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March 04, 2015, 09:08:24 AM
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March 05, 2015, 12:46:37 AM
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That was a great fuck scene Britney!

March 05, 2015, 07:06:59 AM
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They're only just getting warmed up...

Stay tuned for what they do next!  *shudder*

March 05, 2015, 09:38:55 AM
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If I could LIKE this Story 1,000,000 times, I would!!!

Tony V.           

March 15, 2015, 12:39:08 AM
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Britney sobbed into her saliva-soaked gag, her eyes pleading for mercy as the bearded man stood victoriously in front of her, stroking his vein-covered member back to a full erection. 

Wildly, she looked at each of the men, hoping that one might spare her the next humiliation. Her pink sweater and underwear now hung in shreds on her naked, toned curves, every inch of her exposed skin was exposed to the probing eyes of the rough, muscular men who surrounded her. Her body was glistening with sweat, aroused by the intense, pounded attack of the first thug. She blushed as the men’s eyes rested on her full round breasts and red, erect nipples.

“Mmm-MMMRRPH!” Britney screamed, eyes red with tears, as the bearded man’s erection grew bigger.

A trickle of cum seeped down between her thighs, and for a moment, she felt her knees buckle from her ordeal. She gasped frantically into the thick cloth,
swallowing desperately as the rope tightened around her neck, and caught her short. The man by the workbench stepped forward with a knife, and Britney stumbled, screaming, her bound ankles twisting to keep from strangling.

“I’ll keep her busy. Can’t let you have all the fun!” a deep voice said behind her.

Britney glanced desperately behind her. Stepping out from the shadows, the large black guard removed his t-shirt, revealing a powerful, chiseled upper body, every inch toned and firm.  The front of his pants was bulging uncomfortably. Britney screamed, squirming on the ropes as he unzipped his pants, and pulled his thick dark-skinned swollen member between her buttocks.

She whimpered, tugging on the ropes, twisting her bound elbows, still hoping for rescue. She’d never been with a black man. His erection was enormous, his body thick and muscular, unlike anything she’d ever seen before. Her father had always forbidden her to date any of the “Negroes” on the football team, but now bound, gagged, naked and alone – there was no escape.

The black man didn’t waste time. He grabbed her short blond ponytail, pulling her head painfully back with the strength of his grip, and pushed himself powerfully inside ---

“mmmm-MMMMMMRRRRPHH!!!” Britney screamed

The man with the knife approached, eyeing them coldly, even as the black man’s hands gripped her hips more tightly. He eased slowly back out of her, then push back powerfully. She was wet and his immense erection slipped in and out of her, increasing her arousal with each thrust. He slipped out a few inches, then holding her hips, he pushed back inside deeper… deeper… and deeper!

“NFFFF…NNFFFF…NFFFRRRFFF!!” Her slender, curved body bounced with each thrust, her round, firm breasts bouncing almost playfully as she twisted and struggled. He … was… so… BIG!

Britney eyed the man with the knife. Her head forced back by the strength of her new attacker, she could only watch helplessly – her body bouncing with each thrust between her legs - as he slipped the knife under the duct tape and began to cut it free.  He unwrapped the tape and loosened the cleave gag, his fingers reaching between her lips to pull the moist cloth jammed between her teeth.

For a moment, she hoped he would let her talk, let her plead for mercy, somehow escape the brutal assault she was enduring. But as the cloth was pulled free, momentarily releasing the ache in her jaw, she saw the large metal ring with leather strap and buckle.

“Unnnh…. P-please….unnhh….” She grunted, her body rocking forward and back. The black man tightened his grip on her ponytail, thrusting harder, “Unnn… d-don’t…unnnhh…p-please…unnngh!”

If there had been any pity in his heart, he didn’t show it as he slipped the metal ring into her mouth, forcing her jaw wide, and tightly buckled the strap behind her neck.  Her pouting red lips were forced into an open position, her teeth unable to bite down.  The gag allowed her to breathe, but almost immediately she realized the horrifying reason for this new device.

“Aaa-gggghhh…” She gasped, eyes wide, “GLL-AAAGGHH!”

With a grin, the man with the knife returned to his workbench. With a grin, the bearded thug stepped forward, the moistened tip of his erection just inches from Britney’s open mouth. Britney tried to pull away, but the black man held her ponytail, even as the bearded man approached from the front.

“Ready for two at once?” The bearded man grinned.

April 17, 2015, 12:04:04 AM
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With one powerful movement, Bruno thrust his engorged penis through the thick ring gag between Britney’s trembling lips, the full length of his erection reaching the back of her throat.

His foreskin was moist and salty, glistening with cum. He laughed as she coughed and sputtered, whimpering, her shapely body quivering as she stumbled and lost her balance. Her eyes went wide with fear as the noose tightened around her neck, her pert nose forced up against his crotch. He felt her tongue licking him involuntarily as she struggled to breathe.

“GLLLGGH!!” He heard her gasp, “GLLLLGGGHH!!!”

“Gonna have to suck if you want to live” He laughed, grabbing her blond ponytail as he began pushing himself in and out, her head bobbing involuntarily, saliva and drool sputtering. “Start sucking!”

Carlos picked up a video camera and began filming as the two men continued their brutal assault on the toned and shapely cheerleader. She was hopelessly trapped between them, her nubile body pushed inward like an accordion with each powerful thrusts of their hips.  The men straddled her powerfully, one bobbing her ponytail up and down, the other pushing himself into her generous hips.

Britney screamed at the intensity of their two-pronged attack. Her pink sweater lay in tatters around her naked shoulders. Aaron’s large hands groped and fondled her perfectly round breasts, his breath hot on her neck. She felt the pleasure grow with each thrust of his hips in side of her. Her long, tanned legs twisted desperately at the ankles, unable to stop the Viagra-fueled assault.

“NNgghh…” She gasped, “Nnnggh….gglllgghh…..gggaahhh!”

April 22, 2015, 01:09:40 AM
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Awesome stuff Britney! Just awesome!

May 05, 2015, 11:31:30 AM
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The desperate cheerleader squealed and moaned, her muffled screams echoing off the high ceilings of the abandoned warehouse, as the men punished her athletic body.

Britney felt each powerful thrust of the black thug behind her, her arousal growing wetter as his stiff erection filled the hole between her thighs.  His hands groped and fondled her firm, round breasts, squeezing them with rough intensity. With increasingly loud grunts, he pushed himself deeper, sliding in and out rhythmically, harder and faster, his groin slapping loudly against her toned, jiggling buttocks. Britney sobbed at the unwelcome feeling of pleasure he had created in her.

“Fucking stupid cheerleader reporter”, the black man grunted, “Found yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, didn’t you?  Blonde bimbo – at least you’re good for one thing…!”
If Britney wanted to respond, but couldn’t – her head was bobbing up and down the swollen shaft of the bearded attacker’s cum-soaked penis. Saliva dripped from the corners of her red, ring-gagged lips and dripped to the floor. Her jaw ached from the leather band that forced her teeth wide.  Her soft cheeks were puffed from the over-tight strap, her wide, tear-filled eyes looking desperately for escape.

But there was no escape for her. He held her firmly by the ponytail, his grip on her hair painful and commanding, forcing her up and down his organ.  Her eyes were wide as she struggled to breathe, gasping with a desperate “slorp-slorp” as the thick flesh was forced down her throat.

Only once before had Britney performed oral sex on a boy – that night in the drive-in with the star quarterback. She promised herself that she would do anything to have him for herself, and when he unzipped his pants, she bent over him to dutifully comply. But it had been quick and over in a few minutes. These men, however, showed no sign of stopping.  The Viagra has swollen their members, making them larger, longer, and stiffer, painful – and unstoppable.

She thought about Cody back at the newspaper office. She should never have flirted with him, used her body to get the story. He had been right – this story was too dangerous to tackle by herself. Now, bound, helpless, raped and alone, she had no choice but to suffer, and hopefully survive. Her survival instincts kicked in. She bent her knees to give the black thug a better entry position and reduce the pain. She began sucking and licking her bearded attacker, hoping it would all end soon.

The bearded man noticed, “Hey! The perky bitch knows how to suck” he laughed, bobbing her ponytail faster and harder on his erect rod, “C’mon baby, make me cum!”
The men pumped and thrusted harder, ignoring the choking gasps and muffled moans of pain from the slim, toned cheerleader sandwiched between them.  She twisted on the ropes, struggling to stay conscious as the ropes tightened around her neck, and the attack grew more and more intense.

“Mmmm… I’m cumming…unngh….oh, yeah” She heard the man behind her say, just as her own arousal reached a strangely pleasurable peak, almost to orgasm.  She felt him push and thrust faster, then paused as he groaned, and a strange warm liquid poured inside of her. He pulled out, and let himself spurt all over her exposed buttocks and thighs. “….Oh, yeah….” He moaned.

Meanwhile, her bearded attacker was nearly there. His nine-inch staff was firm and erect, filling the entirety of her mouth. With disgust, she tasted the semen as it took on a life of its own, jerking and spasming inside her ring-gagged mouth. With a grin, he pulled out, letting his bodily fluid explode on her face, pumping thick liquid onto her soft cheeks, and her helpless, desperate expression.

Eventually, the two men pulled away, laughing, leering at their cum-soaked, defeated prisoner. She hung there, twisting in the tight ropes, trying to keep her balance, panties around her bound ankles, sweater torn in pieces, her arms aching from the elbow ropes. She could barely stay conscious.

The man with the camera stepped forward, and threw towels at the other two men.  “That’s enough for now” he grinned, “boss will be here in an hour. Let’s clean her up - and get her ready for what's coming to her!"

May 05, 2015, 12:26:46 PM
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Looking forward to seeing what her fate will be.

May 05, 2015, 05:38:50 PM
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Dammit Britney! I LOVE YOU! LOL! What a great story!

May 05, 2015, 06:55:54 PM
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Next chapter is the beginning of the end --

...and it doesn't end well for poor Britney! *gulp*

May 14, 2015, 10:24:20 PM
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May 16, 2015, 01:40:23 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Britney moaned into the thick wad of cloth filling her mouth.

Desperately she forced her tongue up against the two pairs of cum-soaked boxers jammed between her teeth, to keep from suffocating. The salty taste of semen, mixed with saliva filled her mouth, forced her to swallow frantically every few minutes. She tried to move her jaw, but moist cloth filled every inch of her mouth, and three layers of tightly-wound silver duct tape around her head held everything in place.

She moaned. It felt as if the entire bottom half of her face was immobilized.  Frantically she breathed through her nose, and tried to get her bearings through the dark burlap sack tied over her head.  She could see nothing from a dim light bulb above the mattress above her, and dark shadows of the empty room where she was now bound to the metal frame bed.

Instinctively, she tried to reach her hands up to pull the choking gag out of her mouth, but they were tightly bound behind her back, wrists crossed, with rope binding her elbows, and other ropes pulled painfully tight across her naked breasts and soft, toned waist. She arched her back, twisted her shapely upper body, but could not pull them free from the thin cotton cords holding them tight. Once again she felt a rope tighten around her neck, and she fell back, frustrated, to keep from choking.

Once again, she tried to close her legs, but her naked lower body was exposed spread-eagle, handcuffs tightly fastening each ankle to a metal post, which rattled as she tugged on them. The only piece of clothing she was still wearing – her white knee high socks – rubbed against the cold metal, and as she struggled Britney realized what a turn-on this must be for the rough men who held her captive.

The men had enjoyed their work. They had continued to probe and fondle her squirming, shapely body, as they lowered her from the noose, and dragged her into the room with the metal frame bed. She had tried to struggle, realizing only too late that her pitiful efforts only excited them more. They raped her two more times, her body bouncing beneath them on the mattress, before tying her firmly to the bed.

Now – left alone in the room – all she could hear was the low buzzing.  She felt the stimulating sensation on her nipples from the small vibrators duct-taped to her breasts. She could not jiggle them free, they remained there punishing and exciting her. But that was nothing compared to the vibrator tied between her legs. Britney moaned and thrust her hips, desperately trying not to cum as the vibration intensified with each passing minute. She couldn't last much longer. She was wet and aroused, closer and closer to orgasm...

“Mmmfff….mmmmfff…MMMMFFF!” she groaned, her body twisting against the ropes.

Suddenly she felt a presence in the room. A human figure standing there, watching her. Angrily, she pulled on the ropes, kicked her legs to rattle her bindings. She tried to sit up, to cover herself, but felt again the rope tightening around her neck. Who was this man? What did he want?

“Did you enjoy your little welcome party?” A familiar voice asked. Britney could not believe her ears. For a moment she froze, her mind not processing, not wanting to believe what she was hearing. “I told you, you shouldn’t follow this story. But you’re so gullible. You did anyway…”

His hands reached for the black bag over Britney’s head, and pulled if off with a flourish. Britney’s eyes went wide as they adjusted and settled on the smiling, triumphant figure in front of her. 

“…I guess you got the scoop!”  Cody said.

May 16, 2015, 08:32:47 AM
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Great twist Britney! This story is one of my faves!

May 16, 2015, 09:28:06 PM
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Thanks, Vile--

I'll just imagine you're Cody in the final sweat-drenched chapter.... :)

Stay tuned! 


May 17, 2015, 09:16:47 AM
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Thanks, Vile--

I'll just imagine you're Cody in the final sweat-drenched chapter.... :)

Stay tuned! 

Damn! I would love to be Cody!  ;D

May 21, 2015, 11:35:47 PM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Cody laughed as he watched Britney’s tear-stained eyes jerk open with shock and surprise.

It was amusing for him to see her like this – finally – the stuck-up skank who had teased him with her body, and used short skirts to flirt with every other guy in the office.  He took a moment to drink in every inch of her naked, struggling body.  Still not comprehending, Britney coughed and sputtered into her thick, mouth-filling gag. Her pleading expression was comical above soft, puffed cheeks wrapped with multiple layers of tight silver duct tape. Her firm, round breasts jiggled as she bounced on the mattress. They were firm and erect, pushed towards him by the tight knots around her elbows and upper body. Her curvaceous hips twisted with each tug on the ropes. Most importantly, her firm, toned thighs were helplessly spread wide and she was very, very wet.

“I warned you this story was dangerous” Cody smiled, his fingers tracing the toned, smooth skin of her shapely legs. Britney jerked and spasmed, the handcuffs around her ankles clanging helplessly.

His fingers moved higher – and higher – his hand moving playfully up her soft inner thigh. Britney protested, her voice nothing more than a muffled grunt as he kneeled beside her on the mattress.  She tried to pull away, but then moaned involuntarily as his gentle fingers touched her intimately between her legs. She closed her eyes, sobbing, protesting her intense arousal.

“All year you’ve been in control, eh Britney”” Cody purred, his fingers fondling her up and down. Britney moaned again, hips fighting, back arched. She was trying to avoid looking at him, “Wearing your short skirts and tight sweaters. Sleeping with the football team. Stealing your best friend’s boyfriend…”

Cody mounted the mattress and straddled Britney’s toned, naked body. Roughly he pulled the duct tape off her nipples, removed the small vibrators, and ran his fingers over the hard, erect nipples. He stared directly into her frightened, disbelieving eyes as he fondled the mounds of flesh between his hands. He bent over her struggling naked form, and sucked the most sensitive of spots.

“Nnnn-nnnnnfffff!” She moaned, her back arching, body rising unwillingly to meet his.

“What’s that, Britney?” Cody laughed, his hands pressing her firm 38D cups together, his thumbs caressing her nipples. “You thought you were in control because your tight cheerleader outfit could get you an internship at the campus paper?  You only got the job because Professor Singleton enjoyed looking up your miniskirt..!”

Britney looked at him desperately, her eyes on the mammoth bulge between his legs. She could feel it pressing on her spread-eagle thighs. She tugged on the ropes, tried to pull her legs together. Cody would not stop. Now he was removing the duct tape between her legs, pulling the humming vibrator free.

“Well, now it’s my turn. You see, I hired these men. I paid them to punish you. I paid them to rape you, to teach you a lesson about who’s really in control now.” Cody’s hands had moved lower, tracing the curves of her buttocks, hips. His eyes locked on the glistening wetness between her legs, and began unzipping his bulging jeans. Britney tried to look away. Frantically, she tried to pull away, but the rope tightened around her neck, and his weight pressed her down.

“Now you’re going to cum… and come hard… your shapely cheerleader body giving me whatever pleasure I ask for.”  With that, Cody removed his briefs, and Britney couldn’t stifle a surprised gasp when his mammoth erection emerged like a flagpole between her legs.  He positioned himself between her twisting, struggling hips, her legs still fighting him, metal clanging on metal. 

“There’s no one to save you now.”

With that, Cody thrust inside of Britney with a powerful push of his strong, muscular hips. Spread, wet, and aroused, there was nothing to prevent Cody’s rod from plunging inside of Britney to the hilt, filling the opening of his screaming, moaning prisoner.


Britney screamed as she felt him enter her, the pleasurable sensation she could no longer resist nor prevent. Her whole body was on fire. She bit down on the cloth between her teeth at the surge of pleasure his assault created inside of her.

Cody grabbed her by the ponytail, and looked directly at her bright blue eyes as he thrust inside of her a second time, then a third, each time penetrating deeper and more powerfully. He smiled as he felt her body respond. She tried to look away, but another moan of pleasure escaped.

“Unnhh…. Think you’re… unngh… in control now, Britney?  Unnnhhh… no, I am….”

He thrust faster, slowly accelerating, smiling as her body began to respond. There was no rush. No one knew the naked, helpless cheerleader was bound and gagged in the back room of an unused warehouse. Her friends had not been notified. Her muffled moans echoed against the empty walls.

“I don’t need … a blue pill…. To keep me up… Britney… your tight little ass does it… for… me!”

Each word was punctuated by a vengeful thrust, and each time Britney felt her body surging faster towards orgasm. All night she had fought it. All night she hadn’t wanted these awful men to see her cum. But now, her body was wet and ready, and her hips began responding to Cody’s firm, powerful thrusts. Her breasts were swollen, nipples erect. She was cumming… and he knew it.

“That’s it… you stupid flirt… let’s… cum….together…unnnghh!”

Suddenly, her body took over. Britney felt every inch of her bound, trembling body pulse with pleasure. Cody humped her faster, his thrusting member suddenly helped as her hips rose up to meet him each time.  Her breath came faster, her shapely breasts rose and fell with intense passion. She groaned into her mouth-filling gag as the most powerful orgasm of her life exploded inside of her.


Cody dumped his wad inside of Britney. He felt the warm surge of pleasure as semen exploded in her moist warm, body, but kept humping her with brute force until every drop was drained out of him. Britney’s body was still trembling, her body was covered in perspiration. Her nipples hard.

He pulled out and watched as Britney squirm on the mattress, her muffled moans barely audible through the gag. Her chest rose and fell, her body weak and no longer able to fight. She couldn’t look at him, but Cody didn’t care. Every inch of her was perfect. Every inch of her belonged to him.

He grabbed Britney by the ponytail, forcing her to look directly at him. He positioned his naked, muscular body again between her spread thighs. She looked at him in fear, and he smiled victoriously.

“Let’s do that again.”


The next day the campus paper ran the front page: “CHEERLEADER REPORTER – MISSING’.

It was the talk of every sorority and classroom. The girls asked themselves, what happened to Britney? Where is she? Who could have done this? The boys talked amongst themselves, checking out the hot photos of the pretty blonde, and fantasized what they would have done with her if it had been them who abducted her. No one noticed the calm, confident step of the newspaper’s lead reporter, Cody. He showed up late that morning, and hurried home quickly after work.

Only he knew the truth: that the schools’ hottest cheerleader, the one every boy wanted to sleep with, was bound and gagged, stripped and naked in his dark, cement-lined basement, legs spread and squirming helplessly against a vibrator pulsing and throbbing inside of her. He knew she’d be wet when he came home, and would give him exactly the night of pleasure he deserved.


May 21, 2015, 11:42:59 PM
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God damn! The climax of your story lived up to all my expectations and then some! Well done Britney!

May 22, 2015, 12:05:34 AM
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*Takes a bow*

Thank you ... and goodnight!


May 22, 2015, 08:19:26 AM
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verry nice storry britney. i like the end a lot