney Stevens!”

“Are you kidding me? Their head cheerleader?” One of the players in the circle laughed. The circle was growing bigger. Over a dozen football players now surrounded the helpless girl. “The one who’s been posting all that trash talk about us on Twitter?”

The tall player ran a hand over the ropes on her wrists, and slid a hand up her naked thigh. “And the one that put Marcus and Jorge and jail with her little drug bust last month.” Britney protested and squirmed against his touch. “Looks like someone’s gonna be our little fuck-toy tonight!”

“Mmm-MMMRRRFFF!” Britney screamed at his words and tried to struggle, but only found the rope around her neck pulled tighter. Her buttocks quivered as the player positioned himself behind her, and pulled her skirt up, slowly caressing her legs.

One of the players nervously looked around, “I don’t know, guys – what if we get caught. I mean, there bound to realize she’s missing, and---“   One of the other players turned to him, “And they’re going to come looking for her here … in our locker room?” 

At this all the players laughed, and a sudden silence came over the room. It had become real. The tall player nodded to the other to stand guard, and Brittany knew she was doomed. “Watch the door! We take turns until everybody’s done her.  No need to worry about her screaming. They’ve got two pairs of socks in that big mouth of hers!”

With a grin, one of the players pulled down the shoulder straps of her tight halter top. The others whistled as her 36D breasts bounced free, nipples erect from the sudden cold. Britney screamed into her gag, the sound not more than a muffled protest. “Holy shit – this babe is stacked!” Britney heard on of them say, as one of them roughly cupped her full breasts in his hands and began fondling them intensely. “She’s fucking loving this!”

Britney shook her head angrily, suddenly feeling fingers on her toned buttocks, pulling them apart. She struggled, tugging on the aching ankle ropes pulled her legs open to their leering eyes. Several of the men had dropped their towels, her eyes widened as she glimpsed their mammoth erections.
“Let’s show this big-breasted cheerleader what we do to Wildcats—“

“Glll-FFFF!” She screamed helplessly as two fingers suddenly penetrated her from behind, sliding deep inside of her, then pulling back, then pushing forward again and again, lubricating her. “She tight, but wet, boys!” The tall player laughed, and the men cheered, watching as he worked her expertly. She felt violated, helpless, and surrounded. Two of the other players pulled her ponytail, forcing her head back, while a third fondled her breasts. Their hands were everywhere.

The tall player dropped his briefs, and for a brief moment, Britney glimpsed in horror his engorged penis just inches from her spread buttocks. “Nnnn-GGGFFF! MMM-RRRFFF!” She screamed desperately, but he had already placed the tip against her open labia. “Let her squeal, boys– I’m going IN!”. And with that he thrust forward with all his might.

February 02, 2016, 12:51:09 AM
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Perfect Britney! Let the fun begin! The boys are gonna have one helluvatime.....Britney, well......not so much!

February 02, 2016, 12:53:00 AM
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O yea shes going to get it alright i want to be the football palyer that takes her first good writeing britney keep it up

February 16, 2016, 01:59:40 AM
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Please finish the story! This is too good!

February 19, 2016, 12:20:54 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

“Mmmm-RRRRRFFF!!!” Britney squealed into her saliva-soaked gag.

She felt the first player’s stiffened shaft plunge push deep inside of her. She was tight, but wet, and his first push filled her halfway. With a grunt, he pulled back slowly, grabbed her hips and pushed more powerfully, his mammoth erection filling her to the hilt. She screamed, but the players cheered as he began thrusting again and again, his crotch slapping against her soft, round buttocks.

“Unnnh….yeah!” He grunted, “I’m humpin’… unnh… fuckin’ Britney Stevens”

The other players laughed, gathering closer. Many of them dropped their towels, and Britney was treated to the terrifying view of a half dozen stiffening erections. Her body was rocked by the powerful thrusts from behind, she felt their eyes on her bouncing breasts. Several of the players fondled her, mocking her helpless grunts. Tears fell from pleading eyes, dripping over her gagged cheeks.

Britney’s muffled protests only excited the tall player more, and he responded by intensifying his powerful thrusts.  In and out, she felt his body penetrate, each thrust unwillingly exciting her. Her nipples were erect, her cheeks flushed from the intensity of the attack. Her whole body bounced and rocked against the ropes and the cold metal sawhorse. Minutes passed, and while the team cheered him on, he kept up the incessant tempo, plunging deeper and deeper, getting stiffer and harder.

“Oh, yeah… I’m cumming… inside you… you fuckin’ bitch.” She heard him whisper. Britney’s body bounced. She could hear the mocking cheers of the other players. He pushed into her harder and harder, “Gonna fill you… with my spunk…!” She felt his hot breath warn, as he pressed his body tightly against her, humping her wildly. His hips accelerated. “Just try to stop me…”

Britney screamed, desperate to stop him, but it was too late. She felt a warm liquid fill her and his hands painfully squeezing and groping her firm breasts. He slapped her naked buttocks, then abruptly pulled out. She was sobbing, gasping for breath, the rope tight around her neck. He stepped back with a grin.

“She’s a good buck, boys! Who’s next?”

February 19, 2016, 02:59:20 AM
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This is great Britney! I was waiting for more of this story!

February 20, 2016, 11:16:57 PM
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Offline Britney Stevens

The next four assaults were more brutal - and intensely physical - than the first.

The second player, a 220-pound linebacker with stocky body and powerful arms, grabbed Britney roughly by the ponytail and forced her head back as he thrust powerfully in side of her.  She tried to scream at the sudden movement, but the noose held her in place. She struggled to breathe, unable to move as his thick round member plunged in and out, frightened that she might die there, roughly bound and gagged, surrounded by these rough and vulgar players.  When he finally stiffened and she felt the warm cum explode inside of her, he loosened his grip on her ponytail and she could breathe again.

The third attacker was a tall, muscular tight end with tattoos on his arms and chest. She had felt his vulgar gaze dancing over her body, and knew in an instant that this was not his first rape.  "She's got a tight little ass for a cheerleader" he grunted as he slipped on a strangely-ribbed condom on his erection, "I'm gonna open it up wide!". With that, he pressed his tip against her anus. Britney screamed, but the players cheered, and within seconds, he pushed himself forcefully into her rectum.  The assault seemed to last for hour, the men laughing at her desperate wide-eyed pleas for relief.  Britney had never felt such pain, and when he began to stiffen, the player laughed, pulling out of her and allowed his ejaculation to spurt across her naked, trembling buttocks.

The fourth player stroked her erect nipples, cupped her breasts, pinching and squeezing them roughly, even as his hips pushed inside of her like a piston, pumping in and out. Britney cried at the soreness of her now reddened nipples, the soft skin that now was nothing but a plaything for these rough thugs. He pressed them together like melons, hot breath just inches from her neck, as his hips punched into her with a thump-thump rhythm that got the other players clapping.  When he came, his sperm spurt across her thighs and buttocks in an intense, unstoppable stream.

The fifth player, a long-haired receiver with a handsome face, slapped Britney's soft buttocks hard as he plunged deep inside of her. He clearly enjoyed a little sado-masochism with his love-making, and Britney was his helpless plaything. With each painful slap, he got more excited, but Britney's skin burned, and she screamed helplessly into her aching, cloth-filled mouth, but he would not stop.  SLAP - SLAP - SLAP the abuse continued, until his handprint was clearly visible on every inch of her buttocks and spread legs. Each time she screamed it only turned him on more. Her naked thighs trembled from the pain, and when he came inside her, it was a relief to be saved from the pain.

Suddenly everyone in the room grew quiet. Britney fell limp against the sawhorse, her body sore from her knees to her breasts. For a moment, she thought, 'Are they done? Will they let me go?'  Then she realized what the players were looking at.

The powerful figure of Dwayne Johnson had entered the shower stall. The other players respected the massive muscular quarterback, and parted to give him full view of their bound and abused prisoner.  At 6' 6", he was taller than most of the other players, and his stature earned him instant respect. Britney looked up, her tear-filled eyes red and pleading for mercy.

Dwayne glanced around the room, then glanced back at Britney. His eyes roamed over her exposed curves, the torn cheerleader outfit lying on the floor, and her backside and legs covered in cum.  For a moment, she thought he might let her go, call the police, save her from his team.

Then she saw his expression change. He remembered everything she had done to his team, to his friends, and he stared directly into Britney's wide blue eyes.  He laughed viciously.

"Get those socks out of her mouth -- I've got something else for her to taste!"