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October 06, 2017, 03:41:59 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Damn nice chapter! This could have been the point when Britney learned that some of the cops are involved in the cover up of her disappearance

officer- "she in the back?"
"Then let me get the road closed until you guys are at the cabin!"
"Great I'll tell the boss when we get moving again!"
The car drives off and the driver relays the message "Remind me to pass the good officer some more in next week's packet!" Smiles on their faces "Well sweetcheeks  looks like you're ours for the whole weekend, may be longer!"

October 07, 2017, 09:51:15 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

You guys are so devious! ;)

I just may make an edit -- to increase the suffering and betrayal of our poor heroine!

Watch for more!

XOXO Britney

October 09, 2017, 03:06:55 AM
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Offline vile8r

The new edit is awesome, Britney! LOVE IT!  ;D

October 09, 2017, 07:11:38 AM
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Offline gscmar64

Britney there was nothing wrong with the original way you had it! I'm honoured that you used a line from my prior post. 

October 10, 2017, 11:36:40 PM
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Offline Britney Stevens

It was after dark when the limo arrived.

No one was around to hear the tires roll up the gravel road that led to the secluded driveway that hid the spacious cabin.  No one heard the doors open, and the rough laughter of the jumpsuit-clad convicts as they threw out beer bottles, and stepped out of the jet-black sedan.

No one heard the muffled screams of the shapely, athletic girl, her mouth stuffed and wrapped in duct tape, wrists bound behind her back, pushed roughly out of the car. Her long legs were fully exposed, nothing but a thin remnant of her torn pencil skirt scarcely covering her hips. Back arched, her full breasts bounced as she stumbled to maintain her balance.
Her eyes darted frantically into the darkness for any hope of escape, but there was no one to help her. Victor pulled the thin nylon cord tied tightly around her neck, forcing her to walk awkwardly towards the dark building. No one heard her protests, her muffled pleas for mercy. No one saw the men slap her buttocks as she stumbled up the steps, laughing as she wiggled to avoid them.

No one saw her wide eyes look helplessly back as she was pulled inside. No one, that is, but the Driver. He leaned against the limo, lit a cigarette and watched the last of the men go inside.  He knew what toys Mob Boss Dino had given them, and he knew the weekend of suffering Britney Stevens was about to endure. He smiled as he thought to himself what they would do to the shapely blonde.

He would get his chance, he thought to himself, when they were done taking turns.

Britney blinked as they entered the cabin, her wide blue eyes looking nervously around.

The tall black Victor pulled her roughly behind him, the rope tied in a tight noose around her neck, forcing her to stumble just a step behind.  She would have screamed out in protest, but the men had stuffed her panties and two pairs of semen-stained boxers between her teeth, sealing the thick mass inside her lips with tightly-wound duct tape over her mouth.

“Mmm-MMMPPH!” She whined. Her body was sore from multiple hours of assault. Her nipples were sore from being pinched and prodded, her breasts from being groped.  But as she twisted her wrists against the ropes, and looked around the rough, muscular men, she knew that her ordeal was far from over.  She was alone, bound and gagged, in a remote cabin, with criminals who had promised to make her suffer, and were ready to kill her if she did not comply with their every desire.

Britney’s eyes followed Bruno as he looked through the kitchen. Every shelf was fully stocked with food. There were cold beers in the refrigerator, bags of groceries on the counter.  A change of clothes for each of them. Bruno glanced back at the men, grinning, and Britney felt his eyes linger on her naked curves. Her cheeks burned as he said “Make yourselves at home, boys! This is all for us!”

Suddenly Britney felt a jerk on the rope around her neck. It was Victor, pulling her towards a large wooden beam that ran the length of the room. Protesting and struggling, she was helpless to resist as two of the men threw the rope over the beam, and secured it tightly. They stopped to grope her a little. She twisted and squirmed, her toes barely touching the ground, her exposed breasts and torn skirt turning in full display to the men. Desperately, she struggled to breathe, the noose tight and her mouth packed full with saliva-soaked cloth.

“MMMMMFF” Britney screamed, but the men just stepped away. Enjoying the show as she struggled, grabbing a beer, they laughed as she twisted, her charms on full display.

At that moment, the Driver entered, carrying two large black duffel bags. Britney squirmed to get a good view of their contents as he opened them for the men to inspect. “Mr. Dino wanted to make sure you had plenty of… accessories… for the weekend’s entertainment.” He began, unzipping the first bag.

Britney twisted, her body arched painfully, her eyes straining to see.  “MmNNNFF?!?” She mumbled, moaning with disbelief as she saw the contents. Whips, gags, restraints, and enormous plastic shapes in the form of penises were pulled from the bag with knowing laughter and taunts.  Victor pulled out a brown bottle filled with blue pills. He grinned at the men knowingly, then held up the bottle so Britney could see. “We have Viagra, men! A whole fuckin’ weekend’s worth!”

Bruno was pleased. He nodded to the Driver. “What’s in the other bag?” He asked.

The Driver smiled, his eyes glancing back lustfully at the dangling naked captive just a few feet away. “Just a few things we took from Miss Britney Steven’s apartment. We thought you might enjoy them.” Britney swallowed, struggling to breathe, her eyes wide as the bag was opened. What could they have stolen from her apartment? Why did they bring these things here… to this place?

Bruno looked inside the bag for a moment, and then, smiled. He pulled a fistful of thin lace panties and thigh-high stockings, the kind she had worn that day to flirt with the court’s attorney. “Mmm-NNRF!” Britney protested, her thoughts suddenly reminded of the date she had hoped to have that night, just a few hours ago. Bruno and the men nodded in appreciation. They would put this sexy attire to use on her, whether she wanted to – or not. “Nice. I like this!”

Pausing for effect, Bruno then pulled out a short pleated skirt and tight sweater, the same one Britney had used months ago to tease poor Cody, using her looks to get information out of him. It was daringly short, and Britney had used her sexy figure to get what she wanted. But now, tonight, it was all going wrong. The men would force her to wear this outfit – and get what they wanted.

Desperately, Britney tugged on the ropes, groaning into her mouth-filling gag. Her curvaceous body twisted, on tip toe to avoid choking. “Mnn-NNF!” What else was in that bag – was there anything that might stop her from being forcibly raped again and again by this mob of desperate men? 

Bruno reached inside the bag for the final item, and when she saw it, Britney froze in fear. She knew how men would react to this outfit. She’d seen it before. She’d used it to her advantage when she could, but now she knew she was trapped, and this final item sealed her doom. They had found the one outfit that would guarantee multiple, repeated assaults by every man in the room.

It was her two-piece college cheerleader uniform, its brightly colored halter top with the words ‘Tigers’ written across the front, too-short pleated skirt, panties, and matching knee high socks. Bruno whistled when he saw it, and the men gathered around, hooting and hollering their approval. “We HAVE A WINNER!” Bruno laughed, holding up the skimpy outfit for all of them to see.

Britney dropped her eyes in defeat. She could barely breathe. Suddenly Bruno walked up to her, grabbing her hair, pulling her back, holding the outfit up to her wide, blue eyes. He whispered, his hot breath just inches from her skin. “If you want to live, you’re going to wear this little number, Cheerleader…. And you’re not taking it off until we’re done with you.”

He released her, and Britney whimpered weakly, her wrists sore, defeated. Bruno released the rope around her neck, and she fell weakly to her knees. 

“Take her to the Rape Room”, Bruno said, “This party’s just getting started!”