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So guys this is a story I first wrote almost five years ago. One of the few consensual stories I have done and I know it's not what these sites specialize in, but I thought I'd share it anyway. It's pretty slow to start, not much happens until about the halfway point so I'll post it in two parts. Hope you guys like it.

Alicia King stared out the car window watching everything zoom past. She wondered how long it would take to get used to the new town they were headed to. She hoped she would make friends quickly but was a little scared about it. Alicia’s father had decided they would move away from their old home in Sydney, Australia, all the way to Brisbane. It all had to do with his job, which now involved moving around and following where the work required him to go. He had also said he didn’t know how long they would be in Brisbane for and couldn’t promise they would stay there for a long time. It had been this way for the last few years and it had made life hard for Alicia to be settled and make any real friends or a life for herself.

She was a single child, aged seventeen. Her mother had died when she was about around three years old, making it really tough for her father to hold down a job that brought in enough cash to provide for them. She’d never had any trouble making friends before, having made lots of friends back home. Most friends in her home town she had made really young and had never really worried about making new ones. It was normal for Alicia to worry about such things, something she was told she inherited from her mother. She took after her mother a lot, as she had seen from various photos and recordings. Being so young when her mother passed away, Alicia didn’t have many memories of her mom.

Physically, Alicia was quite tall for her age, a curvy figure and long legs. Her eyes a nice light green with a small pert nose setting off her pretty face. That was accompanied by shoulder length light brown hair that she always kept looking perfect. All in all she was very desirable, having been with a couple of boyfriends but none worked or were very serious relationships at all. Besides, her father was very strict as far as boys went, making it very clear she was to be honest about boys she was seeing and obeying the rules he set when it came to her seeing boys. All in all, Alicia was generally pretty happy but things were going to change just a little bit now. This was the third time they had shifted like this and it was something Alicia was getting very used to. She just preyed to herself that this would be the occasion that the job stuck and she would be able to go through a school year without moving schools or moving away again.

The car came to a stop and she stirred from her deep thoughts. It seemed they were stopping for a short break. Alicia got out of the car and stretched her legs a bit, telling her father she would take a short walk. The area they had stopped at was an ocean side boardwalk. She walked around a bit, a cool breeze picking up. She loved the feeling of the wind rushing through her hair and cooling her warm face. They had been in the car a good three hours and it was nice to get out for a bit. She decided to take a walk as her dad sat down at a nearby table, drinking from a water bottle. She stepped along the boardwalk, looking out over the ocean and thinking about different things like her new home and the new school she would be attending. She would be starting at her new school the day after tomorrow. She didn’t have much time left before starting but she really didn’t mind. She hated being behind at school and it was going to be hard enough catching up.
As she was walking down the boardwalk there, she saw there was a table with seats either side of it close by. She sat on the table and continued looking out over the water. She sat quietly for a while, looking out at the water and relaxing, kicking rocks with her feet as she sat at the table. Suddenly she heard a loud crash from behind her. She looked over her shoulder quickly, taken slightly by surprise. She saw a young boy on the ground, a skateboard next to him.

“Sorry.” Said a boy, picking himself up off the ground and dusting himself off.

“Are you alright?” asked Alicia, watching him pick up what looked like a now broken skateboard.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Replied the boy looking over himself to see if he had any cuts or scrapes.

Alicia looked past his shoulder and saw there was a skate park back there, mostly empty. She couldn’t help but smile and almost chuckle as she watched Jason fix himself up and pull his shorts back up. He looked up and saw her expression, smiling himself.

“So, I’m Jason.”

“Hey, I’m Alicia.” She replied.

“So what ya doin here?” Asked Jason, dropping his board and getting ready to skate again

“Not much,” said Alicia “just checking out the view.

“Yeah, it’s pretty neat. It looked like a great place to skate. plus there's good views, especially when pretty girls like you show up," Said Jason “well, see ya round”

“Bye.” Replied Alicia with a smile.

Jason smiled and waved goodbye, then left and headed back to the skate park. Alicia stood up and made her way back to the car. She joined her dad who was already in the car, waiting for her. She got in and they continued their journey.

That night they slept at a motel and left early the next morning, making sure they got a good start. They arrived in Brisbane about lunch time. The place they were going to stay had already been sorted out, all they had to do was get the keys from the real estate agent. They picked up the keys and soon after arrived at the house they would be living in. Alicia got out of the car and had a look at the house, seeing it for the first time. It was quite large, a two story house with a veranda at the front and a garden with a gravel driveway. Her dad gave her the keys and asked her to open the door for him. She walked up to the front door, taking a look through the window. It was dark inside so she couldn’t make out much of the inside. She put the key in the lock and twisted it sideways, easily pushing it open.

The door opened and Alicia walked in, having trouble adjusting to the darkness at first, but soon finding the light switch. She flicked it on and light brightened up what looked like the lounge room. She decided to look around, checking out the first floor. She took her time exploring the new place, then helped her dad bring the rest of the things in from the car. They spent the rest of the day getting settled in.
That night they ate in front of the TV then both deciding to go to bed early. Alicia woke up about 7:30am and found her father was already downstairs preparing breakfast

“Hey kiddo, how’d you sleep?”

“Fine” said Alicia, grabbing a bowl and having some breakfast.

An hour later she was on her way to school, getting dropped off by her father. She waved goodbye, then went through the doors into the main hall. She walked up a hall until she came to a door that said Office and knocked on the door, waited until a voice told her to come in. She made her way in and found a lady with her head buried in a book. Alicia coughed and the woman looked up at her a little startled.

“Yes!?” said the lady slightly annoyed.

“I’m Alicia King, I’m supposed to be starting here today.” stated Alicia.

“Hmm, Alicia King. Let me see if I have you down here,” Said the lady looking in a book, turning pages
rapidly. “Oh yes, you’re the student from Sydney.”

“That’s right,” said Alicia, relieved

“Yes, head over to class 10E,” said the lady pointing to the left, “just follow the signs and you will find it.”

“Thanks!” said Alicia, turning and leaving.

She followed the signs and soon found where she was meant to be. She entered the room and inside was a class full of students, most of them writing in or reading books of some kind. Some of the students up the back were mucking around having no interest in doing any work.

“Ah, you must be Alicia king.” Said the teacher at the front of the class. Alicia nodded.

“Please take a seat. Everyone this is Alicia King, please make her feel welcome.” Said the teacher pointing to a chair in the front row.

Alicia walked over to the first empty seat she found and sat down. She unpacked her bag and placed all her things on the table. To her left was a girl with short brown hair, frizzed at the top.

“Hi, I’m Kate” said the girl in a friendly voice.

“Hey, I’m Alicia, nice to meet you.” Replied Alicia, happy someone was talking to her so soon.
Alicia looked around the room and saw there was an even ratio of boys and girls. Most of the boys were up the back but some were just behind her. Alicia noticed some were looking at her and talking in their buddy’s ear. Kate patted her on the shoulder and showed Alicia her book.

“This is what we’ve been learning this week.”

Alicia thanked her and began reading Kate’s book. The day went by fast and it felt like no time at all until the lunch bell rang.

“You should sit with us.” Said Kate as she and Alicia were leaving the hall.

“Thanks!” said Alicia “I'd like that.”

Kate introduced Alicia to some of the other girls during the lunch break, Alicia quickly getting to know them. She quickly realised she didn’t have anything to worry about as far as making friends was concerned. By the end of the day Alicia had met a lot of new people and even made some new friends. On her way to the front gate a boy even approached her.

“Hi, you’re the new girl, right? “

Yeah, I’m Alicia,” she answered

“Good to meet you, I’m Troy.” Said the boy, reaching out and shaking Alicia’s hand. She smiled in response, Troy smiling also.

The two chatted a little while until her dad pulled up in the car. Alicia thanked Troy then said she had to go, telling him that her dad was waiting for her. She waved goodbye and got into the car. Troy waved goodbye as they car left the school, Alicia smiling to herself as they drove down the road. Troy was cute that’s for sure, very cute.

That night Alicia thought about the day and about how stupid she had been worrying about everything. She was very happy with how everything was going. The next day she had a couple of classes, including gym, where she got a lot of looks from the guys. She wasn’t the best looker in the world but her pretty face and nice slender body earned her plenty of compliments and she noticed some Looks of envy from some of the other girls as well. She had always had a fit and athletic build ever since she was fourteen or fifteen. Her butt always looked good in a pair of gym shorts or yoga pants. When gym was over she had a quick shower then changed back into normal clothes. A few of the girls spoke to her, telling her to watch the boys.

During the last class of the day she noticed a student walk into the room she hadn’t seen around before. She was sure she had seen him somewhere else before, his face very familiar. It took a while until she realised it was Jason, the kid who fell of his skateboard. He went and sat by himself for most of the class, not talking to anyone. Alicia noticed some of the boys in the back throwing things at him. Later on, as she was heading home, she heard a noise coming from the back of one of the buildings. It sounded like yelling.

She peeked around the corner and saw a group of four boys were pushing another kid around and eventually had him on the ground. She saw the face of the boy they were picking on and realized it was Jason. Jason kept trying to get up, only to be pushed or kicked back to the ground. The group picked him off his feet and one of them punched him in the head, sending him back to the ground, dazed. The group of boys laughed, then one of them kicked Jason hard in the ribs, making him curl up into a ball, gasping for breath. They left him there, laughing loudly and appearing very happy with their handy work.
Alicia waited until they were gone, then went over to where Jason was. He lay on his side, so she turned him over to his back. Jason coughed and some blood trickled out of his mouth.

“Jason, are you Ok? Asked Alicia, knowing it was a rather stupid question.

Jason groaned and then nodded. His face said it all. Alicia helped him sit up. He took some deep breaths then stood up. He shook his head, wiped the blood from his mouth and then looked at Alicia. “Oh crap, it’s you! What are you doing here?” He asked, realising who she was.

“I just moved here yesterday, what about you?” asked Alicia

“Same thing. I just arrived today, my mom thought it would be good if I got an early start. Great idea huh?” Said Jason, rubbing his jaw.

“Are you going to be ok? Asked Alicia

“Yep.  I better get home.”

“Why did they do that to you?” 

“Dunno, they were making fun of me in class. I said some things back that they didn’t like, so they decided to beat me up.” Explained Jason.

“You better watch them.” said Alicia, concerned

“Don’t worry about me,” insisted Jason “I can handle myself.”

“Clearly…” replied Alicia with an unconvinced look on her face. She let it go and said goodbye.

The two went their separate ways as she headed to the front of the school and saw her dad waiting for her. The weekend came and went pretty quick, Alicia spent most of it watching TV or listening to music in her room. She got a call from Kate but that was only to know if she needed any help with work.
The next day at school Alicia saw Jason being picked on by more boys. She wanted to help, but he did say he could handle himself so she decided to let him. Later that day Troy came up to her and asked her if she wanted to go out sometime. She said she would think about it, but she quite liked Troy, even if she didn’t know him that well.

That Afternoon after classes she noticed Jason skating near the school entrance. “How’s it going?” she asked.

“Not bad.” said Jason, concentrating on his skating but eventually giving up.

He came over to Alicia. She instantly noticed blood on his shirt, “They beat you again, huh?” said Alicia.

“Yeah, I was outnumbered.” Said Jason, looking at his shirt.

“When are you going to tell someone about this?” Said Alicia, looking at Jason with a raised eyebrow.

“What would be the point of that?” Said Jason getting frustrated.

“So it stops!,” answered Alicia “you have to let the school know about it.”

“Since when are you my mother?!” snapped Jason.

Alicia stared at him for a few seconds, then stood up and left him alone. Jason sighed loudly but decided to let her go. He kicked his board then turned and watched Alicia as she walked away. He kept watching until she disappeared from view, then jumped on his board and skated home.

The next few days went pretty quick for Alicia and Friday quickly rolled around. Alicia hadn’t seen Jason for most of the week. As school was finishing, Alicia was about to join her dad in the car when Troy came up to her.

“So have you thought anymore about going out sometime?” He asked.
Alicia thought for a minute then said yes.

“Sure, I would like that.” She answered, smiling.

“Great!!” Replied Troy “So, I’ll give you a call tonight then”

Alicia nodded then said goodbye. On the way home Alicia thought about what she had done. She figured it was time to get on with it and meet some guys.

Troy rang about 8:00pm that night and asked if she wanted to see a movie. Alicia agreed and they decided to go out Saturday night. She told her dad she was going out with some girlfriends. She thought it was better he didn’t know about Troy just yet. When Saturday night arrived, she struggled with what to wear. She hadn’t done this for a while, but she ended up wearing a nice skirt and a short-sleeved top. Satisfied with her choice, she waited outside until troy arrived.

Troy and Alicia had a fun night, Troy buying her everything and paying for her ticket. She enjoyed the movie and was having a pretty good time. Then halfway through the film she felt Troy’s hand on her thigh. At first she didn’t mind but soon his hand drifted higher up her skirt. She placed put her hand firmly on his, trying to hold him off.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for this.” She whispered.

Troy simply kissed her sensually on the mouth and continued to move his hand toward her crotch. Alicia decided to let him go, after all it had been a while since she had been with a boy. She soon felt his fingers begin to rub her crotch and firmly press against her pussy through her panties. Alicia closed her eyes as she felt him continue to rub with three or four fingers. She was soon feeling something she hadn’t felt for a long time. Soon Alicia’s loins were reacting and thanks to Troy’s fingers, her panties were becoming slightly wet as her snatch grew moist. Troy slipped a finger between the lining of her underwear and soon it sank into her warm and now wet pussy. Alicia gasped as his finger went inside her, making her eyes roll and her hips move as she sat on the cinema seat.

She began to breathe deeply and a grin appeared on her face, a grin of pleasure. Troy continued, every couple of minutes adding another finger and pushing them deeper into her. He smiled as he felt her tight wet pussy around his fingers. She was young and tight, just how he liked them. He couldn’t wait to get his dick wet with this little bitch’s juices. First things first and he pulled his fingers out and began rubbing her pussy, particularly the hood of her clit, in a circular motion.
Alicia began to moan softly as her body responded to Troy’s touch. She felt her loins tingling and she even shuddered a couple of times. She didn’t like being in public especially when she was letting out little girly moans. Troy re-inserted three fingers inside her and began rubbing her hard clit with his thumb, turning Alicia on even more. He continued to do it, rubbing and massaging her clit, all while fingering her as well. Alicia couldn’t resist much longer and within minute she hit orgasm and let out a gasp, wetting her panties even more a she held Troy’s arm beside her. She opened her eyes and looked at Troy who grinned. She caught her breath and looked around, hoping no one had noticed what had happened.  She got up and quickly left the theatre, heading into the women’s bathroom to clean herself up. She wiped herself off, peed, washed her face and fixed her hair. She felt good after that orgasm, almost on a high. She smiled, fixed her makeup, and then went back out.
Troy was waiting for her outside the bathrooms.

“You want to get out of here?” Asked troy.

“Yeah, ok.” answered Alicia.

As they were about to leave, Troy put his arm around her waist. Alicia thought it best to go home as it was getting late. As she and Troy were leaving the cinema Jason bumped into them.

“Oh, hi Alicia” said Jason in a gruff voice. Alicia saying “Hi” back as they walked past.

“You know that dweeb?” asked Troy

“Kind of” said Alicia.

She turned her head as they were walking out, seeing Jason was obviously upset about something. She felt Troy holding her tightly to him and placed her arm around him. They headed to the car park and got into Troy’s car. As Troy was driving her home he suggested they go have a few drunks. Alicia didn’t really want to. She didn’t like the way he had called Jason a dweeb. She suggested they do it another time but it wasn’t enough to sway Troy. He ended up convincing her and drove them to a place nearby. They went into a bar and troy ordered them some drinks. They sat for a while and chatted, Troy buying them both several drinks. Alicia felt bad, not only as a result of the alcohol, but also as a result of Troy paying for everything. As the night went on Troy became increasingly drunk. His voice became slurred and his eyes were bloodshot.

Alicia told Troy she wanted to go home. Troy agreed and they left the pub. Alicia suddenly realized how bad troy was and that they had driven here

“Um, you can’t exactly drive, Troy.” Said Alicia

“Don’t worry babe, nothing will happen.” Said Troy insistently, unlocking the car and opening the door.
Alicia didn’t want to get in, knowing it was a bad idea. She also really wanted to get home, so she decided to take her chances. When they had both gotten into the car troy looked at her

“Let’s have some fun!” he said with a drunken grin.

“What?” Said Alicia, looking at him.

 “Come on babe you owe me. I gave you some in the theatre, now you give me some.” Said Troy unzipping his fly.

“Look Troy, you’re a nice guy, but I’m not doing anything with you tonight.” Said Alicia, realizing what troy wanted.

Troy suddenly became annoyed and placed a firm hand on her shoulder. Alicia suddenly felt a little scared as he grabbed her.

“Look, you’re going home until you do this!” growled Troy.

“Get off me!” shouted Alicia, starting to struggle.

Troy lunged at Alicia grabbing her and pulling her into him, trying to remove her top. Alicia tried to push him away but he was too strong. He roughly grabbed her left breast through her top, groping her as she struggled against him. Alicia got an arm free and slapped him. Troy frowned and pushed her back then swiftly backhanded her in the face.

“Get the fuck out you stupid bitch!!” Shouted Troy.

Alicia opened the car door only to be shoved out by Troy. She landed on the cold, hard, pavement as the car door shut and Troy drove off leaving Alicia with a slightly torn top and a red mark on her face. She sat on her knees picking up her bag and the belongings that had fallen out of it. Tears began to well in her eyes. She had no idea how she would get home. She stood up and walked around a bit until she found a bench to sit down on.

Alicia looked at her watch it was 12:00am. She was getting worried and a little panicked. She sat on the bench crying as car drove by. It was cold and windy, the breeze making her shiver every time it blew.

“Alicia is that you?” said a familiar male voice.
Alicia turned to see Jason walk up to her.

“Jason, What are you doing here!?” said Alicia in surprise.

“I was on my way home. What are you doing here on your own?” asked Jason.

“I don’t know,” said Alicia “I thought I was going to have a fun night, but it turned out to be horrible.”
Jason noticed the red mark on Alicia’s face. “Did he hit you?”

Alicia nodded “He wanted to do something I didn’t, and so he kicked me out of his car and left me here.”
Jason noticed her damaged clothes.

“I’m sorry,” Said Jason, reaching out and placing his hand in Alicia’s.“Come on. My mom is waiting for me. We’ll drop you off home.”

Alicia smiled and thanked him. On the drive home she studied Jason.  A stout thin kid, with lanky arms and legs. He had a nice face, lightly dusted with freckles with dark brown eyes, small ears, and curly black hair. He was a good enough looking kid and was probably the same age as she was. Sure he had a nerdy, sort of goofy quality about him, but it was kind of charming in a way. He clearly wasn’t good at confrontations, perhaps he didn’t have much self-respect. He did seem to be a nice guy though and Alicia felt grateful she had met him. She smiled to herself and then turned her attention to the scenery passing the car, staring out at everything as it zoomed past.

Alicia was dropped outside her driveway about 1:00am the morning. She thanked Jason as sincerely as she could, thanking his mother as well. After they left, she snuck inside and up the stairs, crawling into her bed. As she tried to sleep she thought about the night she had just experienced.  This was the last time she would go out with a boy that late at night. She wondered what she had ever seen in Troy. Sure he was very cute, but she didn’t know him that well. She let him touch her intimately on the first date. How much more stupid could she have been? She promised herself she would never do anything like that again.

Alicia spent most of Sunday relaxing. Her dad lectured her, letting her know she should call him if she knew she would be out late. She apologised, grateful she wasn’t in more trouble. The next week of school Alicia had do an assignment with another member of her class.  At first it looked like she would get Kate which she was happy about but at the last minute, as fate would have it,  she ended up with Jason.

Alicia wanted to talk to Jason about the assignment after school but was interrupted by Troy. HE bailed her up outside class and forced her to talk with him.

“I’m sorry about the other night. I wasn’t feeling myself. Please give me another chance, Alicia” Pleaded Troy.

Alicia frowned. “You ripped my clothes, hit me, and then left me there with no way of getting home. So no,” said Alicia “You can go to hell!” Alicia stormed off, leaving Troy stranding there.

Shortly after she met up with Jason and asked if he would like to come over to her place so they could get some ideas for their assignment. Jason agreed and said he would come over in the afternoon.

That afternoon Alicia found a note on the table from her dad telling her that he would be working late and dinner was in the oven. Jason arrived around 4:00pm and they got to work. Around six they took break.

“Want something to eat?” asked Alicia

“No thanks” said Jason with the end of his pencil in his mouth.

“So I guess you had lots of boyfriends in Sydney, huh?” asked Jason.

“A few,” answered Alicia “How about you?”

“Boyfriends?...nah, not my kinda thing.” Answered Jason.

“I meant girlfriends, idiot” laughed Alicia, smiling at Jason

“One or two,” said Jason.  “A couple here and there, but nothing serious.”

The two got back to work and by 5:30 both were getting bored.  Jason looked at Alicia, she was busy reading and sipping water out of her bottle. Jason watched a little, she had gorgeous eyes. The kind that seemed to sparkle like a green sapphire and when she smiled her face lit up. He couldn’t shake how amazingly beautiful she was. He snapped out of it and turned his attention back to his book, resuming what he was doing. Suddenly, the pencil he was using was pulled from his hand. He looked up seeing on her feet, holding the pencil.

“Hey, give it back.” said Jason in protest

“Ya gotta catch me first!” Said Alicia with a grin on her face, then running toward the stairs

“I’ll catch you alright!” said Jason, getting up and chasing her.

The two ran around the house for a minute, Alicia fleeing past the stairs and out of the room. Jason caught up to her in the lounge room and managed to grab hold of her, playfully wrestling with her until they both fell onto the couch, Alicia landing on top of Jason. Both laughed, then looked into each other’s eyes as they caught their breath for a moment. Alicia’s hair draped over Jason’s face, their faces only a few inches apart. The stare between them lingered until Jason softly pushed Alicia back and sat up on the

“Well, I better go.” Said Jason, nervously looking at his watch. He smiled and then stood up.

“Ok, we’ll catch up tomorrow.” said Alicia, brushing her hair behind her ear and getting up off the couch.

“Cool, see ya then.” Replied Jason, picking up his things and heading for the door. He left and waved
goodbye as he walked up the driveway, passing Alicia’s dad along the way. Alicia greeted her dad at the door with a hug, watching Jason as he disappeared down the street.

“Who was that, hun?” asked her dad.

“Just a friend…” answered Alicia, closing the door.

Next post coming very soon.

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That was very nice AngelEyes and looking forward to the rest.  For some reason I thought you wrote your first story back when we first started chatting around a year ago.  I didn't know you've been writing for almost 5 years.

I liked the playfulness at the end with Alicia and Jason.