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August 16, 2018, 01:31:05 AM

Offline biguyat50

I am male.  I am 6ft exactly.  I am fit and love to exercise.  I love the outdoors.  I have a growing fantasy I want to share.

My fantasy is role play rape.  The twist is I want to be raped by a man or men.  I have a number of role plays I go through in my head.  One is to organise a meeting spot outdoors, somewhere remote.  I would get undressed.  I would secure myself with cable ties to something like a tree or picnic table and I would wait for the man or men who would come take advantage of my predicament.  They would arrive and they would rough me up.  They would spank me.  Slap me around.  They would degrade me.  They would take photos and video of this.  They would spank my penis and squeeze my balls.  They would tie them up and stretch and tug on them.  They would force me to suck them forcing themselves down my throat.  They would fuck me up the arse multiple times.  They would use other sexual toys on me.  They would force me to rim them and they would french kiss me.  They would squeeze and twist on my nipples.  They would use me for hours.

When they are spent they would release me and leave.

I burn for this fantasy.  I know it will never happen.  I know I would not start here but something more sedate.

I know I can take CBT as I do this to myself regularly and enjoy it.  The mental side of it is the 'Dark Con' one does not and cannot know about themselves to they are subjected to it. 

Anyone have similar fantasies or done this. 

Would be cool if you sent some concepts of what you would do to me.