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Love Lessons

I've heard it said that a young man will remember his first dog, his first car, and his first sexual experience. In my case, I've found it to be true. My first dog was a black mongrel that was my close companion for the first fifteen years of my life. The first car I ever owned was a rusted Chevrolet that cost me a hard-earned eighty dollars. The first time I ever fully enjoyed the warmth and tenderness of a woman's body is still a memory that burns brightly in my memory.

 My teenage years were more awkward than most. Despite my wishes to be a star athlete, I was mediocre at best. I was not the greatest scholar in the school. I could make the honor roll, but it required more work than I was usually willing to expend.

 The only thing that I truly excelled in was music and drama. I was gifted with musical ability. The high points of my high school were my starring roles in various musicals and dramatic productions. As is typical of most high school boys, I dreamed of getting my hands on one of the school beauties. The cheerleaders and prom queens, of course, were far too good for a songbird like me. Their favors were reserved only for the top athletes.

 Much to my amazement, I succeeded in working up my courage and asked out a pretty girl the orchestra. I was overjoyed when Gloria accepted my invitation to go out. Soon we were a regular couple. She was not a raving beauty, but she was within my reach.

 Each date we went a little farther. My hands roamed freely over her curves on the outside of her clothes. Finally my hands plunged clumsily through and touched her bare breasts. It was a great day for me when my fingers first touched her wet pussy. I remember the musky smell of her juices and how she responded to my touch. But she would not allow me to fuck her.

 On a Saturday night in March, we were closing out the annual school musical. Somehow I had a feeling that this would be the night. Tonight I would see what it was like to plunge my hard cock deep into a wet pussy. My loins quickened at the thought of it. After the final performance, I quickly changed into my regular clothes.

 "Tonight's the night," I said to myself as I drove rapidly over the roads to the house hosting the cast party. "Tonight's the night I'm finally gonna get laid."

 When I arrived at the house, the party was already going strong. Gloria had ridden to the party with her older sister and promised to be waiting for me. I made my way through the crowd swaying together in time to the loud music. Several teachers who had worked with us on the musical were there and I made polite conversation for a few minutes. I gently extricated myself from their company and began to look for Gloria.

 "Jay, where ya been, man?" I heard a familiar voice speak. It was Chuck, the band president. Chuck was the stereotypical band geek. He played six instruments and viewed the world through glasses that were at least a half inch thick.

 "I just got here. Have you seen Gloria? She was supposed to meet me here," I said anxiously. I liked Chuck, but right now I was in no mood to hang out with one of the guys.

 "She was here about fifteen minutes ago," he said in an odd manner. "I got some bad news. She was over in a corner making out like crazy with some guy. Their hands were all over each other. I saw them go outside a little while ago."

 Burning with rage, I stalked out of the party. In desperation I moved from parked car to parked car. Finally I saw a car with windows steamed completely over. That must be where Gloria and her new guy were together. I was almost afraid of what I would see, but I just had to know.

 "What the hell is going on here?" I shouted as I threw open the door. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. Gloria lay on the back seat of the car, her thighs spread wide. Some huge guy was pumping her hairy pussy like a wild rabbit. The dome light revealed him sucking on her dark nipples. Her mouth was wide open in pleasure.

 "Who the fuck are you?" I heard the big guy shout. Emerging from the car, he pulled up his pants and charged me. He knocked me to the ground with very little effort. Before I could move he placed a hard kick in my midsection knocking the wind completely out of me.

 I distinctly remember him returning to his car and continuing to fuck my girl. I heard her squealing in pleasure and I heard his guttural moans. A particularly loud moan caused me to realize that he'd just filled her cunt with his cum. He had gotten the fuck that should have been mine.

 Dragging myself to my feet, I walked in a daze through the curious onlookers at the party. They must have known what had happened. Every eye was on me as I moved as quickly as possible through the house and out to my car. Fumbling with my keys, I struggled to start the old Chevrolet.

 "Fuck," I muttered as I heard the old car make two vain attempts to start and then go dead. In a rage I slammed the door and stalked off down the dark road, not knowing or caring where I was going. To make matters worse, it began to rain on me. It began as a drizzle, but soon it was pouring down upon me in cold sheets.

 "What have I done to deserve this?" I said to myself in a rage. I stalked through the rain, feeling the cold in my bones.

 My long walk was suddenly illuminated by bright headlights. To my surprise, I heard my name being called. "Jay, are you okay?"

 Turning toward the car and snapped, "I'm fine, just fine."

 My eyes adjusted somewhat and I could see who it was. It was my choir teacher, Miss Ditch. I was instantly sorry that I had spoken so harshly to her. She was a young first year teacher that had always been very nice to me.

 "I'm sorry, Miss Ditch. I didn't mean to talk to mean to you," I said through the rain. "Yeah, I"m fine. I'm just mad."

 "Get in," she said in a gentle voice. "I'll give you a ride."

 "No thanks," I said. "I'll be fine."

 "Don't be an ass," she said with a chuckle. "Get in the car where it's warm." I was kind of shocked at the way she spoke to me. In a kind of numb trance, I walked to the passenger door of her car and got inside. She put the car into gear and drove into the night.

 "I suppose everyone knows what happened," I said glaring out into the night.

 "I heard what happened," she said quietly. "You must feel terrible right now, but believe me, some day you will look back on this night. You'll realize that it's not that bad."

 "T-t-t-that's easy for you to say," I said through chattering teeth.

“You’re soaked to the skin,” she said sympathetically. “I can’t send you home like this. How about we stop by my house and put your clothes in the dryer. We can talk a little bit and you can calm down.”

“Th-th-th-that’s okay with me,” I said shivering. This time the stammering was not because of the cold. The idea of being alone in the house with Miss Ditch was a fantasy of most of the guys in our school. She was a first year teacher fresh out of the university. She would sit on her stool directing the choir with her delicious thighs enticing every young man’s fantasy. I imagined that she was the star of more than one wet dream.

 We pulled into her driveway and waited to see if the rain was going to let up. Finally she spoke, “We might as well make a break for it. If we don’t, we’ll be stuck in this car all night.” With that, both of us opened the doors of the car and bolted towards her front door. Despite our haste, by the time she had gotten her key in the lock and fumbled with the deadbolt, she was as soaked as I was.

 She stood there in her living room, flipped on the light, and smiled, “The bathroom is right here off the bedroom,” she pointed. “Just go in there, hand out your clothes, and I’ll put them in the dryer. Take a hot shower to break the chill. Just wrap a towel around yourself when you’re done.”

“What?” I said in amazement.

“I have three brothers,” she said in that laughing voice. “I doubt if I see anything I haven’t seen before. Now get in there and get your shower. I want to take one myself.”

 Obediently I went into the bathroom, removed my clothes, and dangled them outside the door. Playfully she grabbed my hand as if to yank me out of the bathroom. She laughed that soft laugh of hers and took the clothes. As I allowed the warm shower to beat over my naked body and soaped myself with a sweet smelling soap, a typical teenage thought came into my mind, “She stands naked here every day.”

 In response to my thought, my cock stood straight out. I resisted the urge to stroke it. To calm it down, I adjusted the shower to a cooler temperature and allowed it to shrink back to normal size. As I exited the shower, I toweled off and wrapped the soft garment tightly around my waist.

 Shyly I emerged from the bedroom and looked around the living room. I saw that she had started a fire in the fireplace. I could feel the warmth starting to fill the room.

“Sit here by the fire while I take a quick hot shower,” she said. “I’m still cold.” With that she moved from the room slipping off her shoes as she left. Before long I could hear the shower and again I thought of her standing there naked, her hands moving across her wet body, her skin glistening and shiny with the soap.

 Before long the obvious bulge had returned to the towel. “What is wrong with me?” I thought desperately. “I have to get myself under control. What if she comes out right now? What will she think?”

 I tried thinking of every nonsexual thing possible. I thought of the ugly girl who sat next to me in chemistry. Then I began to think of the humiliation I had gone through that night. The sight of that huge hulking guy plunging his cock into my girl infuriated me all over again. My hard cock returned to normal as I felt the pain in my bruised stomach where I had been kicked.

“That feels so much better,” I heard Miss Ditch say as she emerged from the bedroom. She was wearing a short terrycloth robe that clung to her wet body. Her black hair was plastered against her head. She filled the room with a sweet smell.

“I know how you feel,” she said as she sat down next to me.

“Oh?” I replied doubtfully. “How could you know how I feel? Have you ever been humiliated like that?”

 She turned and looked at me. As she turned, her robe opened somewhat. I could see the soft skin of the side of her breast. I felt myself flush and growing warm.

“When I was about your age, I was madly in love. Or at least I thought I was,” she said with a distant look on her face. “When he had his arms around me, I wanted to give myself completely to him, but I was always afraid. Finally I made up my mind that I was going to make my dream a reality”

 The idea of talking about screwing with a teacher was so odd to me, but here we were talking about our secret things. Maybe teachers were human after all.

“Did you do it?” I asked. I hoped she couldn’t hear the shaking in my voice.

“No,” she said sadly. “I caught him screwing my best friend on the school parking lot after a football game. It wasn’t long before everyone knew that he’d dumped me because I wouldn’t put out. I went home that night both angry and heartbroken. So I know how you feel.”

“How did you get over it?” I asked. I hoped she didn’t notice my eyes drawn to her tanned thigh. She had shifted somewhat, and I could see her smooth legs.

“I finally realized that he was the loser,” she said in a whisper. “He lost the chance to have me. He’d never know what a great lover I am.”

 With those words, my cock rose higher than it had been previously. Nervously I rose to stretch. “I wonder how long it will take my clothes to dry?” I asked to no one in particular. Taking a step toward the laundry room, I was horrified to feel the towel slip and fall to the floor. I stood before Miss Ditch naked, my cock standing straight out from my trembling body.

“Oh my,” she said softly.

“I’m so sorry, Miss Ditch,” I said clawing for the towel.

“You have nothing to be sorry about,” she said in a tone I’d never heard before. She stood, gently grasped my hand and led me naked to the couch. “Just trust me, Jay. Some day you will know that getting dumped was the best thing that could have happened to you.”

 She stood before me and allowed her robe to drop. My mouth dropped in amazement. Her nipples were dark and hard. My eyes traveled down her slim form and drank in the sight of her thighs. Her pussy was dark and closely trimmed. With one motion she turned off the lamp. In the firelight, her skin glowed enticingly.

 Kneeling before me, she took my throbbing cock in her hand and slowly and gently lowered her head to it. I felt her soft lips wrap around the head of it and slowly slide up and down the length of it. I’d heard about blowjobs, but I’d never had one. Gloria said that was something she’d never do. As Miss Ditch continued sliding her lips up and down my hard shaft, I forgot all about Gloria. I heard myself making noises like I’d never made before. Her hand grasped my balls as her tongue did things to me that caused the room to spin.

“Oh God,” I cried out. I felt myself explode inside her soft mouth. Hungrily she sucked harder and allowed every drop of cum to disappear into her tender mouth. I lay back on the couch, sweat rolling down my face. She looked up at me. For the first time I noticed how beautiful her brown eyes were.

“Jay, come with me,” she said with a longing in her eyes. She took my hand and began to gently guide me to her bedroom.

“Miss Ditch, are you sure?” I said. I wanted to so badly but was still nervous.

 She kissed me long hand hard. Her mouth was warm and moist. I could taste a saltiness on her tongue that I knew must have been the taste of my own cum. Moving her lips across my neck she whispered in my ear, “I think that when we’re alone you can call me Sue,” she purred. “Come with me, Jay. There’s more I want to show you.”

 When we walked into the bedroom, I allowed myself to be lowered onto the bed. Sue slowly and gently stroked my cock. In her soft hands, it began to rise and harden. She took my hand and guided it to her soft breasts. As I moved across the warmth of her skin, she moaned in pleasure.

“It feels so good when you touch me like that, Jay,” she moaned. “Pinch my nipples gently. Feel them get even harder.”

 Obediently I followed her instruction and her nipple became even more taut at my touch. My eyes were drawn from her breasts to her soft pussy. Her hair was dark and tightly trimmed. Tentatively I allowed my hand to slide down her firm stomach and barely graze her soft pussy. She nodded in approval.

“Oh yes,” she moaned. “Feel my pussy. Can you feel how wet you’re making me?” As my hands moved over her pussy, I could feel that it was soaked with her own juices.

“Oh God,” I moaned. “You’re so wet.”

 She took my hand and tasted her own pussy juice. “It mean’s you’re doing it right,” she said breathlessly. I felt her soft thighs encircle my waist. She had gently took the hard shaft of my cock and guided into her wet pussy. She began to grind against me, sliding up and down the length of my cock.

 On some kind of instinct, my hands raised to her soft breasts. She moaned in approval. She began moving faster, encouraging me with moans and sighs. Sue fell upon me, riding my cock, kissing my mouth hard.

“You’re fucking me so good, Jay,” she moaned. “Your cock feels so good inside of me.”

 My hands roamed over every inch of her body, exploring each curve. As I caressed her soft ass, I noticed I could see our reflection on her dresser mirror. Her eyes were shut as if she were in another world. Her soft body grinding against mine caused me to move faster and harder. Her tits bounced as I began to thrust upwards with a strength that had not previously be there.

“That’s it, baby,” she cried out. “Fuck me! Fill me with your cum!” Sue bucked wildly against me, begging my body to respond to her.

 I felt myself getting so close to exploding. Reaching out with both hands, I grasped both of her soft shoulders and plunged upwards with a loud cry. I exploded deep inside her. Her pussy milked my cock for every drop of cum. I felt her collapse, spent on my naked body.

“How was that, baby?” she purred. “Was it as good as you thought it was going to be?”

“It was better than I could have dreamed,” I said softly. I drew her to me and kissed her, enjoying the feeling of her warm lips and her hands on my body.

“I knew you would be a quick learner,” she chuckled rolling off me and cuddling in the crook of my arm. “Did I tell you how I got over being dumped?” she whispered in my ear.

“No,” I responded. I had completely forgotten about Gloria and what she had done to me. “How did you get over it?”

“I was sixteen years old. He was twenty-six and my literature teacher. After I caught my boyfriend and best friend fucking in his car and was embarrassed by the whole school, I was ready to quit school and life. He took me aside and taught me that I was a woman worth desiring. It was in his arms I realized that my old boyfriend was a loser.”

“You mean?” I said haltingly.

“He fucked my brains out,” she said giggling. “He taught me everything. I want to teach you the same lessons.”

“I think I’d enjoy that,” I said with a smile. For the rest of the year Sue and I were secret lovers. She taught me everything a man should know. I discovered how to use my tongue to bring a woman to the high point of pleasure. We made love everywhere. At school, we fucked wildly on the stage between classes and even across her teacher’s desk. Holding nothing back, she was the perfect lover.

 My senior year was a sad year for me. Sue accepted a teaching position in another city. Our last night together was wild but tinged with sadness.

“I’ll never forget you,” I said as I lay on top of her, my cock still inside her throbbing pussy.

“You’ll forget about me once you get your hands on college girls,” she said as she kissed my neck playfully. “What have you decided to major in?”

 I pulled her close and our eyes met. “I’ve decided to become a teacher.”

 Sue’s eyes glowed brightly. “Maybe we’ll meet again some day,” she said in that smiling tone.

 I pulled her close for a repeat performance, “Maybe we will,” I said as I covered her mouth with a kiss.