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I enter Costa Coffee after a particular troublesome shoot for the latest “Wisened Woman feature in the “Reader’s Choice”. If it wasn’t the editor’s aunt I would have told the stuck up bitch to get out. As I take my position at the back of the line I spot her at the counter. As she turns my eyes drink in the playful intelligence look on her face and in her brown eyes. My god this woman just screams “Wisened Woman”

Under my breath, “Please lord make me stay here until I can try to approach her about posing for me!” Her cup is presented to her along with a tray with a cinnamon bun on it, Forget myself crying out “Yes thank you lord!” All head turn, gazing at me, lucky I have my headpiece in my ear, trailing down to a smartphone. “The local council has rescinded the nightly  parking fee in Municipal lots!” hoping everyone will believe I’m not crazy!

Looking around , seeing her in a booth, taking her coat off, revealing a white blouse and a gentle hint of breasts. Without realizing what i’m doing I bite my lower lip, fantasizing about her in various poses as I snap away.

“Can I help you sir?” I’m instantly back to reality placing my order for a straight coffee and a biscuit. When it’s ready I make a beeline to her. In the ten years I’ve been approaching women about posing she has me shaking like an awestruck teenage! Getting closer “er! Excuse me is this seat taken?”


“Yes thank you lord!’ catches me attention as I collect me tea and cinnamon bun. Making my way to the only open booth, sliding in by the wind. Taking my coat off settling in to read the Times. A few minutes pass before

“Er! Excuse me is this seat taken?” looking up from an article on Heathrow expansion, seeing the gentleman from the line, trembling holding a tray

“No feel free!” return to my paper as he sit, suddenly feeling a little self conscious about my appearance for some strange reason.  Without even looking up I can tell that my new booth mate is checking me out a little more intently that a normal person would.

Then something that really makes me self conscious “Would you be offended if i told you you were the epiphany of my work at Wisened Woman?”

“Wisened Woman?”

“My pictorial of women who extrude both wisdom and beauty through their face. A weekly pictorial feature in the “Reader’s Choice” passing me his card, Graeme Colter, photographer.
“I would love to photograph you for my next pictorial!”

I was speechless, no one has ever comment about me like that before. Then my phone goes off an emergency at the firm requiring my immediate presence. Putting on my coat, placing his card in a coat pocket and making my apologies before walking out, the sensation of his eyes following my every step out.

With the crisis averted I arrive home at five, in time to meet Phillip leaving with his assistance Mary. “Good timing Heather!,  you saved me a call later, Mary and I have to fly to Malaysia for a meeting with a new client. Don’t know how long we’ll be gone!” kissing my on the cheek before piling into a black cab at the curb

Standing staring as the cab drove off then going inside and shutting the door. Well at least this time Phillip deemed me worthy of a phone call. Placing my gloves into my coat pocket, my hand coming into contact with a strange card, removing it reading the name embossed on it, memories of this afternoon in Costa Coffee flooding back.

“I would love to photograph you!” He seem so genuine in his approach. Plus he showed me more attention than Phillip has in years. On impulse I take out my phone and dial his numb“Hello?”

“Mister Colter, i don’t know if you remember me, my name is Heather Wrightson  you gave me your card in Costa Coffee this afternoon!”


The phone in my studio ring, the name Heather Wrightson appearing on the caller ID. I know no one by that name. Hesitantly picking up “Hello?”

“Mister Colter, I don’t know if you remember me, my name is Heather Wrightson  you gave me your card in Costa Coffee this afternoon!”

As she said ‘my card in Costa!’ the memory of her face flood to the forefront of my mind and I almost drop the phone in excitement i can’t believe she was calling me. Suddenly it was like English wasn’t even a language I could speak, I couldn’t even hem nor haw correctly!

“If this is a bad time?”

“Oh god no, I couldn’t imagine a bad time with you?” Oh smooth Colter why don’t you just pass out and prove what a dweeb you really are?

“Well if your still interested could we arrange a time to discuss the offer further?”

“Anytime!, anywhere!” blurting it out like a desperate loser. That’s greeted with a small laugh

“Well since my office is less than a block from your studio shall we say tomorrow at fourish?

Trying to come off sounding professional “If that convenient for you!” Inside i’m jumping for joy. Looking at my watch,five twenty-four, the next twenty-two hours and thirty-six minutes would not go by fast enough in my mind.  She rings off and this time i do drop the phone and rush to my portfolio to show  her what i consider to be some of my best work.


Ten after four finds me outside his studio,questioning what I was about to get myself into. Summing up my courage I walk up the steps to the front door. Entering into an open welcoming space manned by a rather young looking lady “Hello I’m here to see Mr. Colter

As her head turns to scan my “Oh my god Graeme wasn’t lying! You are drop dead gorgeous.” picking up what i think was the inter office phone “Graeme she’s here and in my professional opinion she ready to go right in front of the camera!”

From the right hand staircase comes the rumble of feet on the stairs,like someone was very anxious to leave. Looking to the staircase I can’t believe that all that noise was being made by Mr. Colter. He’s in front of me offering to take my coat, as i let him i hear both him sigh and his assistance exclaim “Is she a fashion model? My god she doesn’t even need wardrobe help!”

He lets me flip through his portfolio, which eases my mind that this was just a way to scam me! The women were truly breathtaking and he considered me worthy of joining then. I was so overwhelmed by his  wanton desire to photograph me, that i found myself more than willing to do as he asked of me.


As she views my portfolio, I see the look on her face change from scepticism to admiration. Inside my emotion traverse the gambit for self doubt to wanton desire to ecstatic joy when she tell me she like to pose for me.

Touching her hand, sends a shiver through my body. Mrs. Wrightson if you’ll follow me!”

“Oh please call me Heather!”

Only if you call me Graeme!”

With Ami in tow we ascend the stairs to the studio proper, where the next two hours fly by. She so photogenic that I don’t even have to try photoshop anything.  The camera bring to light what my naked eye saw that afternoon in Costa Coffee. Before long I have one hundred and twenty photo that another hour is need for Heather to choose the photos she would let me use for my next pictorial, which I was already considering my greatest ever.


The shoot was endless but the photos Graeme showed me had me believing that I was the most attractive woman in the world. Even when I was awkward in my mind, The praise from both Ami and Graeme made me feel inside that was missing something for years in my life.

Ami left as we settled in to chose what shots would be used. With that done I looked to my watch. Just a little after seven, no wonder I felt hungry. Graeme sensing what was going on

“Please allow me to take you out to dinner as my way to thank you for the photo shoot

Once more without thinking I agree,secretly inside not wanting this experience to end so soon. Here I thought he had planned a local place, so imagine my surprise when he escort me to his car then drove us to the Five Fields In Chelsea, someplace even Phillip never considered taking me for any type of meal. As we’re seated I gotten so use to Phillip ordering for me, so when Graeme passed me a menu and told me to order whatever I wanted I was caught off guard. When the server came i was still expecting Graeme to take control and order for me, that I dropped the menu when the server asked me “And madam would

Giving my preference still expecting Graeme to overrule me.While waiting for our food Graeme compliment me on my professionalism and my beauty. As the food comes and we begin to eat I feel his eyes all over my face like he was scanning every inch of it to reproduce on a three d printer. With the meal done, I ask him to drive me to the nearest tube station


With the meal done Heather asks me to drive her to the tube. “No you’re out this late because of me, I’ll drive you right to your front door to make sure you get home safe and sound!”

The look in her eyes melts my heart, it’s like she never been shown common decency before. Accepting my offer she tell me her address 11 Juer St  down by the Battersea Park district of London. A pleasant thirteen minute trip in my Vauxhall Vectra, which is done in silence since I wasn’t familiar with the roads what with living in my studio.

As I pull up to her door “Graeme would you like to come in for a night cap?” God honest truth I was hoping she would ask me since I didn’t want this night to end and her presence in my life to end.

“Would your husband mind?”

“He’s not home,he’s away on a business!” Unlocking the going in motioning me to follow.
Graeme drove me right to my door , it’s been such a difference in his company. Like I’m an actual person not just a body to sleep with. So unlike me “Would you like to come in for a night cap?” hoping he accepts so this night doesn’t have to end.

As he comes into the hallway I can’t believe what I do. After hanging up my coat and his I lead Graeme into the siting room when I turn fast and kiss him on the lips. Not sure who was more shocked him or me!
He breaks the kiss, holding me slightly  at arms length “I don’t know if i should be here Heather?”

“Don’t worry about my marriage, my husband lays with me but not With me if you understand my meaning!” Apparently his did, pulling me tight to him once more, kissing me hard on the lips. His tongue penetrating my mouth, exploring it live a long lost lover. Making me experience feeling i haven’t felt in a long while. Graeme’s hand roving my clothed body, his left hand playing with my breasts through the blouse and bra, his right hand cupping my ass cheek through my skirt and panties. As if by mutual consent he starts to undo my blouse as my hands begins to unbutton his shirt and pants, Our lips never leave the other unless its to kiss the side of our throats

As my blouse drops to the floor landing on top of his shirt, soon my bra joins them there,Graeme once more breaks off the kiss and holds me away, his eyes travelling from the top of my head to the waistband of my skirt. His words bring tears to my eyes

“What a pair of magnificent breasts!” lowering his head to then kissing all over then before sucking in the nipple, rolling the flesh between his tongue and the side of his cheek.i sigh in pleasure as my skirt and half slip slide down my stocking legs. Thigh high nylons and a pair of panties is all that remain as Graeme scoops me up into his arms

“First door at the top of the stairs!’ as he carries me up the stairs kissing my every step


“First door at the top of the stairs!” carrying Heather up, kissing her with every step passed. Taking her into said room, finding to my surprise a single bed

“We haven’t been intimate with each other in a while!” As if she need to justify to me. As long as she was alright with what was about to occur who was I to complain about her life.   Laying her down onto the covered mattress joining her, my hand travelling to her Venus mound, Tracing her outer labia then rubbing her slit until she started to moisten. All the while our lips were once more lock in an kiss.

Penetrating her passage with my middle finger, finding her clit and tracing the infinity symbol all over the sensitive nub of nerve ending. Heather started squirming under my manipulations, her kiss turning into playful nips of my lips and hr breath turning into short pants of passion.

As I playing with her, Heather’s hand finds me hardening cock and works the shaft until it rock hard. Groaning in pleasure as her hand tightens, traversing my shaft driving me wild. As my cock starts to throb and her passage grips my finger in a death grip I gently  bring a knee between her legs gently spread them apart, exposing her sex fully. Moving into place, the tip of my cock indenting the outer flesh of her vaginal passage, I look to Heather, “Are you sure?”


My legs wide and Graeme between then my mind has trouble comprehending “Are you sure?”

“Yes i’m sure!” Slowly Graeme enter me, bring a feeling that I haven’t experienced in a long time. Slowly i feel his girth spread my inner passage making me sigh in the pleasure he’s sending through my nerve ending to my brain. When he completely buried in my pussy, hard against my cervix, Graeme hold until i cry out

“Do it fuck me like a real woman!” the look in his eyes tell me that I didn’t have to say that. As he pulls back a bit before returning in place repeating his actions until only his tip is inside before he strokes completely back into me. Long slow strokes makes me moan in pleasure then he changes to short rapid thrust, rocking me forwards towards the wall

His hand pull my hips back to him further down the bed before he return to his hard rapid fucking of my soaked vaginal passage. Before long the tell tale signs that I was going to climax began,my hand gripping his asscheek, pulling him deeper into me


God it was all i could do not to cum prematurely with Heather. When she grabs my as pulling me to her i start to tense up, knowing i getting ready to cum

“Heather I’m about to cum? Trying to pull out, not wanting her to suffer a pregnancy

“No stay in me, long ago I suffered an accident that rendered me infertile!. Heather arches her back under me, flood her passage with her juices at the time that I was unloading my cum deep into her.


He cums in me and I’m ecstatic, it’s been so long since I’ve cummed, even longer that I’m taken well into the early hours of the morning. Each time Graeme makes sure I cum before he does. As we lay entwined in each other’s arms after out fourth coupling. We both drift to sleep.

The alarm clock goes off at seven thirty! Still entwined in each other arms, we finally separate from each other, Me to the bathroom, Graeme  to the kitchen where he makes me scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. As I come in to join him, we hear metal clanking against metal. Looking out the kitchen window, we both see a car being booted by the council.

Going to shower, then eat, dressing in a new outfit, Graeme dressing in his clothes from last night “Hey drive you to work gorgeous?” Graeme being so gentlemanly, i accept. When we’re both ready we go out and stop dead in our tracks. The metal clanking we heard was his car being booted

“Oh Graeme i’ll pay!’ On his phone calling to have the boot removed.

“Forget it your money's no good to me!” Looking at him  when  “I’d rather take it out in trade if you catch my meaning?” Taking me into his arms, kissing me while we waited for the council to send someone to remove the boot. My neighbours peering out, bet they are whispering about my actions, but you know what I couldn’t care!

                                                                        The End For Now

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Decided to continue

Part Two

God her in my arms just feels so right. I know she married but I don’t care, if she’s happy and I’m ecstatic why think about her husband. Almost an hour has passed since I call the council “Heather why don’t you catch the Tube, no reason for you to be late!”

“What the use of being the boss if you can’t be late when you want to? Playfully squeezing me hand. “Besides you said you would drive me remember?”

“Well why are we waiting out here?” unlocking the passenger door for her then getting my own, Inside was a lot warmer than outside and the best part we had a radio to listen to, while waiting.


He unlocks the door and I slide into the passenger seat like a new person. As he joins me he starts the engine and turns on the heat. His hand lands on my thigh “What are you doing the council man can be here at any moment!”

“Don’t care!” his hand coming up higher, I know I should be pushing it off but I love the feeling it’s giving me. If only Phillip would show some interest in my like Graeme is. What! Looking down into the vee of my legs, Graeme’s hand is pressing against my vulva through the material of my pants. I take a sharp intake of breath, my eyes widen and i happen to notice the council van coming towards us.

“Uhnn Graeme, they’re here!” He looks up  and removes his hand, much to my displeasure. Graeme tells me to stay in the warm car, I kind of feel guilty at doing just that, then I realize just what Graeme was up to. He keeps his ass in my sight all the time, wiggling it like a dog does when its sees its master.

Every since he came into my life I doing new thing, that I haven’t every thought of doing with Phillip. Outside I see money change hands and ten Graeme rejoins me in the car

“Well that’s that, we should be on our way soon!” his hand returning to my thigh, but this time I do the right thing and slap it off.

“Behave butt shaker!” a wide smile on my face


As my hand travels up Heather’s thigh, I kind of shocked that she does swat if off. Letting my hand cup her vulva through her pants, I hear her breathe deep then “Uhnn Graeme they’re here!”

Damn just as I was going to see how willing Heather would be. Getting out but not before telling her to stay in the car I walk and meet the councilman, as we talk I keep my ass facing Heather all the time, shaking it playfully at her. £200 later the councilman starts to unboot my car so I rejoin Heather in the car. Once more I try to traverse her thigh only to have my hand swatted away

“Behave butt shaker!” The smile on her face lights up not just the car but areas of my heart that I never thought someone would ever touch.As the boot clanks onto the street, the councilman flashes the thumbs up and we set off to work

Twenty minutes later I’m pulling up in front of her office building. As She undoes her seat belt, reaching for the door I ask “Will I see you again Heather?”


About to get out as Graeme comes to a stop in front of my office when I hear the one question that I’ve been dreading to here since last night “Will I see you again Heather?” I so desperately want to say yes but reality came crashing back to me.

“I don’t think so Graeme!” then for some reason I felt the need to explain why, like it wasn’t obvious. “Phillip may not be the most attentive husband but he is still my husband!” The look in Graeme’s eyes tell me he understand and I hope like me that he’s disappointed with that

“Heather, I’ll always consider you more than just a fling and if you ever want to talk or need a shoulder you know how to get a hold of me!”
No! Those were the words I didn’t want to hear, I didn’t want to know that he would be there if and when I needed someone in the future.

Even though deep down that was what i wanted I was hoping Graeme would accept a clean break. Getting out and making my way to the door, i don’t turn around , knowing if I do I would rush back to Graeme. Opening the door going in considering that chapter of my life over.


The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them. Her response doesn’t surprise me, if anything it’s what i expected deep down inside.

“I don’t think so Graeme!” Going on to say, “ “Phillip may not be the most attentive husband but he is still my husband!”  With that I should have just said goodbye but I don’t instead I make it more awkward for her.

“Heather, I’ll always consider you more than just a fling and if you ever want to talk or need a shoulder you know how to get a hold of me!”
She turns and goes into the building leaving me in the car thinking ‘Smooth Graeme, no wonder your single!” Putting the car into drive, going to work.


As the elevator opens onto the 15th floor, I walk to my office placing what i hope was a convincing smile on my face,which must have been better than i thought. As I enter my secretary  Jane Watson looks up and blurts out!

“Oh my god Mrs Wrightson you got some last night!”

Did I fake it better than I thought or was I still elated about last night, either way I play along “Is it that obvious?”

Jane comes around her desk with my morning cup of tea and one for herself, “Well if you want to dish I’m all ears!” Passing me my cup. “And don’t leave out anything!”

“Jane a lady doesn’t kiss and tell!” smiling a coy smile then sipping my tea before going into my inner office. Closing my door, leaning against it as the memories of last night do come back to me. Finally taking my seat I get down to work, next thing i know it 2PM and Jane is standing in the doorway with an large brown envelope in her hand

“So Heather what’s Wisened Woman?


Driving off to my place I’m running everything through my mind, from the minute i laid eyes on her to the moment she when into her office building.Pulling around parking on the side like usual then going in finding Ami at her post

“Jeez mister what time do you call this?”

“The time I plan to start work today, any problems with that?” Going past her and up to the studio when my eyes land on the photo layout from last night. Her smiling face staring up at me gives me flashbacks to her smiling face looking up at me  from the mattress. Just as I’m about to swipe it off the layout board Ami comes in “Debart on line one Graeme!

Okay Ami, do me a favor and  have this layout sent to this address today!”

“You got it Graeme, with the traditional prepaid return envelope?”

Nodding my head as I pick up the receiver “Hullo!  Bill how are you?”


Wisened Woman! All the memories came rushing back to me. The posing, the light all the praise from Both Ami and Graeme. Undoing the string on back, laying out the photos, Jane peering at the pictures “My god those really good!”
A note is attached to one photo. ‘Need your okay to send this to the printers-Graeme!’

“Oh my god Heather you’re going to be in a published Photo layout!” moving around to get a better look at the pictures. “Damn you should see if you could use this headshot as your profile pic on Linkedin!”

“Don’t you have a phone to attend?”

“Okay I get the hint!,” moving towards the door, opening it. “But really consider getting the right to use that picture!” Going out leaving Heather alone with her thoughts.Reminiscing as she views each picture. The final page ia a release form that needs signing and to be returned along with the photos. Signing it carefully placing everything into the prepaid envelope planning to drop it into the UPS drop box.

Turning my attention to work related correspondence I past the rest of the day. A little after four, Jane is on the intercom, “Mr. Howards on line one Heather!” Acknowledging her i pick up the receiver “Jason to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“It’s no pleasure Heather, in fact I wish Phillip had the balls to do this himself!” Pausing before continuing “Can we meet at you place to discuss what I have to tell you?

                                                      To be Continued

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A little after five I pulls up in front of my place seeing Jason’s Blue BMW already there.  Pulling into an available parking spot Jason gets out an envelope in his hand. As i get near “Jason so what’s so important that we had to meet in person?”

“Hullo Heather!” Passing me the envelope before saying anything else. “I wish Phillip had the balls to do this instead of sending me!”


“The papers in the envelope will tell you all!”

Jason has me curious, tearing the envelope open, shaking out some folded papers. Unfolding then, seeing that they are from a Hong Kong divorce court dated today. My eyes widen as I scan the top sheet “This can’t be legal can it?”

“I’m afraid it is Heather, Due to Phillips business dealing in Hong Kong he only has to pay off the correct official and you and him are legally divorced!”

“But under British law?”

‘Remember Hong Kong was owned by Britain so this divorce is recognized here as well as in Hong Kong!”
Scanning the second page “I can only take my clothes and suitcases needed to carry them!”

“Like I said I wish Phillip was here to do this but he off on his honeymoon!”

“Honeymoon?” Shocked “With who?” then it came to me Looking to Jason “Not Mary?” Jason refuses to look me in the eyes

Heather I’m so sorry he’s treating you like this!” pausing “If it makes this any easier, Phillip had your clothes packed this morning and left just inside the door!” Taking a black key fob out of his jacket pocket.

“He’s already had the locks changed, that’s why I have to be here, to let you in and to make sure nothing but the suitcases are taken as per Phillip!”

I’m dazed, confused and hurt inside! Just standing there “Where am I supposed to go?” Jason leads me back to my car, getting me seated behind the wheel.

“Tell you what I’ll get the suitcases, why don’t you try to find a place to stay the night?” Jason leaves me to get them, turning my head watching him go up the front stairs retrieving suitcase after suitcase from what use to be my house, Bringing then to my car, packing then into the boot then the backseat, one final one he wants to place on my passenger seat.

Moving a thick envelope, Handing it to me since it said ‘DO NOT FOLD’. Confused I look at it finding it addressed to Graeme Colter, the name triggering her memory.

“Heather, I’ll always consider you more than just a fling and if you ever want to talk or need a shoulder you know how to get a hold of me!”

Tears in her eyes  digging into her pocket for her cellphone. Searching the calls list for the number, pressing send.

“Hullo Graeme Colter, can I help you?”

Bursting into tears at his voice “Graeme I need a shoulder!”


The day seems to have no energy like the last day did. Ami And i went about a cookie cutter shoot with the person Bill Debart sent over. She was a looker but just didn’t match the spirited energy that Heather had. A little after four thirty we finish the shoot and the mock up of the layout. She leaves and Ami and I settle in for a cuppa

On the internet radio station I prefered, “The Black Treasures Of Scotland Yard” playing, making Ami ask

“What do you get out of listening to this?”

“To each their own!” Taking a sip of tea “What do you get listening to BBC1?” Well apparently it earns me a dirty look from Ami! While i finish listening to my show Ami Cleans up, checking and sorting the days mail and courier packages

Against all odds, I ask “Heather’s” Ami shakes her head Oh well maybe tomorrow! About to call it a day when my phone rings “Hullo Graeme Colter, can I help you?”

On the other end someone bursts into tears “Graeme I need a shoulder!” Every memory plays through my head as i recognize her voice - Heather! “What’s wrong, where are you?” Earning me more words through sobs.

“I-I-I’ve been Evicted-d-d-d” Sniffing then “P-P-P-illip...d” the last words i could make out clearly

“Heather where are you?” Then a male’s voice comes on.

“Are you a friend of Mrs. Wrightson’s?  Replying yes before he continues “Can you possibly come to her former residence, all can be explained easier there!”

Replying “I’ll get there as soon as possible!” the line goes dead. For some reason my gut tells me to get Ami to drive me, turning to her “Hey how would you like to save train fare tonight and tomorrow morning?” Intrigued she agrees to drive me to Heather’s.

Arriving a half hour later I see some guy standing in the street, talking to someone in a car. Instructing Ami to park close, i get out and walk to Heather’s place. As I,m about to knock on the door the guy call out  “Miss Wrightson is here in the car!”

Making my way to it, looking in through the windshield, finding a still crying Heather sitting there, just staring straight ahead. Moving to the open door “Heather?” Her head turns and my heart jumps into my throat. Her eyes red from crying her mascara streaked down her cheeks.So badly I wanted to pull her out and embrace her “What happened?"

Her mouth opens, no words comes out, the unknown guy speaks “Mr. Wrightson terminated  their marital relationship, retaining the marital home effective immediately!” Hearing that my insides war between high fiving that news and wanting to pound the bastard into an early grave for hurting Heather.

Finally she says something “He only left me with my clothes, suitcases and this car!” sniffing then “I’m effectively homeless!” Still staring straight ahead.

“You not homeless Heather!” turning her head towards me “You can stay with me until you find somewhere!”  I don’t know if it was my words or my face but Heather pushes me away, climbs out and then grabs me into an embrace.

“You weren’t lying to me!” Surprising whoever the guy was “You here to be my shoulder to cry on!”

The guy opens his mouth to say something but I cut him off fast with super clear meaning “I can’t beat her ex!, but you seem like the next best target!”  my right hand on Heather’s shoulder curling up into a fist as I go to let go of her.

“I feel my duty is done here so i’ll be off!” Wise move in my eyes “Heather if there is anything I can help with just call!” Turning and sprinting across the street, getting into his car and driving off.

Turning my full attention to Heather “It’s no what your accustomed to but I’ve a complete flat above the studio, your free to use until you ready to start again!”

As if my words cuts through her despair, “Thank you Graeme!” Kissing my cheek, thrilling me deep inside so much that I wanted to kiss her on the lips and never let go. Breaking our embrace leading her to the passenger side, opening the door, cleaning off the seat , placing the envelope addressed to my onto the dashboard.

“Just let me square things with Ami and I’ll drive you to my place Heather!” Getting her situated before going to Ami. “Heather been divorced and thrown out into the streets, so I’m letting her stay with me in the studio flat until she able to find a place!” Ami gives me a evil grin.

“So should I call before coming to work from now on?” Instantly regretting it when she sees the look on my face “Sorry Graeme!” Ami been with me long enough to know my moods without being told anything. Handing her thirty pounds for petrol, just in case, I return to Heather.

Getting into the driver’s seat, the keys in the ignition, starting it then driving back to my place. Once there I show Heather up to my flat, giving her the most important tour, where the loo and her room are before starting the first of a few trips to retrieve her suitcases.

With everything up, I make a pot of tea, then two cups, slipping a little brandy into Heather’s. Going through the living space not seeing her i go to the guest room finding heather on the bed facing the wall, her chest slowly rising and falling rhythmically. Backing out making sure the blinds are closed, leaving her until she awakens on her own!.

                                                                            More To Follow