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April 27, 2018, 11:09:32 PM

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I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a Ginger Ale from the fridge.
   "Ha, nice try kid," Kirsten, my big sister said, grabbing he can out of my hand before I could even flick the tab, "not right before dinner.'
   "I'm not a kid, Kirsten,I'm twenty one."   I yanked a small piece of cheese and popped it into my mouth.  "Dinner's kinda' early," I said opting to change the subject.  I stepped to the opposite side of the island, from where she was preparing dinner, for herself, her daughter Nina and me. 
   "I gotta' go to work tonight, I'm on the night shift," she said.  She was a nurse.
   "Is that why Nina's up in her room crying?" I asked.
   "Yeah, I guess so.  I told her I can't take her out tonight, but you know how she is when candy's involved." 
   "Yeah, don't I know it.  She and I worked hard on her costume." 
   "Hey, if you worked so hard on it, why don't you take her out tonight?"
   "Kirsten, I'm a little old for Hallowe'en," I said spreading my hands wide.
   "Okay, if you wanna' stay in the house listen to your favorite niece cry all night, that's fine too," Kirsten said turning, hoping I didn't see her smile.  I ran out of the kitchen.
   "Nina, get your costume, I'm taking you Trick'r'treating!"  I yelled going up the stairs two at a time. 

The Nashville neighborhood was alive with kids and parents and, in our case, uncles.  I watched as her dinosaur mask encased head went to the doors and came back to me with more and more candy and chocolate.  I turned and nearly collided with a tall, shapely, blonde, beauty coming down the sidewalk with a toddler. 
   "Sorry, miss," I said, looking up at her. 
   "It's all right," she said. 
   "Oh my God, you're Carrie Underwood," I said a little too loudly.  A few people on the street turned to get a glimpse of the famous singer.  She smiled, a little shyly. 

Nina and I wandered the neighborhood with Carrie and her son, Isaiah.  Nina enjoyed fussing  over a toddler, as little girls tend to do.  We walked on, following Isaiah and Nina.  We chatted on the sidewalk as Nina, took Isaiah's hand and walked him up to the doors. 
   "Mike would've taken Isaiah if he were home,"  she said. 
   "Where is he?" I asked. 
   "They're in Vancouver.  They just started a west Coast road trip.  I hate going home to an empty house," she said.  Finally we turned onto the last street.  Both Isaiah and Carrie looked a little chilly. 
   "You wanna' come in for a coffee or hot cocoa?" I asked.  Who was  kidding?  A famous star coming to my place? 
   "That'd be nice, but my little pirate needs to go home and get to bed," she responded. 
   "Okay then," I said, " Let me drive you home,"  I offered. 
   "Okay," she said.  It wasn't too far.  I was a little surprised.  I knew she lived in Nashville but didn't know it was only a few blocks from my sister's place.  Before getting out of the car, she leaned in and kissed my cheek. 
   "Thanks for being sweet and keeping me company," she said.  I was hard already and getting a kiss from Carrie Underwood was almost enough to make me cum. 

It was almost 8:30 when Nina and I arrived home. 
   "Can i have candy Unca' James?" Nina asked.  i knew Kristen wouldn't let her or she'd never sleep. 
   "You can have some tomorrow," I said.  "It's bedtime."
   "But I want candy an' I'm not even tiwed," she whined, even as she stifled a yawn. 
   "Yes you are, PJ's and brush your teeth," I said, "I'll be up in a few minutes to tuck you in."  I went upstairs and went through her bedtime routine, checked for monsters under her bed and in her closet. 
   "G'night Nina," i said kissing her on the forehead.
   "G'night Unca' James," she responded kissing my forehead.  I closed her door over, leaving the hall light on.  I made my way downstairs and wandered into the kitchen making some hot cocoa before heading into the living room, dumping myself onto the couch and flicking on the TV.  There was nothing on. I almost sailed past it, there it was...there she was.  The woman I had walked with and talked to for over an hour.  Just then was when I heard the knock on the door.  I opened the door. 
   "Is that offer for cocoa still good?" Carrie asked. 
   "Uhh, sure," I said, opening th door to letting her in. 
   "Who's with your son?" I asked as I moved into the kitchen. 
   "We have a nanny," she explained. 
   "Do you want cocoa, cuz we have beer," I said holding one out to her. 
   "Yeah, beer'd be fine, thanks," she said as I handed it to her, "Whatch'a doing?" she asked, a little flirtatiously.  I was suddenly a little embarrassed that I'd been watching her on TV as she was standing on my front porch.  She walked past me into my living room, i followed, mesmerized by, and fixated on her ass. 
   "I was just watching a concert you did in Columbus last year," I finished a little weakly.  I plopped into the couch. 
   "Okay we can do that," she said as she sat next to me, "or we can do something else," she finished, placing her left hand on my right.  Her right hand gently pushed me down onto the couch.  Her jeans were slipped to her knees.  She wasn't wearing any underwear.  As she was on her knees, I slid my jeans and boxers down to my ankles, kicking them away.  She smiled, and guided herself onto my engorged cock, moaning as she did so.  She started to ride me, slowly at first, and increasing speed.  I began to buck into her and fucked her married pussy as she sang "Before he Cheats" on the TV. I was in Heaven as I fucked Carrie Underwood.  She began to moan faster and louder as she approached an orgasm.  I was teetering on the edge.  She coaxed me forward and we came together.  She collapsed, draped over my body, where she stayed until both our orgasms subsided. 
   "I hope I didn't wake up your little girl," she said as she sat up.
   "I'll check on her," I said.  I regretfully tore myself out of Carrie Underwood's embrace and made my way upstairs.  I peeked in on her.  Nina was still asleep.  Smiling I made my way down to Carrie.  She was laying on the couch.  A smile spread across my lips.  I extended my  hand and she took it.  I took her by the hand and I led her to Kirsten 's bedroom.  I climbed on and my cock instantly got hard again.   She crawled onto the bed and took me in  her mouth.  I shivered as my cock slid into Carrie Underwood's warm mouth.  I moaned as she edged me toward another orgasm.   I was amazed as I had just cum, and was close to another orgasm already.  Her expert mouth, brought me to another orgasm.  She sat up and walked into the washroom.  She came back out and crawled into bed and we curled up in each other's arms.  A few minutes later, as I drifted off, I looked over at the woman sleeping in my arms. 
   "Best Hallowe'en ever," I said to the sleeping Carrie Underwood. 

April 28, 2018, 07:09:06 AM
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Damn had that all pictured in my head very vividly. Love the set up.