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March 07, 2016, 12:46:47 AM

Offline Fawn

   Apology if my writing isn't the normal etiquette n this website. My name is of no importance, instead my alter ego, Fawn, is the star of the story. Off of the internet I am a normal high school girl. I'm in my senior year, but planning to continue to Alvernia university for a doctorate. I've always been a shy girl who hasn't had many friends. This year is no different. However, instead of putting myself out there as normal people would I hide behind a computer and keep myself busy with work.

   Anther odd trait of mine has been kept my little secret, till I found a wonderful site like this where I can let my fantasies be shared openly. Now the start of my sexual fantasies began with a guy I had a huge crush on. I will call him Grim.  He was tall, a little heavyset but still having a nice body. He had long brown hair and light brown eyes. After a year of being the nerdy girl (with blue hair) admiring him from far away, Grim began approaching me more and more. I was a freshman who had never been approached by guys, but that began to change when I grow size D breasts. Anyways every time he would flirt with me I would turn red and all my few friends would make fun of me. This obviously made him very clear that I would easily fall for his cunning ploy. He spent the school year flirting and leading me on (he had a girlfriend). He then made his move almost at the end of the year. He came over my house. My innocent self thought nothing of it at the time. We spent some time in my room watching movies, but he made his move. He began by kissing me, then moving towards my shirt to sneak his hands up it. Grim smiled so sweetly I allowed himself to enjoy my perky breasts. However, it soon turned into his belt unbuckling. I was only 14 when I saw my first hard cock that wanted me. He pushed me on my bed and put his legs on my arms so I couldn't move. Horrified i shut my mouth. Angry he grabbed my head and opened my mouth. Grim looked me in the eyes and told me to suck. Again I refused, then he slapped me. My mouth then open, but only to give him a lick. He called me a slut and a tease hoping to get more. Then there was a knock on my door. Grim quickly scrambled to his feet and I quickly fixed myself to. I looked, but there was no one in the hallway. He looked at me gave me a kiss and looked at my eyes. He knew I was not ever going to say anything. Grim went home and never spoke to me again.

There began a spiral of males becoming my friends and seeking their advantages of our friendship. Soon deep down I began to enjoy the way men would lust for me. Even if my large breasts and well shaped ass is what draws their attention.. along with more stories of my experiences to come.

June 26, 2016, 09:44:14 PM
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Offline D3pr4v3d

Funny how you refer to yourself as being "innocent." We both know that is not true. You invited him over because you were attracted to him. In doing so you made the first move. And when he attempted to give you what YOU wanted, what YOU actively pursued, you tried to rescind the offer. The only mistake on his part was not completing the task at a later date. The only thing worse than a prude is a tease.