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It was late in the semester, most of her major exams for her 3rd year at USF were complete, so now she could let her hair down a bit.  It was Saturday evening at a party with some girl friends, the first one she had been at in a while.

She was 24yr old, taking her teaching degree.  At 5’7”, dark blonde hair, blue eyes and long legs, she always seemed to turn the heads of guys around.

Earlier on the day she had spent some time catching the sun at the pool in her apartment complex.  Her skin still had the glow from spending just a little bit too much time out there. 

She had decided to wear a white, sleeveless, summer dress that flowed around her body.  Underneath was matching white no line thong panties and a specially made bra that was designed to cup her 34d breasts with no material that actually covered them.  All in all she think that it was a good look and considering the heads that were turning so did a lot of other people.

There was about 80-90 people at the party so it was a bit crowded but everyone was having fun.  Music was loud and good.  Megan had a few drinks to loosen up a bit take the stress of from the school year, couple of dances on the cleared area for a dance floor.  The night was going good, chatted with a few guys that were looking to hook up.  Not that Megan was against the idea, it had been a few months since her last exploits which wasn’t that great.  During the time since then she had her couple of toys she would use, her vib with rabbit ears but here favorite one was a dildo that seemed to hit the spot.

But tonight might be different maybe she would hook up with someone and have some fun.

She was standing on the deck outside taking in some air, drink in hand.  She was starting to feel a little bit tipsy when she saw a black guy walking in her direction.  She had a feeling she had seen him before.

“Hi”, he said, “My name is Jamal, I believe we both live in the same apartment complex, you were down by the pool earlier today.”

“Yes, that’s where I’ve seen you before”, she replied.  Her mind going back to earlier on in the day when she was there.  She remembered him exiting the pool, his muscular body glistening with the water.

The thought of being with a black guy had never crossed her mind before, her family always going on about staying within one’s race.  Not that she was racists but the idea or event had never presented itself.

They chatted for a bit, he was a member of USF’s athletic team and was preparing for their next meet in just over a week’s time, so was not drinking alcohol.

He got Megan another drink, seeing that she was getting a bit tipsy said, “Hey if you need a lift home tonight I can take you save you the worry of driving or getting a cab.”

“Sounds good,” she replied I will let you know.

They went and had a couple of dances.  Jamal was keeping an eye on her body as she moved.  Earlier today he had been looking at Megan.  Her body glistening with the oil from the suntan lotion.  Laying there, her large breasts nestled in the bikini top, the bottoms barely covering her pussy.  How he would love to just grab her legs spread them wide, pull the bikini bottoms to one side and slide his 10.5”, thick, black veiny cock into her pussy.  He thought of her as being sweet and innocent but also imagined her as being a freak in bed.

A couple of hours later, a few gropes later and Megan decided that maybe it was time to go home.  Didn’t look like she would be going back to anyone else’s place or anyone going with her.

She found Jamal, “Hey that offer still open to catch a ride back?” she asked.

“Sure, whenever you are ready,” he replied.

“I’m ready,” she replied.

“Okay, let’s go.”  She was ready Jamal thought, ready for him.

They walked to his car.  It was a low rider, with bucket seats.  Megan climbed in settled back and put her seat belt on.  Jamal watched, glancing at Megan’s legs as her dress rode up a bit, exposing a bit more of her tanned thighs.

He started the car and pulled away from the party.  It was about a 25 minute drive back to their complex, but 5 minutes into the trip Megan fell asleep.  Jamal looked at her, after about another 5 minutes his curiosity got the better of him.  His hand moved over and started to lift the hem of her dress, moving it further up her legs.  He wanted to know if she was wearing any panties or not.

What he saw took his breath away.  As he lifted her dress he exposed the flimsiest pair of panties he had ever seen, they were white, lacy and didn’t hide anything.  He saw that she was completely smooth and bald, but what was the sexiest thing, was the tightest looking pussy he had ever seen.  He couldn’t imagine that she was a virgin, but one never knows.

His cock hardened as he imagined her tight cunt wrapped around his throbbing cock as he fucked her.  He reached a finger down and started to trace her pussy lips.  He could feel dampness down there and a soft moan escaped from Megan’s lips.

At the same time that Jamal was caressing Megan’s pussy, Megan was dreaming about fucking.  She had always had this dream about being taken.  Most guys took it slow and gentle with her when they were screwing, but secretly she wanted a guy to take her, bend her over, rip her panties off and give it to her good and hard.  She let out a moan not realizing that at the same time Jamal was caressing her cunt.

“Hey girl we are back,” Jamal said as he woke Megan up.

Megan came out of her sleep, “Already,” she said.  Undoing her seat belt and getting out of the car.

“Here let me help you,” Jamal said as he came round the car and took her arm.  “Okay which apartment is it?”

“Second floor #8,” Megan replied.

Jamal helped steady Megan as they climbed the stairs.  She fumbled in her purse for her keys, dropping them as she pulled them out.  Jamal bent down to retrieve them.

“Here let me,” as he inserted the key in the door unlocking it and pushing it open.

Megan seemed to regain a bit of sobriety perhaps the fresh air had cleared her head a bit.

“Hey want to come in for a minute,” she said.  Megan didn’t really have anything in mind when asking just being polite.

As for Jamal this is what he had hoped for.  “Sure.”

He pushed the door closed behind them, keeping an eye on Megan’s ass as she walked ahead of him.  Short walk down a hallway into the main area.  As they arrived there Megan leaned over a sofa to drop her purse onto it.

Suddenly she felt Jamal behind her, pressing her against the back of the sofa.  He pushed her upper body over until she was bent over the back.  With his body pressing against her she couldn’t move.

She pushed back against him but didn’t get very far.  At the same time she could feel him pressing into her and what she felt she couldn’t believe.  No she thought to herself  it can’t be that big.

Meanwhile one of Jamal’s hands had grabbed the hem of Megan’s dress and was pulling it up.  Exposing her firm ass cheeks, pulling up further till it was bunched up around her waist.  He could see the flimsy lace material of her panties as it appeared from between her ass cheeks.

Megan continued to struggle but knowing in herself it was futile his muscular body was pining her down, his legs between hers spreading hers open, but also she felt her body working against her.  There was a warmth growing between her legs, it was almost as if her pussy was getting ready for what was about to come.

She heard a zipper being pulled down and Jamal fumbling behind her, she could only imagine what was going on.

At that moment he leaned into her speaking in her ear, “Don’t worry I’m not going to hurt you, let’s just have some fun.”  As if this was supposed to make her feel better.

But there was the desire that she had to have this done to her.

Then she felt Jamal’s fingers hooking into her panties and pulling them to one side.  She was exposed, legs pushed apart, little bit of material that covered her pussy was now to one side.  Then she felt a round knob pressing into her pussy lips as if doing a recon ready for the invasion.

Once again Jamal said “Don’t worry,” she relaxed a little.

Just at that moment Jamal gave a thrust, his thick rampant cock invaded her cunt.  She felt the bulbous head ploughing its way into her body, filling and stretching her.  It seemed to go on forever, her cunt expanding, opening up to receive his rampant cock, then she felt his coarse pubic hair pressing against her ass cheeks as it bottomed out.

“Oh my god girl, when was the last time you got fucked?”  Jamal asked.  “Your cunt is so tight it feels like it’s your first time.”

Megan said nothing, but she knew what he meant.  It was the biggest, thickest cock that had ever been thrust between her legs.  She could feel it pulsating inside her.  Her pussy was tight around it and seemed to be gripping onto it.

Then Jamal stood up taking his weight from her upper body.  Standing erect, like his cock inside her, he grabbed her hips.  He pulled back and started, thrusting his cock into her tight pussy.

There was no other way of saying it, she was being fucked hard by a big black cock and her body was responding.  Every time he ploughed into her, the nerves around her cunt seemed to be on fire, her pussy was working overtime to lube his cock and her love tunnel.

She could hear him grunting with each thrust forcing it deeper into her now wet cunt.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned.  “Damm you,” she said.  “Fuck, harder Jamal, fuck me harder,”

He responded ramming his rampant cock harder and deeper into her eager cunt, “That’s it you little slut, take my black cock.”  He looked down at his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy, it was slick and glistening with her juice’s.

Megan could feel the pleasure building inside her body.  Her pussy gripped his cock, milking his shaft as it plunged in and out.  She had never imagined that getting fucked by a black cock would be so good.  “Ooh god,” she moaned, “Jesus Christ, goddam cock is so big, feels so good,” she growled as Jamal continued to fuck her.

Oh my god she thought to herself, I’m going to cumm soon, as Jamal grabbed her hair and pulled back on it, lifting her head up.

Jamal’s hips slapped against Megan’s ass cheeks as he continued to thrust in and out.  He loved the feel of her silky wetness, the tightness of her cunt, this was going to be a good fuck.

He heard Megan start to moan, her pussy seemed to grip his rampant cock tighter, she was getting closer to cummin.

Suddenly Megan let out a scream as waves of pleasure radiated out from her pussy, she could hardly catch her breath as Jamal continued to thrust in and out.  Each time it seemed to bring more pleasure.

“Aaaaaahhhh,” Megan screamed, “Oooh mother of god,” as her body shivered with pleasure.

Jamal started to slow down, withdrawing from her pussy, with a load squelching noise.  He stood her on her feet and turned her around.  Megan’s face and neck were flushed; nipples were poking out through her disheveled dress, she leaned against him.

“OMG,” she moaned, “that was amazing,” she blurted out.

“Glad you enjoyed it, but we aren’t finished yet,” Jamal said.

Downstairs in the apartment below a 67 yr old man just unleashed the biggest load from his throbbing cock in a long time.  David a retired installer for security systems had been watching everything via little cameras he had installed in the apartment when it was being renovated, in the hope that possibly some young girl would rent the apartment.  Now he had the whole incident on his laptop and knowing Megan’s parents wouldn’t be happy about this liaison was hoping to use it to his advantage.

Back upstairs, Jamal looked at Megan, “How about taking that dress off and letting me look at that hot body of yours, let me see what I’m going to be enjoying.”

Megan unzipped the dress and let it fall to the floor, standing there letting Jamal look at her.

“Wow,” he said.  For the first time seeing her 34d breasts nestled in the bra cups, standing straight out, her erect pink nipples pointing directly at him.  Lowering his eyes down her slim waist to where her legs joined at her cunt.  The panties still pulled slightly to one side, getting a good view of her baldness and the start of her pussy, which at this point was glistening with wetness.

Megan looked at Jamal and let her eyes wander down, then open in amazement at the size of his still hard cock.  “OMG,” she said, “I didn’t realize it was THAT big.”  “Eh why don’t you make yourself comfortable then and take your clothes off.”

Jamal was eager to do so, stripping of his shirt, shoes, socks, jeans and boxers.  Within  a couple of minutes he was naked.  Megan looked at him, her eyes drinking in his muscular physique.  Stepping forward she ran her hands over his chest, down over his stomach and took hold of his engorged cock.

Feeling its power in her warm hands, pulsating and throbbing, still slick with her wetness from the fucking he had just given her.  “Why don’t we go to your bedroom where we can give your bed a working out,” Jamal suggested.

“Yes, lets,” Megan agreed.

Jamal let Megan lead the way, not because he couldn’t find it but because he wanted to look at her ass as he walked in front of him.  Pity he thought to himself, if her pussy was that tight no danger of him being able to fuck that sexy looking ass tonight, but that could come later.

David watched them walk to the bedroom, switching cameras his eyes were captivated by Megan’s firm breasts as they bounced as she walked into the bedroom.  Already his cock was getting hard again.  He knew that Megan was going to get fucked at least once more if not more before the sun rose again, this was going to be a good night.

Megan turned around and looked at Jamal.  Without any bidding she kneeled down, took hold of his hard cock and eagerly started to lick and suck on his throbbing member.  Megan wanted to please him, she might not be able to get it all in her mouth but she was going to do her best.  One hand was stroking the base of his cock, her mouth was working up and down over the head, her other hand was cupping his heavy balls, gently squeezing them.

“Mmmmmmm,” Jamal moaned, as he watched Megan suck his cock, putting a hand on the back of her head he started to fuck her warm wet mouth.  Megan realized what he was doing and didn’t stop, if he wanted to thrust his cock down her throat till she gagged then that was fine.  She looked up at him, so he could see his thick cock in her mouth as he started to fuck her face.

Jamal was building to a cumm but he didn’t want to unleash it down her throat, he wanted to fill her cunt.  He stopped fucking her face, picked her up and guided her towards the bed.

“Lay down with your ass on the edge,” he said.

Megan did as she was told.

“Lift and spread them legs girl.”

Megan was just as eager as Jamal was and lifted her legs and spread them wide.  There she lay, ass on the edge of the bed legs wide open exposed for Jamal to look at, which he did.

He was looking directly at her cunt, for the first time seeing it completely exposed and the sight didn’t disappoint.  The smoothness down there, the pink folds glistening with wetness, he could even see her clit.

Dave downstairs was watching as well and couldn’t believe the size of the guys cock.  He thought he was big but this was at least 2” bigger than him.  That girl was going to get fucked good he thought to himself.

Jamal stepped closer till the head of his cock was probing Megan’s pussy.  He slide it up and down her cunt, rubbing it over her clit.

Megan moaned and squirmed, ripples of pleasure once again radiating out from between her legs.  “Oh fuck,” she moaned, “stick that cock in me,” she said looking at Jamal.  “Fuck me with that big black cock.”

Just as Megan finished saying that Jamal rammed his cock into her pussy once again, ploughing its way deep inside her.  It seemed as if her cunt was sucking him in, the warmth, wetness and tightness as it enveloped him.

Even though Megan was expecting it she still screamed out as his cock filled and stretched her once again.  Throwing her head back, “Ahhhhhhh, fuck.”  Then she felt Jamal’s balls resting on her ass cheeks, then it started.  Thrusting in and out, fucking her hard and fast.

She was going to wrap her legs around him but decided to keep them wide open, giving him more room.  She could feel the waves of pleasure radiating out from her cunt, she could already feel and orgasm building in her once again.  His cock just seemed to hit all the right spots.  Normally she would make the guys wear a condom but she didn’t care tonight, she was going to feel everything Jamal had to give her.  She was on the pill and also had the morning after pill just to be sure.

Jamal knew he wouldn’t last too long, after fucking her not so long ago and the blow job he was ready to unleash in this white pussy.  He fucked her hard and fast, just how she seemed to like it.  Her cunt seemed to grip his cock, massaging, milking it as it thrust deep into her.

Their bodies glistening with sweat, slapping together as they fucked, his balls getting coated in her flowing juice’s, the squelching noise as his cock thrust into her well lubed pussy.

Megan started it first, suddenly her body tensed, then a scream, “Ahhhhhhhhh, fuck again,” as her clit exploded with intense pleasure, making her body shake.  Jamal continued to fuck her, each thrust of his cock seemed to keep her in a roller coaster of pleasure, thrust in taking her to the top, the pull back rolling down the other side only to be pushed back up again with the next thrust.

Jamal could feel himself getting close, his balls were tightening, his cock getting more engorged.  Megan could feel it to, “Come on you bastard, give it to me, fill me with your cumm she growled.”  Jamal pushed in deeper and harder, then he felt it, his cock filling with his cumm.  He thrust in hard and held it there, Megan knew it to, gripped his ass cheeks with her hands pulling in him, digging her nails into him.

Then it happened, Jamal let out an animalistic moan as a torrent of cumm erupted from his cock.  Megan felt it to and ground her pussy against Jamal, then she felt the explosion of cumm as it splattered against her womb, ovaries.  All that black sperm looking for white eggs to fertilize.

This was no white guy cummin, this was a man, a real man, spurt after spurt of cumm filling her cunt, she could feel her pussy getting flooded, then it started to ooze out from around his cock and the walls of her cunt down onto the duvet of her bed.

Jamal pulled out and fell down on the bed next to her.  At that moment it was if the finger plugging the hole in the dam had been removed.  A river of cumm flowed from her pussy soaking the bed covers.

They looked at each other, “That was amazing,” Megan said.

“Damm girl you were amazing yourself, that tight cunt of yours, haven’t had one like that in a while,” Jamal replied.

For the rest of the night they sucked and fucked in any position they could and some they never knew existed.  In the morning in the shower, Jamal turned her around, bent her over and slipped it in once again, reaching around to grab her large tits and pull himself into her.

He had laid claim to Megan’s cunt, knowing she would do anything for him.  He had plans for that, a twin brother that would love her cunt, a younger brother just coming into adulthood.  Then there would be times when he was a bit short of money, he was sure that Megan would fetch a nice price for some older guys here in town for conventions, some older married guys would pay handsomely for a young college student with a sexy body.

Then there was Dave downstairs, their secret watcher.  He wanted some of that pussy but then again if he played his hand to early then the chance of more sex footage would be gone.  One possibility, maybe he could stream her exploits over the web, he was sure that he could make some money that way as well and later he would get the chance to fuck her.


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Very nice Tammi, it's sure consensual so far, but sounds like that may not last.

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Great beginning . . .

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MMMMMM, superb story Tammy!

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Very good story