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August 09, 2017, 10:26:00 AM

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Hi Forced Peeps,

I did not originally have a forced fetish.  But I did realize at an early age that I had humiliation fetish that I was able to play with because I met the right girl when I was in my early 20s, who enjoyed people’s sexual humiliation, both men and women, and mine and her own as well.  Even if it cut deep and went beyond embarrassment and into the realm of being sexually humiliated and devastated, she was up for it and it turned her on.  It eventually turned me on as well.  Like yourselves, this humiliation thing did not come out all at once, but evolved.

I have a candaulist fetish and when I discovered I had this I did not know what to do with it.  At the time I didn’t know it was a “thing” that other guys had.  I was 17 when I first discovered this, and not in a positive way.  My high school girlfriend was very modest, and when we had for each of us our first second base experience, I was 17 and in 11th grade and she was 16 and in 10th grade, and I eventually asked her whether I was the first guy to see her (fantastic Playboy) tits.  She said I was, but then checked her comment and said she had to lower her gown before a doctor, not her regular one who was a woman, but a young guy because she went in without an appointment on a chest cold related problem, and she was extremely embarrassed.  And strangely, at that moment, I realized that what had happened to her turned me on.  And that I was also turned on by her being humiliated over it happening to her.  This was of course all new to me, and at 17 years old, I had no idea of candaulism, or a man being turned on by the fetish of Embarrassed Nude Female of his own girlfriend or wife – I didn’t know about any of this.  But I did immediately understand I was not only turned on by the doctor’s seeing my girlfriend’s naked breasts, I was excited by her remembering it and how she had been, and still was, humiliated by the memory of it.  And that her humiliation turned me on.  And I understood that.  I was on the edge of discussing this with her but I could sense my probing questions were not correct and not what she wanted her boyfriend to say to her, so I dropped it.  But I did go on the forums dedicated to this sub-genre of fetish related to “medical ENF”, which is a thing.  I personally did not have a medical fetish and only sought this out to learn if other men were turned on by their girls being humiliated in front of other men, and I learned this is a real thing that other guys have this same interest, medical sure, but most like me – just a plain ENF or HNF (Humiliated Nude Female) fetish.  So I learned candaulism was a real thing and that it is not unusual for men to get off on other men seeing their women nude.

I am interested in discussing with men and women anything related to how they bend their sexuality toward their fetish fantasy.  Is there anything you do to satisfy your rape fetish by legal means and your imagination?  My wife and I have role played rape twice by ourselves and once with a guest star rapist.  We were in a circumstance once where my wife “had” to allow two men to play with her tits.  This was definitely consensual, but she was humiliated by it in every way.  I was very turned on by it but at the time could not tell her so.  Later we honestly discussed rape role play and my humiliation fetish came out.  She occasionally satisfies my candaulism.

I will discuss anything I wrote about with anyone, just PM me.


August 09, 2017, 10:39:51 AM
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I like that you've done a fair bit of research about your fetishes.

Welcome to the site!