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February 06, 2015, 12:51:40 AM

Offline Britney Stevens

It was Britney’s first big assignment… she was not going to blow it!

For months, the pretty young blond had worked as a college intern at the local paper: shuffling papers, filing invoices, and making coffee for the big city reporters who covered the crime beat.  Patiently she waited for her turn, her chance to cover an important story, one that really mattered!

It wasn’t hard for her to get attention at the office or on the street.  She was barely 20 years old, slender and athletic, with a killer body that years of cheerleader practice had shaped in all the right places. Her firm round breasts pressed invitingly from beneath a tight form-fitting sweater. Her playfully pleated mini-skirts were designed to turn men’s heads, and she laughed to herself each time she caught them peeking at the curve of her smooth legs and attractive boots.

One of the boys at the paper, Cody, had a big crush on her. She had caught him watching her as she checked her hair, or bending over the broken copier. Several times he had asked her out, but she refused politely. He was cute, but she had no time to get involved, that is until the day he had walked in with a tip from the Police Department.

“Cody, what’s that?” She said, eyes on the paper in his hand. She offered him a friendly smile. “Is that an all-points bulletin from City Hall?”

Cody glanced around secretly, “You can’t tell anyone about this, Britney! The police have tracked a gang of white traffickers to the warehouse district south of town. They’re looking for evidence of their location – it’ll be a big story for whoever finds them.”

Britney’s big blue eyes went wide, then thinking quickly, moved closer to Cody, “You’ll let me read it, won’t you, Cody?  Just for fun?” She giggled flirtatiously, touching him playfully.

“I don’t know, Britney… it’s dangerous…”

Britney laughed. She pressed her breasts against him, hand reaching for the note. “C’mon. No one needs to know. It will be our little secret.” His hand was on his. She could feel his heart racing.

“Okay” he gave it to her with a sigh, glancing back towards the Editor’s office. Britney quickly scanned the contents, gasping to herself. “I know where this is – we can so find these guys”.

Britney headed toward the door, her short flirty skirt twirling as she turned. She caught his eyes tracing the curve of her thighs. “I’m gonna get this scoop, Cody. Just watch!”

February 06, 2015, 10:31:09 PM
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Offline vile8r

Mmmmmm, love the beginning! Can't wait to see where this goes. Good job Britney!

February 08, 2015, 04:18:58 PM
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very nice britney can hardly wait fer whats next

February 14, 2015, 11:47:29 PM
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Offline Britney Stevens

The three men watched each other warily as they entered the warehouse.

They had all received the same letter: $15,000 for one night’s work, no questions asked.  The muscular, rough-looking men looked cautiously around the shadowy room. They trust each other; and didn’t trust the mysterious boss who had brought them there. 

Bruno was the first to speak up. Six foot four, bearded, heavy-set, he turned to the other men, sizing them up for strength. He’d spent ten years behind bars for kidnapping and aggravated assault, and there his mammoth size and powerful fists brought him respect from his fellow inmates. He was ready for some payback, and a little cash to get back on the road. “What is this? Some kind of trap?”

Aaron slapped his fists together, his leather gloves pounding against each other with the sound of a thunderclap.  A broad-shouldered, six foot tall black gang-banger like him usually got immediate respect from his fellow drug dealers on the street, and he wasn’t about to show how much he needed the extra money to pay back a deal gone bad.  He had raped, tortured to get what he wanted. He would do what he had to re-build his street cred. “I know how to deal with him if he ain’t legit”.

Leaning against the wall, Carlos lit a cigarette. He eyed the two muscle-bound thugs and watched them as they argued. He wondered why he had been called. Handsome and charming in other circumstances, he was no enforcer, but had gained a certain reputation with the mob for his creativity with restraint, torture, and interrogation. If this was legit, it was clear their contractor had a certain – victim – in mind. “We’ll know soon enough. He’s here.”

Just then the door opened, causing Bruno, Aaron, and Carlos to stiffen and turn, fist clenched and ready to confront their mysterious host.  The man entered, his thin frame dressed in black, wearing a ski mask that disguised his identity. Three envelopes were in his hand.  He walked towards them with confidence, moving toward the dim light and a small table.

“Thank you all for coming. I assure you this job will be – most enjoyable.” As he spoke, he handed each of them a small envelope. “When the job is done, you’ll each be able to walk free - fifteen thousand dollars richer, no questions asked.”

Each of the men tore open their envelopes, surprised to see five thousand in cash and a glossy photo of a pretty blond cheerleader, barely twenty years old.  He watched with a smile, as their eyes traced the curves of her figure to the shapely legs barely covered by the pleated miniskirt.

“What is this?” Bruno blurted, not taking his eyes off the attractive co-ed.

“Her name is Britney Stevens, cheerleader and reporter for the campus paper. She’s a thorn in my side,” the man in black smiled, “I want you to teach her a lesson – as creatively as you can.”

Carlos eyed the photo with glee. His imagination was racing on ways to restrain those slender legs and shapely figure. Already the shopping list was growing: nylon ropes, thick rags, duct tape, handcuffs, chains. This girl was built for pleasure – his pleasure – and he planned on making the most of his time with her. “What’s the catch?” He asked, looking up at the masked client.

Bruno felt the hard-on just staring at the girl’s firm, round breasts and cheerful, clueless smile. He’d always dreamed of fucking a cheerleader. Now he was being paid to do it for real.

“None.” The masked man smiled, “Just don’t kill her. You can have your fun – make her suffer - then chain her to the bed for me when I arrive.” He clicked on a light. At the far end of the hallway was a room with a metal-framed bed and tattered mattress.

 Aaron counted the money. The cash was all there, and the girl was hotter than he’d ever seen.  “All this money to gang-rape your little blond bitch?” 

The man in black nodded, smiling. He knew he had them. This would be a wonderful night for them – and night of horror for the unsuspecting Britney Stevens.

February 15, 2015, 08:10:48 AM
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Offline Plaything

February 15, 2015, 11:17:05 PM
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Offline vile8r

Britney, I know you probably have a visualization already in your head for how Britney looks, when the men are looking at her pic, but I just wanted to show you the one I had for her! Great story so far!

February 16, 2015, 07:46:34 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

It was after sunset, and Britney felt a chill in the air.

She had parked her VW bug just beyond the outer gate, in an alley where it couldn’t be seen from the road. The entrance was heavily guarded, so she followed the fence towards the back of the warehouse looking for a weakness she could exploit.  If the tip was true – and these men were hardened criminals – she had to avoid being seen at all costs!

She felt her heart beat in her chest as she stalked the compound, taking care to stay behind the cover of old crates, dumpsters, and parked vans.  Her ponytail bounced attractively as she ran nervously between the shadows, short pleated skirt swaying against her firm, toned hips with each carefully-placed step. This was no place for a girl, she knew, but she was going to get the evidence the paper needed!

For a moment she stopped to pull her camera from her handbag. As she snapped a few pictures of the dark warehouse, she imagined what Cody was thinking right now. She knew he had a crush on her, but there’s no way a girl like her could ever settle for a nerd like him! Sure he was cute, but ever since puberty, she’d had her pick of the guys she wanted.  They’d do anything for a quick peek up her skirt, or a moment alone with her in the back seat of their car. But that’s as far as she would let them go: they all wanted the same thing, and she knew how to use it to her advantage. 

Suddenly there was movement in the ground floor of the warehouse, a light went on, and she saw two men exit by the loading dock. Quickly she aimed the camera, and watched as the heavily-armed men unloaded material from a nearby van: ropes, chains, metal bars, pulleys, and a variety of other strange equipment she couldn’t recognize. 

She’d done it again – Cody’s infatuation had worked to her gain! For the first time, she had the scoop on a real crime story.  She had read his note, and given the clues in the wording, figured their hideout had to be the Old Paper Mill here by the river. Now – with the heavily-armed guards inside a seemingly-abandoned building – she knew she was in the right place.

Even better, they had left the loading dock door open, and Britney looked up and down the high, fence for a way to enter without being seen. Suddenly, she stopped. There it was, a portion of the chain link peeled away at the foundation, perhaps just enough for her slim, cheerleading-toned body to slip through. Quickly she knelt by the fence. Her breasts were the first obstacle, and her sweater and short skirt caught on the fence, but within a minute she had pulled herself through. She was in!

She glanced around, looking for security cameras, but there were none. Quietly, she pulled her camera out of her handbag, and palm sweating nervously, began advancing towards the open door.

“Hey! You!”

Britney froze when she heard the deep booming voice. She spun quickly, and saw that tall, black guard was just ten yards away, hand on his hip weapon, running quickly towards her.

Instinctively, she turned to run. He had blocked her escape towards the fence, so she ran in the opposite direction, towards the back of the warehouse. She was in good shape, toned from almost daily routines with the cheerleading team, and felt her breath quicken. There was no way he would catch her, but if he did, she gasped, there’s no telling what might happen to her!

Suddenly, a large shape loomed in front of her, and she stopped, eyes wide with surprise. It was the large, bearded man she’d seen on the loading dock, blocking her escape.  He grinned lecherously, his meaty hands at the ready. It was almost as if – he was expecting her?

“Going somewhere, pretty little thing?” He grinned.

Britney stumbled, and nearly fell, looking desperately for another way out, but it was too late. The tall, black guard caught up to her at just that moment, quickly grabbing her from behind. As she screamed, he planted a large dirty hand over her mouth, and another around her waist. Her scream was instantly muffled, barely audible in the darkness.

“Mmmmm-MMMMMRRRRPH!” she squealed, as the large bearded thug approached her kicking, struggling form with a toothy grin.

The bearded thug pulled a large dirty rag from his pocket, balled it up carefully, and forced it between Britney’s lips. Her jaw was forced wide by the mammoth cloth, and she nearly retched as she tasted the acrid taste of motor oil against her tongue. Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, he pulled another wad of cloth and forced her jaws even wide.

“MMM—FFFFFF!” Britney protested, her head shaking as she tried to pull free from the two strong men that were holding her. The bearded man simply smiled, pushed the cloth deeper, looking for any weak spots, then wrapped a third cloth around her head, pulling it tightly between her teeth in a painfully cleave gag, tugging the knot as tight as his muscles permitted.

“MMMMFFFF!” Britney squealed with the pain, her voice nothing but a muffled whimper. She could barely breathe, and she knew no one could hear her.

The black man had moved his grip to her elbows, pulling them tightly behind her. The movement forced her attractive breasts to press forward against the tight fabric of her sweater, and the bearded man took a moment to fondle her high, round breasts “My, my… we’ve got a pretty one, haven’t we?”

Reacting to his unwelcome touch, Britney kicked him angrily, one sneakered foot landing squarely against his shin. If he felt the pain, he didn’t show it. With a grunt, he reached over to a nearby crate for a long coil of white nylon rope. “Turn her around.”

The black guard obeyed, and within a minute, he had coiled the rope around her elbows, pulling them together with a tug and unbearable knot. Britney screamed into her gag, kicked and struggled, but their grip was too strong. “MMMM-mmmRRRPH” she howled as the rope was pulled tight, her breasts now permanently on display to their invasive hands.

A second later, she felt rope being pulled around her ankles. She squirmed and kicked, but now it was the bearded man who held her firm, his groping hands fondling her breasts as she protested.  Suddenly, she could no longer lift her legs, and she struggled to keep her balance.

“She’s not going anywhere” He smiled, his eyes on her smooth, toned legs, twisting and tugging against her bindings. As the bearded thugs held her, he ran his hands up her thighs and beneath her short skirt. Britney moaned with humiliation at his long, lingering touch.

“mmm-MMMFFF!” she whimpered.

“Let’s get her inside” The bearded thug scowled, his grip tightening.

He hoisted the bound and gagged girl over his shoulder, his hand on her ass, grinning as she squirmed and struggled against his unwelcome touch.  Watching her pleading eyes, the black guard picked up her handbag and held up her camera with a grin. “Where you’re going, you won’t need this…”

The last thing Britney saw as she was pulled into the warehouse was her camera smashed to the ground, broken into a dozen pieces.

February 17, 2015, 03:44:23 AM
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Offline vile8r

Wow! You've got me excited now Britney!

February 19, 2015, 12:28:04 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Thanks, Vile --

But you'll really need to check out Chapter Four.  Stay tuned--

Things seem to go from bad... to worse!

XOXO Britney

February 19, 2015, 07:53:10 AM
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Very good Ms. Britney!! I can't wait either!!

Tony V.             

February 19, 2015, 03:10:18 PM
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February 20, 2015, 03:57:19 PM
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February 23, 2015, 12:33:52 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Carlos smiled as the men carried the shapely co-ed into the warehouse.

They had done their work effectively: her elbows and wrists were tightly bound, her ankles bound with rope, and several layers of thick cloth forced her jaw impossibly wide. It must quite painful to have so much cloth in her mouth, he smiled to himself. He could barely hear the muffled sound of her frustrated protests as she squirmed desperately, while Bruno playfully slapped her exposed buttocks.

The photos hadn’t done her justice. The short pleated skirt revealed smooth, athletically toned legs that seemed to go on forever. Her flat stomach and narrow waist accentuated the pleasing curves of her upper body. She had firm, round breasts that pressed in mounds against the tight pink sweater top. She twisted, lifting her head to peer into the dim light of the room ahead of her. He saw her eyes go wide as she saw the chains and hooks hanging from the ceiling, masses of coiled rope, duct tape, and massive sex toys on his workbench.

“Mmmm-MMMRRPH?!?” the girl cried, frightened, gasping for breath.

Carlos nodded to Bruno, who pulled the wide-eyed co-ed from his shoulder and held her in the middle of the room. He handed Carlos her handbag, and Carlos made a show of looking through the contents as Bruno groped and fondled Britney’s breasts. She squealed helplessly with each touch.  Carlos ignored her muffled whimpers, looked at her photo ID.

“Miss Britney Stevens…” he began, smiling, “We don’t take kindly to trespassers in our business. I’m afraid in our work, we can’t afford to have… witnesses.”  One of Bruno’s hands moved from massaging her soft round breasts and slipped between her legs, fondling her clit. Britney screamed.

“I assume you believe that someone is going to hear you, Miss Stevens” he spoke, walking calmly to his work bench and picking up a roll of silver duct tape.  “Let me assure you – they will not.” Coldly he pulled a long strip and begin winding it around the lower half of Britney’s face.  Within a minute, the thick cloth stuffing and tightly knotted cleave gag was covered in tape. Her ponytail bounced as she shook her head, trying to move her immobilized jaw.

He reached for a piece of rope, and began tying it around Britney’s tightly-bound elbows. As she struggled and squirmed against Bruno’s penetrating fingers, Carlos pulled the rope tight in a knot and threw the loose end over a beam four feet above her. “You probably also think that you’ll find some way to escape, that we’ll let our guard down and you’ll be able to run away”.

He grabbed the other end of the rope, tied it into a simple noose. As Britney watched fearfully, tears welling up in her eyes, he placed it around her neck and pulled tight. The effect was that as she struggled, or tried to lower her elbows, the noose began to strangle her.  Her only choice was to try to stay as still as possible to stay alive. “I assure you, I am a professional. You will be completely unable to wriggle free of my bindings.”

Carlos stopped for a minute and watched as the shapely cheerleader, her elbows bound, squirmed and struggled desperately against the increasingly uncomfortable ropes. He again admired her shapely body, and soft, toned skin. Britney was forced to bend forward on tiptoes, and Aaron laughed as Bruno reached beneath her skirt, fondling her buttocks. With her mouth completely covered in duct tape, she could no longer protest.

“Finally, miss Britney” Carlos said, his hand reaching for a small plastic bottle from his workbench.  “You may believe that you will somehow escape from this warehouse without being forcibly raped multiple times by each of us? ” He held up the vial to her frightened and tear-filled eyes. The label read clearly: VIAGRA. “I assure you, that is not the case.”

Suddenly she understood.  Britney’s eyes darted frantically from him to each of her other attackers. It was then she noticed the mammoth bulges in their crotches, each growing larger by the second. She squirmed and tried to scream, but the noose and duct tape choked her cries.
Bruno reached beneath her skirt and jerked her panties down to her ankles.

“I’m going first!” He grinned.

February 23, 2015, 01:05:23 AM
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February 25, 2015, 02:13:12 PM
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February 26, 2015, 05:43:03 PM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Britney’s knees went weak at the first powerful thrust of his fingers inside of her.

“She’s dry, boys”, the vulgar man laughed, his fingers pushing deeper and faster as she squealed into the thick saliva-soaked cloth filling her mouth. “Gonna have to lube her up!”

It had been months since she’d last slept with a boy. The last time had been with the quarterback of the football team. She’d persuaded to come to her dorm room for a few drinks.  She remembered how he was completely under her control. She used her body, short skirts, and flirty looks to steal him away from his girlfriend for a night of personal pleasure. She got what she wanted, then broke up with him a week later. She remembered feeling so powerful…

Now, alone and half-naked, roughly bound, gagged, with a tight noose around her neck, she was powerless to prevent any cavity of her body from being invaded by these rough, muscular men. If she dared to struggle, they would suffocate or kill her.

“Mmmmm-MMMRRRFFF! MmmmFFF?!”

Britney choked, squirming, screams muffled by the silver duct tape wrapped mercilessly around her head, as his fingers pumped her in and out. Unable to escape his attack, she bent her knees, trembling, trying not to react as he forced himself deeper and faster. He groped and fondled her firm, round breasts, kneading them forcefully over and over. She whimpered when her body began responding against her will.  She felt her nipples harden, the frustration mounting as she felt herself get wetter and wetter. “Hot Damn!  She likes this!” The large bearded man grunted.

Britney shook her head in protest, tears flowing as she felt his hot breath close to her ear, his rough beard tickling her neck.  She screamed as his hands moved from her sweater to her hips. He lifted her skirt and positioned himself squarely between her naked buttocks. He spread his legs, holding her as she desperately pulled and twisted against his iron grip. She moaned in fear as she felt his mammoth nine-inch erection between her legs, his tip touching her vaginal wall.

“Any last words, Cheerleader?” He whispered, his lips against her ear, powerful hands fondling and stroking her naked skin. Desperately, she glanced back, her wide eyes pleading for mercy. She knew there was no escape. Her tearful, wide eyes met his – and in that moment, he thrust himself powerfully between her legs, hands on her hips as he entered her fully from behind.

“MMMMM-MMMMRRRRRRPHHH!!!”  Britney screamed as the attack began.

February 26, 2015, 08:19:20 PM
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Waiting for the nest part with anticipation

February 27, 2015, 05:46:06 PM
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Mmmmm! Love the detail you put in your writing Britney!

February 27, 2015, 07:53:47 PM
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March 04, 2015, 01:00:23 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

Bruno loved the feeling as his shaft plunged deep inside Britney’s squirming, squealing body.

He held her narrow waist firmly, forcing himself inside of her with his hips. She squealed desperately, her tight buttocks squirming as he parted her labia, plunging deeper and deeper in spite of her tears and protest for mercy. He laughed as she sobbed into the thick cloth gag, her muffled protests only increasing in intensity as he filled her to the hilt.

“Mmm-MMMMRRRPHH” Britney sobbed, her elbows twisting against the tight knots binding them together, choking at the noose around her neck. She had never felt anyone so huge inside of her!

Bruno grabbed Britney’s ponytail with one hand, jerking her head back, smiling at her wide, frightened blue eyes red with tears. With his other hand on her curvaceous hips, he slowly withdrew a few inches, then pushed forward again – and again – and again, grunting each time he did so. He adjusted his stance, pulled her toned hips closer to him, the continued mercilessly, pumping her in and out violently, her choked, sobbing cries nothing but muffled whimpers.

“NNNFF…  NNFF… NNNFF…!!!”  She pleaded, her body rocked with each push from behind.

Bruno grinned. This little bitch felt so good, her skin pressed against his, her tight, toned body yielding to every powerful thrust of his hips.  The Viagra Carlos had given them had done the trick.  The fantasy of raping a bound and gagged college cheerleader was more than enough to get him hard, but with the drug fueling his erection, he felt he could go all night – and probably would!

“NNFFF…. NNFFF…. NNFF!” Britney moaned, as she felt him pushed inside to the hilt!

His pleasure grew as she got wetter with each thrust. He was certain she’d never taken nine inches, never been with a man of his size or strength, but her body was responding, lubricated and excited by the power of his assault. Her tight, athletic buttocks slapped against him faster and faster, each time he plunged deeper and deeper inside of her.

Carlos walked closer to them both, his eyes on the struggling Britney.  She snorted and grunted into the thick cloth of her gag, her blond hair falling over her wide, desperate eyes.  Looking at Bruno’s groping hands, he walked over towards his workbench, and grabbed a sharp pair of scissors.
“Want something to grab onto, Bruno?” He grinned. He approached Britney with the scissors, and her eyes glared wildly at the sharp blade even as the thrusts continued from behind.  “Hold her tight”

Bruno tightened his grip on her ponytail, forcing her head back uncomfortably. Britney twisted on the ropes, jerking angrily on the ropes, which served only to tighten the noose around her neck. She gasped, grunted, desperately tried to steady herself – even as Bruno continued pumping her in and out.

Carlos began snipping away at her tight pink sweater, starting at the waist, cutting upwards towards her neck, separating the expensive top in two. He pulled the shredded sweater over each shoulder, then snipped open the tight pink lace of her delicate brassiere. Her round, firm breasts popped free of their prison, and both Carlos and Aaron had to stare as the perfectly round orbs jiggled attractively as Bruno continued thrusting from behind. Her nipples were bright red and erect, her breasts perfectly round and fully formed. A perfect victim for their evening’s pleasure.

“Most impressive, Miss Britney Stevens” he grinned, as Bruno’s hands began fondling her newly-exposed breasts, groping them as he began pushing even harder. He was perspiring now. “You will clearly be giving us all a full evening of enjoyment!”

Bruno grunted. He could feel himself cumming, and determined that he would deposit the full load inside of this stuck-up co-ed they’d been paid to punish. Her breasts were perfect and he kneaded them roughly as his hips pushed in and out faster, and faster, deeper and deeper.

“Feel that, you arrogant little bitch?” He grunted, pumping in again and again, “I’m about to cum inside of you. Can you feel it..?” Britney’s eyes closed, he filled her completely, his mammoth member pushing again and again inside of her, the feelings of pleasure building. She groaned, determined not to give him the pleasure of making her cum.

Suddenly, he stiffened, she felt him press against her hard, his thick hairy mass firm against her round buttocks, his large hands squeezing her breasts painfully tight.

“Oh, YEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH!” She heard him scream, suddenly feeling a thick warm liquid inside of her. The thrusting continued, faster now, pushing deeper inside her tight opening as if to drain him dry. The torn fragments of her sweater and torn skirt flopped against naked skin.

Bruno withdrew, and she gasped into her gag when she saw his enormous penis emerge from inside of her, moist and glistening with cum, still stiff from excitement.

“Take that gag off her, man” He grunted, circling around in front of her, watching her frightened blue eyes go wide with realization. “I ain’t done yet!”