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Warning: This story contains the rape/ non-consensual sex of someone under the age of 18. This heinous act is against the law and i do not condone the actions taken place within the story. This story also contains gang rape. If this upsets you please read a different story.

This is my first time posting a story on here and it has been quite some time since I have written anything (first time writing something like this) so please bear with me. Thank you and I hope you enjoy (:

Sky swept the sleep from her big blue eyes as she hopped out of bed. It was her first day at her new high school. She had spent the first few months of her sophomore year at Elrick High in Nevada before her parent's had decided it was time to move. Her father was an artist, her mother a nature photographer and they had both grown tired of the boring desert landscape. So, one month later and after packing and unpacking numerous boxes, here they were- Plyth, Oregon. Plyth was a sleepy town that consisted of a gas station, a trailer that someone had converted into a library, and a restaurant.

Sky brushed her teeth and hair and pulled on an old pair of jeans, a tank top, a Nevada State hoodie, and her favorite pair of brown leather boots before heading to the kitchen for coffee. Her mother was already gone exploring the wilderness through the eyes of her camera lens and her father was nowhere to be found. "What a surprise" she grumbled. She knew her parents loved her but they weren't the most doting or observant people in the world. She once had hitched a ride with some friends to an out of state concert without telling them. It took three days before she had received a text from her mother asking if she were still alive.

Sky checked the clock, the bright red lines telling her it was 6:00 AM. Almost time to leave. Sky drained the rest of her coffee and began grabbing her stuff as she headed out the door. It was about a twenty minute walk to the bus stop and a one hour bus ride to Kerkaph Falls High. Sky had zero sense of direction but it was an easy enough walk straight through town. Easy as it was, however, she felt a bit of relief at arriving at her destination without much trouble. It wasn't more than five minutes later when what Sky would later describe as Cruella Deville driving a bus pulled over to pick up the lone teen.
"Hurry up and take your seat. I aint got all day!" The white haired woman yelled as Sky took a seat in the back.

The rest of the drive was mostly silent as they drove through the mountains. About forty minutes later they made a stop in the town nearest Kerkaph Falls, Beatty, to pick up more students. Out of those twenty something that boarded the bus was a group of three rough looking boys. They eyed Sky with a look of hunger as they took the seats in front and beside her.
"Hey good lookin'! Where are you from?" asked one of the boys. He was tall, with dark brown hair and a scar across his left cheek. "I just moved here from Nevada." She replied under her breath, trying to focus her gaze out the window. She never had been very good at talking to people, especially boys. "Wow cutie, you sure have come a long way. Say, why don't you let me and my buddies here show you around the school? I promise we won't bite." He remarked with a grin. "If you could just show me the way to the dean's office that would be fine, thank you." she replied. Sky didn't trust these boys as far as she could throw them but the alternative was probably to wander the halls of the school lost for the next few hours.

Her agreement to go with them seemed to calm them down and for the rest of the bus ride they introduced themselves to the cute new blonde. "I'm Matt, this here is Scotty, and that loser over there is Pat." He jerked his thumb to the kid sitting farthest from her, a boy with blonde, scraggly hair. He had a round face that was dotted with light brown freckles. "He'd probably be kinda cute if he took a bath" thought Sky. Pat was tall but unlike Matt he wasn't muscular. He was skinny with long brown hair that kept falling in his face. He didn't say anything, just nodded in her direction. "Nice to meet you all." Sky replied, smiling.

The bus arrived and the four of them starting heading to the office. Matt seemed to be the leader of this little group, always walking a little too close and stopping to point out good "make-out" areas. Sky laughed at his jokes and began to relax as they stopped in front of a small building she assumed was the office. "Aaaaand here we are" Matt said in a sing song voice. "Well, thanks for showing me the way. I'm sure i'll see you all around sometime. Thanks" Sky spoke to all three of them as she put her hand on the door to enter. Matt placed his hand on top of hers to keep her from opening it. "Hey, speaking of which I was thinking we could see each other again real soon if you agree to come to my party this weekend." He gave her a smile and leaned in closer. Sky did think that a party sounded like just the thing she needed, she didn't have any friends here and leaving her home town had left her pretty stressed the past few weeks. "Is it gonna be a big party or..?" She asked. She still didn't trust these boys and wasn't dumb enough to go off alone with them anytime soon. The boys all laughed. "Yeah, I mean a city girl like you probably has a different opinion of "big party" than we do, but there will be other people there for sure." he gave her that wolf smile again. "I'll think about it. What's your number?" She asked, taking out her cell phone and saving his contact info. The four said their goodbyes.

Once inside the office Sky finally felt like she could breathe again. She wasn't sure why she had started to let herself flirt with the Matt guy but she knew she would be nagging at herself for the rest of the day about it. Sure, he was cute but he seemed like a playboy. "Come on Sky, keep it together. He just wants to get in your pants" she mumbled to herself, letting out a sigh.

The rest of the morning went well. She received her schedule from the dean and made it to most of her morning classes without issue. She ate lunch with a girl from her English class, Jessica. Jessica was a strong girl, her parents owned a cattle farm in town and she had spent most of her life helping them with the work. She was 16 and brunette. She had a loud, fierce personality and Sky had immediately liked her. She had reminded her of her best friend in Nevada.

"Sooo City Girl, have you made any other friends here yet?" she asked as they sat in the courtyard that afternoon. Sky thought about it. A few people had talked to her, but she had mostly just received curious glances from the people she passed in the hallway. Aside from the boys she had met that morning Jessica was the only one to take a real interest in her. She had plopped herself right down in the seat next to Sky before the teacher had even made introductions. She had spoken to her like they were old friends, telling her some of the school's juicy gossip. "Not really. I mean, these guys that ride my bus talked to me this morning. They seemed nice, a little too nice if you know what I mean." Sky laughed and continued eating her lunch. Jessica stared at her, gesturing with her hands for her to continue. "Oh, I think their names were Matt, Scotty, and Pat. Do you know them?" She asked. Jessica rolled her eyes. "Do I know them? Of course I know those idiots!" She replied, laughing. "Scotty and I grew up together. A little rough around the edges but he's a good guy. Pat seems nice but he does whatever Matt tells him to. Matt and his older brother, Jimmy, throw some real great parties though. That's about all I know about those two." Hearing the bell signal the end of lunch Sky sat up to throw her food away. "It's funny you mention that. They invited me to a party this weekend but I don't think i'm gonna go. I just got here and i'm not really looking for trouble" She said, picking up her stuff to leave. "I'll go if you go" Jessica said with a smirk. Sky shrugged her shoulders and shouted "we'll see" as she rushed to class.

Sky collapsed onto her bed. She had made it through her first week of school. Jessica and her had gotten closer and were texting each other daily. Sky hadn't seen the boys since her first day but that thought left her mind as quick as it had come. Sighing, Sky pulled herself from her comfortable bed to the bathroom. Turning the shower on to hot she began to undress. She was a pretty girl, about 5'4 and 105 pounds. She had a nice set of tits, although she always wished they were a bit bigger, and a nice, round ass. Sky let her long, blonde hair fall down across her shoulders as she climbed into the steamy shower. After about twenty minutes she got out and wrapped herself in a towel. Sitting on her bed Sky checked her phone. She had two missed calls from Jessica. "I'll call her back later" she thought. Just then her phone began buzzing again as she received a third call. "Oooor not.." she rolled her eyes as she answered the phone.
"THERE YOU ARE!" Jessica yelled into the phone. Sky winced.
"Sorry, I was in the shower. What's up?"
"I wanted to see if you were going to that party tonight. I'm gonna be leaving here in about an hour and I can be at your place in two if you need a ride?"
Sky inwardly groaned. It had been a long week and all she wanted to do was take a nap but Jessica's voice pleading on the other end of the phone pulled at her heartstrings. "I don't know. I live pretty far, I don't want you to have to do all that driving just for some stupid party.." Sky was twisting her still wet hair around her fingers trying to find a way to get out of going.
"I don't mind at all! I'll be there in two hours so hurry and get ready!" "But...!" "And wear something cute! Everyone's dying to know who the new girl in town is!" Jessica had hung up. "Ugh. I don't wanna do shit today. Can't I just have one peaceful, stress free night?!" Sky groaned as she lifted herself out of bed to find something "cute" to wear.
Jessica hung up the phone with Sky and began calling another number. "Hey. Yeah don't worry about it, she'll be there. I'll text you when I got her just remember that you owe me, kay? Bye." Jessica hung up and began getting herself ready for the party, not that she'd be there very long...

Two hours later Jessica pulled up to the front of the house. Sky told her parents she'd be staying at Jessica's house and that she'd check in tomorrow. She wasn't sure if they heard her or not but she continued out the front door anyway. As Sky neared the car Jessica had to admit that this girl was quite the cutie. She was dressed in ripped, tight legged jeans, a tight fitting maroon shirt, a black leather jacket, and black leather, heeled boots. "Damn girl! You clean up good! I told you to look cute but you look downright sexy!" Jessica roared, both girls laughing as they sped out of the driveway and into the night.

The party, as Sky found out, was actually more of what she would call "camping". Jessica had driven them way out into the woods. Sky had lost phone service a few miles back and was beginning to wonder just where they were going when she saw light up ahead through the pitch black darkness. They parked the car and began walking towards the campfire. Sky could hear music playing from one of the trucks nearby and began to relax. "Hey cutie! We've been waiting here all night for you!" slurred Matt as he made his way over to the two girls. The only girls Sky soon realized. There were Seven guys there in all. Sky recognized Matt, Scotty, and Pat but didn't know who the four older boys were. They seemed to be in their twenties and were looking at her and laughing in a way that made her skin crawl.

Matt threw his arm around and Sky and began leading her over to the group of strange men. "This" began Matt, pointing to what looked like an older, rougher version of himself "Is my brother Jimmy. I told him all about the cute little thing that moved to town and he and his buddies just had to see you for themselves." Sky tried to pull away but Jimmy grabbed her arm, yanking her to him. "Aw come on dolly, be a good girl now." Jimmy laughed as he pulled on her shirt, feeling her waist. Sky began to twist and pull away screaming "HELP! Jessica heeeelp!" but the boys didn't seem bothered by her screams as Jimmy continued introductions. "This big guy is Tim. Don't be scared dolly, he won't bite... hard!" Sky could feel tears welling up in the corner of her eyes. "And these here are Dale and James. Be good and friendly and they'll take gooood care of you." Jimmy threw Sky into the arms of the three men, tearing part of her shirt in the process. Sky began to wail as they pulled on the rest of her clothes, grabbing at her ass and her breasts in the process.

Jimmy walked over to Jessica. "You did girl.. and just as promised" He pulled a hundred dollars out of his wallet along with a small bag of different colored pills. "You and your boy go have fun tonight. Don't you worry about your little friend, we'll get her home nice and safe.." Jessica smiled as she snatched the money and drugs from Jimmy. "Will do. You boys have fun" she said, taking one last look at the helpless Sky before she and Scotty began walking back to her car hand in hand.

Sky was in hysterics. "Jessica! What the fuck! Get back here! Heeeeelp! Someone help me!" she screamed. Matt started laughing as he and Dale began pulling off her heels. Dale's hand slipped and Sky landed a hard kick into Matt's chest. "What the fuck bitch! I'll teach you." Matt pulled back his fist, landing a hard blow to Sky's chin. The next thing she saw was blackness.

When Sky came to she found herself naked, her hands bound together. Her face hurt like hell and her eyes went wide as her brain finally pieced back together what had happened. "Looks like our little dolly is awake. Time to play boys!" came Jimmy's booming voice from somewhere behind her. Sky began to scream for help but the boys only laughed more. "Go ahead and scream girly! Scream all you want! Aint nobody comin' to your rescue tonight" Sky felt helpless. Why! Why had she let Jessica talk her into this! She had known from the start that these boys were trouble. She should have listened to her own intuition, not some stupid girl she had just met! Thoughts raced through Sky's mind as Jimmy shoved her face into the dirt. "She landed a pretty good kick on you brother, you wan't first dibs?" Jimmy coo'd, still holding her face to the earth. "Hell yeah! Dumb bitch doesn't know who she fucked with." Sky heard the sound of a belt, then a zipper. She felt a set of hands grab her bound ones as Jimmy released his hold on her.

Matt dropped himself on top of Sky and that's when she felt it. His rock hard cock pressed against her entrance. "NO! Don't touch me! Please! I'll do anything! Please!" she sobbed. They laughed. "That's the thing City Girl, you're already gonna do everything we want." and with that, he shoved himself inside of her. She was dry and he had some difficulty getting his full length inside of the poor girl. Sky felt like a knife was trying to pierce through her insides. Matt grunted on top of her until he felt something tear and blood began to coat his cock. "No fuckin' way! This slut is a fuckin' virgin!" Sky felt the flames of embarrassment heating up her entire body as the men wolf whistled while Matt continued his assault of her teenage body. With the help of her virgin blood Matt shoved his entire length into the petite girl lying beneath him. Sky heard screaming and briefly wondered if some other poor girl was being raped right now as well... and then she realized the sound was coming from her. Matt continued to shove himself in and out of her body in rapid thrusts. He was cruel, his only intention was to receive maximum pleasure from her. Sky tried to get away, to roll her body from one side to the other but Matt's rough grip on her hips kept her in place. There was no escape and no one was coming to save her.

"God damn! This bitch is so tight I don't think I can last much longer!" he yelled from behind her, his thrusts becoming more rapid, more brutal. Sky sobbed "Please don't! Please... not in me.. please" but he wasn't listening. No one was. Jimmy was right in calling her dolly... that's what she was to them. A lifeless doll for them to use however they wanted. Matt gave on final grunt as he came, filling up her insides. The wetness deep inside of her brought her back to the present and as Matt climbed off of her she made a run for it. Her whole body ached but she found the strength to run. She wasn't out of the camp when a hand yanked her back by her hair. Sky let out a scream. She felt as though her hair were being ripped right from her scalp and she tumbled to the ground.  Jimmy threw her onto her back and began to choke her. She slapped at his wrist with her bound hands but it was no use. Black spots began to dance in front of her vision.

Jimmy released his grip on her throat just before she passed out. Sky began to cough, sucking as much air down into her lungs as she could. "Try that again bitch and you're dead". His voice was calm and Sky was frozen in place by fear. Jimmy unzipped his pants and pulled out his massive dick. Sky could feel the tears pouring down her face into the dirt as he readied himself at her bruised pussy. Slightly lubricated as she was by blood and cum, Jimmy shoved himself inside of her in one fast motion. Sky would never have thought  that anything could hurt worse than having her virginity forcibly ripped from her- but she was wrong. She could feel every movement, every time he pulled himself almost all of the way out of her just to shove himself back in was like having flames erupt, burning her from the inside out. "Please stop. Please. I just want to go home.." she begged, her voice cracking with each thrust. Ignoring her, he continued his assault. She could hear the others cheering him on as they cracked open beers.

After what seemed like an eternity she felt his thrusts quicken. He suddenly gripped her hair with his hand, pulling her head back. Sky cried out as he came, filling her with another load. He stayed there for a moment, and she could feel his dick pulsing within her before he finally pulled out. Sky tried to turn away, to curl her broken body into a ball as she sobbed but two sets of hands grabbed her, pulling her onto her back. It was Dale and James. Dale was getting himself ready to penetrate her pussy but James had other ideas. "Ready to make this bitch a pro? It's time you learned how to take two cocks at once Sky." James laughed as he pulled out his member and began forcing it into her mouth. Sky tried to turn away her face, horrified, but James held her hair in a death grip. "Bite me and i'll beat you so bad your parents won't even recognize you when the cops find your body." Sky's lips quivered as she opened her small mouth for James. Both men gave each other a nod and shoved their cocks into the petite girl at once. Sky didn't know what was worse. Dale's slow, hard thrusts sliced through her sore body but Jame's cock was ramming at intense speed down her throat, cutting off her oxygen. Sky gagged, trying desperately to get some air. She had given head before but she had never taken a man's full length into her mouth.

It seemed to Sky that every man who ravaged her body seemed to take longer than the one before, if that were even possible. "Bitch can't suck cock for shit! Alright girly, use your tongue. Lick down the shaft as I thrust. Breath through your nose and get this right." James pulled back and Sky tried to follow his command, licking down his length as he moved slowly in and out of her mouth. Sky was grateful for the moment to breath. "Alright now, close your lips around me tight but watch the teeth. If I feel a single fucking tooth i'll knock it right outta your mouth. Got it?" Sky did her best to nod as she closed her mouth around him. James let out a moan and began thrusting faster into the teen's mouth. Sky felt his rod stiffen as jet after jet of cum flowed into her mouth. James pulled out, smiling, as Sky coughed and gagged. Dale was still thrusting into her, but as James moved away Dale pulled out of the young girl and flipped her onto her stomach. As he shoved himself back into her he yanked her head up by her hair making her arch her back to him. Sky's eyes went wide, she was still choking on Jame's cum as Dale gave his final thrusts, emptying his own into the girl.

Sky was mortified. Dale released her and she collapsed into a heap on the cold earth, her body stained with cum, dirt, and blood. Sky laid there praying for it to be over, for it all to be some nightmare she would wake from at any moment. Staring into the darkness of the woods beyond she could hear the boys behind her talking and laughing, making crude jokes about how "tight" and "hot" her body had been to abuse. Suddenly she felt herself being lifted off of the ground and dragged towards the fire. She tried to stand but her legs gave out under the abuse she had taken. Jimmy appeared before her, throwing her onto her back. He held a bottle of rum over her face and began pouring it down her throat. Sky gagged and tried to roll away but he held her in place. Matt squeezed her nostrils shut, forcing her to keep her mouth open to suck in air along with the rum. "Whoohoo! Now it's a party boys!" shouted Jimmy as he put the bottle to his own mouth, taking a few long drinks.

Sky's vision was blurry. Her stomach was turning this way and that but she had nowhere to go. She tried to pull herself up off the ground but collapsed only seconds later. "Alright Timmy boy! It's your turn!" Jimmy howled to his large friend. Tim made his way to Sky who's vision was still blurring at the edges. Tim flipped the girl onto her stomach and began rubbing his massive cock over her entrance, coating it in blood and cum, before positioning himself at her ass. Sky, still pretty out of it, didn't realize what was happening until a moment too late. Sky let out a raw, piercing scream into the night as Tim's massive cock plunged inside of her virgin ass. Sky had never felt anything so painful in her entire life. "Heeeeeeelp! Heeeelp! No please... stop! Please! Get out of me! Please! It hurts! It hurts! Please... somebody... help!" She wailed, the pain bringing her mind back from it's drunken stupor. Jimmy and Matt let out a boastful laugh as they highfived each other. "Nice one man! I haven't heard a kitty screech like that in ages! Yikes!" Matt smiled down at the helpless girl as tears made their way down her face and sobs racked her tiny body.

Tim continued thrusting in and out of her. She could feel her tight sphincter being forced to stretch, could feel her blood coating his massive cock as he sawed his way through her body. Tim let out a throaty growl as he quickened his pace. "Please stop... please.. I wanna go home.." Sky muttered into the earth as Tim gave his final thrust, forcing his cock all the way up her tiny ass. Sky cried and mumbled incoherently as Tim pulled out of her at last, his dick coated in her blood. Tim used her hair to clean himself off but Sky gave no notice. She was just a doll, a broken plaything for them to use. She had prayed for the assault of her body to end but now she knew it never would. They were wild animals and she was just their freshest kill.

"Nice one man!" yelled Jimmy, slapping Tim on the back and handing him a fresh beer from the cooler. "Alright Pat, you gonna join in on this?" Pat looked incredibly uncomfortable with the idea of fucking the semi-unconscious blonde that lay before him but before he could protest, Matt put his arm around the kid's shoulders. "Come on bro, you can do it. A slut like her is just begging to be fucked by a man like you! Get over there and show us how it's done!" Matt was all smiles as Pat unzipped his pants and began feeding his cock into Sky's mouth. Matt grabbed her by the hair and forced her head up. "You do good to my boy and we may just let you rest for a minute. You want some rest baby, don't you?" Sky managed to get out a weak "y..yes" and Matt's smile widened. "Good girl" he muttered as he released his grip on her.

Sky forced herself to wrap her mouth around Pats dick. The idea of having a moment away from this torture was pure bliss. Sky put her tongue to work, lapping up and down the length of his shaft, sucking on the head of his cock. Pat let out several moans of pleasure. Sky forced herself to take him into her mouth, all of him. Pat began thrusting his hips, not hard and brutal like James had done. Sky did her best to not gag when he thrust into the back of her throat, he was gentle but she still wasn't used to having something this big in her mouth. Pat began to speed up his thrusts and Sky knew from the others that he must be about to come. She worked her tongue around his dick furiously as he spent himself down her throat. Sky was about to cough it up when Matt slapped his hand over her mouth and nose, forcing her to swallow it all. Sky collapsed to the ground. Finally, she could have a moment of rest from these demons. Her eyes closed and she fell into a blissful sleep...

(to be continued....)

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For a first story, Zero, this is excellent! A nice detailed introduction to the boys and a good setup to the party. Good descriptions of the rape action too. A strong effort all around. Let's see what happens to Sky next!

June 27, 2018, 10:42:28 AM
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God tell me you are continuing this story. Love the overall scenario and the way you paced the story.

July 23, 2018, 08:49:17 AM
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Please oh please continue this story!