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February 22, 2017, 01:11:31 AM

Offline Britney Stevens

Britney checked her hair in the mirror.

Her cute shoulder-length blonde hair had been pulled back into a bun. Her shapely figure was poured into a cute striped mini-skirt with heels, with her full, round breasts strained against the thin fabric of a white button-down blouse.  She swiveled her hips left and right to check her figure, and was pleased with what she saw.

It had been a long time since she had dressed so professionally. Gone was the ponytail and the short, pleated cheerleader skirt she typically wore. Today she was testifying in the trial of notorious mob boss Mario Dino, a brutal criminal whose thugs had sown fear across the city for years. Her investigations had led to the arrest of five of his henchmen, and today was the sentencing phase of the trial. She was the prosecutions key witness.

Britney grabbed her handbag, smoothed her short skirt, and stepped into the Courthouse hallway. Members of the press were lining up for the verdict, and in a few minutes all of these cameras would be on her. Britney smiled at the thought. This was the chance she'd always wanted. Finally her dream of becoming a 'true journalist' was coming true. She would be on television, and her body of work would get the attention it deserved!

"Stevens... Miss Britney Stevens" The bailiff called into the hallway. Swallowing hard, Britney clenched her fists and stepped forward with a smile. It was showtime -- all eyes would be on her!


Meanwhile, across the city Mob Boss Mario Dino was cursing up a firestorm. 

The trial had not gone as planned.  The evidence presented by the perky blonde in the short skirt was too much for his high-paid lawyers to overcome.  All the men in the jury couldn't stop looking at the shapely ass of the state's star witness. When she turned to face them, they just nodded their heads and smiled back.

Her meddling had led to the arrest of five of his best men. He couldn't risk losing them to prison for twenty years. More importantly, Dino was fighting dissension in the ranks.  Some were questioning his ability to lead. It was time for him to show strength - and send a brutal message to bring them back in line. Even if the girl had to pay the price.

Angrily, he picked up the phone. "Bruno. This is Dino. I've got a job for you."


February 22, 2017, 04:15:35 AM
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Offline vile8r

Yay! Britney: Cheerleader Reporter is BACK! Our favorite sexy blonde journalist is getting herself into another bad situation, apparently she didn't learn her lesson the LAST time! I eagerly await for more!

February 24, 2017, 12:33:37 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Bruno Salazar scowled as Britney was escorted into the courtroom.

This was the moment everyone had been waiting for. All eyes were one the toned curves of the athletic 20-year old cheerleader who had brought down Mario Dino's top enforcers.  Every man in the room couldn't help but watch the narrow waist and the form-fitting short skirt of the pretty co-ed as she took her seat beside the defense.  A lock of her long blond hair slipped out of her bun, and fell down onto her face in a most attractive way. Reporters snapped her photo as she brushed it away, smiling momentarily at the cameras.

"Stuck up bitch", Bruno muttered to the tall, muscular black man beside him. Victor nodded angrily. The trial had not gone well for either of them, and now he and three of his accomplices were facing twenty years in federal prison - all because of the testimony of a meddling college co-ed. Bruno stared at her full, high breasts and smooth thighs. "Lock her alone in a cell with the five of us -- and then we'll see justice!"

The judge hammered his gavel and the crowd grew silent. His eyes smiled as he turned to the pretty blonde just a few feet away from him. Her lawyer roes "The prosecution calls Britney Stevens to the stand."


Britney felt everyone's eyes on her - and she loved it.

She was used to working a crowd as a cheerleader: winking at the crowd, smiling at a cute boy in front row. She knew what it took to keep everyone's attention on her. This was not that different. She made eye contact with each male juror, flirting just a little as she made her statement. She was pleased to see them all smile back.

" citizen of this city should be forced to live in fear. That's why I set up cameras outside the shops being threatened by Bruno Salazar and his men. Who knew it would capture them in the act...?"

As always, Britney felt the eyes of all the men on her shapely figure. She smiled to herself. If only they knew the expensive lace lingerie she had bought the previous day at the mall, and was wearing underneath her outfit. The daring cut of the brassiere and high-cut thong panties made her feel adventurous and grown-up. She owned the room.

"...but capture them it did. Beating the shop owner nearly to death, taking cash from the register, and setting the building on fire. These men...." Britney pointed right at Bruno, "...are MONSTERS! i recommend the maximum sentence!"

At that moment, Bruno decided. If he or his men EVER got their hands on this over-confident do-gooder, he would make her suffer long and hard, and make sure the world never heard from her again!


February 27, 2017, 01:09:12 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

It was no surprise to the crowd when the judge announced the maximum sentence.

"Twenty years in the federal penitentiary" he intoned, his cold stare falling on the five stoic, muscular men. Only Bruno Salazar met his stern gaze, his lips curled into a hateful snarl. "Without parole." He pounded the gavel. "Court adjourned".

At the sound of the gavel, the bailiff and the sheriff's men ordered the men to stand, their wrists and ankles still shackled, and pushed them roughly out the door.  Bruno glanced back at the shapely blonde Britney in the front row, her blue eyes flashing a victorious smile at the handsome lawyer who had led the prosecution team.

Just then, the police officer escorting him pushed something into his hand. Bruno felt the object, and looked down in surprise. It was a key. He glanced back at the officer, who nodded knowingly. "Route 15 by the cement factory. There will be a car waiting. 8 o'clock tonight." Suddenly, he realized. Dino was getting them free. He had a plan.

Bruno grunted, nodded imperceptibly with a smile to the corrupt officer.


Britney's testimony had been solid, and her innocent good looks was all the jury and the press wanted to talk about. 

Outside the courtroom, the press waited to take her picture, and Britney knew it, so she took an extra minute to check her hair and collect her thoughts. This was it - the big time!  She would finally get recognition for something beyond her high kicks and killer cheerleader routines. She had cracked the biggest story of the year - and beaten the Mob. What's more, the cute lawyer who had been flirting with her during the trial had worked up the nerve to ask her out. She had a date!

"Miss Stevens" Britney turned to the man in a suit and sunglasses next to her. She didn't recognize him, but then she had met so many people in the crowd, This was all happening so fast! "Your legal team has asked that I escort you."

Britney smiled, picking up her designer purse, and following him quickly.  She stepped through the doors of the courtroom, but the Press was at the opposite end of the hall. "I'm sorry, is this the right way?  I think they were asking me to make a statement..." she wondered.  Her guide pulled her quickly through a back stairway. "This way, Miss Stevens."

In less than a minute, they emerged from a door at the back of the courthouse building into a narrow alleyway. A large black sedan was parked, nearly filling the quiet alley. There was no one on the street. Britney was confused, and looked around uncertain, "I'm sorry, I don't think this is the right way--"

Suddenly, a strong arm seized her around her slim waist, pinning her arms behind her back. A thick white cloth covered her face, smothering her open mouth and nose with the sticky-sweet smell of chloroform.

"MMMMM-RRRFFFF!!!!" Britney's eyes went wide as her guide suddenly became her attacker. Her long legs kicked and squirmed, her body squirming desperately against his firm, muscular arms. Her breasts bounced as her upper body twisted and tugged, trying to free her arms pinned tightly against her body. She struggled to find air, but with each breath she inhaled the chemical which only made her more sleepy.

"Sshhhhhh...shhhh... Miss Stevens... too late to fight now... Dino's got a contract on you..." The man was saying with a grin, enjoying the soft curves of her weakening body held firmly against his. His hands groped for a moment her full, perky breasts, massaging them roughly in his large hands. She could no longer fight. The alleyway was spinning, her eyes rolled, and her arms drooped to her side.

The man held her for one final instant, his hot breath against her ear, as she slipped into darkness. His final, mocking words rang ominously in her ear as her eyelids fell shut. " are so fucked!"


February 27, 2017, 03:16:24 AM
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Offline vile8r

Yep Britney! Like the man said, " You are SO fucked!"

Great set-up! She'll be all ready for when Bruno and his men arrive!

February 28, 2017, 06:43:03 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

The escape plan had worked perfectly.

Halfway to the federal penitentiary, Bruno Salazar and his men were able to overcome the guard. Using his gun, they took over the prison bus, forced the driver out, and took off southwest of the city.   They drove on the back roads so as not to be seen, watching each corner for the police cars they knew might be following them. There was none.

On a barren strip of highway 15, forty miles from the city, Bruno pulled the bus onto a spur where a single black sedan was waiting. A black-suited man in sunglasses was leaning against the car, smoking, nodded to them as they arrived. He motioned to them to pull in and move the bus off the road and out of sight. The men grabbed makeshift weapons.

"You with Dino?" he asked the man as he descended  from the bus with his men. Always suspicious, he didn't want to appear ungrateful to his long-time employer.  The man nodded. "There are bags with a change of clothes in the car, directions to a cabin where Dino wants you to hide out for a few days. You follow his instructions, he'll bring you fake IDs. You've been loyal to him -- he rewards loyalty."

"What instructions?" Bruno snarled. He'd been caged up for too long. "What are we supposed to do in a remote cabin for a few days?" The man in black smiled. He crushed out his cigarette, and walked towards the back of the car.

"There's a little - entertainment - in the trunk" He put the key in the trunk and popped it open.

The men gasped.  There in front of them, helpless and bound, was the curvaceous body they had watched for weeks during the trial. Bound painfully with tight ropes around her elbows and wrists, she squirmed uncomfortably, her upper body curved her into an arched position. Several buttons in her white satin top had popped open from her struggles, revealing the firm curves of her young breasts and delicate white lace of a brassiere beneath. Her pencil skirt was torn, hiked up roughly by her captor, revealing smooth hips that twisted softly as she tugged on additional ropes around her toned legs and ankles. She moaned and twisted slowly, each move revealing a glimpse of the expensive lace panties and thigh-high stockings she had worn at the trial just that morning.  A black bag was over her head, her voice was strangely muffled.

"Are you shittin' me?" Victor said, next to Bruno, "No way that's the bitch cheerleader?"

The man in sunglasses simply smiled, grabbed the black bag, and pulled it unceremoniously off the girl's head.  The bright blue eyes of Britney Stevens blinked nervously with the sudden light, slowly adjusting - then widening as she saw the five men standing over her, grinning lasciviously. "Mmm-MMFFF?" she said at first, her voice muffled by several layers of thick packing between her teeth. A large white over-the-mouth gag covered the lower part of her face, knotted tightly behind the back of her neck, so tight that her cheeks were puffed uncomfortably. The men laughed she slowly realized how desperate her situation had become. She recognized them, her eyes resting on the scowling, powerful Bruno. She looked around in fear, testing the tight ropes, screaming in a voice that could barely be heard just a few feet away. "MMMMMMMRRRFFFFFF!!!"

"Boss wants her dealt with" he said to the surprised Bruno, "but take your time. Make her pay for what she did to you and the guys. But he doesn't want her dead - at least not until he gives the word."

Both of the men looked back at the desperate, squirming package. Bruno's men teased and  taunted the helpless girl, running their hands up her exposed thighs, fondling her breasts, lifting her skirt. She screamed and tried to twist away with each touch, but there were too many of them, and soon her cries were pitiful pleas for help.

"Give our thanks to Dino" Bruno grinned. "We're going to enjoy this."


February 28, 2017, 01:27:46 PM
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Yes yes yes! Playtime is about to begin!

February 28, 2017, 02:40:21 PM
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Offline gscmar64

great buildup Britney! love it now are you going to make have them make her report on her abuse by them?

February 28, 2017, 03:46:06 PM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Hmmm.... interesting idea gms! You ARE so devious! *smiles*

Stay tuned! 

XOXO Britney

March 01, 2017, 11:30:21 AM
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Oh tell me you plan on having them appeal her sentence for getting off lightly to  to a 'harder" experiennce!

March 02, 2017, 10:32:44 AM
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Mmmmmm can't wait to read about them stripping her naked!

July 22, 2017, 02:08:43 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Minutes later, the jet black limousine was roaring down the remote mountain highway.

From the outside, the sleek lines of the expensive car inspired smiles from passing motorists. Truck drivers sped past the vehicle, wondering what movie star or millionaire might be heading to their private cabin up in the woods. However, the dark tinted windows hid its passengers from their view, and before long, the traffic thinned as night fell and the limousine headed up the country road.

Inside, the desperate torture of Britney Stevens had begun.  The five men had dragged the bound and gagged cheerleader reporter unceremoniously from the trunk of the car, and carried her, kicking and squirming, into the passenger section of the stretch limousine, then slammed the door shut.

The space was large, large enough for five men, and the slim curvy girl screamed into her gag as two of Bruno’s men fondled her, their hands groping her breasts, and pulling her tight skirt high on her hips. As the car started up, Britney tried to pull away, her wide blue eyes pleading desperately for mercy. She felt the hum of the engine as the car picked up speed, carrying her away from any possible rescue.

Saliva soaked the thick cloth between her teeth, but the tightly-wrapped gag prevented everything but a pitiful muffled grunt with each unwelcome touch of their hands. They laughed as she flinched, their hands tearing the thin fabric of her top, exposing the high-cut French panties she suddenly regretted wearing that morning. The ropes were tight, her wrists and elbows red and sore. She couldn’t move.

All of the men looked to Bruno. They were hungry for fresh meat, but knew where to take their orders. They held Britney, so her eyes were forced to look at him as he leaned forward. His eyes undressed her, and her blood ran cold as she felt what he imagined doing to her.

“So you were going to put us away behind bars, eh, you little blonde snit?” His face was just inches from hers, “You were going to make up pay?” He laughed, his hand holding up her chin, forcing her to look at him. “Well, it’s your turn to pay – unless you do exactly what we say. Got it?”

Britney looked from the left to the right. The burly, muscular men on either side of her couldn’t take their eyes off her full, firm breasts, and the long legs and expensive thigh-high stockings. She twisted her sore, bound wrists. There was no escape. She nodded.

“Good. Take off her gag.” One of the men grabbed the tight cloth covering her lips and pulled it down. While he held her, the other pulled the two thick rags that had been forced into her mouth. She gasped as the ache in her jaw was released, licking her soft, pouting lips which had grown numb.

“P-please, don’t hurt me. You’ll get in more trouble with the police. You’ll---“

Bruno didn’t wait for her to finish. He grabbed her by her long, blonde hair, and pushed her down onto the floor of the limousine in front of him, on her knees. “Shut up, bitch” Menacingly, he whispered into her ear. “There’s only one way you survive this trip. You do everything I say.”

Britney looked up helplessly, confused. What did he want?  Bruno nodded to his men, who smiled with understanding. They began unzipping their pants. “You better make us happy, cheerleader – or you’re dead when we arrive!”


July 22, 2017, 10:13:06 AM
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Offline vile8r

You've made me so happy continuing this story, Britney! Glad to see you back.

Now her real ordeal begins.

July 22, 2017, 06:31:41 PM
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Offline gscmar64

As if she doesn't know what they want ! great continuations Britney

July 24, 2017, 12:18:59 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Britney couldn’t believe what they were suggesting.

She curled her lips in disgust as Bruno un-zipped his orange jumpsuit and pulled free an enormous erection. He stroked it roughly, and Britney gasped as it grew larger, stiffening and massive. She tried to squirm free, but he pulled her face close to his crotch.  She could smell his sweat, and felt the eyes of the other convicts on her exposed buttocks. They laughed as she cried out, “No, please, I can’t—Ugh”

Without laughing, Bruno pulled a short shiv from his pocket, and held the blade against her throat. His other hand held her long hair in his fist. Britney squealed in pain and fear, her eyes suddenly trained on his. They were cold and menacing “You start sucking me, you fuckin’ blonde cocktease, or the police will find you in a hundred pieces by the side of the road!”.

Britney whimpered, sobbing, her senses assaulted by the musty, sweaty smell of Bruno’s crotch. Here was the man only hours ago she had hoped would pay the price for his crimes – and she was his helpless prisoner. The ropes were tight around her wrists. She felt the blade tighten against her skin, and she knew she had no choice – slowly she parted her lips, opened her mouth to his member.

Bruno smiled and pushed his hardening penis between her lips, then pushed deeper inside. Instantly, he felt the surge of pleasure as Britney worked his skin with her tongue, sucking and licking desperately, feeling his growing form slide in and out of her mouth. “That’s it, you stupid cheerleader bitch!  Use that mouth for the one thing it’s good for! Ha ha ha!”

The other men around him watched hungrily, their eyes on Britney’s short skirt and thin lace panties, and firm, large breasts that jiggled as she bobbed her head up and down in Bruno’s crotch.  Two of them couln’t wait, and took advantage of her vulnerable position to rip her blouse down, popping her breasts free from her brassiere. He fondled and groped her breasts roughly as she sucked Bruno more intensely.

“Glll-ggghhh!” She protested as she felt the rough hands squeezing her breasts, saliva mixed with pre-cum against her lips and dripping to the limousine floor. She could barely breath, but Bruno held her face firmly against his crotch, bobbing her up and down, moaning appreciatively as her tongue danced over his sensitive foreskin. “Oh, no you don’t – you’re not done ‘til I come! Unnnh.!”

A second convict pulled down her panties, leaving her legs barely covered by the short, torn skirt and lace thigh-high stockings. The men laughed as she squirmed at their touch, the wriggling of her hips only exciting the men more. “Hey guys,” One of his men laughed, spanking her hard on one buttock, leaving a red mark “The gates to paradise are wide open! Let’s take her for a ride!”

Britney felt Bruno’s erection stiffening, growing hard, and sucked harder to match, dancing her tongue over him, bobbing her head faster and faster to bring him to orgasm. Bruno groaned, “Yeah, you bitch, that’s it, suck harder, oh, yeah..unnngh…oh, yeah!!!” Restrained no more by months in prison, Bruno’s cum exploded in her mouth, slipping off her lips, surging like a fire hose of warm thick mucus. She almost gagged, but swallowed quickly, still sucking until his grip loosened on her hair.

“She’s good, guys! Mmm..yeah!” He threw the helpless Brittany unceremoniously backwards onto the floor of the limousine, where she lay, clothes torn, tightly bound, breasts and shapely thighs exposed.  Bruno zipped up and smiled. “She’s all yours, boys! It’s a two-hour drive!”