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WARNING: This story contains subject matter that some may find offensive. It features an underage person in a gangbang, as well as a moderately up-to-date pop-culture reference. If these offend you, then do not read any further.

My first time did not turn out how I expected, nor did it turn out when I expected. Ever since I first started to become aware of my sexuality, I wondered when my first time would be. Would it be on my wedding night? Would it be with my first boyfriend? Would I even have sex at all? I never thought it would happen the way it did, when I was as young as I was. Not that I didn’t want it to happen, because I did, and that’s something I want to make clear as I write out my history. That first time was something I wanted to happen; maybe not in the exact circumstances it did, far from it, but I wanted it to happen, and whilst I may have had doubts later, those doubts would eventually be put to rest.

The ‘first time’ occurred when I was barely thirteen. Not that you’d have known I was thirteen by looking at me, as, thanks to a lot of practice, I was able to make myself up to look eighteen or even nineteen, depending on the outfit I wore. I had put this skill to good use plenty of times, sneaking out of the house to wander around the mall when I probably should have been at home, doing my homework. Not that my parents would have known or cared. My father may have cared, but he was always working the evening and late shifts at work, because they paid better, and my mother may have known but she was, to put it bluntly, a drunk. Not a nasty drunk, and she was never abusive to me at all, but a drunk nonetheless. She hid it well, especially from my dad, who might have had his suspicions but, for whatever reason, never acted on them. But as soon as my father left for work, mom went to her stash of booze, usually vodka, and began drinking, not to be happy, but to forget being miserable.

Looking the way I did, short at barely 4’11’ and dressed to look like the cutest teenager you ever saw, I attracted my share of stares and leers. I didn’t mind as I liked the attention, and it never went beyond looking, so there was no danger. One night, though, one brave, or horny, young man, took a chance and decided to chat me up, little knowing, either of us, how it would turn out. The first conversation lasted about a minute, and he barely had time to say he thought I looked hot, before his buddies called him away to see a movie. The second lasted long enough for him to tell me his name, which was Sam, before, again, his buddies called him away.

After a few more interruptions like that, we were able to get to talking for long enough that when his buddies called him away, he told them he was busy, and he kept talking to me, leaving his buddies to go about their business. Sam and I began meeting up at the mall every day from then on, chatting and talking. I never told him how old I was, and I was content to go along with his assumption that I was whatever age he thought I was. Eventually, talking led to holding hands, and holding hands led to kissing. And that led to conversations about sex. Not that Sam said anything directly, but he made it clear that he wanted to have sex. I didn’t dissuade him from thinking that sex was a possibility, even if I wasn’t sure, at least at that time, whether I wanted sex at all, and Sam was almost a gentleman in that his talk of sex was sometimes frank but he never pushed it and as clear as he made it that he wanted sex, he also made it clear that he was willing to wait for whenever I was ready.

About three weeks later is when everything happened. I had met Sam at the mall, as usual, and his buddies, six of them, were with him. Sam introduced them; Travis, Max, Jack, Lee, Ian and Ryan. This was their first time of really meeting me, for more than the few seconds it usually took to drag Sam away, and they definitely seemed to like what they saw, which Sam noticed, and he took great delight in putting his arm around me as if to show me off, knowing full well his buddies would be full of envy. Side note; envy is when you want what someone else has; jealousy is when you’re worried someone will take something you have. What Sam’s friends were feeling was envy.

We all talked for a while before we realized that the mall was closing and we decided to head over to Sam’s house and chill for the rest of the evening. Sam had a nice house, and whilst his parents were away on business, his dad working in finance and Sam’s mom working as his secretary, Sam had the place to himself for a while. Things were relaxed and light hearted; Travis, the clown of the group, was cracking jokes, whilst we all watched TV, with Sam and I having the couch to ourselves and huddled together.

There was a commercial break, so Travis left to go to the downstairs bathroom, Max went to the upstairs bathroom, whilst Jack, Lee and Ian went to the kitchen to get more food, and Ryan was content to stay and watch the commercials. With the room almost to ourselves, Sam started nuzzling me and we began kissing; Ryan glanced over and jokingly told us to get a room before turning his attention back to the TV. We ignored Ryan and continued to kiss, and instead of slowing down, we found ourselves kissing each other more passionately. Sam started to grab my ass and paused for a moment, but I whispered for him to keep going; I was enjoying how this felt and didn’t want to stop.

By now, the others had returned, but Sam and I were caught up in the moment, and I was more than a bit horny, especially as I realized how close I was to actually having sex. Sam put his hands up my dress and drew a breath when he realized that I wasn’t wearing panties. Travis began cracking a lewd joke but neither Sam nor I heard it, and as Sam looked me, I looked back and for a second, I thought over what was happening, what could happen, what I wanted to happen, and I nodded

“What about these guys?,” Sam asked quietly.

“Let them watch, “I said, “I don’t care about that right now.”

Sam continued to kiss me as he took his jumper off and started to remove his jeans.

“Holy shit,” said Jack, “They’re gonna do it right there on the couch.”

Travis began to say something and then stopped;

“I ‘aint got a joke about this” and shook his head in disbelief

By now, Sam was topless and only in his boxers, and I could feel his erect cock through them.

Again, Sam asked me if I was sure; again, I said yes, and Sam hiked up my dress.

“Holy shit,” said Jack, “She’s....”

“Button it, Captain Obvious,” said Travis, “Let them get on with it” his eyes firmly on Sam and I.

Sam reached down and slipped his cock out of his boxers and I could feel it teasing my pussy, and I could feel that I was a little wet and lot excited. Sam then slowly slid his cock into my pussy and I gasped; finally, I was having sex, and I couldn’t believe. I couldn’t believe it was happening and I couldn’t believe how it felt.

Sam slowly pulled back before thrusting himself back into me, and I had to stop myself from squealing. Again, Sam pulled out and again he thrust his cock back into my pussy, and I stared to whimper. Sam continued to pound me, slowly building up speed, and after the first few thrusts, I couldn’t contain myself any longer and began moaning and groaning in what I could feel was orgasmic delight.

Sam was fucking me and I was loving every second, loving every thrust of his cock. The guys were cheering us on, and even Ryan was watching attentively, shouting encouragement. After a while, Sam said he was ready to cum and I told him he could cum in me if he wanted. Sam’s eyes widened, and Travis remarked;

“You heard the lady, Sam; cum in that pussy.”

Sam resumed fucking me and after another minute, he jammed his cock into my pussy as far as it would go and I felt him cumming, I felt his cum spurting into my pussy. I felt each hot spurt as his cum entered my pussy and I was loving it. Sam finished unloading himself and pulled out, gasping;

“That was so worth the wait.” He said

“Yeah, it was,” I said, breathless “But....”

“What is it? “asked Sam, looking worried

“I want more. I loved that and I want more.”

“Hell, we’re right here, baby”, joked Travis.

I looked at Sam and raised an eyebrow; Sam smirked as he realized what that meant.

“Go for it guys,” and Sam got up off the couch.

July 28, 2016, 01:44:38 PM
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WARNING: This story contains subject matter that some may find offensive. It features an underage person in a gangbang. If this offends you, then do not read any further.

Hurriedly, Travis pulled off his jeans, the rest of the guys now doing the same, realizing this was a chance that they’d likely never get again, and they didn’t want to miss out on it. I pulled my dress up and took it off entirely, and the guys were shocked to see that I wasn’t even wearing a bra and was totally naked.

“She’s up for anything, this chick,” said Ian.

“I guess I am,” I replied, with a laugh.

Travis was now in his boxers and climbed on top of me. He kissed me furiously and I responded in kind, Sam watching on, and I noticed that he was enjoying the show. Travis then pulled his cock out and rammed it into my pussy and began fucking me. Travis was fucking me a lot harder than Sam, but I didn’t mind, and I was finding myself coming to orgasm again and again. After a while, Travis said he was ready to cum, and I told him to give it to me, give it to me all, and Travis forced his cock as far into me as it would go before unloading every bit of cum he could. It felt hot and warm, like Sam’s and it felt like more cum than Sam had unloaded, not that I was complaining; not at all was I complaining.

Travis pulled himself off of me and Max took his place. Max didn’t waste time, quickly clambering on top of me and shoving his rock hard cock into me, and it slide inside with ease now that I was well lubricated.  I moaned and gasped, which Max liked, and he started to fuck me, hard and fast. The guys were continuing to cheer and whoop, caught up in the moment of watching a hot chick get gangbanged before their eyes. Max was able to fuck me harder and for longer than either Sam or Travis, and when he finally came, I could fill it not only gushing into my pussy, but even out of it as I became overloaded with cum.

Jack, Lee, Ian and Ryan then took their turn fucking me, and if any of them were turned off by having to fuck me after the others had cum in me, they weren’t showing it. With each new guy fucking me, the others cheered them on, getting louder as each guy took his turn, everyone getting into the spectacle of a gangbang unfolding before the eyes. Ryan was the last one to fuck me, and he lasted the longest before he came, and by that time, I almost couldn’t feel the cum he unloaded into me because there was so much of it inside my pussy already.

As Ryan got off of me, the others had, by now, dressed. I was starting to feel a little tired, having been fucked by seven guys and having had all of them unload their cum into me. For a moment, I wondered what in the hell I’d done, not just letting myself get fucked by seven guys but letting them all cum inside me. But that was something to worry about at a later date; for now, I let myself think about what a great time I had had. And I had had a great time. I loved getting fucked, not just by Sam, but by all seven of them. It was then that I fully realized that I had been gangbanged, and not only that, but I had loved being gangbanged.

I got out of my head and realized that I was messy, with cum dripping out of my pussy and onto the couch.

“I guess I better shower.” I laughed. “Sorry about the couch, Sam.”

Sam laughed as well and told me not to worry. For the fun they’d all had, it was worth it. I grabbed some tissues and wiped the cum off of my legs and hurried to the shower. I didn’t bother taking my dress with me as there seemed no sense in worrying about modesty anymore. Whilst I showed, the guys began cleaning up, and when I returned, fully dressed, they were still at it, when Sam said he’d drive me home. As we left, I paused at the doorway and turned to the guys;

“That was so much fun, you guys, and who knows; maybe we’ll do it against sometime.”

I turned to leave, following Sam to his car, and behind me, there was only stunned silence.

“Holy shit,” said Jack.

The End