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November 04, 2015, 12:29:49 PM

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The trip to the river was greatly needed for Nadine.  Her plans had collapsed in a terrible fashion.  Her first semester of college had fallen to pieces.  She had always been a strong student, but since she arrived she felt like she was going crazy.  She wasn’t able to concentrate on anything.  She slept but woke feeling even more tired.  She lost track of time so easily.  She lost her job after being late too often.  She was sure she was going to flunk any moment.  Finally her landlord offered her a chance to get away to his cabin next to the river.  Since she agreed, she felt like she slept better.  Obviously this was exactly what she needed. 

She was sure any  moment she’d get lost on her way to the cabin.  Her landlord, Jake, had given her good instructions.  Even still it was so remote and there was so little around that it was easy to get turned around.  Finally she saw the cottage, just as he described.  It was a sweet quaint little place.  Her body relaxed.  She slid out of her car, grabbing her overnight bag and the bag of groceries she brought. 

Fall was just starting to really take hold.  The leaves of the trees had started fading from their vibrant green.  There was a touch of coolness in the air.  Her skin pebbled slightly as wind brushed her skin.  She moved quickly to unlock the door.  She walked in, looking around.  The cabin didn’t smell musty at all.  She thought Jake had said that he hadn’t used the place in a long time.  But it seemed prepared for her.  She tossed the overnight bag on the couch and went to the small kitchen.  There was a small basket sitting on the counter.  Her eyes widened in surprise.  She opened the basket and found a small bottle of brandy, a sleeve of crackers and a wedge of cheese with a note.

   “Dear Nadine, I hope you enjoy the cabin.  -Jake”

She smiled warmly, touched by the warm gesture.  She put away the rest of the groceries and glanced out.  The sun was just getting ready to set.  She grabbed an apple and the cheese.  She looked at the brandy.  She hadn’t had a lot of brandy.  She found a nice glass and started the fire place.   She decided it was a good time to get into her  pajamas.   She changed into her shorts and a tank top.  She found a comfy blanket and to wrap up in.  A few moments later she was comfortable.  She opened the bottle of brandy.  She poured herself a healthy glassful and curled in with her book. 

After a few mouthfuls of the brandy her head started to swim.  She frowned lightly.  She set the bottle down and tried to stand up.  The world tilted on her.  Strong hands caught her.  She screamed, she was held tighter she was sat down on the couch.  A man she’d never seen before knelt down in front of her.  His dark eyes glittered as he looked over her.
   “Jake has outdone himself.”  The man said, seemingly to himself.  She tried to push his hands away as they moved over her.  She was having trouble controlling her body.  “Ah, Nadine.  Such a pretty thing.  Don’t worry. “  Then he laughed, the sound was slightly sinister.  “Well, no dear you should worry.  But not right now.  Now I’m just going to talk to you.”  He brushed a finger over her cheek.  She turned her head and tried to snap her teeth at him.  He chuckled again.  “Now now.  It’s a little early for that.  Are you a fighter?  I hope so.  That excites me so much more.” 

Her heart pounded against her chest.  Her head felt like it was filled with cotton.  The man’s hands moved over her.  He plucked lightly at her breast.  The cool air made her nipples pull taunt.  His thumb dragged over it.

   “I’m going to distract myself.”  He laughed again.  His hands slid down her sides.  “Here’s the thing, Nadine.  You’re my prey for this weekend.  I’m going to take you out into the woods.  If you can get back to the cottage before I catch you then you’ll stay safe.  If I catch you before you get back then I’m going to fuck you.”

November 06, 2015, 11:47:04 AM
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Already loading my paint ball gun with custom made balls filled with Habanero chilli juice and clear gel.   :o

these little beauties not only leave a mark but if you are silly enough to get this on your fingers it'll get everywhere...   8)

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Mmmmm, good setup!