Author Topic: new from kansas city in to taboo an rollplyin  (Read 648 times)

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August 11, 2017, 08:23:20 AM

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I am new to this site very taboo,  into roll ply, into 4 legged fansty open to  anything lets talk I think it be awesome  s :) :) :)ome woman take care my crews jamesceo2015 y a h o o when I was youngier  being in south my mom use   cheat on my dad  watching him ravish her making her  suck his dik I  one night she been drinking dad gone I snuck in to her room I fingered her she starting moaning oh fk me with that bbc  I got in to bed she fuked me  since that  day I been hooked on blk men fuking white women I also got her into k9 as blackmail  I use tie her up   do thing unnatural to her she had stopped being mom become my slutty hoe yes I watched her suck fuk gangbang black men  if anyone rembers ole south fuking blk man was  forbidden I have fansty of women roll playing   thingsi want to do I never get to