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November 02, 2014, 03:48:11 PM

Offline Jed

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Today I saw 2 accounts registered back to back and checked verifying they came from the same IP, and therefore almost certainly the same person.  I sent a PM warning to both accounts stating that one account must be deleted within a few hours or I would delete the first account.  By the time I had sent that, a third account was opened, so I sent another warning stating 2/3 accounts must be deleted within the hour or I would ban all 3.  By the time I got that sent the person had 4 accounts.  By the time I got the IP banned they had a total of 6 accounts.

There is no legitimate reason to have more than one account per person.  Anyone having more is out to cause problems we don't need on the site.  This person had several e-mail addresses and identified themselves as both male and female.

On the issue of faking which gender you are, I know some sites are tolerant of it saying anyone should be able to fantasize about being whoever they want.  I personally have some skepticism on this, as the times I've seen it done the person ended up taunting someone they fooled, so causing trouble.

It is possible to have two or more separate people using the same IP.  I know of this happening twice completely legitimately, and both times the separate people got some undeserved grief from it.  If this is the case, please let us know.  As we said, one account per person in the rules.