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October 06, 2017, 03:41:59 PM
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Online gscmar64

Damn nice chapter! This could have been the point when Britney learned that some of the cops are involved in the cover up of her disappearance

officer- "she in the back?"
"Then let me get the road closed until you guys are at the cabin!"
"Great I'll tell the boss when we get moving again!"
The car drives off and the driver relays the message "Remind me to pass the good officer some more in next week's packet!" Smiles on their faces "Well sweetcheeks  looks like you're ours for the whole weekend, may be longer!"

October 07, 2017, 09:51:15 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

You guys are so devious! ;)

I just may make an edit -- to increase the suffering and betrayal of our poor heroine!

Watch for more!

XOXO Britney

October 09, 2017, 03:06:55 AM
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Offline vile8r

The new edit is awesome, Britney! LOVE IT!  ;D

October 09, 2017, 07:11:38 AM
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Online gscmar64

Britney there was nothing wrong with the original way you had it! I'm honoured that you used a line from my prior post. 

October 10, 2017, 11:36:40 PM
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Offline Britney Stevens

It was after dark when the limo arrived.

No one was around to hear the tires roll up the gravel road that led to the secluded driveway that hid the spacious cabin.  No one heard the doors open, and the rough laughter of the jumpsuit-clad convicts as they threw out beer bottles, and stepped out of the jet-black sedan.

No one heard the muffled screams of the shapely, athletic girl, her mouth stuffed and wrapped in duct tape, wrists bound behind her back, pushed roughly out of the car. Her long legs were fully exposed, nothing but a thin remnant of her torn pencil skirt scarcely covering her hips. Back arched, her full breasts bounced as she stumbled to maintain her balance.
Her eyes darted frantically into the darkness for any hope of escape, but there was no one to help her. Victor pulled the thin nylon cord tied tightly around her neck, forcing her to walk awkwardly towards the dark building. No one heard her protests, her muffled pleas for mercy. No one saw the men slap her buttocks as she stumbled up the steps, laughing as she wiggled to avoid them.

No one saw her wide eyes look helplessly back as she was pulled inside. No one, that is, but the Driver. He leaned against the limo, lit a cigarette and watched the last of the men go inside.  He knew what toys Mob Boss Dino had given them, and he knew the weekend of suffering Britney Stevens was about to endure. He smiled as he thought to himself what they would do to the shapely blonde.

He would get his chance, he thought to himself, when they were done taking turns.

Britney blinked as they entered the cabin, her wide blue eyes looking nervously around.

The tall black Victor pulled her roughly behind him, the rope tied in a tight noose around her neck, forcing her to stumble just a step behind.  She would have screamed out in protest, but the men had stuffed her panties and two pairs of semen-stained boxers between her teeth, sealing the thick mass inside her lips with tightly-wound duct tape over her mouth.

“Mmm-MMMPPH!” She whined. Her body was sore from multiple hours of assault. Her nipples were sore from being pinched and prodded, her breasts from being groped.  But as she twisted her wrists against the ropes, and looked around the rough, muscular men, she knew that her ordeal was far from over.  She was alone, bound and gagged, in a remote cabin, with criminals who had promised to make her suffer, and were ready to kill her if she did not comply with their every desire.

Britney’s eyes followed Bruno as he looked through the kitchen. Every shelf was fully stocked with food. There were cold beers in the refrigerator, bags of groceries on the counter.  A change of clothes for each of them. Bruno glanced back at the men, grinning, and Britney felt his eyes linger on her naked curves. Her cheeks burned as he said “Make yourselves at home, boys! This is all for us!”

Suddenly Britney felt a jerk on the rope around her neck. It was Victor, pulling her towards a large wooden beam that ran the length of the room. Protesting and struggling, she was helpless to resist as two of the men threw the rope over the beam, and secured it tightly. They stopped to grope her a little. She twisted and squirmed, her toes barely touching the ground, her exposed breasts and torn skirt turning in full display to the men. Desperately, she struggled to breathe, the noose tight and her mouth packed full with saliva-soaked cloth.

“MMMMMFF” Britney screamed, but the men just stepped away. Enjoying the show as she struggled, grabbing a beer, they laughed as she twisted, her charms on full display.

At that moment, the Driver entered, carrying two large black duffel bags. Britney squirmed to get a good view of their contents as he opened them for the men to inspect. “Mr. Dino wanted to make sure you had plenty of… accessories… for the weekend’s entertainment.” He began, unzipping the first bag.

Britney twisted, her body arched painfully, her eyes straining to see.  “MmNNNFF?!?” She mumbled, moaning with disbelief as she saw the contents. Whips, gags, restraints, and enormous plastic shapes in the form of penises were pulled from the bag with knowing laughter and taunts.  Victor pulled out a brown bottle filled with blue pills. He grinned at the men knowingly, then held up the bottle so Britney could see. “We have Viagra, men! A whole fuckin’ weekend’s worth!”

Bruno was pleased. He nodded to the Driver. “What’s in the other bag?” He asked.

The Driver smiled, his eyes glancing back lustfully at the dangling naked captive just a few feet away. “Just a few things we took from Miss Britney Steven’s apartment. We thought you might enjoy them.” Britney swallowed, struggling to breathe, her eyes wide as the bag was opened. What could they have stolen from her apartment? Why did they bring these things here… to this place?

Bruno looked inside the bag for a moment, and then, smiled. He pulled a fistful of thin lace panties and thigh-high stockings, the kind she had worn that day to flirt with the court’s attorney. “Mmm-NNRF!” Britney protested, her thoughts suddenly reminded of the date she had hoped to have that night, just a few hours ago. Bruno and the men nodded in appreciation. They would put this sexy attire to use on her, whether she wanted to – or not. “Nice. I like this!”

Pausing for effect, Bruno then pulled out a short pleated skirt and tight sweater, the same one Britney had used months ago to tease poor Cody, using her looks to get information out of him. It was daringly short, and Britney had used her sexy figure to get what she wanted. But now, tonight, it was all going wrong. The men would force her to wear this outfit – and get what they wanted.

Desperately, Britney tugged on the ropes, groaning into her mouth-filling gag. Her curvaceous body twisted, on tip toe to avoid choking. “Mnn-NNF!” What else was in that bag – was there anything that might stop her from being forcibly raped again and again by this mob of desperate men? 

Bruno reached inside the bag for the final item, and when she saw it, Britney froze in fear. She knew how men would react to this outfit. She’d seen it before. She’d used it to her advantage when she could, but now she knew she was trapped, and this final item sealed her doom. They had found the one outfit that would guarantee multiple, repeated assaults by every man in the room.

It was her two-piece college cheerleader uniform, its brightly colored halter top with the words ‘Tigers’ written across the front, too-short pleated skirt, panties, and matching knee high socks. Bruno whistled when he saw it, and the men gathered around, hooting and hollering their approval. “We HAVE A WINNER!” Bruno laughed, holding up the skimpy outfit for all of them to see.

Britney dropped her eyes in defeat. She could barely breathe. Suddenly Bruno walked up to her, grabbing her hair, pulling her back, holding the outfit up to her wide, blue eyes. He whispered, his hot breath just inches from her skin. “If you want to live, you’re going to wear this little number, Cheerleader…. And you’re not taking it off until we’re done with you.”

He released her, and Britney whimpered weakly, her wrists sore, defeated. Bruno released the rope around her neck, and she fell weakly to her knees. 

“Take her to the Rape Room”, Bruno said, “This party’s just getting started!”


June 11, 2018, 01:02:53 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Britney sobbed into her thick, mouth-filling gag.

The men had treated her roughly, their hands fondling her like a piece of meat as they stripped off her lingerie and forced her into a shower.  Two of them held the hose as she soaped her soft curves, grinning lustfully as she removed the sweat and dried cum from their first round assault.  Her cheeks burned from their lustful gaze, she tried to object, but they ignored her pleas. Once her skin was clean and dry, they shoved her into the bedroom, order her to wear the cheerleader outfit.

On the field, Britney had loved the short, sexy outfit for the attention it gave her.  The short pleated skirt with the tight v-neck halter top accentuated her full breasts, long legs, and toned abdomen like no other outfit she owned. It was the perfect combination to excite the male gaze, fuel for their fantasies – but now it was her worst enemy. The moment she slipped back into the short skirt, Britney felt their criminal eyes dance over her smooth, athletic body, and she knew her abuse was only just beginning.

They had tied her, spread-eagle, between two posts of a tall four-poster bed. Her legs were stretched wide, ropes tied to each ankle and pulled tight. Her wrists were equally bound, spread wide above her head, with knots around the top. She could barely move, but the tight ropes forced her to arch her body forward to maintain her balance. Her chest rose and fell, painfully straining with each effort, trying to pull free. It was no use – they were professionals, and had done their job well.

On a table, just a few feet away from the shapely Britney, was a large workbench, covered in strange instruments, gags, restraints, and other tools the Driver had pulled from the car.  She didn’t recognize most of the strange instruments, but she knew they were to be used for her torture- a weekend of revenge – that had just begun.

“Nnnnhhhh….” She moaned, straining once again at the ropes around her slender wrists. She might have screamed, but a six inch penis gag had been forced down her throat, locked in place by a leather panel that covered her lips, buckled tightly in place. The gag forced her to breathe desperately through her nose. As she struggled, saliva gathered around the immense prod in her mouth, requiring her to swallow and suck on the penis-shaped dildo like a porn star, to avoid suffocating.

She listened anxiously to the men in the next room.  They laughed and drank, joking about the “cheerleader fuck-toy” they had bound and gagged in the next room.  Nervously, Britney pulled on the ropes, her hips twisting in her tight, short skirt, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before their attention would turn again to her. She had to get free before then – and make them pay for what they’d done. Desperately, she tugged on the knots around her sore, spread ankles.

Suddenly, the room next door grew quiet. She heard the quiet murmur of men plotting their next move. Britney held her breath, straining to hear every sound. There was a laugh, and she heard the deep commanding voice of Bruno, then the approach of footsteps.  Her wide eyes turned nervously towards the door as it creaked open. “Nnnnhhh…” she moaned, sucking on the penis gag reflexively, then swallowing.

Her heart was beating in her chest as a mammoth figure entered the room. “Looks like I get the first turn, Cheerleader”, a deep voice said, “You’re not going to like what I have in mind for you!”


June 11, 2018, 03:30:29 PM
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Offline vile8r

YAY! for the return of Cheerleader Reporter!  Can't wait to read more of Britney's ordeal at the hands of these louts!

June 11, 2018, 08:44:43 PM
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Online gscmar64

Tell me they have a video recorder set up to capture everything! Also tell me you already have it written and can post in a moment's notice?

June 14, 2018, 03:22:51 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Britney’s eyes went wide with fear when her first visitor entered the room.

Jose Ramos, also known as “The Butcher”, was one of the most feared killers on Bruno Salazar’s gang of ruthless enforcers.  He had a reputation for torturing – in the most brutal ways possible – Dino’s enemies was legendary, even among the Mob.

The street had been afraid of testifying against Ramos, until Britney caught him in her sting operation. The pretty young cheerleader’s testimony was especially damaging to Ramos, as he was convicted in the murder of three informants, a sentence that carried the death penalty.  He had the most to lose if Britney survived this ordeal. She squirmed in fear at what he might do!

Ramos entered with a bottle of beer, his cold eyes tracing vengefully the soft curves of the scantily-clad Britney, her ankles and wrists spread-eagle, unable to hide her full breasts and flat stomach from his penetrating gaze.  He was a large and powerfully built man, over six foot four. As he approached, Britney was forced to look up at him, his tattooed chest completely dominating her view.

"You were pretty high and mighty up there on the witness stand, Miss Stevens” Ramos snarled, his massive hand grabbing her chin, lifting her muffling leather gag, and tightening them roughly. Britney sucked desperately on the dildo in order to breathe, its realistic penis form pushed further down her throat, making her gag on her own saliva. “You’re my little play thing for the night. I can’t kill you – but Bruno says I can do whatever I want with you for eight hours.”

Britney’s heart fell when she heard his cold words. Eight hours? How could she survive his assault, and ruthless assault, and the multiple assaults sure to follow? “Nnnhh…Pllsshh…” She moaned into her gag, the sound muffled by the saliva-covered obstruction between her teeth.

“What’s that?  Begging for mercy?”  Ramos, laughed, taking out a small bag with two small blue pills.  He removed the two pills and swallowed them with a final swig of beer.  Britney realized the pill was the Viagra Mario Dino had provided for them, and he had just taken a zipper-busting 100 mg, twice the normal dose. “There will be no mercy tonight. You didn’t give me mercy in the court room.  You didn’t hesitate to send me to the electric chair. Well, tonight you pay for that.”

Ramos hands grabbed Britney’s full breasts, smiling as he kneaded them roughly, watching her wince as he groped her intimately. “I must admit, you got a nice pair of knockers here”. His fingers dropped to the decorative bow between her breasts and started pulling it open. Britney protested, her torso twisting desperately – but she was his helpless prisoner. The brassiere fell open and her full, firm breasts bounced free, only to be groped and fondled more violently than before.

“What’s the matter?  You don’t like a little foreplay?”

“NnhhhHHH! NNNNGH” Britney groaned as his strong fingers twisted and pinched her nipples. They were growing red, suddenly erect due to the cold air and constant attention. Her breasts became even more attractive, her nipples firm and hardening under his unwanted touch.  He slapped them hard, her soft skin turning red as he did so, the pain subsiding, only to be slapped again. 

Ramos grinned, and reached towards the accessories on the table next to the bed. He pulled forward a large black car battery, with two nipple clamps wired to it. A small regulator had been attached to the front. Britney glanced at the device – suddenly realizing what it was for.

“Seems like you don’t know what it feels like to be electrocuted, Miss Britney Stevens” he said as he reached for two small clamps connected by a copper wire. Britney screamed into her throat-filling gag as he clamped them unceremoniously on her erect nipples. The pain was unbearable!

“I think it’s time you found out” Ramos turned the dial to ‘3’, and stepped back as Britney screamed into her gag, her soft, sensitive nipples seared with intense heat from the electrical current.

“NNNNNHHHH!!!!” She screamed, her body twisting, short skirt swishing as her knees buckled.

Ramos turned down the dial, looked at the redness around Britney’s burning nipples. Slowly he fondled them,  his hands exploring her half-naked body. “I don’t think that was enough.”

He turned the dial to ‘6’, and suddenly Britney felt the power surge through her, searing her nipples, her sensitive breasts, and her entire upper body exploded with knife-like pain.

“NNNNNNGGGHH! GLGLLLHHHHH!” Britney cried, tears falling, suffocating on the thick, dildo gag that kept her from gasping for air.  For a moment, everything went black, but when she came back, Ramos’ hands were all over her body. His hands went below her short skirt, squeezing her toned buttocks. “A  girl like you needs to be punished for all that teasing!”

With a laugh, Ramos spun the dial all the way to its maximum setting of ‘9’. Britney’s entire body shook, twisting, writhing with the pain that penetrated her from her breasts to her abdomen.  He let her scream into her gag until her body went limp.

For a moment, she hung beneath the bedposts, her top undone, breasts jiggling as the voltage surged through her.
Ramos grabbed a knife and snipped off the yellow panties beneath the short cheerleader skirt. Britney glanced down weakly, and realized that the Viagra was having the desired effect.  A large bulge was growing between her assailant’s legs. She moaned, too weak to fight, as Ramos unbuckled the thick gag. Her saliva fell onto her chest as he slowly removed the dildo, and grabbed her by her long, blonde hair.

“What’s it going to be, Cheerleader?” Ramos grinned, his cold eyes burning into hers, “A good fuck, or another 2000 volts?”

Britney still felt the searing pain in her soft, curvaceous body.  She couldn’t hold back the tears from the torture she had experienced. She couldn’t bear another round of electricity.

“F-fuck me… please…” she moaned, defeated.

Ramos smiled, realizing he had won. He covered his mouth with hers. Britney gasped in surprise, gave her a full open-mouth kiss, his tongue dancing on hers, not coming up until she could no longer breathe.  Britney felt the full size of his erection against her groin. “Good choice” He grinned.

Ramos buckled the gag back over Britney’s mouth. Surprised, she tried to protest, but soon she felt the familiar form between her teeth, pushing down her tongue. Ramos stepped back to open his shirt and unzip his pants.  His erection was enormous, and Britney screamed desperately as he positioned himself between her spread thighs. His fingers played with her until she was wet.  Within a minute, he pushed inside, and with a satisfied grin, began thrusting upward.

“I’ll fuck you now” he whispered to her, “Then give you another 2000 volts!”


June 14, 2018, 06:47:35 PM
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Online gscmar64

What would happen if he accidental shocked her while inside her?

June 16, 2018, 02:30:57 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

The Driver stepped outside the cabin to light up a cigarette.

The sun was rising over the remote woods, peeking through a grey mist, lighting up the secretive location where they had brought the shapely cheerleader only twelve hours earlier.  All night long, the lights had flickered as the Butcher mercilessly tortured, and repeatedly raped, the interfering witness. Bruno’s men drank beer – and cheered – each time they heard the
girl’s squeals and muffled grunts from within the Rape Room, rising in crescendo, then fading into sobs – before starting again.

He had seen Mario punish witnesses like this before, but never with such vengeance. It was cruel punishment to allow Bruno and his men – escaped convicts – to do whatever they wanted to the helpless girl in this remote setting. No one could hear her screams, and no one could rescue her. Why was he stretching this out over a full weekend, allowing each of his thugs a turn at her?  He must truly want to enact revenge for her daring to testify against him, or perhaps he took personal pleasure in knowing how thoroughly defeated the girl would become?

That was not his business, he thought to himself. When they were done, the Boss would hand the meddling girl over to him. Then he would have his turn, before she disappeared for good. This thought made him smile as he took another drag on his cigarette. The plans were already made. There was no escape for Britney Stevens.



Britney woke slowly, her eyes flickering open from the darkness she had faded into during Ramos final assault. She could barely move, her body racked with pain from the tight ropes, and hours of electrical stimulation to her breasts, thighs, buttocks and vagina. 

He had raped her at least a half dozen times, each round followed by an hour of torture from the multiple electrical prods and clips he took pleasure in attaching to the soft skin. She shuddered as she remembered his large, groping hands fondling her, his swollen member thrusting up inside of her so deep that her entire cervix was now sore from the long night’s assault.

“Mmm-nnngfff?” Moaning, Britney opened her eyes wider. She couldn’t talk because of a large ring-gag strapped between her
teeth, spreading her jaw painfully wide.

She was still in the bedroom, but Ramos had changed her position. Her ankles were tied spread-eagle, but she was now facing the bed, her breasts bent over the bed, arms tied tightly with rope behind her back. He had changed her outfit, pulling from her wardrobe a short school-girl skirt, thigh-high stockings with heels, and a white button-down top.

Britney panicked. In this position, she was fully exposed. The short pleated skirt would lift too high on her hips and expose her buttocks, especially since she wasn’t wearing any panties. She tried to raise her torso off the bed, to wriggle free from her bonds, but a sudden tightening stopped her efforts. A noose was tied around her neck, and fastened to the headboard ahead of her, preventing her from rising more than a few inches off the old mattress. Desperately, she struggled but the effort only made her breathing more difficult.  After a few minutes she simply slumped back on the bed.

Before long, Britney heard the sound of multiple footsteps. The locks were pulled back, and the door opened, and two men entered the room. Britney’s heart sank when she saw who it was.

Carlos Aldovar and his brother Pablo were street toughs who had risen in the ranks of Dino’s crime family as the “enforcers” of his protection rackets. They were heavy-set and muscular, with a reputation for doing the dirty work against those who would oppose the Mob’s infiltration into the city – and it was their activities that Britney first exposed to the police. They had promised to see her dead, and now she was alone, gagged, and exposed – in their hands!

“Not so high and mighty are you now, eh, Cheerleader?” Carlos laughed, as he circled round the helpless girl, one hand sliding up her thigh and lifting the short pleated skirt. His fingers lingered between her legs. “Gonna make us pay?  Gonna report us to the police for all the nasty things we gonna do to you?”

Pablo circled around in front, grabbed the noose and pulled the rope tight. Britney’s scream was choked as she was forced to look the ugly thug in the face. Her pleading eyes met his as she gasped for breath. “We ought to strangle you right here and be done with it.” Britney’s eyes went wide, and she glanced back at Carlos. He had unzipped his pants – it was clear the Viagra had done its work!

“NnnnNNNH… PLLSSH…” Britney stammered, her tongue making strange noises through the mammoth ring gag. Pablo was strong. If he continued to pull on the rope, she knew she would black out.

Carlos had positioned himself between Britney’s spread thighs, his firm erection rising as he fondled and groped her toned legs. “Yeah, that’s it – plead for mercy”. He paused for a moment to slip a large spiked condom off the accessory table. His member stiffened as he lubricated it generously.

Britney squealed as she saw the size of his penis, tried to pull away from his rough hands as he placed himself behind her.  “You know where this is going, don’t ya, bitch?”. While Pablo held her neck tight with the noose Carlos pushed her hips down, and his tip on her anus.

“NNNNNHH!” Britney screamed. She knew she could not take what he was about to do. She squirmed and struggled, but the tightened noose forced her back, just inches from Pablo’s yellow-toothed grin. With a violent thrust, Carlos pushed inside her a few inches, ignoring her screams. “Ooohh, that feels good! So nice and tight! Don’t struggle, it will only hurt more!” He pushed another few inches, waiting for her screams to stop, then thrust in and out rhythmically, pushing deeper each time he did.

“Nnnngh…nnnngghhh…GGGAAHH!” Britney’s body rocked with his thrusts, her breasts bounced out of the tight white blouse, the short skirt pushed up over her hips, Carlos hands groping and pulling her in. Just then, Pablo pulled out a large knife, and grinning held it up to Britney’s face. Her eyes grew wide as her hair bounced across her face from the immense – now deeper - thrusts.

“Now, it’s time you give me some pleasure, eh?” Britney shook her head, fearful, but he simply cut the rope connecting her noose to the headboard. For a moment, she felt relief, but then she realized his true intent. Climbing on the mattress, and unzipping his pants, he kneeled in front of the assaulted girl as he pulled his erection out, just inches from her face.  He held the noose around her neck, her body pushed towards him by Carlos’ violent thrusts. “Suck me, cheerleader, or I strangle you!”

With her lips forced wide by the rubber ring gag, her body bound, Britney had no way to resist when Pablo grabbed her head and forced his penis deep inside her throat. She gagged on the acrid taste, and almost gagged as the thick and stiffening member was pushed against her tongue.

“Ggaaaahh! GLLLGGHH!” Britney sputtered, struggling for breath, as she found herself suddenly raped from behind and in front. Both brothers began thrusting in unison, each humping with their thick hips so she was forced like an accordion between them, as Britney tried to pull back from the obstruction in her throat, Carlos pushed inside her from behind. She would squeal in pain, and Pablo pulled her blond hair down onto his stiffening member, now covered in pre-cum.

As they grew stiffer, Carlos and Pablo thrust harder, deeper, until the curvaceous cheerleader was forced to respond like a rag-doll to their intense aggression. She tried to suck and lick Pablo’s engorged member to bring an end to this assault, but he only moaned with perverted pleasure at her efforts. Carlos slapped Britney’s buttocks until they were red, the ribs of his lubricated condom pushed inside her to the hilt in and out, again and again, for nearly an hour, until both brothers came the same time, drenching her open mouth and anus with warm, flowing cum.

Britney flopped on the mattress, sore and abused, her hips still wide and exposed. Cum mixing with saliva and dripping onto the bed.  Short schoolgirl skirt and blouse torn and rumpled. At least they were satisfied now, she moaned silently, perhaps now, she would leave her alone?

For a moment the brothers, pulled away, slapping and fondling the girl as they whispered in Spanish between themselves.  Frightened, she wondered what they were planning, and twisted her upper body to get a better look at the notorious killers that now had her trapped and spread, subject to whatever they planned to do to her.

Before long, they returned with a sharp knife, and cut her ankles free. They removed the ring-gag, and stuffed a thick knotted-cleave gag between her teeth. She squirmed and kicked as Pablo carried her towards the bed, elbows still bound, blouse open, his rough hands feeling her up as he pulled close against his body.  Carlos approached, cutting her blouse open with the knife.

“Time for Round Two…”


June 16, 2018, 07:23:22 AM
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Online gscmar64

You always manage to top your previous chapters, making me want to read on every new posting!

June 17, 2018, 12:49:58 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens


“Please…” Britney thought desperately, “Please make it stop…”

She lay on the bed, exhausted by the abuse she had suffered at the hands of the Alvarado brothers. For over six hours, Carlos and Pablo had gleefully tag-teamed her, one raping her from behind, while the other thrust into her, plunging again and again between her toned thighs.  Occasionally they would stop to rest, fondle her roughly until their erections returned, then push Britney back on the bed, and penetrate her again in a new and more brutal way.

By the time they left, her soft body was red and bruised, sore inside and out – but that was not enough for the heartless thugs. After watching her shower, they forced her to don the sexy white lingerie she had hoped to wear on her date after the trial. The panties were high cut, the bra accentuated her firm, round breasts, and the white stockings flattered her long, toned legs. 

They had bound her arms with a white leather arm-binder. Pablo fondled her breasts and held her in place as Carlos laced up the painful binding, which immobilized her elbows and wrists. It pushed her chest forward towards his exploring hands, but the thick knotted cleave gag muffled her protests. They pushed her on the bed and tied her ankles to her thighs with leather straps, her legs and hips could move, but she was unable to walk or escape.  She was helpless under their rough hands.

That’s when they pulled the battery-operated vibrator from the table and began lubricating it. At first, Britney couldn’t recognize what it was, but when they held her down and spread her legs, she screamed into her gag. She tried to kick and struggle, but Carlos pushed it deep inside her labia, and duct-taped it in place. Britney’s eyes were wide, pleading ‘no’ as he hit the button – and the rhythmic movement of the vibrator began.

Now, nearly an hour later, her body was fully aroused, her nipples erect, her exposed skin covered in perspiration. Her body responded instinctively to the non-stop stimulation of her g-spot. She squirmed and thrust with her shapely hips, but couldn’t dislodge the pulsating device between her legs. She moaned into the thick saliva-soaked cloth in her mouth, biting down as she felt her body mount towards orgasm for the fifth time. Desperately, she tried to hump herself, feeling herself starting to cum again, and avoid the humiliation of being discovered like this by one of the thugs – turned on, wet, wanting nothing more than to be fucked hard, if only to be released from her torment.

“Why had they done this?” She moaned to herself, “What were they up to?”

She didn’t have to wait long to find out, as when the door opened, her worst nightmare stood there, smiling at her with his tall, muscular assurance. It was Victor, Bruno’s right-hand man, whose mammoth 10” member she had tasted in the limousine. Now it was his turn – all of this had been preparation for him.

“Gettin’ all hot and bothered, Miss Stevens?” Victor laughed, removing his shirt. “Good. I told the boys to prepare you. Not many girls can take me to the hilt – without a little preparation. “ With that he laughed, slipped out of his jeans, and Britney’s eyes went wide from his mammoth erection.

“Gnnn-RRRPH?!?” She grunted, squirming against her ropes, trying to pull away. He was huge. Her body was tingling, for some reason his closeness was turning her on, against her will. “NNNNHHH!”

Victor was naked now, one hand stroking his stiffening member, the other running up her stocking-clad thigh.  His eyes danced over the helpless captive.  “Are you ready for the real thing? Hmm?”  With a laugh, he reached between her legs, lowered her panties, and pulled the vibrator free. It was warm, and covered in cum. Every inch of her body seemed alive. Desperately, she wanted… more…!

He grabbed her long blond hair, and pulled her face towards his. “Before I’m done, you’re going to be begging for me to stay.” He pulled himself between Britney spread, bound thighs, positioned himself on her labia, and thrust inside. She was so wet, he went in almost half-way on the first try.

“Nnnnn-Nnnnnh!” Britney protested, as she felt him fill her. She tried to struggle, but he felt… so good! He pulled back a
little, then pushed all the way in, filling her to the hilt. She screamed into her mouth-filling gag, but there was no mercy. He began sliding in and out, her hips rocking with the tremendous size of his erection. Before long, he flipped over onto his back, forcing Britney to sit, thighs spread, on top of him. She slid her body up and down his shaft enthusiastically.

“That’s it, Britney Stevens” Victor said, smiling. His hands roamed over her spread thigh, fondling her breasts, pulling down the delicate white lace brassiere. Her nipples were full, erect. Her body rose and fell on his shaft, exciting him further. “Work it like a porn star. Ha ha ha! We have all afternoon.”


Outside the Room, Bruno paced nervously.

Time was running out, and tonight it was his turn on Britney. He couldn’t wait. He had heard the results of his companion’s punishment of the unfortunate cheerleader, and licked his lips in anticipation. He heard her muffled cries, her tortured grunts and groans from behind the bedroom door. Soon it would be his turn – and he was going to take his time…!

The Driver’s cell phone rang. He took the call. After listening for a moment, he hung up, and asked to speak with Bruno in person. “That was Mr. Dino. He has given us new instructions.”


June 17, 2018, 12:33:19 PM
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Online gscmar64

Hopefully the new instruction are for him to take Britney to a new location which she never makes!

June 17, 2018, 01:41:58 PM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Oooh.... it's not looking good for captive Britney! ::)

Her punishment concludes in just two more chapters. Can she escape from the hands of these ruthless thugs?

Will the Mob Boss let her escape alive? ... (stay tuned)

June 18, 2018, 12:21:04 AM
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Offline vile8r

What an epic tale this has become!  Poor little Britney should have never gotten on the wrong side of Bruno and his thugs and now they are making her pay in the most excruciating, humiliating ways, using her hot cheerleader body for their own sick and sadistic pleasures. I love all the hot imagery you create with your descriptions and vivid detail.

June 19, 2018, 12:46:57 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Britney scanned the dark room, eyes wide and frightened.

Her body was sore, aching in every muscle, bruised by two days of rough groping, fondling, and non-stop intimate assault. Somehow, the shapely cheerleader reporter had ensured two full days of payback by Bruno’s thugs, but now they were silent. Over two hours had gone by. What were they up to?

“Mmmm-MMMF?” Britney grunted nervously, as she twisted in her ropes.

Victor had stripped her of everything but her thigh-high white stockings, and bound her naked and spread-eagle to the four-poster bed.  He had grinned as her arms were painfully outstretched, breasts fully exposed, wrists bound with rope, pulled to their limit.  His powerful hands had spread her smooth, toned thighs, stopping to fondle her intimate parts as he bound each of her ankles to a foot of the bed. Her legs were fully outstretched. She could barely move.

A thick wad of cloth was jammed between her teeth, filling her mouth, and now soaked with saliva, as she struggled to swallow, and keep from suffocating. A thick strip of white cloth covered her mouth in the style of an old detective serial, knotted tightly behind her neck, so she could not remove it. Victor raped her one last time to test how the gag muffled her screams – and found it to be most efficient. Her sobs were barely audible as he thrust into her one final time. No one would rescue her now.

She could do nothing but wait. It was Bruno’s turn. This was the man she had testified against in court, the ruthless leader of the gang who had tortured her mercilessly for over three days. Only days before she had thought her testimony would put him away for good. Now she was in his hands, and she wondered when that door opened: would he rape her, or kill her?
She was sore, exhausted, and the tight ropes burned her soft skin. Britney tugged desperately at the ropes on her ankles. Perhaps she could escape? If she could just loosen one of the ropes. Her pretty blue eyes looked up anxiously towards the knots around her wrists, and she tugged, looking for a weakness.

“Mmm-MMMFFF!!!” She grunted again, her upper body straining to the limit, full round breasts bouncing as her shapely torso twisted painfully to the left and right.  She pulled her long legs, full hips turning attractively as she hoped for a loose knot. It would not give.

Britney moaned to herself, defeated. It was over. For years, she had worked to tone and shape her body to attract boys and be the prettiest girl on campus. Now she was naked and exposed to whatever humiliation Bruno would inflict on her. It was his turn.

Suddenly, Britney heard it. The heavy footsteps on the cabin floor just outside her door. The hand on the doorknob, the slow creak of the door, and the muscular silhouette of two men.

“She’s in here, all prepped and ready for you.”

Britney’s heart fell as she recognized the Bruno’s deep and sinister voice. Desperately, she looked up, squirming against the ropes, trying to determine who the second man was.  As the light was flicked on, she blinked uncomfortably, then looked up, instantly recognizing him.

“MMM-MMRFF!!” Britney screamed in protest as she saw the figure of Mob Boss Mario Dino standing over her, his eyes scanning her naked form with a triumphant smile.

“You weren’t kidding, Bruno” He smiled, his cold murderous eyes locking onto hers, “She’s quite a treat for the eyes, isn’t she?  I trust your men, have enjoyed themselves?”

Bruno nodded to his boss, then stepped aside as Dino sat down on the bed, one hand slowly moving up Britney’s thigh. She flinched at his rough hand, but that didn’t stop him. “I warned you to stay away from this story, Miss Stevens. I told you what might happen. Meddling girl reporters are good for only one thing, and now you know what that is.”

Britney looked up at him defiantly, but the fight in her eyes disappeared as his hands fondled her full breasts. Her cheeks reddened, knowing she couldn’t stop him. “I don’t take kindly to nosy girls who interfere in my business, and when they do, I have to make an example of them – so it doesn’t happen again. I’m sure you understand.”

Dino stood up, and handed a video camera to Bruno. He slipped off his coat. “Of course, no one’s gonna believe I fucked the cheerleader reporter, so I gotta make a record… for my personal collection. I’m sure you don’t mind, right?” He laughed as he unbuttoned his shirt. His torso was heavy, but powerful. His dark hair greasy, his eyes cold as ice.

“NNNNHH! PLLLSSHH! MMMFF!” Britney screamed. She pleaded, tugging on the ropes, eyes pleading, trying one final time to plead with this brutal killer.  He dropped his pants, and slipped out of his boxers, a full erection already beginning. He nodded to Bruno. He didn’t need Viagra.

“Of course, this is gonna be your final fuck, because my boys are going to take care of you once I’m done. Can’t have you testify about any of this, right?”  Dino was on the bed, his hands fondling Britney’s firm, full breasts, laying with her nipples. He leaned in close, and whispered in Britney’s ear, “After I have my fun, you’re gonna disappear!”

The video camera whirred as Dino groped her between her legs, his fingers penetrating her, pushing in and out for a few minutes. Britney screamed desperately, but couldn’t keep herself from getting wet. Dino pulled himself between her long, shapely legs, put his hands behind her buttocks and pushed himself inside with a grunt.“Oh, Yeah!” he grinned, “That feels good!”

Britney howled into her mouth-covering gag, unable to scream as she felt his mammoth erection penetrate her. He grabbed her blond hair and looked angrily into her eyes, and she saw nothing but corruption and ruthlessness. His hands felt her breasts, his hips thrust upwards harder and faster. She felt each thrust, painful and deliberate in its violence.

“No one…unnnhh…. messes with the Dino family…unnnh….” He was breathing heavily now, enjoying every minute of his assault on the shapely blonde, “…especially not….unnnh… some bubble-breasted, short-skirted …unnnhh… cheerleader!” The grunts were coming faster and harder.

Through it all, Bruno filmed Britney’s ordeal, moving in close to capture her wide-eyed fear, Dino’s grunts, and the immense power of his assault. The bed creaked from his force, Britney’s breasts bounced up and down with each jerk of his massive hips.

“MMMFF…MMMFF…MMFFF!!!”  Britney screamed in her stuffed-mouth gag. His hands were everywhere, touching, groping, fondling every inch of her naked body, and she was powerless to stop him. What’s more – if she could not escape from his lustful clutches, he was going to kill her. She had to escape, but his men had done their work too well. She had been worn down, exhausted, bound and helpless to fight back.

Dino was thrusting faster and harder now. Britney could feel his engorged member filling her cervix, rubbing against her clitoris, and to her horror, she found her body responding, becoming aroused against her will. “Of course…unnnh…. With a body like yours, I could…unnnnh…. sell you to my partners overseas…unnnh… you might last a few months… .maybe…UNNNHH… a year. Ha ha!”

His hot breath was on her skin, his hands in her hair, on her body, breasts, thighs and buttocks. Each touch disgusted her, but her body responded to the increasing tempo. Dino was larger, thrusting in and out. She was getting wet, and he slid inside her deeper and deeper. 

Britney couldn’t help herself. She bit down on the cloth between her teeth – she felt him cumming at the same time as her. “nnnn-NNNNNHHH!!!” even as Dino arched his back, his member stiffening. “Oh, yeah! You fucking bitch cheerleader – you’re gonna get the whole load! Ha ha ha!”

Bruno filmed as the Mobster emptied his load inside her, continuing to thrust even as Britney closed her  eyes and looked away, ashamed of how her body had betrayed her.  Her body bounced with his powerful movements, breasts bouncing, hips unable to pull away.  Dino smiled as he felt the warmth of his cum fill the girl’s warm, tight hole. He nodded to Bruno, who handed him a white cloth.

“Party’s over for you, hot stuff. Thanks for the final ride!” Dino sneered, as he placed the cloth over Britney’s mouth and nose. She was startled, and responded slowly to its strange and sweet-smelling odor. Suddenly, she realized what he was doing! She screamed as she recognized chloroform. The world got blurry, dizzy, she struggled, but found everything going black.

“Nighty-night, Cheerleader.” She heard him laughing as she slipped into unconsciousness.

“Your reporting days are over”


June 19, 2018, 01:08:19 PM
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Online gscmar64

Now would be a great time for the driver to get her out of her situation! After all everyone knows a good cheerleader is a terrible thing to waste! ;)

June 20, 2018, 11:02:34 PM
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Offline vile8r

Britney is a master at getting me so damn hard! I am sad this story is almost over, but maybe Britney will develop another great character and we'll get more exhilarating stories from her.

June 21, 2018, 01:38:10 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

By Monday, the police had to admit the truth.

Bruno Salazar and his men had escaped from custody, apparently with the help from the outside.  A massive man-hunt was authorized, but after five days, there was no denying it: Bruno and his thugs had disappeared without a trace, before they could serve prison time for their crimes.

What’s more, the perky blonde cheerleader who had so boldly testified against them had also vanished. Photos of the girl appeared on every network, with the headline ‘CHEERLEADER REPORTER MISSING’. Crime reporters feverishly speculated on what had happened to the shapely witness in the short skirt who had fascinated viewers for weeks.  Without Britney’s testimony, the State’s case fell apart, and lawyers for Mario Dino demanded a mis-trial.

From a bar in Mexico, Bruno bought his men another round of drinks. All five of them watched the television screens, laughing, and swapping stories about what they’d been able to do to the curvaceous co-ed during their long weekend in the remote cabin hideout. Dino had given them a new life – and a new career – in a Mexican cartel, where their “unique talents” would come in handy. None of them gave a second thought to the blonde victim they had tortured and abused just a few days before.

In his office in the city, Mario Dino smoked a cigar, as he walked into his private lounge. His lawyer assured him that with Britney Stevens gone, the prosecution had no case against him. He could rebuild his criminal empire. The girl’s disappearance had earned him credibility, and respect with his men.

With a smile, Dino slipped the DVD into the player. Britney’s frightened, wide blue eyes filled the screen, her bound and gagged body struggling and squirming, as he fondled and groped her. He was glad he'd filmed this video. The camera pulled back, and for a moment Dino admired the smooth tones of her skin, the attractive curve of her thighs, buttocks, and full, round breasts high on her chest. He felt himself get hard: “Too bad she’s dead” the Mob Boss muttered to himself, coldly “She was a damn good fuck”


The Driver had done his work efficiently.

After dressing Britney in the short pleated skirt and tight sweater she wore on campus, he had dragged her to the limousine, handcuffing her and gagging her with a large red ball gag. During the long drive to the seacoast, she had woken up several times, kicked and squirmed frantically, but the dark tinted windows prevented passing traffic from observing her sexy struggles.

Inevitably, he would park, enter the back of the limousine, and holding her soft and curvy body against his, cover her mouth with chloroform, taunting her as she fell limp in his arms. As she slipped into unconsciousness, his hands would cup her breasts, run slowly up her thighs, and feel beneath her skirt. At last – she was his to play with. No one could save her now.
It took him two days to get his beautiful captive to the old warehouse by the boat docks where Dino had instructed him to dump her body. Time and time again, the Driver thought about the gentle curves of the young reporter, her firm, high breasts, toned buttocks, and found himself conflicted – torn between obeying orders, and doing with the girl what he wanted to do.  This was his chance to get what was coming to him.

He dragged her out of the trunk, and placed her, at first unconscious, in an old wooden chair. He tied her wrists behind her back, with rope fastened around her waist. He bound her ankles, filled her teeth with a thick cloth cleave gag. For a moment, he paused to push the hair away from her face, then blind-folded her. He ran a hand up her exposed thighs with a smile, then tied them to the chair.

Working deliberately, the Driver put a large metal vat under her bare feet.  Pouring a large bag of cement into a nearby wheelbarrow, he mixed with water for several minutes until it reached the right consistency. Britney moaned, her body shifting softly in her sleep, as the Driver began to pour the large cement mixture into the metal vat, filling it up nearly to the top. Just to be sure, he chloroformed her again. He didn’t want her waking up while the cement was still setting.

Hours later, when Britney began to stir, the Driver watched from a nearby chair. The cement was hard as a rock around her feet. “Nnn-nnngggfff….” She moaned at first, her head moving from side to side.

“Nnn-nnnnggfff?!?” Britney couldn’t see anything. As the Driver watched, she tugged blindly at the ropes on her wrists, twisting her upper body to try and loosen the knots. Her movements only accentuated her impressive bust-line, and the delicious curves of her tight sweater.  Her hips turned from left to right, testing the ropes binding her to the chair, and trying to get leverage to stand up.

Then she realized it – her feet were encased in cement!  She couldn’t feel her high heels, couldn’t pull them free, and the weight of the vat was such she could barely move. She realized what was being planned, and screamed into her gag,

“Nnnnn-NNNNGGFFF! NNNNH!” squirming and struggling desperately, looking for escape before her executioner returned.  Her screams turned into pitiful sobs, “Nnnn-nnnhh! Plllsssshh!” and the Driver rose to address her.

“No one knows you’re here, Cheerleader” he started, watching her freeze as she realized she was not alone in the dark room.  Britney stopped struggling, her full chest rising and falling quickly as she struggled to breathe through the thick gag. “and I’m supposed to throw your hot little ass in the bay.”

He walked up to the girl, and pulled the blindfold off of Britney’s face. She blinked quickly, then looked  up at him, desperately, pleading, eyes full of tears. “That is of course, unless you want to negotiate. Perhaps you got something, to, um, offer me?” The Driver’s eyes moved meaningfully down her tight sweater to her narrow waist and long, toned legs.

Playfully, he pulled down her gag. He loved playing this game – he’d done it many times before. As expected, Britney gasped, and looked at him with tearful, hopeful eyes, “I’ll do anything. Please don’t kill me! Just, let me go, and I’ll do anything you want. Please, don’t hurt me.”

The Driver had heard many of his victims beg, but none had ever been as beautiful as this one. Her eyes were blue, hair golden, skin flawless. His eyes dropped to the short skirt, and firm, round breasts. She was beautiful, unspoiled, even after the abuse she’d suffered at the hands of Bruno’s men.

“Sorry, doll. Dino pays to well for me to disobey his orders…”

The Driver stuffed the thick white gag back between her teeth, and pulling it tight, knotted it painfully tight behind her neck. “NNNNNGGHHH?!?” Britney screamed in pain, shaking her head, confused. He untied the ropes around her thighs and pulled her up, stumbling, feet firmly encased in cement.

With a grunt, the Driver dragged the struggling girl towards a nearby table. The metal vat full of hardened cement dragged across the floor. He enjoyed feeling her skin, her long legs twisting against him and squirming to pull free. He pushed her up against the table, and bent her upper body over it.  With an experienced hand, he pulled down her thin lace panties, and lifted her short pleated skirt.

The Driver positioned himself squarely behind the Britney Steven’s toned buttocks. Laughing, he grabbed the squealing girl’s blonde hair in one fist, and prepared to thrust into her.

“…but it doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun first!”