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July 25, 2019, 08:34:46 AM

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Before I discovered this site I had read and/or posted stories on Literotica, Stories on Line, and ASSTR.  Before they discontinued, ASSTR was the best because you could post doc and docx files that include photos and short videos. And, the only thing not permitted was child porn images (any text was okay). And for those of you that believe any picture of a child is child porn; the fact is that even nudity, such as nudist photos, is not child porn unless the child is being sexualized.

Literotica is the most restrictive and will reject stories on the flimsiest of reasons. For examples, they rejected my story “Victoria” because even though there was no sex in the story, she was a beautiful and sexy 13 year old girl that attracted the attention of a pimp.  They rejected another story of mine, because even though there was no sex until age 18, the story began when the main character was 17.

This site is less far restrictive and, for that alone, is by far a much better site than Literotica. Stories on Line is not near as restrictive as Literotica.  Therefore, they are considerable better than Literotica.  Also, this site allows more than one font plus font colors. However, I do wish they included a script font even if that required removing one or two of the other fonts.

What I especially like about this site is that you can include photos in the story and also as attachments. Ask me if you want to know how to include photos within a story on this site. Stories on Line claims they allow photos, but they always rejected mine, saying they add nothing to the story.

I enjoy reading and I will post stories that are erotic and non-erotic. When sex is included, I prefer the characters having sex to be ages 12 to 30; usually 13 to 25. Unless it is a fantasy story (Spiderman, Carrie, and Fire Starter are fantasy movies); I like stories to be plausible. In stories that I post the men may (not will) be wimpy and naïve.

I don’t enjoy stories with much gay sex or anal.  And, usually I don’t like rape stories unless the rape is justified (the girl is a cock tease) or there is payback.  However, depending on my mood, there may be times I do enjoy a rape story provided the girl is only fucked and not otherwise physically harmed.

July 29, 2019, 12:15:00 PM
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