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November 02, 2015, 10:20:55 AM

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Someone asked me the other day how I lost my virginity. So here it is. hope yall like it!

I was 15 years old, taking classes at the community college during my junior year of high school. I had been noticing this man about 45, walking around campus. He was very tall and built like a football player. He always wore boots, jeans, and a biker jacket. He was covered in tattoos and always on his harley. I watched him for a few weeks. One day out of the blue, i was in the library and he walked in. He spotted me and smiled. My heart started pounding when he started walking straight to me. Before i even knew what was going on, he had me pushed up against the bookshelf, hand very gently around me neck, pushing my face up to him. He kissed me very gently. I melted. It was my first kiss. It wasnt how i expected it to be, but i loved it. My virgin pussy was dripping wet and he didnt even touch it.
When he was done, he looked into my eyes and smiled. "I will meet you here at noon" he said and walked away. Needless to say i squirmed through my whole math class. At noon, i couldnt wait to get back to the library. Sure enough, he was there. He smiled and introduced himself. His name was Bo. He was working on his 3rd degree... criminal justice. We talked a little bit as we walked to his bike. He offered to take me out to eat.  I eagerly accepted. Over the next few days we hung out. He introduced me to marijuana and stole the keys to the cadavar room. We broke in one night and bullshitted around. Finally, he asked if id like to come to his house. I very much did want to.
Up until this point he hadnt made any other advances towards me and never mentioned the kiss in the library. I of course was to afraid to. I was instantly wet whenever he looked into my eyes. Once at his house, he showed me around and then led me to the attic. His attic was mostly bare, but had a huge stereo, a bed, and some workout equipment. We sat down on the bed. I was so nervous. He leaned over and kissed me passionatley. I could have orgasmed right there. He reached his hand down my little cotton shorts and shoved 2 fingers deep inside me. That is all it took and i had the most amazing orgasm. I was very embarassed. I had no sexual expiriences before this. "Im a virgin you know" i told him. "I know little mama Its all good." he replied. He took his hand out of my pants and rubbed me all over, my thighs, my belly, chest, and finally my neck as he gently pushed me back so i was laying and he was leaning over me.
"Do you trust me?" He asked. "Yes" i said. He reached under his pillow and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. I was scared, but very excited at the same time. I knew what i was doing was dangerous from the begining, but i am one for a little risk and adventure. He handcuffed me to the metal headboard. He turned on some ozzy. It was dark in the attic. I could barely see anything. He hunted around for a bit and when he came back, he had a roll of duct tape in his hands. I got a little worried. I didnt think this was a normal part of loosing your virginity. Even as scary as it was, i was soaking wet. So i didnt say anything. Not that i could say anything at that point because he taped my mouth shut.
"You look so sexy like that you know." He told me as he lifted my shirt up over my chest. I wiggled a little but couldnt move. "Are you scared?" He asked. I just looked at him. He pulled out his dick and stood close to my face. I had never seen an adult penis before. It was HUGE! No way could that thing fit inside me! "You should be. Because it will hurt." he said. Suddenly he flipped me on my belly and lifted my hips up so my ass was in the air and my wrists were crossed from being cuffed. I tried to make some sort of noise but i couldnt with the duct tape. Before i could think about what was happening, he had my shorts down to my knees and thrust his dick in as deep and hard as he could and it HURT."Ill bet you like that dont you little mama?" he asked. I was in another world. I couldnt understand how something could hurt so bad and feel so good at the same time. He pumped hard and fast. He knew he was hurting me when i was wiggling like i was, but he either didnt care, or wanted it that way. Im thinking the latter because he grabbed me by the neck again. He had done it gently in the past but he was done being gentle. Somehow, i started to feel it comming on. I started breathing really heavy. My whole body was tense but when he had my neck like that, i just relaxed and the orgasm just took over. It was amazing.
He could see that i got off. I was too wet for him so he flipped me back over, took my shorts all the way off and cleaned me up with them. "You are a fucked up chick you know?" he said. He kissed my neck, my chest, my belly, and then my pussy. I wasnt sure what he ment but i didnt care. I was feeling great. He gently licked on my clit while he stroked that G spot. I think i was too exhausted to get off again but it felt great! Then he lifted my legs up and fucked me hard again. When he was ready to get off, he pulled out it squirted all over my face. My pussy was unrecognizable when he was done it looked like a balloon all swollen. It hurt so bad i felt like i had balls. He uncuffed me and said again, "You are one fucked up chick... but im suprised, you took it like a woman."
I smiled. I was so shy and embarrassed by what had just happened. "Dont worry, next time i will be easier,because its going in your ass. Ill break you in right."

November 27, 2015, 11:08:53 AM
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That's a great chapter Lilbitch! Please do another. I want to read about him doing your ass!