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October 01, 2017, 05:24:29 AM

Offline curiousred

I try to sneak past you out the door, you grab me roughly and ask "where are you going little girl?" "
" where daddy" I reply. "Don't lie to me!" you say and force me to lean over the side of the couch.
"Please Daddy" "No daddys girl has been very naughty" you say. You force your hand between my legs into my panties. "Please nooooo" "Stop struggling, Daddys going to punish you". You pull my panties down  and take the vibrator out of your pocket, "Now  girl, Daddies going to get you wet and ready"

Interested in rp, love to be abused roughly by toys and then brutally fucked. Tie me up and punish me in all holes.